Doll Dungeon


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When I woke up I was in a room that I didn’t recognize.

This is the eventful life of a dungeon master!

But contrary to expectations, it’s an unexpectedly laid-back (?) tale of a man walking the life of a dungeon master.

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Ningyō Danjon
Ningyō Danjon Kai
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Occulus rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --

Decent concept but once again is affected by the fact that the MC (in this case his servants) go from above average to OP as hell way too quickly. The message board was a nice touch though. Also, this series has been discontinued by the author.
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MillenniumMoon rated it
November 21, 2016
Status: --
It was interesting but then it kinda gets annoying. The chapters are short and draggy. Not to mention with the inconsistent plot. You get a Japanese MC who gets snatched and then dragged in another world because he has high potential to be a great dungeon master. Of course his memories gets 'supposedly' erased when becoming a dungeon master. It gets boring pretty fast when there's no struggle in the story. He just summons minions and renovates his dungeon.

AND there's the chapters where it's all about praising the food served... more>> to the guests.
"What's this yellow thing? It's an omurice. "DELICIOUS! MORE! BLAH BLAH BLAH" and it drags to the end of the chapter! You would think that since his memories are erased the food would be diverse but no there are only Japanese foods: Omurice, nikujaga etc. Of course his minions consist of maids a butler and ninjas. He sure as hell didn't forget about making a hot spring.

He then hosts an auction in his dungeon and presents a magical sword where it's supposed to be extremely rare but you would doubt that because the reactions are so underwhelming. There's just so little details and explanations that makes me say: "That's it?!"

No wonder that the author dropped it.

I only recommend this to people who are out of anything to read and just want to waste time. <<less
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S.D. rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: c67
It appears deceptively good in the beginning, but it's not that good.

To begin with it's not a dungeon management story. MC only says that he "adds another 2 floors to his dungeon, summons new monsters, gives them skills and orders them to train" but nothing actually happens there. The plot is centered on MC who lives on the first floor of his dungeon, meets people who come and negotiates with them on stuff. He's basically a landlord, not a dungeon master. And he never actually leaves his fief. The way... more>> he receives "dungeon points" used for upgrades is completely cheesy - doesn't suit the dungeon story but makes perfect sense if he was running an inn or a trade post. How confident, right?!

Then somehow his army becomes exceptionally strong in less than a year and it's never explained why. Apparently Dolls are just a cheat race and no other dungeon master figured it out. As a result since almost very beginning there are no major crisis - MC is always in control. Basically there's no challenge, or to be more precise all of the challenge was in making favorable deals with humans.

It's not terribly bad but not quite what I expected. Perhaps you'd like it more?.. <<less
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Owloid rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c32
Interesting premise with a passable start, but it ultimately falls to poor writing and poor direction. The main charater basically hangs out in his dungeon and lets things happen. This would be fine if the events were interesting, but the writing is prohibatively uninteresting. There are better stories, such as Lazy Dungeon Master or The Bound Dungeon.
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August 10, 2017
Status: c38
I used to play doll as a child... And like this novel, the doll house I used back then is made of cardboard cut-outs... The MC is like a doll that barely shows emotions which fits perfect for the dungeon that he manages... I think the author meant for it to be his character but somehow, it is not perfectly executed as it didn't make the MC interesting... And I think that the other dungeon masters has even more character than he is... I also think that there are nothing... more>> special about his creations except for the fact that they have names (one, two, three and four)... Take away their names and they're all just the same as the others of their kind... <<less
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wintang rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: c20
This novel seems to be interesting and unique in someway but then after a few chapters from 8+. The story went everywhere the time gap is very confusing and yet MC did nothing but check out his servants stat and chat with other dungeon through "dungeon chat" which turn out to be very veryyy short chapter like about 20-30 sentences per chapter. This novel is like diary of what writer's fantasy is about.. The writer just randomly write what he wanna writer that doesn't depend on time, story nor flow.

you... more>> will be like oh he's doing this then next chapter he was doing something else and then other dungeon jelous of how he was doing something else ? And the MC is very emotional like girl on period all the times. I'm still lost, the other dungeon said MC gonna establish country but when it's MC turn.. He just not doing anything in that sort that relate nor describe anything to establishing anything. If you like investigation on author's minds then do so.. This novel serve that well. <<less
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Zone Q11
Zone Q11 rated it
October 28, 2015
Status: --
While it certainly has some resemblance with other dungeon novels, it also has some originality. Though it has some other problems like ‘how a human normally thinks’ (sorry, I’m not good in explaining). The problem with ‘how the MC’s servants / comrades think’ is solved as Eins and Zwei are automata, thus having (almost) no emotions and follow orders to the end, but it certainly is somewhat confusing that the hero (invader) party could see the MC as ‘equal’ while being a dungeon master.

Even though I said that, I am... more>> curious about what shall happen with the story and approve this as a good novel!

P.S. Sorry for the long review (I’m new at this). <<less
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BusyBee rated it
October 28, 2015
Status: --
It's starting out relatively well. There's definitely potential right now, but it's hard to tell how it'll go on from here.
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Finore rated it
June 8, 2019
Status: c60
It's not bad, but it's not good either.

The MC is not the dungeon master, but the dungeon itself. The dungeon master has little personality, just a little above the automatons he produces.

It's a nice world building exercise.
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SleepLover rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c29
The first thing I can say is that the plot is very interesting but is somewhat common amongst the many novels. I'm bot saying it lacks originality but that the plot is easy to predict if you consider the previous chapters. One thing I noted greatly though was that it has an incredibly long release frequency updates. But the story and translation was pretty good but I think that it still lacks something so it's a 4 stars for now.
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Enutas maph
Enutas maph rated it
April 1, 2017
Status: c26
it's good for those who like dungeon building novels and have nothing better to do. There is an attempt at some subtle humor in it, but it isn't very unique or relevant. The servants which are supposed to be emotionless have a 'will' and somehow get ridiculously stronger every time they're seen with only the explanation of 'training.' The thing that is probably meant to be it's sell-point is MC who thinks things through, but it doesn't really go well with what happens.
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Insanityplea rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: c26
I really liked the laid back dungeon master thing. Honestly sad that it got dropped like a rock by the author and hasnt been touched since. Honestly I am not 100% what in this grabbed me but I could see myself enjoying the read for awhile as long as the author didnt go nuts.

Though a negative would be like some other reviewers sad, his minions or monster or whatever you want to call them got a bit OP too fast.
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Eroid rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: v1c4
So far I'm not all too impressed. The protagonist has zero depth, the story severely lacks detail and realism, and shit's also too convenient.

... more>>

At one point he decides to build a house and summons materials however, he later realises he can't build houses (he's an idiot) so he suddenly concludes that he'll get a summon that can. And conveniently he finds a monster that can "acquire one skill, free of charge". And as if it weren't enough, there was a skill for construction. It's really seems as if the universe is bending to his will.


Unlike other LNs and WNs, this web novel doesn't show the processes behind his thoughts and whole story is basically him stating his 2d thoughts.

Apart from those few things there isn't anything that wrong with the novel from what I've read so far, but those few things contributed hugely to how I perceived his world. And it felt extremely boring and plain. <<less
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Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
Unique Concept for a dungeon master. I can't really comment on the pace but as of Chapter 7 it feels unique in it's own right, and one can't help but hold some hope that this novel will become something unique. While it is updated recently I'll recommend holding off on this novel until it can be confirmed the updates will be consistent to a extent.
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