Don’t Fall In Love With The Boss


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Qian Wei’s last regret in her life was at the age of 19, when she offended Lu Xun, known as the “Light of the Law School”. She helped her brother Qian Chuan to pry at Lu Xun’s corner and robbed Mo Zixin from him. Who knew that Lu Xun would become her boss one day, and Qian Wei could only work like a cow or horse for atonement. But now God gave her the opportunity to return to the age of 19. Qian Wei said that she will help Lu Xun and ensure that he and Mo Zixin will be together. But … Why did she seem to offend Lu Xun more thoroughly? Help! She just wanted to help the future boss fall in love, not to fall in love with the future boss!

Qian Wei complained a lot about her boss: “Doesn’t Lu Xun have a private life? He works overtime all day, is he not afraid of developing kidney deficiency?”

Until one day, her boss called her to the office:

Lu Xun: Today, don’t work overtime. Come to my house.

Qian Wei: ???

Lu Xun smiled indifferently: A good boss should not let employees always have doubts. Tonight, I will show you personally that I don’t have kidney deficiency.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Dating the Boss is a Bad Idea
Legally Romance (Drama)
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j.sambac rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Lu Xun's (our male lead) biggest dream in life is to:

Get married, have children, and share 3 meals a day with his family before the age of 30.

As a 19-year-old law student, Lu Xun has already met the "love of his life." Mo Zixin (second female lead) is a beautiful, sensible, and intelligent classmate, and she is perfectly compatible with Lu Xun's quiet, aloof nature. Unfortunately, their budding romance meets a test when Qian Chuan (female lead's twin brother) falls in love with Mo Zixin. In order to make Mo... more>> Zixin his, Qian Wei (our female lead) works together with her brother to steal Mo Zixin away from Lu Xun. They are successful. Qian Chuan and Mo Zixin become a couple, while Lu Xun is without a girl

9 years later

Despite being a wealthy, well-known, and successful partner in a well-established law firm, Lu Xun remains pitifully single at 28. Meanwhile, Qian Wei is poor, overworked, and painfully single. As her boss, Lu Xun extracts his revenge by giving her multiple pro-bono (cases that lawyers work for free or at a reduced rate) cases and forcing her to work unreasonable amounts of overtime. At their college reunion dinner, Qian Wei realizes her greatest regret in life was ruining the relationship between Lu Xun and Mo Zixin. After receiving the opportunity to go back 9 years, Qian Wei makes the effort to strengthen Lu Xun and Mo Zixin's relationship. But, instead of falling in love with Mo Zixin, Lu Xun ended up falling in love with her

In order to properly convey my thoughts, I'll have to make a spoiler filled review. So, read below if you don't mind the spoilers!


Despite MTL'ing this novel, I've fallen in love.

This novel is filled with light-hearted swatches of embarrassing moments, humorous misunderstandings, and tooth-rotting fluff! The characters are so charming that you root for them until the very end.

So, onto the analysis!


  • Qian Wei
    • Despite being a dense female protagonist, Qian Wei charms the readers with her humorous insights and vivacious attitude. Even though it becomes painfully obvious that Lu Xun is in love with her (and not Mo Zixin) by chapter 10, you can't help but root for Qian Wei to continue her shenanigans. In the first half, she acts very much like a 19-year-old woman. Despite being embarrassed multiple times (i.e., she gropes the male lead in the dark, she rides the male lead in bed without knowing it was him under the blanket, she vomits on the male lead and then is forced to wear couples' t-shirts with him at an amus**ent park), she continues to be carefree, lively, and spontaneous. After getting into a relationship, we see her transforming into a woman. She's still carefree and childish, but her relationship with Lu Xun has made her realize what love, relationships, and a career mean to her. She also begins to accept Lu Xun for who he is, rather than who he can become which is definitely an advantage in this novel.
  • Lu Xun
    • Initially, Lu Xun comes off as a typical C-Novel male lead. He's cold, aloof, domineering, perfect, handsome, introverted, etc. But as Qian Wei spends more time with him, you begin to fall in love with him as well. Beyond his cold, aloofness, there's a young, innocent boy who is in love. His dream has, and will always be, to marry the love of his life and start a family at the age of 30. Despite knowing Qian Wei is the one, Lu Xun stumbles as he tries to express his love. He is possessive and jealous, but he is always a gentleman (whether it is the 19-year-old him or the 28-year-old him). He is considerate of Qian Wei's feelings, and he strives to become a man who is worthy of her. But at the same time, he doesn't compromise himself in the process which is honestly how relationships should be. Lu Xun has definitely set the benchmark with how a male lead should be, and honestly, from the novels I read, he's my favorite without a doubt (19-year-old him and 28-year-old him).
  • Qian Chuan
    • Despite having a limited screen presence, Qian Chuan is the funny, protective brother every sister needs. He is very spontaneous and wears his heart on his sleeve (which is the exact opposite of the male lead). His character arc deals with his puppy love for Mo Zixin as well as his enemy/hate relationship with Lu Xun. After interacting with Lu Xun on multiple different occasions, Qian Chuan warms up to Lu Xun even going as far as calling Lu Xun brother-in-law. Towards the end of the novel, after ending his relationship with Mo Zixin, readers witness Qian Chuan's growth. His relationship with Liu Shiyun (female lead's best friend), though limited, is adorable and funny.
  • Mo Zixin
    • I was initially very skeptical about how the second female lead would be portrayed. Before Qian Wei went back 9 years, the readers are introduced to a perfect and beautiful second female lead who has just returned from America. After reading that introduction, I genuinely did not want the author to follow a stereotypical trope of having Mo Zixin become the villainous. Luckily, Mo Zixin was never really that evil. Like any 19-year-old girl who is in love, she was jealous but the jealousy never went to the point of physical or mental harm (which I appreciate). The most she did was try to set Qian Wei up with her cousin and have Qian Wei mistakenly believe there was something between Lu Xun and Mo Zixin. Luckily, both misunderstandings were cleared up fairly quickly. Her ending, though, kind of disappoints. Mo Zixin and Qian Chuan break up because Mo Zixin was caught cheating with Liu Shiyun's boyfriend. Although this paved the path for Qian Chuan to get together with Liu Shiyun, it made Mo Zixin become the typical scheming and unsaintly second female lead. I wish the author just ended her character with her achieving her own form of happiness.
  • Liu Shiyun
    • The female lead's best friend is somewhat forgettable. At the beginning, she is tomboyish and shares a hot/cold relationship with Qian Chuan. Towards the middle, she abandons her tomboyish nature and dresses up more like a "girl." In her first relationship, she does everything she can to impress her boyfriend. But after he cheats on her, she realizes she doesn't need to impress anyone. Although her relationship with Qian Chuan is not fully fleshed out, as a reader, you do end up rooting for them.

Lu Xun and Qian Wei's Relationship:

Normally, I don't make an entire section devoted on the main couple's relationship. This time, though, I'm willing to make the exception. If there is one thing this novel succeeds in, it is the relationship between the main characters. Again, this novel shows you what a healthy relationship should be. As the reader, we learn how we can improve our own relationships via the main characters.

  • Never Compromise Your Identity
    1. After falling inexplicably in love with Qian Wei, 19-year-old Lu Xun secretly finds out what Qian Wei's tastes are. He learns that Qian Wei prefers funny, spontaneous, romantic, extroverted men who make a lot of money. He also learns that Qian Wei wants to marry a lawyer. These characteristics are in direct contrast with who is as a person and what he desires in life. After realizing Qian Wei matters more, Lu Xun expresses, in his love letter, that he is willing to change himself to become the person Qian Wei desires. After Qian Wei falls in love with him, Qian Wei tells Lu Xun he doesn't need to change himself anymore because she has fallen in love with him as is.
      1. Now this is a super, super important lesson we can all learn. The author beautifully portrays this message. As the reader, even if Lu Xun and Qian Wei had flaws, I ignored all of it. Because beyond their flaws, I saw a very human side to them.
  • Clear Misunderstandings and Don't Let Them Fester
    1. Qian Wei initially is confused and doubtful about her relationship with Lu Xun. She mistakenly believes she is Lu Xun's rebound, so she asks Lu Xun for a trial period relationship (where no one knows of their relationship). This causes a few harmless misunderstandings. However, as Lu Xun tries to control his jealousy, he asks Qian Wei if she is serious about him. Instead of evading the question, Qian Wei pours out her thoughts. She tells him she is concerned about being a rebound and that she believes she is not perfect enough for him. This clears the doubt and jealousy in Lu Xun's eyes. Afterwards, he makes it very clear to everyone that he is dating Qian Wei. He even tried to get his fangirls to support the relationship because he didn't want his fangirls to hurt or bully her in the future.
      1. Again, I fell in love with 19-year-old Lu Xun as he attempted to get his fangirls' support. In so many novels and comics, we see an egoistic male lead who only wants the girl but doesn't want the problems that come with the girl. Lu Xun is perceptive enough to understand that his status may cause Qian Wei to face difficulties and he immediately takes action to protect her. We never get to see how 28-year-old Lu Xun would act, but based on his younger self's actions, it's probably safe to assume he would be just as protective.
  • Unconditional Love
    1. Qian Wei is accused of stealing an expensive necklace and is branded as a thief by her classmates. The school board is very slow at handling the case as the school chairman's daughter was the accuser. Lu Xun presents information to the school board hoping it would effectively close the case soon. Unfortunately, the school board continues to be slow which only makes the rumors worse. To help his girlfriend, Lu Xun presents the case to the entire school during a school wide speech. The dean is angered and tells Lu Xun this act would hurt his dream of becoming a judge. The dean tells him how judges should be impartial whereas Lu Xun was very biased towards helping Qian Wei. Lu Xun tells the dean he no longer wishes to be a judge but rather a lawyer. As a lawyer, he can unconditionally support and defend those he loves. Qian Wei hears this and becomes emotionally moved.
      1. In the original timeline, Lu Xun dreams of becoming a judge, but changes his plans after a certain incident. Lu Xun protect her without the Qian Wei ever finding out. Even in this timeline, he realizes that he'd rather protect and defend Qian Wei than be impartial; therefore, he switches to become a lawyer. In the 19-year-old timeline, Qian Wei is fully aware of what happened. I believe this is the final push she needed to realize that Lu Xun is, and will always be, the man she is in love with.
    2. In the original timeline, Qian Wei falls into a construction pit and goes into a coma. Though readers do not explicitly read the scenes, we learn that Lu Xun is heartbroken with her injury. He does whatever he can to protect her even telling her parents it is a work-related injury so he would be the one taking up the costs of the hospital bill. The doctors suggest giving a risky new drug to wake her up. Without a second thought, Lu Xun urges them to do so because seeing her alive and achieving her dreams is better than seeing her in coma.
      1. It's here we learn that the "rebirth" was never a rebirth, but rather, Qian Wei was revisiting the past through her memories. There is some truth and some lie (as the drug caused hallucinogenic effects). But, learning that 28-year-old Lu Xun was frantic and put aside his work, makes the reader reconcile with the fact that 19-year-old dream Lu Xun is exactly 28-year-old real Lu Xun, and that realization makes the whole novel much more magical.

If this hasn't convinced you to read the novel, then I don't know what will. This is certainly a gem of a novel for me, and I can't wait to revisit it once the translation is completed. Thank you to the translator for your hard work and for bringing this novel to my attention! And thank you author for creating a magical masterpiece that makes me long to be a college student once again. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
A cute light read, but most of its elements are too focused on wish fulfillment that it became highly unrealistic.

The ML, especially, is too OP that he became such a one dimensional character. Top student in law school, has an actor-level face and body value, highly athletic and excellent in most sports including tennis, proficient in playing classical piano, understands classical literature and able to write poetry, won a ballroom dancing (tango nonetheless) competition, trained in sanda, great in cooking, and still managed to do professional work intensely in college... more>> to buy properties? Does the author not understand that proficiencies in piano, ballroom dancing, martial arts, and specific sports like tennis is not a matter of talent alone? That guy would've need to go on those classes intensely, at least twice a week, for YEARS before even being able to be remotely mediocre in the field, and yet he was excellent in ALL of them, including professional lawyer skills. He's 19 for god's sake, who the hell taught kids how to dance tango. Even people in high society would only be taught waltz except if he/she's dedicated in spending hours everyday to learn and compete in championships. People learning tango are either extremely passionate in dancing, aspiring dancers, going to compete professionally, or are old married couples who want to rekindle their love. Tango is not waltz, the movements are advanced (normally people have to learn waltz first) and intimate that it's extremely rare for people, men nonetheless, to learn tango when he's single and only has a casual interest in dancing (as people would see him as girlish). There's no way a 19yo male with no specific interest in dancing and no female partner / girlfriend would be professionally trained in tango that he'd win a competition casually. Like a law student would have time to do those.

Yet the ML managed to be proficient in all those fields. I mean, come on. That's not humanly possible except if he could divide himself like amoebas. A day is only 24 hours.

And how the hell would a 19yo college student with no stable income be qualified for a property mortgage anyway, that's just s*upid.

I know that romance novels are based on sweet sugary blinding romance, but come on. It's like I'm reading those JP isekai stories where the MC has perfect stats. Except in this one, the setting was on a modern day real life, which makes it all the more unrealistic and questionable.

Even the romance is very unrealistic. I get it, people want highly dedicated blinded by love man who'd stay chaste and still pining on an unrequited love chasing her around for 9+ years until his late 20s while easily brushing off high quality beautiful girls that came knocking along the way, but making an ML like that just shows how the author didn't have a clue about male's ego and human psyche.

Overall the novel has very poor character development with no growth that has no humanlike characteristic. Just look at MC who has very poor EQ yet could land a job in a prestigious law firm. From the narrative I couldn't even imagine her being a lawyer with that naivety and unquestioning attitude, she would've lost all cases. And of course, a relatively pretty naive girl with no character and average achievement like her would definitely land a high profile bachelor who's madly in love with her despite him thinking he was rejected again and again.

Even those overbearing CEO novels have better character setting than this one. At least those CEOs are a bit cuckoo and are extremely lacking in personality. But this one is the literal white horse prince ML with no defect.

I couldn't help but cringe when reading some chapters.

In the last few chapters, the tone of the novel suddenly turned into highly explicit smut, which is extremely different from the previous casual josei tone. From a technical perspective, the novel is quite lacking in balance.

Honestly, the only good thing about this novel is how sugary sweet MC and ML's interactions are, albeit highly unrealistic. Even some of the heavily-used law enforcement elements are quite unrealistic. There are tons of romance novels better than this one that has the same amount of sweetness but written with more skills in NU. Better skip this one if you don't want your head hurt. <<less
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Shortk rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c46
The MC talks so much and is so dumb. Can I even say how f*cking annoying she is? Seriously how the f*ck did she become a lawyer with that EQ and lack of reasoning skills and lazy attitude. Do not tell me it's that much easier to become a lawyer in China.

She was never written for anything other than entertainment purposes, aka her character is a shell of a bad comedian and sycophant. She literally skips her classes, refuses to have a two way conversation (aka fully ask questions before... more>> assuming she just knows bc she's from the future), and is generally aggravating. It was cute the first 3 chapters when she kept assuming with the ML but God it just got painful real quick.

Do you guys realize how dumb and ridiculous she is as a human being? She literally does not give a sh*t even if they write that she does.

For example, when it is shown that the ML during college wanted to be a judge, her brain is like "no no he's going to be a lawyer tho"

"Qian Wei did not care. She didn't know why Lu Xun wanted to be a judge right now and she didn't know what eventually changed his mind, maybe he would be greatly stimulated by something at some point, or maybe he would just wake up to reality, but in short, he would end up as a lawyer. "




HE EXPLICITLY SAID HE DOESNT CHASE MONEY, ok even if as readers we know maybe idk he became a lawyer to pursue her or something crazy, WOULDN'T THE LOGICAL, GOOD PERSON thing to do as THE MC who doesn't know the ML is interested in her to be SLIGHTLY CONCERNED like "hmm I wonder why he decided to chase money, o no did something happen that he needed money in his life??


Not (MC) : HES DUMB HE DOESNT KNOW HIMSELF BUT I KNOW HIM BETTER BC IM FROM THE FUTURE OBVIOUSLY IF IT DOESN'T MATCH UP THEN IT CANT BE RIGHT... Seriously how did she become a lawyer. She doesn't think for one second that she may know the end results but she doesn't know the facts, the reasons, and also the fact she can be holding on the ideas that she thinks is right only because she's had the wrong idea in her mind for over 10 yrs?

To be fair to the ML, he corrects her many times, but she refuses to have a real conversation because she is merely a caricature of a person/fleshed out character. She doesn't know how to listen. We are reading a long and boring monologue of her brain, you realize that right? This novel is merely a monologue. <<less
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Sauramon rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c25
So far, the humor depends on humiliating the FL (the second hand embarrassment is strong in this one), the FL is very annoying and juvenile for a 30 yo and the ML... Well, he's a ML. Same mould as always.

Her descriptions of him are getting on my nerves, tho. She's so thirsty I can't stand it!! Paragraph after paragraph of how beautiful and powerful and sexy and mighty and how out of her league he is.

I think in universe there has only been a few days since her rebirth, but... more>> the chapters are kinda long (because the author hasn't made it clear how hot the ML is yet) and her stubbornness in setting him up with a girl he shows no interest in at chapter 25 just isn't funny/charming anymore.

Honestly, why can't she leave him alone? If she finds her future life so miserable can't she work in another place?? Her lack of care about her own life is bothering me as well, you get a second chance and spend it on your boss love life?? Wth. <<less
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xmei rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: Completed
- 2 stars for ML personality at the beginning, it's so basic it's annoyin, I swear to God if someone was that narcissistic and horrible to me I would never give them a chance, he bullied her way too much but some people might find that cute, I find it annoying. Plus he's not human, like one of the other reviewers said; he's too OP.

I found some of the things MC did pretty funny but I couldn't stand to read the whole novel because it was getting boring. I read... more>> the detailed summaries in the spoilers forum and if I didn't read that I would have never know what happened in this novel. After he "falls in love" he seems to have a way better personality, or what it seemed like from the summaries. Still not giving back the 2 stars tho. MC is way too dumb, I realised he was in love with her in the first chapter, how could she not in *9 YEARS*

The plot also seems really unique compared to other stories but it's really not, I pretty much guessed the ending without even reading half way. <<less
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Jessicawu24 rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: c90
The FL is kinda naive but honestly you can’t really blame her, she has never had a boyfriend and sly ML is overworking her so she doesn’t have a chance to date. I usually don’t leave reviews but I absolutely love this novel and would definitely recommend this, in fact the number of times I’ve reread this is too much to be considered a healthy amount. The FL is funny and the ML is just too precious, give this novel a chance it’s definitely worth a shot.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
orientalfairy rated it
November 14, 2020
Status: Completed
The ppl who rated this bad probably haven’t finished it... the story is very heartwarming and everything makes sense at the end. FL is very likable for me, she’s hilarious altho she is dense. Also, the MTL is understandable so no problem continuing the story there.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kingeddie rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c51
this is one of those novels where I only clicked on it because my inner 12 year old still dies for the kind FL and cold ML trope. But this novel isn't really like that.

first, the FL is an idiot. Like she's a dumbass but i, and lu xan I guess, am so endeared by it. She's funny and witty and goofy. This novel is realistic in that the author does catch the scenery and mood of a college campus really well. A lot of things that qian wei says... more>> are over-the-top and really really REALLY dramatic but I find it really funny. She does frustrate me bc she's so thick she doesn't notice his feelings towards her but the "wing man not realizing the person who they are trying to help likes them" trope is also a killer for me lol.

I'm just excited to see how long it'll take qian wei to see how blatantly obvious lu xan's feelings for her are.

this isn't a novel that is a masterpiece. If you want to read something simple and light hearted before bed this is for you.

EDIT (ch 51) :

While I still stand by saying that Qian Wei is a dumbass, I can only say I love her so much. She is such a funny but caring character who wants Lu Xan to be happy (so she can also be happy). A lot of other people will say it's annoying how dramatic it is but there is this one part where: (it's not a spoiler for the plot but I don't want to give away any of the characterization or funny moments)


She accidentally gets a cut on her hand and is incredibly dramatic about it which cracked me up. Lu Xan is carrying her back to her dorm and the entire time she's like "I'm DYING please don't let me DIE please if you get rich HELP ME GET RICH TOO PLEASE IM DYING." and then Lu Xan tells her that her cut has already scabbed over while she is going on this rant and it made me fjsdhfaljh.


I have gotten far enough into the story where I do want to talk about Lu Xan but there are spoilers so I'll tag them so people are warned.

When Lu Xan gets fed up and confesses, Qian Wei is so confused and wants to think about it which Lu Xan accepts if she gives him an answer the next day. However, he breaks his cool and calls her EVERY HOUR which made me cackle. Like lmaoo this cool ML is dorky like everyone else.


anyways, god tier novel it kills me <<less
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May 15, 2021
Status: --
Honestly I don't know if this comment I made is biased or not.

But this story really makes me tired. Even if I have read many stories on the same theme, this is was the first time that I am so upset, and this all because there are too many misunderstandings in the story.

I mean ok, maybe it was something that is common for "misunderstanding things" to be basis of making dog blood stories.

But dont u think this is to much??? Plus all the misunderstanding really looks like something too s*upid... more>> to make sense.

Im sorry but I don't think this story is up to my expectations.

3 Star for the translators who have translated this story very well. <<less
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xjustchillx rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Super cute, dripping with sweetness. Just an overall perfect fluffy read especially if you’ve read a sad novel.

This is one of the first novels that actually explain how and why the MC kinda ‘rebirthed’.

Sad that the sweet 19 y.o, Lu Xun basically just vanished but hey! At least we got the og one back.


I was smiling all the way while reading this novel, it reeks so much of cuteness that this action became involuntary. 10/10 would definitely recommend!
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Onymous rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: c81

Ok, first of all, I was annoyed with the MC. She was such a klutz. She keeps on making the same mistakes over and over again. But after a while, I just realized, it's supposed to be her character. And welp, her denseness? Has a good reason to it.

... more>>

She didn't ever dare to think that Lu Xun will ever like her. Even just a tiny bit. She closed off all kinds of those thoughts because she believed that it will never happen. That's why I can see why she was so dense. She was insecure and thought of herself as inferior. But I'm glad she got out of it when ML finally confessed to her personally.


So after a while, you'll feel her klutzy, her chattering, and her thoughts quite endearing.

I especially loved it when they finally got together. It kind of felt like MC finally bloomed and held thoughts towards ML, the romantic kind. And ML was so clingy and so in love that I felt so envious.

And the thing that I was worried before - the white moonlight Mo Zixin. Welp, she's not a problem.


All this time, the real first love of ML was MC. It was always MC. It was only rumors and misunderstanding that they all thought ML was in love with Mo Zixin. He was in love with MC all this time and Mo Zixin kind of knew it that's why she put on this show in front of MC. She called MC (in the dream lifetime while in the real lifetime, MoZixin knew MC was gonna be there) and then performed this show where Lu Xun was confessing to her and MoZixin rejected him. When in both timelines, LuXun wasn't even there. And MC believed it. So she always took it as a fact that LuXun liked MoZixin, no matter how much he denied because of this incident.

I'm just glad the misunderstanding was settled when they got together. And what's more, LuXun even went above and beyond just so that he can make MC feel secured with their relationship. GOALSSS


I really love the ML. He's my favorite type of character. The one who will never let another person hurt his beloved. Even though he's so popular and may have a lot of girls pining over him, he will make sure that it won't ever affect his relationship with MC. (Not counting that sleazy fake white moonlight. Ugh)

And what's even more amazing


MC woke up from her coma and found out it was all a dream. But plot twist. It was not. Welp, for the most part of it. Apparently, she dreamed of their past. The past only LuXun knows. Because while she was in a coma, LuXun was talking to her about their past since it was a way to treat her to stimulate her brain. And most of what happened in the dream was true. Like the one where a girl tried to frame MC for thief but ML settled it and this supplemented his reason on why he wanted to be a lawyer. That time where he sent out a love letter.

So, 19 y.o. LuXun is just 28 y.o. LuXun. Their passion and love towards MC are both the same or mahbe 28 y.o. LuXun has more... pent up. HAHAHAHA


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dailang rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
No joke, the MC almost deserve to be single. If not for the fact that ML is in love with her and her alone, I would have love to just have her be alone. Because god, that ... more>>

Pro Bono she didn't even open but said she already look at

that the reader know has all his feeling inside is infuriating.

In a novel like "Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau", ML would have

met a straight forward girl and get married already. Then QW can be the girl who later notice all ML done for her but already too late as he is not move on with his instant wife. Maybe even get a scolding like "He give you a case that contain a love letter with all his feeling but only now that you even open it?"

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September 1, 2021
Status: c43
They say you shouldn't make a review of something you haven't finished and I would agree on normal days but this novel doesn't make me want to finish it.

It is a painful read, the MC is dumb, dense, with the lowest EQ I've seen and who never doubt any of her assumptions. She's basically a comic relief except she's supposed to be our MC, I've read other novels where it's also the case but none has pushed it this far, it's kind of quirky and funny at first, cringe worthy... more>> at second and plain annoying in the end.

Our ML is a litteral God on Earth who can do anything and excels at everything he does or he has a time machine to learn all the stuff he knows. That's it, he even has the personality traits you could imagine a higher being having, cold, unsympathic, prideful... and THAT guy falls madly in love with the female equivalent of the Donkey in Shrek.

Every other characters are actually pretty decent even if you don't see them much (which may be why I think that).

I don't understand the amazing score this novel has, maybe the later parts are that good but I just can't bear to reach them, sucks to be me I suppose. <<less
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lolita6othic rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This is my first time writing a review in these 3 years reading novels from this site.. But I can't bear to see this novel has bad rate.. This story doesn't have a main drama, it's just your slice of life conflicts. Come fast, end fast. The love is totally sweet, the guy is very supporting.

In the first couple of chapters: you probably think ML will be domineering, cool, heartless and cruel? But nope you are totally wrong he totally supports the MC and very warm.

In the middle of this... more>> novel: you will read a very fluffy and warm romance. I even want to cry, why am I single now???!! Their love is very PDA and do affectionate kiss, which is really nice.

During 3/4 of the story: you will be surprised by the plot twist. SURPRISE SURPRISE. But you will be happy for them eventually and you will get a chapter of smut as a reward *cough*.

p.s. The background is law university and legal workplace, I am going to tell you that this author is legit do a research or a graduate from law school. I am a graduate from law school and I was surprised by how the author describes the law and uses correct terms, knows the legal jobdesc, even knows about a competition which is really popular for college student. So here I am supporting a great author who has a good work because she did a research ✌? <<less
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Letsplayhavoc rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: c41
This was interesting and hilarious to read at the start. FL was very hilarious, she's blunt and open, says whatever that comes to mind and is very dramatic at times.

FL's personality made it very entertaining to read at the beginning but it sure fell off as I read further. FL is extremely dense, and although she openly admits it, she's lazy and somewhat money minded (wanting to be a lawyer only because she wanted to earn lots of money but doesn't really put in the effort, not really wanting to... more>> take on a pro bono case, wants expensive jewellery etc.). Can't really fault her on that because at least she's honest about it?

What made me not like her was when

ML admitted during a truth or dare that he wanted to be a judge in the future, she outright denies his aspirations and insisted that he was going to be a lawyer just because she knows the future and kept insisting that he should be one because lawyers earn more money even though ML already said he's not in it for the money. It made me think that she was extremely selfish because she only wanted to get close to the ML so in the future when he's her boss, she would get favours from him and be able to work together with him.


I only made it to chapter 41, I got bored of it. ML is actually okay, he's good at everything and comes to help her whenever she's in need of it. He's just kind of dishonest in his intentions to pursue her and unwilling to admit his feelings for her.

Overall, this was a pretty boring story because it's so dragged out due to misunderstandings but mainly because of FL being extremely dense and ML not being honest about his feelings. <<less
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Ariel rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: c45

I really can’t stand MC’s s*upidity and naivety. I mean she is 28yo time traveling back to 19yo. At 28, she’s a lawyer but she can’t even defeat ML who is 19 and still studying. I get that ML is way too smart but this is too much.

MC is always a klutz and more childish than their same age (I mean 19yo). And her life literally revolves around ML🙄. I mean if you can go back to 19, you can change your future right? She can choose not to work... more>> under ML and have other career plans. And she doesn’t listen to whatever MC says at all. He said he doesn’t like second MC but MC thinks no no he must like her. I know him better than himself. Well duh so I’m getting sick of it. Anyway so I dropped this. <<less
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March 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Cavaet: I think I will have special bias for this work because I came from similar background, thus I can deeply relate to the characters and the topics discussed in the story.

Translation: 5/5

I was amazed how the translator, translated some technical terms given that has a "legal" theme.

... more>> FL: 4/5

Some calls her dumb, but I think it is because they rely on her POV but if you will read in between the line, the FL is very capable. They also said she was lazy when in fact, 70-80% student in law school always calls themselves. I think the self deprecation of the FL is something only LS can understand. Hehehe. Studying in law school always makes us feel not smart enough, because the discipline always makes us beat our self to death. So only those demigod like the ML will always be the deserving once.

I love how the author put the noble desire of FL to serve with justice.

ML: 4/5

He was OP. Makes you wish someone as good as him exist... Tho honestly, there are people who is handsome and intelligent in these world. But he has his silly sides too.

Here, the author used the ML to motivate those who wants to enter the profession, about the balance one must have in his heart in order not to be disheartened by the system. Honestly the last love letter made me cry. It spoke so well to me.

Author: 4/5

It might not be a perfect piece... But all I can say the author knows what she is writing about.

Most of all there are two key plot theme that for me was nailed.

Campus love that is not just about romance and flirting but as a part of growth.

The legal theme wasn't used as a a mere device to glamorize the story but, there is on going conversation about what the profession was about. I think this is where the author caught me. There was the balancing of the good and the evil.

But also I felt the author knew the burden of the profession, that is why she can wrote it the way it is... Compassionate. <<less
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Geroker rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: c29
Listen this is a cuteish, funnyish story but the characters being 29 and then reverting to college age is too unbelievable when they act like middle schoolers throughout. Like, this would have worked much better if high school age characters had gone back in time to middle school, then the maturity level would be more believable.
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gzd132 rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a 3.5 for me.

Im really not sure how to feel about this book. I enjoyed it immensely at some points and at other times I just wanted to chuck my phone across the room. I should really stop reading novels on my phone for this reason.

The beginning of this novel had a lot of comedic undertones; however I found most of the beginning to be quite cringey rather than funny. The s*upid things the MC does were quite shameful and I was dying from second hand embarrassment.

As the... more>> plot progresses we are thrown around with an unexpected twist and the truth of our MC’s ‘rebirth.’ And this is where my conflicted emotions begin. In the end everything works out and the romance is extremely sweet. However, I do feel like I was cheated... the story changed into something completely different than I originally thought.

I will say this though, the chemistry between the two leads was beautiful. Especially when the relationship finally deepened. I was definitely teary by the end of the novel.

I recommend this book for someone who wants a little bit more than just fluff, but not a completely angsty romance. <<less
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Salomeh rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: Completed
A great romantic comedy. It kept me engaged enough that I read it in one go. There are lots of misunderstandings, but it added to the humor in this case, instead of making the story drag on. The MC is not very self-aware but she isn't s*upid, just seems like she doesn't value herself enough. The ML is not very good at expressing his feelings, which also feeds into the misunderstandings. All of which are things they work through and eventually figure out.

There is a bit of a twist towards... more>> the end which makes this novel a bit more unique in the rebirth genre.

I see some people commenting on her work ethic and how she treats the ML's dreams, but it is made clear from the beginning that she was in it for the money, however as her character develops we can see how her focus changes and she starts doing things that are selfless. If you read until the end you see how much she changes and her focus shifts, which is what character development is about. Likewise the ML changes his black and white view of justice and decides he will do better as a lawyer than a judge.

The ML gets better at expressing his feelings and seeing justice as more than black and white, while the MC becomes more self aware of her worth and shifts her world view to be about more than just money.

It is a simple rom-com, but a well made one that will keep you engaged and entertained. You cheer for this relationship to happen and will be satisfied with the ending. <<less
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