Divine Throne of Primordial Blood


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Su Chen lost his sight in an unfortunate, unanticipated encounter. He was unwilling to give up despite suffering one of the most tragic fates possible in the human realm and fought on. Su Chen wants to use his own efforts to create a completely new destiny, both for himself and for mankind!

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Primordial Blood Throne
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bored nobody
New bored nobody rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: v8c1
I loved this novel


... more>>

MC was blinded by a beggar (identity unknown maybe god) and that helped MC to experience more about darkness of human nature. Later MC got his vision back with ability to see microscopic phenomenon.

Same thing happened with many fateful characters resulting in different types of abilities (like microscopic eyes, computational brain, blood sucking skeleton etc)



MC is typically a researcher who is trying to find out truth of his existence (similar to leylin from wmw) . Well MC is also good at scheming and plotting (basically he uses his brain to fight)


World consists of many races (intelligent and non intelligent) their uprising, downfall and stuff.

Basically MC is trying to create cultivation path for humans (bloodline less cultivation path) without using bloodline of beasts. And in doing so he is fighting against with different races as well as bloodline-human race which is trying to monopolize or destroy it (which depicts darkness of human heart).

Well later he also creates his own influence to fight against unknown (gods)

Gods are cruel they uses human sacrifice for power...


Overall it is an excellent novel for me. <<less
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New Tresdin rated it
November 23, 2018
Status: v2c80
I like this novel. The characters are solid, and the plot is alright. Main character is cool calm and collected, and though he's supposed to be strong, there seems to be a focus on him outwitting people. In that way, the novel reminds me quite lot of Rakuin no Monshou, except for the fact that it's in a pretty average chinese novel setting.

The world is relatively well made, though the author doesn't end up following through well. In other words: the world is pretty interesting, but the immediate settings that... more>> the main character is placed into aren't as good.

Main Character dialogue sometimes reads like something a highschooler would write in an essay when they're a couple sentences away from meeting the word-count. Nobody talks like that out loud! <<less
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Ra3ie1 rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: c110
Another disappointment. I rated this story 5 for uniqueness and clever MC, everything was good. But... Author gave up ~50 chapter... more>>

(after eyes recovery, yes he isn't a blind protagonist.~40ch recovery without reason, stimulated by protagonist plotarmor)

Every word, every event like copypaste from another story (honestly, all time I had a question "did I already read this? "). Protagonist's luck became outrageous, plot armor is one of the strongest and the main disappointment- "world of retards", all intelligent creatures had gone and only brainless mobs left.

Cultivation is very chaotic, after 100ch I don't understand anything (I'm experienced reader). It's only luckyMC can steal energy from other creatures? Why does he needs practice if he can absorb enemy's energy and be the strongest? How can he guide his servants cultivation/why their cultivation method is different from others (our MC is already a master after 1 year of self cultivation?) ? How the blind person can study techniques/teach others? What is the difference in lvl (MC with easy beated high lvl cultivators and even his servant (never practiced martial arts) can beat realm higher cultivator...) ? Why blood is so important, if guy with this blood and strong cultivation can't withstand servant's punch?

Nothing unique, nothing new, just another story about absurdly OP/lucky/immortal/walkinglibrary MC, injustice everywhere, everyone wants to hurt MC, etc.

Would rate it 3 if not a mess in cultivation. 2 stars, timekiller novel.


"And in novels belonging to this genre the MC gets superlucky with fortuitous encounters usually and transforms from a trash to a stud, the author has completely reversed this trope in this novel"

Cmn. MC has 3 classess of education->blind->no friends->walking library - HOW?... First 110 just luck and random divine abilities (he is almost immortal). Encourted random saint/2 princesess/garbage villainess/retards and all his power from this random meetings. Even their personality is perfect for MC`s power up.


1. Blind person met random naked princess on the random lake at random time -calculated... for some reason, she is more loyal then a dog. Gave him treasures, protection, decided to risk her own life and family`s reputation for MC sake. Listened to his every word - powerfull princess from top clan... Never Lucky.

2. BLIND person met random princess in random forest at random time when she discussed some conspiracy "how to conquer the world" (how to lvlup MC). The stupidest princess ever (2 harem girl). I wanted to drop after this part... she has brain smaller than in snail. Random "blind kid" spied after you later killed level higher cultivator- impossible! "Oh, im blind kid but im your friend, you will die if you touch me" - " I believe you". WTF how did he killed that realm higher expert, why did he spied? Your life is in his hands and just whatsoever go die to the mountains (ofc he met another luck 1/1000000 chanse s7777 and became OP) / Cmn everyone wants to kill him, you`ll have sleapless nights but just "i believe you". I don`t know, powerfull organization became his underlings, instead of tortures/investigation/spying... that arrogant kid gave you such an oppotunity- 100 days in mountains! noone even notice his missing... luckily they decided to bet all-in on MC and gave all efforts to lvl up him. Never lucky MC

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GingerMessiah rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c845
First of all I have to say, Ra3ie1 and the 44 other people must have read a really badly translated version or their minds have been warped.

Initially when I read his review I was absolutely put off from reading this novel, but after reading it. I realised how wrong some of these people are.

Instead of putting spoiler tags, this needs to be clearly stated. This is not a novel based on a blind protagonist. It's part of the story but it is not what... more>> Su Chen is about. In addition he did not miraculously cure his ailment. It was never an ailment from the start. Read the tag with about eye ability/power and you get the drift the reason for his impairment.

The part about one of the female leads being a stupid princess. That is another misleading point by the reviewers. This is a young girl who met a young boy who is blind. You don't go around killing people for no reason right? If you have that kind of mind you have read things like Martial God Asura too much and need to see a doctor. They slowly became friends and if you actually read the story. Bloodline techniques are practically impossible to be learnt to a standard by outsiders. So she sees no harm teaching a friend a few tricks.

Most of the antagonists are not stupid or dumb as stated by Ra3ie1. They underestimated Su Chen who seems to be blind. Even in the real world, if you get out there. You can see how haughty and foolish people are when they look down on blind and deaf people.

This novel is for people who likes to read about a character who is not bloodthirsty but still willing to be ruthless when necessary. A character who wants to get stronger not just for himself but for the greater good of his race. Like the title of the novel - he's going to become the human ancestor who create a path for Human cultivation. A lot better than reading other novels where you inherit hundreds of different powers by dead and powerful experts.

A downside to the story, too much information about the history, various race and characters that might be hard to digest. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c180
So decided to mtl it and the quality doesnt decrease, we have been introduced to the female lead, unsure whether it will be loyal to female lead or harem but it is shaping up to be loyal to female lead due to the actions of a certain character within the novel, in the spoiler tag...

the MC is really cool and you would really like him and really support him in trying to stand up to those that wronged him and the like but mostly he also acts his age when... more>> he is with the female lead which is also nicely shown.

overall the side characters are for now quite interestingly developed, and I am hoping that we get to see more of the MCs mother, spoiler about MCs dad


although his dad may seem cool when he supported the MC initially, but it can be seen how easily manipulated he can be, and truly he is an asshole and I just hope that when the MC grows stronger beats the sh*t out of him for what he is doing, plus as I mentioned actions of a certain character, its his dad who took in more than one concubine and than could care less about MC and his mother because the MC is blind and when the MC and MCs mother confronts his favourite concubine (who btw tried to kill the mc) he would rather chose the concubine over MC and MC mother, such an asshole I really wish the MC kills him and I do hope that he doesnt spare him because of filial piety

that the asians love to spout!!


*************Update below is the old the review**********************

AMAZING!! I havent experienced a novel such as this in a very very long time!!

what I mean is that I haven't experienced a situation in CN novel where the first 5 chapters have gripped me so much that I am even tempted to mtl it just to binge all the available chapters, its that amazing!!

well thats all I can say at the moment, when I read more chapters, I will update it, but it is soooo good I suggest reading the tl'ed chapters as soon as possible even if the tl speed isnt out of this world because this novel is absolutely worth it!!!!! <<less
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qull rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: v2c143
EDIT: I decided to drop this novel. I admitted I once praise this novel for unconventional approach. I really enjoy the the first hundred chapters. However, it seems like author has lost his track (or change his direction) from his original intention at around ~400 chapters in.

The premise of this novel is very interesting: a blinded protagonist turning himself into powerhouse with his wisdom and chance. However, after the early arcs ended, the novel itself becomes "blinded" from its original direction. Instead of further development of the main characters... more>> (power, personalities, relationships etc), it becomes a political novel. Cultivation becomes subtle subject. Instead, you can expect a lot of battle of reasoning and logic. The MC will make concessions, arguments, and leveraging other people power for his uses.

The utmost frustrating thing about this novel is MC is "taken advantage of" by many kings and sovereigns. Those people will repudiate debt, take MC hostages, and force MC to work for them. Yet, MC does not take revenge or kill them off, because he deems it as "bad political move".

In conclusion, this novel is totally political, so you can expect a lot of bad guys being spared and good guy being oppressed. MC will turn down his vengeance on bad guys, spare them, and let them comeback as cockroach villains. The reason for doing this is just... politics. Bringing down kings would collapse the kingdom and harm the balance of power. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c97
Great novel and I am particularly happy with it because it really breaks away from the "filial piety" filled MC trope found in almost every Chinese novel. The cultivation system etc. Are not that new but still somewhat different. Still a bit too early to tell, but a promising start.
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Ananya rated it
May 23, 2017
Status: v1c45
Fantastic start to the novel, it has nicely etched out characters, drama, intrigue, foreshadowing and a likeable MC who employs deductive reasoning.

It is an interesting idea that the author has tried with this genre, earlier we only saw deductive reasoning being employed by Fenglin Tianxia but in his novels the MC gets lucky too but in this novel they have not made the MC lucky.

And in novels belonging to this genre the MC gets superlucky with fortuitous encounters usually and transforms from a trash to a stud, the author has... more>> completely reversed this trope in this novel.

Try this, it will hook you in from the start!

Edit: Now on chapter 45, quality is still good, the focus is equally on cultivation and the drama, that's what is great about this story so far. <<less
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MondoX rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c148
So, the story was not bad and the MC was likable. Regaining his eyesight was foreshadowed, so it is not like it came out of nowhere. However, I had to drop it because the MC suddenly became a wimp with a female character. I liked the first potential harem member, not a problem with the second, but after the second he becomes a wimp. A female character tries to kill the MC, using other people first, and then trying to sneak attack him. Care to guess what happens later? It... more>> seems the mc's heart softens after watching a pretty girl cry, regarless if she was trying to kill the MC before. <<less
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ththth12 rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: v1c1
This is very good Xianxia story. MC is actually smart, not just the author claiming he is. The story manages to avoid most annoying tropes at least for 129ch I have read. No tournaments so far, and MC does not constantly defeat higher level cultivators. He has tough fights against people of same level or even lower. He wins by using all possible means, like poisons, plots, surprise attacks and powerful items. He gains items and skills by using his brains, not just by his luck. No harem so far,... more>> he is only good friends with one woman, and has business-like deals with another one.

Some of reviews here seem a bit confused. It was obvious from the start that he would regain his eyesight. That's what the mysterious 'beggar' meant to happen, after all. He chose to believe his words so he could have some hope. He was blind for 3 years, and he is cultivator, so he can control his body better than normal people. I find it easy to believe he can pretent to be blind. <<less
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kkngs rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c110
Enjoying this novel quite a bit. Main character is talented and smart, but had a setback he is working to come back from. Major themes of alienation with his clan. Stylistically the novel reminds me a lot of Warlock of the Magus World. MC over comes his enemies by outsmarting them. Things tend to go his way a bit too much, but it's still at an enjoyable level.
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Forsakenas rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c59
Can't say it's catastrophic, but it's bad for sure. Good natured, smart, hard working MC get's randomly blinded by beggar saying he is too naive. WTF? Dude, MC is only 12, or smf, years old. What can you expect? What's more, beggar says that MC will get OP eyes after some time. In rl how naive you would have to be to believe that. Another minus is stupid side chars. How hard can it be to check if he is regaining his eyesight? All of them keeps waving their hands... more>> to check (facepalm). Third thing that annoys me is romance. It is nice idea with blind guy accidentally meeting beautiful girl, but there are almost no interaction. You don't get to know about the girl at all. And most annoying thing is useless info that you get to read in some chapters, for example about history. Author could add some of it then writing with related adventures or smf, but no, he choose it write all in 2 chapters. After 40 chapters you still don't find anything related with those chapters. So why write it so early if nothing will follow it?

All in all, in my opinion not worth your time, unless you don't have what to read anymore. There are at least 15+ better LN. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: c32
So far so good. The MC is good, the plot is good. If it goes the path of clan building or army building, along with money grubber attitude, then it will be perfect. I really wish to see a kind of World of Cultivation.
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Jake-maybe rated it
May 24, 2017
Status: v1c7
This novel has great potential, the blind protagonist adds a twist on the classic xianxia formula that it's quite refreshing. While the other aspects of the world aren't anything new, they are done well and the author puts his own spin on them. It's a good novel with quality writing and quality translation, definitely worth a shot.
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MangoGuy rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: v2c184
Well, this is a... Decent read.

This is not Mango approved

Now, first off. Very first off. Don't look at the Blind Protagonist tag. He regains his eyes within the first 25 chapters. Yes, people still think that he is blind. But that is only for about 100 chapters at max. That is like less than 10% of the length of this series.

... more>> Yes, in the first 100 chapters or do he is way looked down upon due to blindness, but it feels like just another MC who hides his strength.

Now, the MC. He is one who seeks knowledge rather than brute strength. Excellento! That is extremely good potential. The world is more based on bloodlines rather than cultivation levels? Amazing!

Right? Yeah... Until you get to the point where this idea is to be acted upon. A good scheming involves knowing information, and using/manipulating that. Cool. But plot armor?? In any scheme, there will be minor hiccups. Ok, but what am I getting at? We are in a world where cultivation level distinctions haven't been written very well, and the MC makes schemes based on these very cultivation levels?

You can see where I am getting at. When the author is going for a research MC with tons of exposition, he is ignoring the strength part. That is cool for maybe the MC (it is not) but what about the people surrounding him? The plot armor is too thick.

And I could have actually accepted this plot armor, if the MC genuinely was blind. But nopppe.

Next, the personality of the MC. He shifts from righteous to selfless to heroic constantly, with the love struck teen in between. Ok, I can accept that. But why is he so? Because I don't believe that someone exists with such a personality right off the bat. Unless, that someone is from a Mary Sue School. Is the MC a reincarnator or something? I don't know. But I would like to know. I mean, he had so much potential! He actually didn't fall for that I am cool if my dad raped my waifu cuz filial peity stuff for once. Other CN should do this more often. But at tge same time, because that is so weird for the setting, it needs to be written properly. I mean, filial peity is hammered into the DNA, but this guy said no. Any back story? No. He just did rational one fine day.

I like the bloodlines aspect of this series. It gives a good look into human psychology as well, though the way the MC looks at the bloodlines changes constantly. One chapter he is on about low key and next chapter, he goes about making big enemies. Now, I am cool with that IF ONLY we had some measure of how big they are, because the cultivation levels in this is so screwed. It is like the entire world is waiting for our MC to grow to the next level before it itself ranks up.

The female lead/leads... Lacking. Standard damsel in distress. At least, they will become. Yup, I can say that.

In conclusion, this novel had a LOT of potential. Writer had amazing ideas, but couldn't put them down properly. Though I gave this a 3, this is more like 4ish but I am being harsh for the lost potential.

Should you read this? Well, it definitely can be fun. I am at the point in the story where finally, an antagonist who is half decent has emerged. Who knows? I might re evaluate my rating!

But till then, this stays. <<less
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Ghostwheel rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c49
Was really looking forward to reading about a blind protagonist,

but he recovered his eyesight in the first ~20 chapters. Even after recovering his eyesight he pretends to be blind because 'blind people see more'. For some reason (bad writing?) nobody can tell that he's not blind anymore even though it would be completely obvious.

Blind protagonist tag should be removed, it's the only reason I started reading this and it's misleading.

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sneha rated it
September 1, 2018
Status: v2
This novel has a deep plot and solid characters. But the reason I gave a rating of 3 is because the pros and cons outweigh each other.

Pros: 1. The protagonist is cool. With his background as a (former) blind man, his reserved nature and calculative mind and other characterics are quite vivid, natural. Even when he becomes vicious and eccentric at times, you cannot deny his elegance.

2. The drama, though predictable, is subtle. It doesn't fixate on the ugliness like most Chinese novels in similar settings. This gives the book... more>> a certain refinement.

3. The whole of the family arc is treated with creativity. In addition, the boy's struggle is genuine, his triumph is heartfelt. The treatment of various characters and their effect on him is moving.

Cons: 1. The author indulges too much in fictional cultivation jargon, the made up scientific principles and theories and so on. The same is the case with the historical background. There is too much irrelevant background data that one does not care to remember, yet forced to be read.

2. The goal of uplifting the entire mankind happens too suddenly to the protagonist. A selfish fellow so far, he suddenly becomes righteous and the author justifies this change using dialogue, which is in turn very long, repetitive and boring.

3. The plot becomes somewhat routine and numbing from the university arc. The boy overreaches with so many things to research, study, experiment, cultivate and even go hunt and so on. It's a daunting schedule, even to read. Unrealistic when matched with the speed at which he also makes enemies.

Of course there are more pros than this to the book. At least Arc 1 had not been disappointing. But I was genuinely bored since Vol 2. Perhaps I will pick it up again one day, but for now, I'm throwing this one into the freezer. <<less
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Asola182 rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c341
It is the best novel of all that I've read so far, believe me I've read a lot. World building, plot, cultivation system everything is superb. This is the only novel where main character is really smart, not that kind of "smart" like in other novels, where author just make every one else stupid to make MC look like smart
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Varno rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c100
I'll give you a concise interpretation of the story.

Very smart MC, uses deductive reasoning and usually keeps a cool and calm demeanor.

Most things are handled carefully and meticulously. So no stupid mistakes.

... more>> Characters have traits and not just the friendly ones, so when he kills a guy, he just killed a guy. Not a throw-away young master, though they are in this story.

Now for the bad. Mainly about the story and execution of action scenes.

The gap between power levels aren't rediculous, so one realm isn't throwing hills and the next aren't throwing mountain ranges (though if you want that read ANY of I eat tomatoes novels, fuk matts), skills, timing, planning and application matter more here, if your good enough you can jump realms to fight.

This all sounds good, but the poor or maybe dull execution hampers any emotional evocation the story would prompt from a reader.

Too many info dumps (show don't tell), too much small talk and way too much petty scheming (I just saw the political tag while writing this).

These things when done badly usually leave me feeling stifled and when I'm reading fantasy I don't want that. I want freedom and fun or at least I want them in a more serious story, not something based off of teen angst.

If the author 'showed' his world and characters more this would be less of a chore to read.

Last but not least. Being a 'look at the pretty colors' man myself, some of the fights are long and very, very, very boring. Lacking dept and flare. In fact they might actually be the weakest point of the novel.

My opinion is simple, this sh*t is boring and ignore those people describing this as 'fresh', they are just easily impressed with gimmicks. "Look! He's blind!" "How is that possible!?"

3/5. <<less
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Slayerwolfx2 rated it
August 29, 2017
Status: c3
Aside from the sub-par translation, the novel itself isn't that amazing...

At chapter 3, I already found one inconsistency... he at first mentions the event with the beggar that cost him his eyesight happened 10 months ago, and then says it's been 2 years since he lost his eyesight... (checked lnmtl, and it said 2 years as well, so it should be a mistake from the author) and then it continues with the 10 month one...

Aside from that, I don't like that for everything, for every little thing Is Chen does... more>> right, he is praised by the author... Is he given 20 hints, yet manages to uncover the truth like any normal human being? 'Su Chen was extremely intelligent. Intelligent to the point where he had completely understood the generalities of the situation without an explanation.'

After that, they say a test of strength... but for them strength only means cultivation power, and not combat ability, or judgment on the field... enabling someone who came first in a TEST OF STRENGTH be called a criple...

After that, they say "Which is why Second Uncle felt that any resources given to me would be a waste?", something most of the clan agrees with. Yet, they try to persuade him to voluntarily not participate, instead of taking a decision by themselves, FFS their clan is still alive from sheer luck! Like, taking the fact aside that he is the main character, and a prodigy in cultivating, he lost his place in the world of strength 'supposedly', yet they still continue to support him like that? They don't have a lot of resources, yet they can still afford to 'waste' them on a 'criple'? <<less
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Evanbond rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: --
This novel isn't about a "Blind" protagonist but someone who couldn't see for a period of time. It's misleading to label it as such but that didn't degrade the novel that much. Of course, at many nodes of the story it would feel like if the MC was a true blind it would become more interesting.

It's really an awesome novel. I have to say that I like how the author executed the plots and the characters roles. A smart mc; not a hot blooded, self-righteous cuck, arrogant guy who consider... more>> himself humble despite being a perfect hypocrite. I also like the writing and the translation of the novel. It's pretty much a full package. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c151
I agree with others; this novel is potentially going to be really epic.

MC's smart and strong. He hasn't done anything really stupid yet. Well, he did have 2-3 perverted moments, but he isn't a pervert. Quite a calculating and savage dude overall. However, he doesn't enjoy killing senselessly. A bit of inventor/scientist.

I have no idea who's going to be his significant female other. All the (important) girls seem decent. Also, the MC isn't an absolute loner, yay! He's got buddies~~~

The fighting techniques are cool. The world has an interesting history... more>> and setup. Bloodlines are really important. I wonder what bloodline the MC will get? It sorta seems that he might invent his own, haha.

Watching the MC stamp over and blackmail his enemies is really satisfying. The author does it better than most authors. The MC's savageness helps here.

I personally think the 'blind' aspect of the story was done well. Might be pretty unrealistic, but it's written in an worthwhile way. <<less
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