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Zong Shou is a player of the historical VRMMORPG “God Emperor,” and him being one of the “Seven Emperors” within the game.

For unknown reasons, Zong Shou finds himself transmigrated into the past, a period just before the “God Emperor” game history started! Possessing the weak body of a monster princeling in the process.

Zong Shou adventure describes his struggles to stay afloat in a merciless environment, and rising up despite all adversities, of course, surrounded by beauties along the way.

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ProkaryoticFish rated it
April 26, 2019
Status: c31
Okay I'm a little bit pissed off that someone wrote that the synopsis was inaccurate and that the world he got transported to was a game world. For the record, no it is not. God Emperor was both a game and the name of a legendary figure who appeared and caused qi to be lost (cultivation was thus impossible). Due to this people made a video game called God Emperor that was MODELED after HISTORY through the help of historians/cultivators in an effort to allow newer generations to cultivate and... more>> fight online because doing so in the real world was nearly impossible because the God Emperor descended. The MC goes into the past of the real world which is where the game takes place and he uses cultivation techniques that he's made/ learned in the game. When he descended there was no god emperor thus cultivating was possible. The Main character mentions how the game was much harder and how the devs bragged about how they made the game more difficult than how it should have been in real life.


The synopsis is not incorrect, and don't trust Redmi's review because it is asinine. <<less
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Redmi rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: c21
Want to see the most unreliable synopsis in Novel Updates? This novel has it.

Did you see the phrase 'God Emperor' in the synopsis above? If you think 'God Emperor' is what the MC would have become at the end of this already finished novel in China, then you got it seriously wrong.

Actually, 'God Emperor' is the name of the VRMMORPG the MC is playing right before he was transmigrated into a half-monster character in the game world. And he only transmigrated 10 years (or is it 15?) before the game's... more>> timeline started, and not 10000 years.

Therefore below is the far more accurate synopsis for this novel:-

Zong Shou is a player of the VRMMORPG 'God Emperor', and one of the 'Seven Emperors' within the game. For an unknown reason, presumably a fated encounter with Truck-sama, he transmigrates into a weak body of a monster princeling. Zong Shou with his half monster body, such a weak body constitution starts his journey in such an era where talents were aplenty. Struggling to stay afloat in such a merciless environment, to rise up above all and to lead a life where he is surrounded by beauties.

One thing that surprised me that unlike many other novels that has its MC transmigrates into an RPG game world in a pre-game timeline, such as 'Summoning the Holy Sword' and 'The Legendary Mechanic', there are no game elements here. Therefore this novels feels more like a xuanhuan than a fantasy world. The author will spend every chance he got to remind the readers that 1. MC is in a game world, and 2. That in that game in his prior life, MC's game character is very overpowered. This actually helps the author construct a more plausible and believable plot armor for MC as the MC slowly become stronger and mow down his enemies.

One thing I don't like in this novel is the game's power level structure is very complicated, it is up there with Emperor's Domination in term of complexity. Whether it is worth it to buy SS when this novel inevitable goes premium remain to be seen. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: Completed
It ends on chapter 1228 with cancellation and author apologizing.

Just that ruins the book.

It had some promise at the start but nearing chapter 816 the whole novel becomes unredeemable disappointment.

MC is a cowardly, lazy, and arrogant character who always lets his enemies plot against him and never strikes first.

Multiple times he tries to avoid taking action against his enemies only to have his loved ones attacked.

... more>>

He let his crush die and almost be raped because he didn’t care to deal with the obviously evil guy who was staying by her side. This is chapter 88. Then for BS reasons, the MC later tries to kill her because she’s related to the underworld. Despite this BS, the girl who is now an undead witch didn’t actually kill anyone the whole rest of the novel.

And then it gets worse. Only two good moments in the book: MC leading Zhong Yuan with 3000 against a massive hundred thousand army and MC flattening 25 sect locations of Taoism as revenge for his people.

All of his harem is useless after their arc, and MC abandons his son ignoring him after he’s born. MC knows his mom is being tortured for years but can’t even recognize the only woman that fits that description. I’m not buying the memory alteration BS. Further on MC has enough power to wipe out the enemy sects but doesn’t because he’s being lazy again.

This is a huge trend. Ancient dragon - Mc’s master, will let MC face tons of opponents because Ancient dragon is useless. MC joins Cangsheng but they never help him fight, only showing up and talking to people. A lot of the novel is MC watching people who will try to harm those he cares for and not killing them because he can just “defeat them a second time.”


MC has 3 official wives and two unofficial but basically no romance.

Author loves to drag out fights and even discussions for 10s of chapters wasting time.

1/10 horrible novel; ending was beyond horrid. Don’t read. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: c59
Generic and bland. The series gives a strong pedophilic vibe toward a thirteen-year-old maid, but it is then revealed the MC is also only thirteen. The writer or translators have left out some key details like that, which would have made the series more palatable early on. The story is inconsistent with his background, leaving me puzzled about whether he was a star gamer or a librarian or what. I guess he’s both? The MC’s background isn’t explained very well, and neither is the background for anyone else.

Cultivation is abstract... more>> and only feels like filler. There are a lot of overly-used tropes and not much original flavor to make up for them. Characters are rather shallow and one-dimensional, even the MC. At least half of the story content is the MC training his cultivation level rather than actual plot development.

Both the characters and the plot are unappealing. The world background is fairly confusing. From what I understand, the MC played a virtual reality game based on the historical version of his world, and he was later sent back in time to that world (not the game).

The synopsis doesn't match much. Lol. Where are all these beauties supposed to be?

The translations are okay for the most part, but they can be confusing at times. Of course, this might just be because the cultivation system--or, rather, cultivation systems--is rather complicated. The "octopus" mentioned in this story matches the description as a "slime" instead.

So far, this series doesn't have any strong strengths and carries the weakness of a confusing background and setting. At this point, it's not a series I would recommend, but perhaps it improves later on. <<less
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akhdanp1234 rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: --
Too slow and boring. Plot progression is really slow. There is nothing happening in one chapter. It feels like one chapter is stretched in to multiple chapter.

The plot is also boring. It's just everybody trying to kill the MC because his father is dead.

Conclusion: slow, frustrating and uninteresting.
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novaes rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: c28
EDIT: as of ch77, nothing is really happening, it's just the MC getting into fortuitous encounters, finding things and powering up. Gonna have to give this one a pass. Story still doesn't really exist and the MC collects crap like he's filling out his tropedex. Gotta catch 'em all.

This isn't a VRMMO novel, it's a cultivation novel.

Another decently competent cookie cutter story. Same standard tropes: transmigrated into tr*sh young master with family issues, arrogant young masters gonna young master, sect woes and face slapping (etc etc etc). Better than some,... more>> worse than others. As for the plot? Something happened in the future and cultivation wasn't a thing anymore, so a VR game was made in the image of history with incredible hyper-realism, but POOF, transmigration happened! MC is in the real past! It's that sort of story, the plot exists as a vehicle to provide the MC with an excuse to be strong. So if this is your thing then this novel is probably good enough to appeal to you for some light reading, but if you want a mindblowingly unique novel.. You should stop looking at cultivation novels, haha. <<less
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joseyvega rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c179
This novel is a constant repetition of face slapping annoying villans. Always are the same people calling the MC tr*sh to be later on killed or beaten by him, if it was one time I understand but this happens a lot of times. Also I wonder how powerfull sects dont even know that he can cultivate. He's constantly beating/killing people but every new person he meets thinks that he continues to be the same tr*sh as before. So to summarise the novel is pretty bad

The villans are carbon copied with... more>> an iq of 20, the females all are in love with the MC for some reason and the first thing that anyone who see our MC thinks is look at that tr*sh. <<less
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pomoli rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: c31
It's average, with the same flaws as the typical xianxia :

    • Everyone hates MC and everyone wants absolutely to stop anything he does. It's like the world revolves around him.
    • People have no honor, sects don't care about being fair, it's completely nonsensical and many characters are like psycho beasts without a shred of humanity, respecting people above and crushing people below. It's just ridiculous, any society with this level of psychos wouldn't allow the existence of any organization or civilization.
    • Long info dumps about every thing he does to enhance his strength, told in the most boring way.
    • Face slapping instead of simply planning stuff calmly.
    • Slightly perverted side, even if it's not at crazy levels like so many other xianxia with """righteous""" MC.
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krakers rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c176
Being a fan of this novel my only dissapointment is the slow release of chapters. I was quite stunned with the reviews left by some readers here, I mean there are lot of cliche novels but this one is different... Although the concept is nothing unique but what makes the difference is the flow of plot written to a way that you wont be bored or annoyed by plot mistakes (they are available at all novels). The quality of writing is almost on par with er gen... this is a... more>> refreshing read my friends... within hundreds of xuanhuan and xianxia novels available this is on the above average level something you wouldnt want to miss out. Dont read those downgrading comments as they are made for you to back down on a novel that could have made your day. I want to leave this comment so just I can express my support to the translators (I mean keep translating it please 😭).

What makes a novel is not just your initial impression of it but the adventure it brings you without letting you down. Novels with great concept are a lot but those with proper flow ang writing technique are few and rare and they are the novels that you continue to read without the idea of dropping it.

This novel cannot be categorized as "i eat tomatoes'" mind blowing action and world building nor "er gens" quality of work not like "wang yu's" not close to "the plagiarist" or "tang jia san shao" its way of writting is common but satisfying. <<less
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hanglekuk rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: c151
A cultivation novel with some plot (so far) and at least some character depths so far.

I get why people are complaining about VRMMO, but in this case the VRMMO the MC used to play is a gimmick to have massive cultivation knowledge cheat. There is no some soul stuck in the ring/whatever to advice the MC. MC had played a lot, had created multiple chars to test out various configurations, etc. MC learned the lore/history in the game who was created to mimic the historical situation in the world 10k... more>> years ago (the period MC transmigrated to).

So with a very extensive knowledge advantage, MC goes to claim his place/domain.

as with a regular cultivation dumb face slapping stories, raiding some caches/whatever this one have a lot of common tropes associated with the genre, but those are implemented at least level above your regular run-of-the-mill cultivation story.

It is worth a try, at least. I've read only like 15% of the story yet, so can't talk about whole story. Start is very decent. <<less
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