Even Though He Said He Won’t Love Me – The Count’s Daughter (Former Demon King) Is Fed by the Sincere Soldier and Becomes Happy


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“I will never love you.”

On the night of their political wedding, Abigail the Count’s daughter told Gerald the sincere soldier.

Abigail was a demon king in her previous life. Even though she was a demon king, her eating habits were poor.

She has been reborn as a human. She expects to enjoy luxurious foods now, but her stepmother and stepsisters nearly starve her to death.

She had been living an oppressed life, and this political marriage was her hope to escape from such a life.

So at least, she wants to make it clear.

“… I want foods.”

The black-haired, blue-eyed, and ruggedly handsome military husband was surprisingly kind to the starving girl. Abigail’s delicious food life begins as she is loved by her protective servants.

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Aisanai to Iwaremashite mo: Moto Maou no Hakushaku Reijou wa Kimajime Gunjin ni Ezuke wo Sarete Shiawase ni Naru
Aisanai to iwaremashitemo ~ moto maou no hakushaku reijou wa kimajime gunjin ni edzuke wo sarete shiawase ni naru
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1 Review

Jan 14, 2023
Status: c4
The main heroine was oppressed in her parent's house, and she has memories of her previous life as a demon king.

She has a gluttony side, but she is also a hard worker. That's very sweet.
She believes that if one wants to eat, one has to work. That is common sense which is now rarely taught by parents.
She is a strong and very adorable heroine.

This novel is fun to read.
Abigail's mischiefs and her husband's tsukkomi are so funny I read them over and over again...

This series has also been adapted into a comic. I can't wait to read it.
Unfortunately, I haven't found the raw manga...
If you found the raw manga, please let me know
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