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Ji Tong transmigrated into a city-themed, feel-good novel where the protagonist, a cannon fodder, relies on a system to counterattack and reach the peak of life, obtaining the love of a powerful figure.

Ji Tong excitedly asks, “Did I transmigrate as a pitiful cannon fodder or a cool and awesome big shot?”

Intelligent Customer Service: Hello, you have transmigrated into a beautifully designed system.

Ji Tong: ?

Intelligent Customer Service: According to my research, you have the same name as the system. “Xi” has multiple pronunciations, so you were fortunate to have this transmigration opportunity.

Ji Tong: …

Ji Tong reluctantly shoulders this new and peculiar burden, diligently serving the pitiful cannon fodder protagonist, Pei Qingyuan, in the book.

However, pretending to be intellectually challenged is dull. Ji Tong’s only source of amus**ent becomes teasing the seemingly cold high school student, Pei Qingyuan, under the guise of “happy education.” Once things get out of hand, they blame it on a virus…

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28 Reviews

New Pop_up_ninja
May 22, 2024
Status: Completed
Rated: 4

An interesting, fluffy story.

I like the MC, it's nice to see a happy, charismatic MC that feels very real. I like ML too but he's very much a standard danmei ml, nothing too different or groundbreaking.

... more>> The novel is definitely slow burn as the MC spends a good chunk of it in child form - no romance takes place when the MC is in child form.

The translation is good - there are some errors with spelling, repetition, and wrong words, but it's good enough to read and not detract from the story (thank you translator!).

Overall, would recommend. <<less
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Feb 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I finished this novel after a few days, in the middle of a super busy school schedule, this novel really entertained me 🥺🥺🥺

Their characters are both really strong and complement each other. Mr. Pei really is a tough Gong, beyond sweet in his own way 😭😭😭

Ji Tong, our sweet Shou, he deserves to be loved by everyone 😭😭🥺🥺

... more>> their past is very soft, but they both grew up together 🥺🥺

Their story development may be slow, but it's worth it, and their story is so sweet!!!

I was impressed with the way the author finished this story. One of sci fi that makes the most sense.

I love the ending of this novel 🥺❤ <<less
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Jan 20, 2023
Status: Completed
What a beautiful story! Makes u happy, laugh and feel melancholy at times

SLOW BURN !!!!! Their first kiss is around 100+ ch

its a story about two lonely souls making a warm family

... more>> FAMILY (ji tong +pei quingtong+ cat <witth heart on its butt)

the seemingly warm story has sadness underneath

villains arent brainless, they recitfy themselves (Everyone in this novel are good, maybe they have wandered, sunk, hated, and lost, but no one has forgotten the clear, strong love/happiness in their hearts)

the only petty ppl would prolly be mls fake mom and dad and his biological mom and uncle

but dont worry tho mls mom realised it late she hands over herself to police

MC -ji tong system BIG FOODIE!!


♡hes prolly 17-18yrs old before becoming system

♡has warm personality like a lil sun radiating his warmth to his loved ones

♡likes all kind of food, cherishes life, loves taking pics of ml, loves black, black suits, white mushrooms and cats

♡past life had cong**ital disease had to be isolated for 16yrs ? Died in accident


ml-pei qingyuan


☆ warm on inside cold outside, extremely stubborn

☆always wanted a warm family

☆has high IQ and EQ but always gets tempted by MC into eating food

☆has gd relation with pei's grandpa and uncle


i love how ML has diff expressions despite having cold face all time 😆 him being bewildered, his 1st time cooking so many cute moments

its such a cute story with few melancholy moments 🤗

but hey! Both MC and ML are op

ahhh I forgot I love ml's confession in 130ch

how he gives gifts from 1-19 for MC those gifts arent expensive but meaningful I loved how thoughtful he was

he also makes confession from 1 -19 age like a kid in kindergarden to uni student so cute la💕~

but hey sometimes I felt MC not as thoughtful as ml

like his gift to ML on 2nd birthday a drawing of himself ? Sorry im bad at decoding emotions

and also using his 2 precious wishes for something like changing masterminds haircolor ? But where as ML keeps his wish thinking how to spend time with MC as a system /human

update ! : Ahh im shallow after reading extras I got to know why QAQ IM SORRY !

but I still like the story like wheres a perfect relation without flaws !

some imp side characters

■uncle hei : bakery owner (kind hearted uncle) read story to know more hahaha jk

■system 0499 : elementary school kid

name: bro hao

system for longiatan novels loves to be cool and likes cray fish warning su*cide🚫🚫🚫

he died jumping of building but despite that his indifferent parents where busy asking compensation from school : (he said he regreted it


■system02** : white collar worker

name, : sister yinyin

system for crematorium

■system no:5 MASTERMIND despite being AI its has few emotions

our MC always thinks of bombarding virus to mastermind xD

he also loves to tease mc

tbh this system rules are much better than other qt hes gd despite being cold

■ professor xiao : he enlightens ML this leads ML taking AI course in uni

hes also a gd hearted man with warmest family in the novel which makes ML &MC envy them

hey other lil side characters

bro gao : not his actual name but name given by MC, basketball lover

master cui : a physicist but loves metaphysics more

ouyang : the one who breaks paper for MC and ml

there are many others but cough im lazy

as for the real young master

•he gets enlightened later and doesnt bother MC and ml

•but hey! Poor guy becomes tool person in another villains hand (doesnt involve MC and ml)

♧ I love how there is crossing between different worlds like other systems can come to mc's world

♧ also how MC and ML go to sis yin's world for new year

should definetly read this ! When u dont want too much fluff and angst but moderate novel <<less
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Jan 07, 2023
Status: c7
I like this story, however I think the rich mother's the villain here. She has a superiority complex over the poor and believes her son must do well if her previous son, who wasn't her son and was born from poor people could do well. Now, her actual son faces a lot of pressure and I have a feeling he's going to try and one-up the poor son just because he wants parental validation.
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan
Dec 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Very warm and comfortable story, as with all stories by this author. Glad to see it being translated.
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Feb 09, 2023
Status: undefined
the content is great and light, read it if you are bored. I'm more of a fan of suspense, action and more constructed works but this work got me in a way-, anyway, perfect. If someone didn't like it or gave it a low rating, they're probably just not reading the genre they like. Obviously there are some heavier scenes and some annoying insects in the plot, just reading the synopsis you can see that the general situation of the protagonists is not very good, but it doesn't deviate from... more>> the light concept

I think it's very sweet how welcoming certain people are, like the guy at the bakery and the basketball players, and I like how the novel portrays a very real situation in which people are willing to ignore someone just because of "unfounded" rumors (although there was a bit of truth in the rumors, they were spread in a bad way), I kind of understand the students because if it were me, I would also avoid problematic situations, and there is also the issue of being afraid of the friend of the white lotus (i don't remember the names of irrelevant characters), but it shows us how everything affects the protagonist.

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Jun 26, 2023
Status: Completed
A soothing story of two individuals supporting each other through their journeys. Our ML may have that cold archetype, but he is three-dimensional and you can feel his emotions. ML is going through a dark period of time when we enter the novel, and MC is the one that brightens up the way for him step by step and shows him the warmth of having a home. It is also nice to see ML is versatile in emotions and his feelings doesn't just revolve around the MC, and vice versa.... more>> ML may be possessive, but he respects the MC all the way throughout and lets him have his fun. MC may be naive in moments, but he is by no means s*upid. He is the type to choose to remain good-hearted despite the evil of the world, but will bite back if necessary.

Overall, the plot follows MC and ML into their adulthood, and you especially get to see the ML, a broken-hearted child, form a world that is colorful and rich with the help of the MC. I just love how much depth the ML has, and also how much care he has for MC. MC is also a bright but sad character, one that didn't experience everything before his death and seeking to experience everything with the ML now. Side characters also are not just black and white, and learn to grow and progress in their perspectives as the story goes on as well. They surround our characters and, and for the most part, treat our main characters well. It is not just the main characters vs the cruel world. We have characters who may stand with the ML and MC, or characters who grow to stand with the ML and MC. It's realistic and adds a touch of reality to a bizarre setting. The characters feel very much real and all have a sense of vibrancy to them. Again, just a super heart-warming story and I recommend. <<less
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Apr 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Wow. Just wow. Words cannot Express how much I like this novel. Reading this is a very healing experience to me. It's very sweet and fluffy and I wish both MC and ML a happy ending forever!

The extras made me contemplate and reflect and the very last extra made me wish for a good future myself.

Reading this novel is kind of like watching my own child growing up. It has bittersweet moments but mostly sweet moments. I'm really happy that MC and ML got the happy life they deserve. Everyone... more>> is kind and sweet, everyone have their own story, I can't really call anyone a villian in this story Haha.

Lastly, I'm really really reluctant to just end my reading session with this novel. You know how you get hooked on interesting movies, cartoons or books and when they end you just dont know what to do with yourself anymore. Because you liked the experience of watching or reading said thing so much it's very sad yet also gives a soft feeling in your chest. So ending this makes me have a sweet fluffy feeling inside yet also regretful because I dont want to watch this end just yet.

Anyways, if you wanna read something lighthearted and feel healed or just have some stress relief from all the things happening in real life or online or wherever there's stress, read this novel. And please, read until the end, I guarantee you'll be healed and cured!

Ps: if you can't wait for the translation, I want to share that mtl is readable besides the occasional pronouns mistakes. <<less
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: c9
Great so far, the interactions between the system MC and host ML are hilarious. The MC is pretty cute (and just a bit shameless) which makes an interesting dynamic.
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Dec 19, 2022
Status: c1
Yesterday the first chapter came out but I found it curious so I ventured to read it on MTL, it was really the best idea I ever had. I didn't stick too much to the story but it really is cute, I'm happy that both MC and ML have had a HE.

If you do not prefer a silly and cute MC, with a slow, uncomplicated relationship, then this is not your thing.
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Dec 10, 2023
Status: Completed
3, 5/5. Not perfect, but still a beautiful story.

The english translation is lacking. Sometimes the words used are plain wrong, like "teacher" instead of "student" which can be a bit confusing, and sentences might be awkward, such as "On the bus on the return journey, a bus of students [...]". Overall comes off as very robotic, but it's still comprehensible and the proper pronouns are used at least. I don't want to say it was MTL'd since some jokes are explained which means there was at least some human imput.

The... more>> side characters were the right amount of complex and interesting. They are introduced and seen for a while, then forgotten as the story continues, only appearing again for a brief amout of time. I don't mind it though, because I find it realistic. It is just life, to meet people, befriend them, then not seeing them for months or even years. Everyone has their own story.

The MC and ML were alright. I think MC was a bit of a Gary Stu. He has perfectly pale and perfect skin, a pure aura and everyone around him immediately loves him. Not really my cup of tea, but it didn't bother me too much since he didn't cause troubles. And he is a kind person, like when he gifted his friend dried apples despite teasing him about it the previous day. As for the ML, he's fine. I enjoyed him in the first half, but as soon as the MC had his 17yr old human body I felt like he was immediately pushed in the background, which is a shame. He does have little moments which break his cold persona and make him human, but I think there was too few of them. He's almost always cold and quiet and doesn't seem to care about anyone beside the MC, so it is a bit difficult to get attached and relate to him. I wish there was more to him, more moments of vulnerability and struggles.

I think this needs to be said, but there are some moments of typical chinese racism with characters feeling afraid and uncomfortable at the thought of having "darker" skin. It's not too terribly offensive but it still made me feel awkward, and might make some readers uncomfortable. Note that it obviously isn't malicious but used in a joking manner. Do what you will with this information.

The plot was simple. I do wish the author made the MC an actual AI instead of a human. I think it would have been much more interesting, but I guess they prefered to take the easy route. And maybe they thought readers wouldn't believe the love between a system and a human to be genuine.

Some plot points were rushed. It's obvious the author didn't plan this story to be too deep and complicated and just wanted to be done with it. The extra chapters are here to focus on these plot points but it's always vague and open, which isn't satisfying. For example, I find it disappointing that Pei Yan and his adoptive mother stopped interacting very early and nothing happened with them afterwards. Instead, the focus is on her relationship with the ML. I understand wanting to write about the ML instead of a side character, but it seemed like a wasted opportunity.

All in all, I can't help but feel like this story could have been more. But I don't blame the author for not wanting to write a 300+ chapter-long incredibly deep and complex masterpiece. <<less
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Precious Heartwarming Cute story so far...

How MC and ML became each other's family... How the ML make new friends with the help of MC...

The interaction and friendship between MC and other Systems...

... more>> ML can see the world being good, and not all people are bad even when the start were bad.

ML's character being not too Cold nor Violence. He's sooo Gooooood! While MC being cute but not too naive and absolutely Lovable!

So far this is not actual Face slapping novel. Nor there's villains. Sure there's bad people (the parents), but so far they're JUST bad people, and Not Villain. And some egoistic or slightly narrow minded people were just that; flawed human beings. But not exactly painted as Villain.

So no exaggerated villainous scenes. Just some people being bad... But doesn't mean they don't get 'slapped' in the face by Karma or things like that.

Anyway this novel was truly Heartwarming. I pray soooooooo hard the rest of the story is as Satisfying!!!

I Love it sooooooo much!!! Please don't let us down...!

Finished at 2 September 2023:

Wholesome story through and through.

Well Meaningful till the end.

The author did Amazing job writing every characters and their background setting and how they face their present and future life. Showing such a Complex human feelings and relationship.

No Intense nor Dog Blood moment at least since chapter 80. I don't remember much the previous chapters if there was Intense moment or not. Lol sorry

But at least after ch 80, most of it was Smooth. Just complex in Emotions. But well written till the end.

The Extras written Meaningfully too. I don't dare to ask for more...

It's just Absolutely Lovable Story and Definitely Worth your Time!

Please do try! It's not like the usual Transmigration story, okay! <<less
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Feb 27, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a very simple, slice-of-life story with a fantasy twist. However, the characters, while formulaic in terms of personality styles, are likeable and well-flexed out, so the relative simplicity of the plot makes it rather easy to sink into the story. Note, it's a lot more artistic in concept than most SYSTEM stories, it's going for that typical literary style, but with a lighthearted tone (I marked this as important because it's a bit difficult to truly enjoy the story in MTL. I'm sure I missed out on a... more>> lot of subtext DX. And so, while I would definitely recommend this novel to others, I'd also suggest you wait for the TL to finish before starting.)


SUMMARY: The MC (Ji Tong) of the story is your typical innocent and optimistic kind of shou. He was unexpectedly sent to another world after getting into an accident. But rather than entering with a human identity, he entered the world as a SYSTEM. It's not your typical out-of-picture-SYSTEM, but it's still a role that's supposed to stand aside and act mainly as a support (he's not the one that hands out the tasks, he's just there to provide helpful hints and interact with the Host — both indirectly, and directly as a human, electronic device, pet, etc.). As for the MC's host, he's the ML (Pei Qingyuan). Typical stoic gong. His script is set up for a counterattack — originally, he was raised in a wealthy family, but he later found out that he had actually been switched at birth, and so his entire life had been flipped over all at once. Resulting in the SYSTEM's appearance.

This premise seems a bit wild and fantastical when said like thisXD. But the story is actually pretty tame. Very vanilla, I should say. Most of it is school life, some romance, cub raising (the MC takes on the image of a 3yo at first), and romance. All in all, very fluffy. There are no radical cannon fodders in sight either. All the villains here are very reasonable. And they're not inherently malicious for no reason — which makes the tone of the story even lighter as a result.


THOUGHTS: To be honest, this kind of slice of life novel is really not my preference. Based on that, the fact that I read it till the end says quite a bit. I mean, I did get bored in occasion — to the point that I was tempted to drop it early multiple times. But all in all, my impression of the novel is pretty good. At least, I think that it's definitely worth the read, and quite memorable. The author does a really good job with establishing their characters — to the point that, while the story may not be the most exciting or comprehensive, it's still very easy to sink into the story for the sake of seeing their ending through. ANYWAY, I won't be rating this for now, because I read it mostly in MTL, and I can't be sure my impression is entirely accurate. If I were to give it a rating though, it would be around 4.3-4.4 out of 5 stars. This is with points added to account for the subtext I might have missed by reading the MTL. As of rn, based on what I actually read, it's closer to 4.1 out of 5 stars XD. Either way, it's still four stars rounded up. <<less
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Feb 09, 2023
Status: Completed
A good warm hearted story. There's nothing else I can say that I other reviewers haven't. All I can say is I appreciate the extra with ML's biological mom. It doesn't make it easier to forgive but it does pave the path to a day that maybe forgiveness can be given. This urban novel may not have all the drama or action but I recommend it be given a chance.
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Marshmallow Skye
Nov 03, 2023
Status: Completed
So far only about halfway through. Just found oit it:s same author as His Marriage Partner is scheming. That makes sense. This author's stories are like a cup of hot tea on a cold monsoon evening. Very poetic and soothing. The pacing is a bit slower than I would prefer. But it's so heartwarming and amazing. Love Found Family trope. All the side characters are also equally well fleshed out. Loved his friends, his teacher, professor xiao.

In the end you can tell that the ML is just a kid, you... more>> can actually feel, yeah he's just a young youth, unlike those 2d perfect MLs. MC is adorable. I wonder what his backstory will be. The author has sprinked very subtle hints that it will be tragic. Oh well Looking forward to it

Edit: Finished it

Sobbing and crying. Wish there was a way to raise the rating higher than 5 stars. It's a very very beautiful story. Slow Burn of sorts. I love their love story. I LOVE all the side characters. There are no bad guys here. All characters are written with such depth, and none are forgettable. Amazing story!

This story is just pure undiluted joy. <<less
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Oct 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Slow, slice-of-life tale, but very cute and sweet.

It was a bit slower than my preference, but overall still a nice story.

What stood out to me was that the villains were very three-dimensional, and not everything was about face-slapping (thankfully). I enjoyed the slow-burn romance and the balance of the fluff and drama.

The story seemed to be written to break common tropes as well; lots of novel authors worship wealth and always have wealthy characters somehow appear more noble than their poorer counterparts (Eg. A MC who was switched at birth... more>> had to be "better" with more "noble" blood than the villain). But this novel showed that the wealthy family wasn't necessarily the better one.

Really adorable cast and the world felt very vivid.


Also first time in a novel where the main character visited other world systems too.


Translation was great. <<less
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Sep 07, 2023
Status: c1
I really like this author's style. I've only read this and their other work (HMPS, translated) but I can't help but find their stories as... atmospheric? Like, there's a very comforting and poetic vibe to the whole thing. It's like gazing at a painting.

The college arc was bland but the first arc (pre-college) was one of the most heartwarming and touching arcs I've read in a while. If this wasn't danmei and the story continued from that arc, it would still make for a topnotch story.

I actually don't find the... more>> romance part that romantic or fluffy or moving. To me it just kind of happened? Or maybe it was because the first arc was too good in comparison.

Pei Yan's story was also bittersweet (more on the bitter part). His experience really drove home the message that the author wanted to show through the story: true redemption comes from the self.

Tbh I could relate to him more than the rest because I also went through something similar to going from one lifeline to another. It's sad that the people he met more or less were just using him, but at least in the extras, he finally chose to live for himself again.

As for the Pei parents, I see their characters as foils for the rest of the cast who chose to save themselves the right way. Both of them were caught up in their own self-inflicted miseries because they insisted on treating others as tools to make themselves feel better.

If there's one character I'm unreconciled about, it's Wenbai. I understand the purpose of his character - to show that some people are happy to be trapped in a rigid system (not the System but like, society and the multifarious aspects of it) and to ensure their happiness, enforce the rules of the system onto others. He wasn't exactly bad towards Pei Yan, but he wasn't good either. I don't like his character and I kept thinking that since this is fiction anyway, why not give him his comeuppance? Maybe I'm too used to face-slapping novels lol

Fang Hao was a scene stealer lol and I was sad when it was shown that:


prior to being a System, he jumped off a building due to bullying. He was only 10. I think that's why he was specially affected when he saw the scar on Chi Xia's (Fu Yinyin's Host) wrist.


The leads' friends were also interesting on their own and for a moment, in the extras, I thought something would brew between Pei Siyou and Xie Chi, and Ou Yiyang and his friend (surnamed Wang) lol

My favorite side character was definitely He Shiwen. His presence in the lives of the leads was life-changing. I think the first arc wouldn't have been so heartwarming if it weren't for his bakery. It was really nice. <<less
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Sep 07, 2023
Status: c1
I really loved this novel.

I don’t think I’ve ever read one from the standpoint of a system, but this one definitely made me want to read more in this genre.

However, I will say, although I enjoyed this novel, I wasn’t a fan of how the ex-family just r suddenly disappeared. I know this wasn’t supposed to be about them and it was meant to kind of show how systems push the protag forward, but I was still looking forward to seeing the parents regretting how they threw the ML aside... more>> like how the bio mom did.

On another note, I was really happy the author allowed PY (the real son) a way out. I felt like al thought he was hateful in the way he acted, it wasn’t really his fault but the ones goading him and his parents. I was happy because I get tired of seeing characters that have no real malice towards the Mc/ML being turned into evil villains by authors when in reality, they showed mild jealousy at best.

He wasn’t completely likable, but he wasn’t terrible either.

I laughed, I cried and I wanted to thrown my phone.

Aside from the middle part where he became kind of stale, the overall novel was really worth the read.

4.5/5 <<less
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Jul 08, 2023
Status: c57
It’s a really cute story, it’s heart warming too.

The story pace is slow so if you’re reading this in one go (like me), you might find it boring and wanna take a break

I’ll come back to finish this next time :))
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 19, 2023
Status: Completed
A very beautiful love story.

You could say that this is a very typical, Sun (MC) and Moon (ML) story.

But the MC makes everything different. And ML truly has quality that set him up as Protagonist.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Absolutely no dog blood, a peaceful and positive book about youth, love and growing up. Some parts are boring yeah but ultimately this book has a goal and a vibe and it definitely fulfills it.

Recommends for those in need of soothing, although it might seem weird to cheer on AI - human love, its actually very smooth and lovely. They are equals and opposites attracts. This isnt a cold president type but a warm hearted love of a man who can be warm, loving a little sunshine.

Even though I find... more>> the romance a little boring I think its fine. Some parts (peach blossoms) did annoy me but it didnt happen. Also theres no face slaps or dog blood, everything here is very peaceful. Even the other son is left behind. Theyre not part of the plot at all, which is why the air is fresh but it does make it a lil uninteresting to focus just on the CP domesticity. <<less
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