Divine Throne of Primordial Blood


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Su Chen lost his sight in an unfortunate, unanticipated encounter. He was unwilling to give up despite suffering one of the most tragic fates possible in the human realm and fought on. Su Chen wants to use his own efforts to create a completely new destiny, both for himself and for mankind!

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Ra3ie1 rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: c110
Another disappointment. I rated this story 5 for uniqueness and clever MC, everything was good. But... Author gave up ~50 chapter... more>>

(after eyes recovery, yes he isn't a blind protagonist.~40ch recovery without reason, stimulated by protagonist plotarmor)

Every word, every event like copypaste from another story (honestly, all time I had a question "did I already read this? "). Protagonist's luck became outrageous, plot armor is one of the strongest and the main disappointment- "world of ret*rds", all intelligent creatures had gone and only brainless mobs left.

Cultivation is very chaotic, after 100ch I don't understand anything (I'm experienced reader). It's only luckyMC can steal energy from other creatures? Why does he needs practice if he can absorb enemy's energy and be the strongest? How can he guide his servants cultivation/why their cultivation method is different from others (our MC is already a master after 1 year of self cultivation?) ? How the blind person can study techniques/teach others? What is the difference in lvl (MC with easy beated high lvl cultivators and even his servant (never practiced martial arts) can beat realm higher cultivator...) ? Why blood is so important, if guy with this blood and strong cultivation can't withstand servant's punch?

Nothing unique, nothing new, just another story about absurdly OP/lucky/immortal/walkinglibrary MC, injustice everywhere, everyone wants to hurt MC, etc.

Would rate it 3 if not a mess in cultivation. 2 stars, timekiller novel.


"And in novels belonging to this genre the MC gets superlucky with fortuitous encounters usually and transforms from a tr*sh to a stud, the author has completely reversed this trope in this novel"

Cmn. MC has 3 classess of education->blind->no friends->walking library - HOW?... First 110 just luck and random divine abilities (he is almost immortal). Encourted random saint/2 princesess/garbage villainess/ret*rds and all his power from this random meetings. Even their personality is perfect for MC`s power up.


1. Blind person met random naked princess on the random lake at random time -calculated... for some reason, she is more loyal then a dog. Gave him treasures, protection, decided to risk her own life and family`s reputation for MC sake. Listened to his every word - powerfull princess from top clan... Never Lucky.

2. BLIND person met random princess in random forest at random time when she discussed some conspiracy "how to conquer the world" (how to lvlup MC). The s*upidest princess ever (2 harem girl). I wanted to drop after this part... she has brain smaller than in snail. Random "blind kid" spied after you later killed level higher cultivator- impossible! "Oh, im blind kid but im your friend, you will die if you touch me" - " I believe you". WTF how did he killed that realm higher expert, why did he spied? Your life is in his hands and just whatsoever go die to the mountains (ofc he met another luck 1/1000000 chanse s7777 and became OP) / Cmn everyone wants to kill him, you`ll have sleapless nights but just "i believe you". I don`t know, powerfull organization became his underlings, instead of tortures/investigation/spying... that arrogant kid gave you such an oppotunity- 100 days in mountains! noone even notice his missing... luckily they decided to bet all-in on MC and gave all efforts to lvl up him. Never lucky MC

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DeathStroke96 rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c180
So decided to mtl it and the quality doesnt decrease, we have been introduced to the female lead, unsure whether it will be loyal to female lead or harem but it is shaping up to be loyal to female lead due to the actions of a certain character within the novel, in the spoiler tag...

the MC is really cool and you would really like him and really support him in trying to stand up to those that wronged him and the like but mostly he also acts his age when... more>> he is with the female lead which is also nicely shown.

overall the side characters are for now quite interestingly developed, and I am hoping that we get to see more of the MCs mother, spoiler about MCs dad


although his dad may seem cool when he supported the MC initially, but it can be seen how easily manipulated he can be, and truly he is an as*hole and I just hope that when the MC grows stronger beats the sh*t out of him for what he is doing, plus as I mentioned actions of a certain character, its his dad who took in more than one concubine and than could care less about MC and his mother because the MC is blind and when the MC and MCs mother confronts his favourite concubine (who btw tried to kill the mc) he would rather chose the concubine over MC and MC mother, such an as*hole I really wish the MC kills him and I do hope that he doesnt spare him because of filial piety

that the asians love to spout!!


*************Update below is the old the review**********************

AMAZING!! I havent experienced a novel such as this in a very very long time!!

what I mean is that I haven't experienced a situation in CN novel where the first 5 chapters have gripped me so much that I am even tempted to mtl it just to binge all the available chapters, its that amazing!!

well thats all I can say at the moment, when I read more chapters, I will update it, but it is soooo good I suggest reading the tl'ed chapters as soon as possible even if the tl speed isnt out of this world because this novel is absolutely worth it!!!!! <<less
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qull rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: v2c143
EDIT: I decided to drop this novel. I admitted I once praise this novel for unconventional approach. I really enjoy the the first hundred chapters. However, it seems like author has lost his track (or change his direction) from his original intention at around ~400 chapters in.

One of the main issues I have in latter part of this novel is that the author forced the narrator to reason with the readers rather than letting the story tells itself... For example, he will literally write "The reason why MC lost this... more>> battle of wit is because of X, Y and Z" or "Villain didn't kill MC because X, Y and Z". It gets to the point where it's a nuisance... the author didn't attempt to let his story tells the story, but he only desire to justify his writing with the readers.

Another aspect that went south is the romance part. There are many hint with the girls, but it ended up with only 2. MC is basically half-assed in romance like any other casual weak-romance MC. Basically he tried to OTP but still end up with 2 and said it's not his fault.


The premise of this novel is very interesting: a blinded protagonist turning himself into powerhouse with his wisdom and chance. However, after the early arcs ended, the novel itself becomes "blinded" from its original direction. Instead of further development of the main characters (power, personalities, relationships etc), it becomes a political novel. Cultivation becomes subtle subject. Instead, you can expect a lot of battle of reasoning and logic. The MC will make concessions, arguments, and leveraging other people power for his uses.

The utmost frustrating (but understandable) thing about this novel is MC is "taken advantage of" by many kings and sovereigns. Those people will repudiate debt, take MC hostages, and force MC to work for them. Yet, MC does not take revenge or kill them off, because he deems it as "bad political move". <<less
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Much Much mrm
Much Much mrm rated it
December 22, 2018
Status: v3c45
Please don't read this if you expect a coherent plot-line and a stable power system, if you have at-least sub-human 40 IQ then you'll realise how most of this story insults your intelligence. You'll also find that author just pulls things out of the depths of his ass as the world expands.

#1. [Females] -So far MC turns into a different person when dealing with 'girls' not 'women'. Teary eyed cute girls somehow demand our sympathy/pity so they get off lightly when they cause trouble?
-MC is seemingly unaware of paedophilia
-Like most cultivation novels with a harem seeking MC, this turned into that once MC run and cried his eyes... more>> out after main girl rejected him. This lead to him promising to rise to prominence and his future master shouting at him for promising such just over a girl when he could later break his promise because of another girl which lead to MC putting her less in his heart
-Females of the 'woman' class and not 'girls' are treated badly in this novel, they are either cursing who*e or poisonous witches. It seems author hates women making MC irresolute against little cute girls and women get the bad treatment, not killing little girls but instead grooming them for a future relationship, MC isn't doing this consciously of-course since author is leaving them for a future development but let's see... MC destroyed the face of a woman, ordered his servant to brutally beat a woman to death, killed a woman in battle and let's see... Loli wanted his life? She is spared by MC and MC helps her. Little girl tries to kill MC? MC spares her and helps her. Little girl schemes against MC and even tries to kill him? MC spares her. But woman he suddenly meets tries to kill MC? MC captures her and makes her give birth continuously and doesn't care if she was a virg*n or not. The only women who aren't treated too badly are the ones who've grown up with MC who were once little girls.

#2[Extended plot] - MC does not take the straight route but author ass pulls and concocts some conclusion
- MC is reacting most of the time instead of acting only fully pushing himself under pressure
- MC is seemingly unaware of raising his fame + status = Better opportunities, less danger & possible marriage with the seemingly 'main girl'
-MC has gotten arrogant to the point of not even caring of offending anyone, author provides his own logic to how he survives and reaps benefits from people far stronger than him but it's all high school level 'logic', placing a true competent person against MC and MC would die or run for his life never showing himself until he had enough power
-MC involves himself in other people's business leading to more unnecessary developments
-MC continuously makes an enemy of clans that not even a million of him could touch and yet he keeps surviving which raises his arrogance, this is common in cultivation novels

#3. [World Expansion] -You might as well be a true blind bat as every arc new information is revealed but to the point of making you face-palm at how he only now reveals this info now and how it's common knowledge. For example the dream realm which is similar to IRL internet and yet it took soo much time for author to pull this out of his ass and MC was unaware of it this whole time until he joined the academy making you wonder why he didn't learn of it before that despite the entire continent being connected.

#4. [power system] -Lacklustre explanation of bloodline ranks between individuals
-Lacklustre explanation of cultivation levels (not stage) between individuals
-MC always having items (not treasures) that are effective
-MC lack of interest in increasing his power with wealth is a huge plot hole <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c97
Great novel and I am particularly happy with it because it really breaks away from the "filial piety" filled MC trope found in almost every Chinese novel. The cultivation system etc. Are not that new but still somewhat different. Still a bit too early to tell, but a promising start.
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MondoX rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c148
So, the story was not bad and the MC was likable. Regaining his eyesight was foreshadowed, so it is not like it came out of nowhere. However, I had to drop it because the MC suddenly became a wimp with a female character. I liked the first potential harem member, not a problem with the second, but after the second he becomes a wimp. A female character tries to kill the MC, using other people first, and then trying to sneak attack him. Care to guess what happens later? It... more>> seems the mc's heart softens after watching a pretty girl cry, regarless if she was trying to kill the MC before. <<less
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Ananya rated it
May 23, 2017
Status: v1c45
Fantastic start to the novel, it has nicely etched out characters, drama, intrigue, foreshadowing and a likeable MC who employs deductive reasoning.

It is an interesting idea that the author has tried with this genre, earlier we only saw deductive reasoning being employed by Fenglin Tianxia but in his novels the MC gets lucky too but in this novel they have not made the MC lucky.

And in novels belonging to this genre the MC gets superlucky with fortuitous encounters usually and transforms from a tr*sh to a stud, the author has... more>> completely reversed this trope in this novel.

Try this, it will hook you in from the start!

Edit: Now on chapter 45, quality is still good, the focus is equally on cultivation and the drama, that's what is great about this story so far. <<less
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ththth12 rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: v1c1
This is very good Xianxia story. MC is actually smart, not just the author claiming he is. The story manages to avoid most annoying tropes at least for 129ch I have read. No tournaments so far, and MC does not constantly defeat higher level cultivators. He has tough fights against people of same level or even lower. He wins by using all possible means, like poisons, plots, surprise attacks and powerful items. He gains items and skills by using his brains, not just by his luck. No harem so far,... more>> he is only good friends with one woman, and has business-like deals with another one.

Some of reviews here seem a bit confused. It was obvious from the start that he would regain his eyesight. That's what the mysterious 'beggar' meant to happen, after all. He chose to believe his words so he could have some hope. He was blind for 3 years, and he is cultivator, so he can control his body better than normal people. I find it easy to believe he can pretent to be blind. <<less
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kkngs rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c110
Enjoying this novel quite a bit. Main character is talented and smart, but had a setback he is working to come back from. Major themes of alienation with his clan. Stylistically the novel reminds me a lot of Warlock of the Magus World. MC over comes his enemies by outsmarting them. Things tend to go his way a bit too much, but it's still at an enjoyable level.
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Hitexh rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: c32
So far so good. The MC is good, the plot is good. If it goes the path of clan building or army building, along with money grubber attitude, then it will be perfect. I really wish to see a kind of World of Cultivation.
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Maelstrom08 rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: v4c1
After reading the first three books of DTPB, I have to say that its definitely a must read for those who are looking for an unconventional start which slowly evolves into a laid back but still exciting concept. The key word here is "evolving", as it seems that a lot of readers got mislead by the synopsis, which is not necessarily their fault. Don't go into this book thinking that the unconventional idea of him being blind is a staple throughout the entire novel.

Another thing to look out for is... more>> how to me, Su Chen (mc) is one of the most humane characters I've seen when it comes to the xianxia/xuanhuan genres along with characters like Han Lie (RMJI) or any of the Er Gen mcs. Remember, not moral but humane. Su Chen is fairly consistent in the choices he makes, but sometimes he makes decisions that are completely inconsistent, but not exactly s*upid or idiotic. He has grandiose ideas, understands the difficulty of the task, but still does it with a shade of naiviety. He's smart, calculating, and can stay in the shadows for na long time, without having to offend someone like most other xianxia/xuanhuan mcs.

Overall, if your looking for a series that has both clever and plotting politics as well as brainless, yet exciting fights, I recommend DTPB 100%! <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: v2c184
Well, this is a... Decent read.

This is not Mango approved

Now, first off. Very first off. Don't look at the Blind Protagonist tag. He regains his eyes within the first 25 chapters. Yes, people still think that he is blind. But that is only for about 100 chapters at max. That is like less than 10% of the length of this series.

... more>> Yes, in the first 100 chapters or do he is way looked down upon due to blindness, but it feels like just another MC who hides his strength.

Now, the MC. He is one who seeks knowledge rather than brute strength. Excellento! That is extremely good potential. The world is more based on bloodlines rather than cultivation levels? Amazing!

Right? Yeah... Until you get to the point where this idea is to be acted upon. A good scheming involves knowing information, and using/manipulating that. Cool. But plot armor?? In any scheme, there will be minor hiccups. Ok, but what am I getting at? We are in a world where cultivation level distinctions haven't been written very well, and the MC makes schemes based on these very cultivation levels?

You can see where I am getting at. When the author is going for a research MC with tons of exposition, he is ignoring the strength part. That is cool for maybe the MC (it is not) but what about the people surrounding him? The plot armor is too thick.

And I could have actually accepted this plot armor, if the MC genuinely was blind. But nopppe.

Next, the personality of the MC. He shifts from righteous to selfless to heroic constantly, with the love struck teen in between. Ok, I can accept that. But why is he so? Because I don't believe that someone exists with such a personality right off the bat. Unless, that someone is from a Mary Sue School. Is the MC a reincarnator or something? I don't know. But I would like to know. I mean, he had so much potential! He actually didn't fall for that I am cool if my dad r*ped my waifu cuz filial peity stuff for once. Other CN should do this more often. But at tge same time, because that is so weird for the setting, it needs to be written properly. I mean, filial peity is hammered into the DNA, but this guy said no. Any back story? No. He just did rational one fine day.

I like the bloodlines aspect of this series. It gives a good look into human psychology as well, though the way the MC looks at the bloodlines changes constantly. One chapter he is on about low key and next chapter, he goes about making big enemies. Now, I am cool with that IF ONLY we had some measure of how big they are, because the cultivation levels in this is so screwed. It is like the entire world is waiting for our MC to grow to the next level before it itself ranks up.

The female lead/leads... Lacking. Standard damsel in distress. At least, they will become. Yup, I can say that.

In conclusion, this novel had a LOT of potential. Writer had amazing ideas, but couldn't put them down properly. Though I gave this a 3, this is more like 4ish but I am being harsh for the lost potential.

Should you read this? Well, it definitely can be fun. I am at the point in the story where finally, an antagonist who is half decent has emerged. Who knows? I might re evaluate my rating!

But till then, this stays. <<less
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Asola182 rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c341
World building, plot, cultivation system everything is superb. This is the only novel where main character is really smart, not that kind of "smart" like in other novels, where author just make every one else s*upid to make MC look like smart
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Jake-maybe rated it
May 24, 2017
Status: v1c7
This novel has great potential, the blind protagonist adds a twist on the classic xianxia formula that it's quite refreshing. While the other aspects of the world aren't anything new, they are done well and the author puts his own spin on them. It's a good novel with quality writing and quality translation, definitely worth a shot.
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fiel rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: v3c59
Let me start by saying that this is probably one of my most fave xuanhuan novel of all time.

So why did I only give it 4 stars? It's because I felt a need to warn you about a few aspects about the novel that you may be concerned with. Before that tho, I want to discuss why I think highly of the novel.

This novel is unique in many aspects. The MC is more focused on obtaining knowledge moreso than being stronger. He likes to perform experiments, create new stuff, learn... more>> history, learn the mechanisms of the world, and more. If in other novels you will read about legendary cultivation methods that has been long created, in this novel, you will additionally read about the creation of a cultivation method.

The MC is basically part of the 'intellectual' archetype. And, as expected, it's not limited on theoretical knowledge alone. The novel is filled with schemes and politics. The MC likes to have everything under control. He's not your typical hero that makes no mistake and just charges through against all odds. He plans everything that is possible. This is one of the focal points of the novel. You may not agree with every one of the MC's actions actions, however, so keep that in mind. What's amusing is that the fight scenes are pretty well done even tho the focus is not supposed to be on them.

However, I would like to remind you that, in the end, THIS IS A XUANHUAN NOVEL. It will have almost all the cliches you can think of. If you've read a lot of cultivation novels, you already know what I'm talking abt. Damsel in distress? Arrogant enemies? Underestimating MC? They're all here. However, a part of why this novel is unique is that while it embraces cliches, the execution is very differently from the norm. This novel will make you think: 'Ah, here we go again', only for it to change to: 'Wait, this isn't how it's supposed to work', a few chapters later because the plot took a different turn than what you expected This happens consistently throughout the novel.

Now that I've praised it, here comes the warning: If you are someone with a strong sense of morals and justice, DO NOT READ THIS NOVEL. There are plenty of parts in the novel where the MC is doing something that you may not be able to stomach. This novel can get REALLY dark and weird at times. Keep in mind that the MC does experiments, and mostly to cultivators. So you can imagine what are the potential scenarios you may read.

Harem is also a thing in this novel. And there are some... questionable events that happens in the story regarding this. Basically, if you are strongly opinionated against polygamy and anything related, you may want to consider avoiding this.

Overall, this novel is intriguing in a good way. Despite the warnings I've written, I would recommend it to people who are not particularly sensitive. I would honestly rate it 9/10. <<less
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Ghostwheel rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c49
Was really looking forward to reading about a blind protagonist,

but he recovered his eyesight in the first ~20 chapters. Even after recovering his eyesight he pretends to be blind because 'blind people see more'. For some reason (bad writing?) nobody can tell that he's not blind anymore even though it would be completely obvious.

Blind protagonist tag should be removed, it's the only reason I started reading this and it's misleading.

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Evanbond rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: --
This novel isn't about a "Blind" protagonist but someone who couldn't see for a period of time. It's misleading to label it as such but that didn't degrade the novel that much. Of course, at many nodes of the story it would feel like if the MC was a true blind it would become more interesting.

It's really an awesome novel. I have to say that I like how the author executed the plots and the characters roles. A smart mc; not a hot blooded, self-righteous cuck, arrogant guy who consider... more>> himself humble despite being a perfect hypocrite. I also like the writing and the translation of the novel. It's pretty much a full package. <<less
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alter1 rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: --
The story has a really good Concept but unfortunately, the Author for some reason turned into a 10/10 to a dogsh*t real quick, everything is just being forced and a bunch of non-sense and bullsht kept on popping up. Character Development of MC becomes irrelevant starting on Volume 3, MC learned from his mistakes but when the fight starts he becomes much worse than ferocious race themselves an actual dumb MC instead of our lovely "Clever" MC unfortunate truly unfortunate just beware when you want to this read doesn't expect... more>> the MC to be clever/smart at all time ;) Author is just spouting bullsh*t all the time and forcing things the way he wants it to be, instead of letting the flow go properly. Was going to rate it at 2 but yikes totally yikes.

if you don't want the kind of MC that literally just goes went from a badass mdf to a degenerate simp real quick after seeing a female character then here's the heads up

OH I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART Author is clearly a f*cking utterly "SIMP", <<less
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August 2, 2019
Status: v4c214
First time reading a a novel dealing with 'cultivation'. I really enjoyed it. It is a breath of fresh air after reading tons of Japanese and Korean novels.

The temperament of the MC made the novel particularly enjoyable. I absolute hate MCs that behave like saints and are overly kind. Kindness is a virtue but when a MC is blindingly righteous like sunshine flowing through their anus, it becomes very very annoying. The MC of this novel usually deals with those opposing him in very satisfying ways.

The only sore spot of... more>> this novel was the way he hooked up with #1 girl. I found it very despicable and as such it somewhat lowered my evaluation of this novel.

Otherwise I found this to be a very enjoyable novel. <<less
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bored nobody
bored nobody rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: v8c1
I loved this novel


... more>>

MC was blinded by a beggar (identity unknown maybe god) and that helped MC to experience more about darkness of human nature. Later MC got his vision back with ability to see microscopic phenomenon.

Same thing happened with many fateful characters resulting in different types of abilities (like microscopic eyes, computational brain, blood sucking skeleton etc)



MC is typically a researcher who is trying to find out truth of his existence (similar to leylin from wmw) . Well MC is also good at scheming and plotting (basically he uses his brain to fight)


World consists of many races (intelligent and non intelligent) their uprising, downfall and stuff.

Basically MC is trying to create cultivation path for humans (bloodline less cultivation path) without using bloodline of beasts. And in doing so he is fighting against with different races as well as bloodline-human race which is trying to monopolize or destroy it (which depicts darkness of human heart).

Well later he also creates his own influence to fight against unknown (gods)

Gods are cruel they uses human sacrifice for power...


Overall it is an excellent novel for me. <<less
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