Divine Throne of Primordial Blood


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Su Chen lost his sight in an unfortunate, unanticipated encounter. He was unwilling to give up despite suffering one of the most tragic fates possible in the human realm and fought on. Su Chen wants to use his own efforts to create a completely new destiny, both for himself and for mankind!

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Primordial Blood Throne
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Evanbond rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: --
This novel isn't about a "Blind" protagonist but someone who couldn't see for a period of time. It's misleading to label it as such but that didn't degrade the novel that much. Of course, at many nodes of the story it would feel like if the MC was a true blind it would become more interesting.

It's really an awesome novel. I have to say that I like how the author executed the plots and the characters roles. A smart mc; not a hot blooded, self-righteous cuck, arrogant guy who consider... more>> himself humble despite being a perfect hypocrite. I also like the writing and the translation of the novel. It's pretty much a full package. <<less
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November 15, 2019
Status: v2c100
Novel is Great!! Great story :) But those of you want to see romance.. Umm you will be disappointed.. Because there is too little.. There is few girls close to MC but there is no romance or relationship! You are warned!
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September 2, 2019
Status: v5c39
I was put off at first because of some of the reviews here, but decided to give it a shot after some time.

+ The protagonist. I really like this protagonist. He is mostly immersed in his reasearch and does most of what he does in order to fuel that. While there are a few exceptions, he is mostly consistent and doesn't become a total idiot at points, as is the case in other stories. He has principles he abides by, but he can be outright tyrannical if need be.

+ The... more>> research and races are pretty believable and make sense.

0 The side characters are a mixed bag. Some are really great and consistent, some are there to be there and some are tossed away pretty fast.

0 Some plots are a bit generic and predictable.

- The female side of thing can be pretty bad at times. The polygamic relationships and the way women are portrayed at times jarring. I have however also read much worse in other stories.

Overall this isn't a must read story but it is one of the better ones. <<less
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spastic117 rated it
August 21, 2019
Status: c450
A fairly great novel. It has its pros and cons. However, in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons.


    1. The MC has a nice head on his shoulders. His smart, calculating, ruthless and decisive. I commend him for doing everything he can without relying on plot armor. Although it is there, I dare say I have not read a novel where it barely pops up.
    1. The schemes are also extremely well done. The way he outsmarts his opponents and makes them fight each other and humiliate each other while... more>> being so weak that they don't pay attention to him, only to realize his the true last man standing. That is amazing to read.
    1. The characters are fleshed out from others. This MC has his personality. Tbh he acts exactly how those young masters from reincarnated novels should act. Except he isn't an old man. His master and friends some of them are also well made.

    1. The cultivation system is borderline horrible. You require bloodline of beasts to reach high levels or somethign of the sort, making countless people unable to reach powerful heights because they werent born with green dragon blood or something.
    1. The dreamrealm is ridiculous. It popped out of nowhere conveniently, why didnt he know about it before.

      he had a female enemy who happens to be a young beauty. She forced him and kidnapped him and fast forward she fell into his schemes due to him f*cking them all over. She saw him literally grab her by the shoulder and toss her in harms way when an expert tried to kill him. This led to her being saved by her uncle who got seriously injured despite being the most powerful there. He ended up killing them all only to die at the end because of that injury. Now the enmity between Su Chen and this girl should run very deep. He literally caused her brothers and sisters and uncle to die. However he reveals a slight amount of talent when he kidnaps her and then after he is letting her go, she falls in love with him and kisses him. UMMM WTF? Author forced this sooo bad. Like wtf I had to check did that just happen. He literally killed her favorite uncle who mind you SACRIFICED his own life to save her. What does she do a few months after his death? Hop on the crotch of his indirect killer. WAY TO GO AUTHOR. A great novel ruined by pathetic romance. Oh yeah later he sleeps with her due to aphrodisiac because author isnt the best with romance.

    1. Oh yea this should be number 1. THERE IS NO PLOT. By plot I mean that MC doesn't have defined goals in life, what does he plan for the future. He got rejected by the girl he loves and said, I want to help humanity because my love transcends any barriers. This is very shallow and inconsistent with the character we are shown. He is shown to be a very selfish and greedy nerd, who will do anything to learn more about obtaining power but doesn't do anything with that power.
    1. He is abit too ruthless to older women. Or I should say non virgins. He got a lady beat to death for spreading rumours and he ripped his fathers concubines face and left huge scars because she started the rumour. Although his mother got injured because of this, (who the heck gets physically injured because of rumours anyway. Especially in the cultivation world) so that was kinda unnecessary. I would not have complained about this if other women were treated the same. However, he spares younger women and punishes older. Maybe virgin lover idk.
Overall a fairly decent read, if you want a break from those trash hating young masters who slowly merge into the person they hate the most. Then you should read this. A lack of overall plot which makes the novel feel like a bunch of amazing side quests stitched together but its still good. Entertaining to say the least, horrible romance tho. <<less
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Gravemind rated it
August 1, 2019
Status: c957
First of all, for those saying that the MC is too lucky to have met the old beggar, you are looking at it the wrong way.

The old beggar had given superpowers to many people on the continent who appear later on and the MC just happens to be the cleverest of them.

Now you will complain that the cleverest of those lucky men coincidentally happens to be the cleverest man on the entire continent too, but that's wrong as well - the cleverest on the continent is Emperor Eternal Night, who... more>> schemes against the MC, traps him and makes him work for him, and even becomes a sort of master to him.

With that out of the way, this novel is pretty similar to Warlock of the Magus World, so if you liked that novel you are probably going to like this too. The MC is clever, psychopathic and obsessed with research and knowledge, but of course not on the same level as Leylin - he falls in love with women and cares about a lot of people too, which creates a lot of weaknesses, unlike Leylin who remains more or less a lone wolf throughout (not even caring too much about his wives and children).

The only drawback of this novel is that too many good characters are completely forgotten. The fatty and the mind controller from Hidden dragon institute who were MC's best friend haven't been mentioned since ages, and I am nearing the end. Yue Longsha was a potential lover but she is nowhere to be found either. Same goes for Indigo and Yinging who the MC found in Winged race territory - several years have passed since they escaped but we don't know what happened to them.

That said, it's a pretty good read for people who like psychological dramas with a lot of scheming, politics and cruelty. <<less
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YouSayWhaaT rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: v5c63
So about a week ago I was wondering what to read and I remembered about that novel that recently got put on Wuxiaworld from voltare and I decided to give it a shot. I was aware of the novel from some time now but the premise in the summary and the reviews put me off, but I decided to give it a shot.

I must say I love the novel's MC. You know how in all the novels we read the author ways say how smart the MC is but then... more>> he goes and do the same stupid stuff all the time? Well in this novel the MC -Su Chen is actually smart. I could say the way he deals with people is very remicent to Bai Xiachun and Meng Hao, and the way he deals with the world is similar to Leylin. He can be considered both a hero (as he wants to help the human race) and an anti-hero (in the way he does research). He studies, does his research and doesn't show off. He is actually a smart and scheming MC throughout.

Now about the story. I like it a lot! There is a lot of diversity and u generally know about the world from start. It isnt one of those stories and just keeps on going on a higher level whenever the MC levels up. You are told about the general situation of the world and thats how it stays, it expands but the power levels are known there are no ass-pull power levels out of nowhere.

Finally the most annoying thing I find in novels is the Young Master Syndrom and the ancestor "JUNIOR YOU DARE" stuff. There are none of that. I'm not saying there aren't young masters, but that they are dealt with quite well by the author and the MC. The plot is not repetative at all and whenever I feel like I see a troupe the author does something different and its quite refreshing.

All in all, for the past 7 days I have read 5 books thats about 600+ chapters of the novel up to the current translated chapter. I strongly suggest you give it a shot if you are looking for a novel to read. <<less
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Ssjgkazama rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: v4c35
Not a bad novel, a decent read. The translations are pin point no complaint there. Only a few complaints with otherwise a great novel. The flaws are not much but they are huge when you consider them alone.

For example: He got his heartbroken, went to a forest and cried his eyes out. Which is what a typical youngster would do. But the next step is the real problem. What would you do when you found out you couldnt be with the girl you loved? A) get stronger to try and... more>> make her family accept you. B) Let it go and move on. Plenty of beauties in the world. C) Run away with her and live happily ever after. Or D) Change everything in the world.

Yep you guessed it, he took option (D), because his girls clan doesnt allow marriage to commoners he goes and tries to change the fundamental laws of cultivation. ALL BECAUSE OF A SMALL TEENAGE HEARTBREAK.

ok ok that wasnt that bad. But once you see how sophisticated this guy is, and what he does for humanity, you will wonder what an extremely trash reason to change the world. Its like someone falling down on the floor and then they try to develop wings for humans. Just because they fell on the floor and tripped. Sounds like weak motivation yes?

Another flaw is that this man is very selfish in his thinking and everything. Yet he devotes his entire time to researching how to better humanity overall. It doesnt make sense because he is a petty and selfish person. He is no hero his family that took care of him for so long gets dumped in the trash despite them apologising. I understand that though, BUT ITS NOT SOMETHING A HERO OF HUMANITY WOULD DO. Thats a problem I have with the author, its like someone doesnt give his family a cent but goes around the world giving charity to others. His lifestyle and goals are contradictory. I wanna be the strongest in the world, but let me sit down and research how to make the world a better place for random Joe over there.

the mindset of the MC is pin point. None of that overly hypocritical nonsense you see other authors put in their books. However I have a big problem with one of the female leads. She was an enemy for an entire two arcs and repeatedly tried to kill him. But the author who is clearly inexperienced in writing romance made this woman fall in love with him due to petty reasons. She also did that with him so its kinda stupid how a novel that strays from cliches fell into the literally worst cliche in xuanhuan history. Yes the acceptable rapes and the guilt tripped MC who falls for the one who he just raped. Stupid yes.

Overall its a refreshing read, not the best, but definitely a breath of fresh air from a genre filled with hypocritical and plot armored filled books.

best thing about this novel, is the schemes of the MC are always elaborate. He always prepares properly and makes sure to always have backup. For example there is the group MC is with who he will betray, then they fight with his other enemies. Once that battle wraps up the mc's crew rocks up and cleans the battle. But then this wasnt the mc's real crew but his other pawns who he didnt trust. So after they wrap up the round 2 battle he brings out his true force to clean everything up. Great schemes that dont rely on plot armor <<less
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Varno rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c100
I'll give you a concise interpretation of the story.

Very smart MC, uses deductive reasoning and usually keeps a cool and calm demeanor.

Most things are handled carefully and meticulously. So no stupid mistakes.

... more>> Characters have traits and not just the friendly ones, so when he kills a guy, he just killed a guy. Not a throw-away young master, though they are in this story.

Now for the bad. Mainly about the story and execution of action scenes.

The gap between power levels aren't rediculous, so one realm isn't throwing hills and the next aren't throwing mountain ranges (though if you want that read ANY of I eat tomatoes novels, fuk matts), skills, timing, planning and application matter more here, if your good enough you can jump realms to fight.

This all sounds good, but the poor or maybe dull execution hampers any emotional evocation the story would prompt from a reader.

Too many info dumps (show don't tell), too much small talk and way too much petty scheming (I just saw the political tag while writing this).

These things when done badly usually leave me feeling stifled and when I'm reading fantasy I don't want that. I want freedom and fun or at least I want them in a more serious story, not something based off of teen angst.

If the author 'showed' his world and characters more this would be less of a chore to read.

Last but not least. Being a 'look at the pretty colors' man myself, some of the fights are long and very, very, very boring. Lacking dept and flare. In fact they might actually be the weakest point of the novel.

My opinion is simple, this sh*t is boring and ignore those people describing this as 'fresh', they are just easily impressed with gimmicks. "Look! He's blind!" "How is that possible!?"

3/5. <<less
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Slayerwolfx2 rated it
August 29, 2017
Status: c3
Aside from the sub-par translation, the novel itself isn't that amazing...

At chapter 3, I already found one inconsistency... he at first mentions the event with the beggar that cost him his eyesight happened 10 months ago, and then says it's been 2 years since he lost his eyesight... (checked lnmtl, and it said 2 years as well, so it should be a mistake from the author) and then it continues with the 10 month one...

Aside from that, I don't like that for everything, for every little thing Is Chen does... more>> right, he is praised by the author... Is he given 20 hints, yet manages to uncover the truth like any normal human being? 'Su Chen was extremely intelligent. Intelligent to the point where he had completely understood the generalities of the situation without an explanation.'

After that, they say a test of strength... but for them strength only means cultivation power, and not combat ability, or judgment on the field... enabling someone who came first in a TEST OF STRENGTH be called a criple...

After that, they say "Which is why Second Uncle felt that any resources given to me would be a waste?", something most of the clan agrees with. Yet, they try to persuade him to voluntarily not participate, instead of taking a decision by themselves, FFS their clan is still alive from sheer luck! Like, taking the fact aside that he is the main character, and a prodigy in cultivating, he lost his place in the world of strength 'supposedly', yet they still continue to support him like that? They don't have a lot of resources, yet they can still afford to 'waste' them on a 'criple'? <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c151
Chapter 151 Review:

I agree with others; this novel is potentially going to be really epic.

MC's smart and strong. He hasn't done anything really stupid yet. Well, he did have 2-3 perverted moments, but he isn't a pervert. Quite a calculating and savage dude overall. However, he doesn't enjoy killing senselessly. A bit of inventor/scientist.

... more>> I have no idea who's going to be his significant female other. All the (important) girls seem decent. Also, the MC isn't an absolute loner, yay! He's got buddies~~~

The fighting techniques are cool. The world has an interesting history and setup. Bloodlines are really important. I wonder what bloodline the MC will get? It sorta seems that he might invent his own, haha.

Watching the MC stamp over and blackmail his enemies is really satisfying. The author does it better than most authors. The MC's savageness helps here.

I personally think the 'blind' aspect of the story was done well. Might be pretty unrealistic, but it's written in an worthwhile way.

V4 Chapter 229 (last chapter of V4) :

First, Night Demon FTW. My favorite character so far. Too pure for this world. The side characters in this novel do not disappoint despite there being so many of them.

Hmm, it's still a really good novel, which is pretty unusual since most novels tend to sink in quality as time goes on. Of course, this novel is no exception. Many people might complain about the MC's ethical/moral values since he conducts experiments on other sentient beings, but really, even the author has an author's note responding to these complaints where he deals with them as efficiently as the MC does (Book 3 Chapter 31).

The thing that bothers me the most is the harem tag. First, I don't hate harems. Second, I appreciate a good harem filled with high quality characters. Indeed, MC's harem is quite decent in quality despite 1? being a bit illogical. Then again, all of that can be explained away with: The MC is a highly attractive catch, so why not? The real reason I dislike the harem is: the way the MC interacts with the concept of a harem.

Lemme go on a tangent. Let's discuss the MC. He's gone through a lot of character development. Great example in V3 C157: he actually learns something from his friend after trying out something and not getting the expected results. He's idealistic, but can and most likely will attain these idealistic goals. Sure, he gets plot armor, but his scheming is one of the best I've seen in CN novels. Funnily enough, I find his personality and means to be more suitable for a villain than a hero, despite his dreams of helping the human race. Overall, the novel is quite a hopeful and positive novel. Some moments really bring up the hype and devotion to the human race, which is a nice change from all the nationalism usually found in novels. By the way, the world building is quite developed. There are human countries, and there are countries for other races, but not for all races. Anyways, the MC is quite Machiavellian. He's fond of the ends before the means, but he does value friendship and camaraderie, so he's not an unfeeling robot. To read this novel, one must appreciate a sly MC who thinks and plans before charging. Not that he's incapable of charging forwards bloodthirstily though. The MC can be described as a researcher, scholar, and a mad scientist over a hero, despite also being heroic.

The harem though. It brings out the worst in the MC. The novel has many common CN tropes, but the author manages to subvert them and be quite creative, meaning that this novel isn't always predictable. I didn't predict the harem's circumstances. While I disapprove of the MC's actions in dealing with the concept of a harem, I applaud the author's complexity regarding the MC's harem. Sure, the MC captures the women by being attractive, giving benefits, and generally spending time with them, but it's not an excuse to shove beauties at the MC. The falling in love is fairly realistic, and the creation of the harem is also, despite the MC's actions being quite SCUMMY. I could persuade myself that the MC had the moral highs before the harem formed, but after... eh. He's scum. High quality, but still scum. The most normal thing about this MC is the fact that he's perverted. RIP.

Don't worry, the disgusting harem issues only stay around for about less than a book, but it leaves a bad taste, and I bet that many readers dropped the novel due to it. I bet the issues will return and the MC's scummy, perverted harem protagonist side will become prevalent again, but the book after the issue is one of the funnest books in the novel. I'm just not looking forward to the girls showing up again.

What I deem as the lowest point of the novel: dubious consent and cheating. If only I could forget about this section of the novel, for the novel would be one of the best CN novels otherwise. It's still a good novel to read if you don't mind MCs who aren't holy, but I still feel that it was unneeded, despite being realistic and managed well by the author.

Spoilers on how he creates his harem, names omitted:


2 confirmed members of the harem. Pure girl (if you read the novel, you'll know who I'm talking about) is also probably confirmed in the future. The relationship with Wife 1 is quite standard, almost similar to a non-harem one. Wife 2 is the homewrecker. She literally opens the MC up to the idea of a harem. Due to *cough* an accident, they frickle-frackle even before Wife 1. MC even later admits he could've held back, but didn't because she was sexy. Although Wife 2 confessed love to the MC, the s*x wasn't 100% lucid, despite, in my opinion, her probably being willing anyways. Afterwards, she even responds the the act in an interesting way, unlike a generic harem member in other dumb CN novels, so props to the author. I have problems with the MC's actions. He already proposed to Wife 1, and was going to marry her, but cheats with Wife 2 because of the accident because he's a horny MC. You can debate on this being OOC, but the author has portrayed the MC as a pervert from near Chapter 1. RIP.

It gets worse. The MC schemes to marry his wife (done beautifully), but, for the whole time this brilliant arc is going on, doesn't come clean to Wife 1 because it ain't strategic. Bruh. Even better, he comes clean to her in an extremely dramatic moment. They're about to be forcibly separated, and Wife 1 is being devoted and totally willing to marry the MC, when MC pops the secret. Wife 1 is understandably distressed, and reacts in a realistic way, stating that he might love her, but she doesn't necessarily have to love him in the future. The MC becomes even more scummy when, through scheming, forces himself on her, taking advantage of her feelings for him and guilt for hurting him, forcefully marrying her and having s*x with her, making up with her in this way.

I was totally disappointed at the way the author chose to have the MC setup a harem, despite it not being unrealistic. The MC literally muses to himself about increasing his harem: "Now that the possibility of a harem had opened its doors, the pressure in his heart had greatly decreased" (V4 C170). Sheesh. I said he wasn't a pervert before, but now he definitely is... RIP


If you need some positivity after reading the spoiler, the MC is working for the better good of the human race. It's honestly quite heartwarming. He's literally building a cultivation path and paving the way for the future. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a sequel about the world the MC has created throughout this novel.

Sorry for the super long review (in my defense, it's 2 reviews done by one person, and I binged all the way from C151 to V4's ending so I have a lot to review), and thank you for reading it! If you decide to read the novel, I hope you enjoy the good parts and deal with the bad. P.S.: MC reminds me of Wang Lu from Spirit Blade Mountain in terms of scheming and personality. If you like this book, go check out Wang Lu's story. <<less
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satishux rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: c127
Story is good, MC is likable but one thing that bothers me the most is that when MC eyesight is regained how come no one is able to detect it, I mean it is totally impossible to act as blind person cause eyes are sensible to light and pupil will grow or shrink and good functioning eyes will blink and person will do it whether they want it or not but blind person does not need to close their eyelids, and most important part is that normal person eyes will... more>> move left-right and top-bottom and can't be faked for very long time.

I guess author did not research how normal person and blind person behaves and how any average Joe can tell the difference at first glace.


But rest of the story seems fine for now and I like the part where MC actually conduct experiments like evil scientist and not act like typical xianxia characters who don't use brain at all.

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RajSanthosh rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: --
I always think how humans started the way of cultivation in these cultivation novels.

They always get inhertiance of someone and level up and it will goes on. Even the cultivation method.

This is the novel where su chen who starts path for humans with no other mixed bloodline to reach apex of cultivation.

Well its Fun, Good ride.. Till now.......
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Macho rated it
October 6, 2019
Status: v4c1
I liked the concept of the storyline and how it differed from other cultivation stories. The protagonist has to found a new cultivation path for pure humans, in a world where humans with bloodlines of many different beasts flow in them.

The main character is multidimensional. He isn't like your typical meatball head typical "IF HEAVENS GET IN MY WAY, KILL HEAVENS!" - protagonist.

He is portrayed as 'science-y quirky dude', a lovestruck indecisive idiot, ruthless towards most people, yet that is inconsistent also. He seems smart, compared to the others on... more>> the story. Oh yeah the side-characters aren't simple either I guess. There's some romance but thats shitty aswell, I'll explain it later.

OK so honesty, I liked the story most of the time, the world was good, characters mostly good.

Yet I'm so tilted because the dialogue makes it seem like everyone is mentally unstable at some level all the time.

Our main character is like a 40 year old dude at this point and imagine him being portrayed as this smart, calculative, decisive and ruthless scientist person who could be deemed as an antihero.

Then, you see half of his dialogue laughing, joking, crying and being edgy overall. I was so pissed off since this let my expectations down all the time so far, yeah he was a f*cking tampon at the school, yet he hasn't adjusted his mind set yet at all, he is still a f*cking insecure kid inside.

Yeah by the way, this protagonist is portrayed as such a fukin 200iq genius with his wits and plots, yet he wastes so much time in them for sh*t results. His troubles all start from some petty sh*t he could have avoided or handled better.

I'm so tilted this book is alright I guess, it's mostly subjective issues so i'll leave it at 3 stars. <<less
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Konstantin rated it
September 26, 2019
Status: v3c66
It is a hard novel to rate and it is hard to conclude if the author is smart or stupid. On the one hand, there are some really interesting and smart battles and schemes (at least at the start) and the power system is rather original and entertaining. But, on the other hand, there a lot of plot holes, power levels are inconsistent (author changes them as the story develops), a lot of world-building elements changed later in the story which creates multiple plot holes and confusion. When you start... more>> to think that the author will make MC stronger and that romance would be developed he, suddenly, slows things down to a snail pace. For example - in the second volume the MC hasn't raised his cultivation level at all FOR WHOLE TEN YEARS. Out of 25 years of his whole life. At the beginning of the novel even one small realm in cultivation was meaningful, but after MC reached the mid of Qi Drawing author suddenly decided that small realms no longer raise actual power, but the only amount of energy which means nothing. So MC struggles to fight those who are much lower in cultivation just because they have powerful bloodlines. It is the exact opposite of what happens in other novels, lol. But it isn't the problem in itself (in fact it is rather interesting), the problem is that, somehow, the actual fighting power of everyone in the novel progresses to raise without any actual explanation. Then, closer to the end of the second volume, the author completely goes over himself and changes things he already established. Another thing is - after some point in the novel MC become literally a millionaire. He can become much stronger by using that money on Origin Tools or cultivation resources, but he never did it. He only ever used the money on his researches and almost never to become stronger. <<less
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Yesquatch rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: v3c161
For once a novel with complex stories. Where the other races and characters are not cardboard.

It would be better if there was less of the mad scientist. But, it is done well. In most novels there is an attempt to create a dominating, overpowering protagonist - a grey character. But often, all that happens is that we have a protagonist who kills without thinking - who is just painted flat with one shade of color. Here we actually have a character who is more rounded, and who has different shades.... more>> It is possible to understand why he does what he does, most of the time. It is possible to see how, if we hadn't gone on the journey with the character, and had just encountered him and opposed him, then he would have been a scary villain.

There are some of the general denigration of women so common in the genre. There are promising minor characters that disappear. But otherwise one of the best novels in terms of completeness of vision and execution. <<less
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korisnik2007a rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: c451
I'd like to say this novel started off good. Our MC was smart, reserved, proud but not arrogant. There were traces of development of him and his crew and there was even a budding romance. And yet, with time, it all deteriorates. Our MC needs help from other characters to realize obvious mistakes in his plans and romance is kinda shelved for quite long periods of time. His friends become lackeys and forgotten.

I guess my main gripe, besides those above, would be that it becomes boring - too many unnecessary... more>> infodump-like chapters about the world with 0 interesting events and 0 interesting dialogues - so I dropped it.

Started off great, became less than mediocre halfway through - got dropped. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: v3c62
I don't like writing a review if I didn't read the entire novel because a lot of them start good and became trash. I'm making an exception because I almost got discouraged to read it thanks to certain reviews. I would have missed one of the best LN out there.

The critics about the novel are pure trash.

I read the author likes to put out information when it suits him. It's just wrong. The MC comes from a third class city lost at the border of the Kingdom. Of course he... more>> doesn't know a lot of things that are 'common knowledge' in the Capital.

The MC isn't cruel enough and he offends people right and left. What a laugh!

The world is dominated by Nobility Clans who think commoners without a bloodline are barely human. The MC is someone without a bloodline. You can't expect the MC to bow his head to them right? They dominate everything so if he wants a place in this world he has to clash against them. But he can't go all out and have them as mortal ennemies while he isn't strong enough. The world has still some sort of rules so the MC uses them to be safe. If he pushes too far his ennemies will disregard rules and just kill him. But don't worry when he has to be ruthless he can be.


I find the novel very well constructed. Each book covers a part of his life and they are each very interesting so far. The cultivation isn't clear at first but it's normal. The MC doesn't know sh*t at the beginning and we learn at the same time as him. The more I learn about Cultivation the more logic I find things. It doesn't look like other Cultivation Novels and that's good.

And I love the MC. He is obsessed by knowledge. It's funny to see him excited by discovering books during his adventures while his friends look at him and think 'why are you excited by those useless books and don' t care about that incredible herb worth millions'. <<less
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Awakenbeing rated it
April 11, 2019
Status: c160
I'll say this: DTPB is a great series.

It is similar and follows the formula of every other xianxia/xuanhuan of an MC starting with a debilitating condition, being looking down by everyone, then obtaining an op hack and begins climbing to the top.

The one negative I have to say is that: It's a generic series that doesn't really stand out among all the other similar type of novels.

... more>> The positive: The series is really well written and does better than most other xianxia/xuanhuan

-The MC is not ridiculously broken. He works hard and uses his brains instead of relying on plot armor.

I started reading this novel right after dropping "Library of Heaven's Path" because the MC was too broken and the plot was getting repetitive. This novel is a breath of fresh air if you enjoy a well written series with the MC actually struggling and not OP asf right out the gate. <<less
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Apenguin rated it
September 26, 2018
Status: v3c56
A good novel with flowing logic and interesting schemes, the characters have depth especially the main ones.

Don't worry as the MC doesn't stay blind for very long and quickly moves on, whilst there are several time skips they help keep the novel fast paced so that we can move on, the character introductions are also smooth along with their developments. I personally enjoy the author's subtle jokes in idioms about blind people being used on the MC and how he mocks people.
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ughughugh rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: c458
This an enjoyable novel with pretty developed side characters. Like other novels their are a bit of cliches, but the novel is still very unique. This is one of the rare occasions where in a xuanhuan there is an actual intelligent, novel instead of more typical xuanhuans where the author calls their protagonist smart only for him to display the self-control of a toddler. The only issue I have with this novel is the bloodlines, since this novel has one of the more detailed bloodline systems with an actual reason... more>> why humans had them. All of which is wasted because the protagonist wants to create a path for humans outside of bloodlines, which is pretty new, but annoying. There are characters with fascinating crane and blood cloning abilities, while the protagonist is stuck with his generic muck. Ovreall, the novel is an interesting read. <<less
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