Demon King’s Repayment


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The demon king, who was betrayed by his relatives, was taken to the lair of human beings. His heart was full of humiliation and resentment towards humans.

“Despicable human beings, how can I be their servant? I am the great demon.”

“Shameless human being, how dare you touch my tail? When I regain my power, I will tear you to pieces.”

Surprisingly, the woman took him in for several days, fed him fragrant food, brushed his hair, bandaged his wounds, and brought him back to the mountains. The human released his restraint, touched his ear, and told him, “Go. I’m setting you free.”

Yuan Xiang had just completed her Taoism studies and entered the Demon Forest.

She wanted to capture a little demon as an apostle.

A wolf demon was injured by the attack of other demons. He was lying on the ground with blood stains all over his body. Yuan Xiang couldn’t bear it. So she took him home, tended his wounds, and took good care of him. The wolf demon was untamable and often growled at her everyday, extremely vicious. Then she let him go.

Thereafter, at times when Yuan Xiang returned from outside, she would find some strange gifts by her door.

The demon king, who was hiding secretly, was tickled with hate: That woman made a binding contract with a demon cat! Besides that beautiful face, the cat is useless! She actually touched that fox’s tail. It can’t be better compared to mine. My tail is the best!

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22 Reviews

Nov 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Holy sh*t this was good.

It delved pretty deep into various topics (namely mortality, specie-ism, and hypocrisy) and was just so well written. I wish there were extra's, but the author said they weren't in the habit of writing extras so...

The romances and stories in this were so touching and incredibly well written. The side characters and villains had depth. In particular, the portrayal of relationships between immortals and mortals was pretty good. It also touched upon what it means to be human.

It was just.

So good.

Also, that endingggg

... more>>

I MTL'd it, but from what I got, although she isn't able to become immortal, her wedding gift from the Star Wolves is that her soul will be stabilized and she will always keep her memories, even if she dies and reincarnates. There was a pretty happy ending for everyone too.


I binge read it in 2 days lmao <<less
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Nov 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This humble webnovel was definitely one of my most fulfilling web novel reads for 2020!!! ٩ (•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑) ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ As much as I'm bursting with enthusiasm to spoil everyone with regards to the plot, I'm going to hold back (as much as I can) —

... more>>

The heart and warmth of this novel comes from its lovely depiction of human/demon friendship and perspective. In a way, this series somewhat reminded me of the relationships between the races in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as well as Ushio and Tora. There's nothing forced when it comes to the interaction of the characters in this novel, in fact reading this was similar to meeting an old beloved friend: one who is flawed but still held dear. It manages to excel in pacing and tone, something that most novels which begin with large expectations fail to keep up with. There's no 'real' villain — only legitimate goals and reasons twisted and distorted by time, frustration, and human oversight. I don't think there was ever a moment that I got bored and gave the reading a break, in fact I wanted to know more about this world that the author gave life to.

Yuan Xiang, our heroine, isn't an earth-shattering beauty nor a heartless, incomparable 'genius'. For starters, she is startlingly ordinary, in the sense that she's approachable and could almost be substituted in by any other human. Nonetheless, as the story unfolds, we soon learn that Yuan Xiang's strength is her kind heart and openminded acceptance. She doesn't force anybody to change for the sake of 'modernity', instead this charming kid tries to understand and sympathise with the views of the other party, neither demonising nor glorifying their acts of violence and alienation. She's the kind of pacifist that's not exhausting to read about because she's such a genuinely likeable character. Even if she's not as sophisticated as the other cultivators from established schools, it's not a regrettable limitation that she's ashamed of. She herself acknowledges that she has a wholly different motivation to practice, and it's enough to keep the show running.

Nan He, the male lead, isn't another conventional angry mess. Actually what makes the characters of this story feel 'alive' is their departure from the cookie-cutter character tropes. The male lead's backstory isn't tragic for the sake of being tragic. Personally I think it was a great way to show a lesson he had to learn, one that proves to be a universal sentiment across both races: parents often know best, so keep your heart and ears open and listen.

The romance between Yuan Xiang and Nan He was not only adorable, it was hilarious and comfortable. This novel managed to portray an equal relationship not based on intimidation, domination and restlessness. Rather, it smells of saccharine freedom. Communication which is not strained with misunderstanding and faulty denials. Safe to say, it’s not love at first sight, but a gradual surrender.

10/10 would reread. The friendships Yuan Xiang managed to hoard create will definitely nourish your soul with satisfaction.

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Oct 19, 2021
Status: Completed
A heartwarming, fluffy adventure of an unambitious taoist apprentice who ends up helping demons solve their human related troubles (unknowingly collecting a lot of new family members and friends) and seeking hints of her missing master along the way. Alternative title might as well be :I just wanted a watchdog for my home and now I have a houseful of demon companions.

I don't think the romance is that well developed but it doesn't feel forced either, it simply isn't the focus of this story. The true strong point of this... more>> novel is that it leads you to think of the true meaning of life, whether life spans across centuries or just a couple decades, isn't it just about living happily and finding meaning and belonging in your bonds with others?

The characters are surprisingly well developed even though some have rather short appearances, yet all of them have compelling backstories and their own personalities. No brain-dead villains either. The main antagonist is simple in his motives yet it is realistic enough

clearly an example of a confused powerful figure who is unable to let go of his own hate and grudges to avoid facing his vulnerable self, he isn't charging recklessly, he is just at the end of his rope.

but even the villain had some light in his heart. Humans are mostly gray, with a varying balance of kindness and harmful actions so I'm glad to see it reflected in this novel. No one here is totally in the right even if some actions are clearly wrong.

Is the MC perfect? Nope, and to be honest that's part of the charm. She makes her own decisions and does her best to live happily, stand by her principles and leave no regrets. I don't agree with her all the time but I can somewhat understand her reasons. The flawed characters and their ocassional inner conflicts provide depth to this story within a relatively simple plot. No holy mother MC yet she's not a coldhearted OP protagonist either. She initially helps others whenever she's emotionally involved or directly affected, later on she gradually changes her worldviews as she faces more experiences and eventually decides to emulate her master and help others whenever they seek her help or the chance is presented along her path. I think that's reasonable. She can only influence others around her to live peacefully through her own life experience because she understands others have their own reasons for their conflicts, how could she take sides willfully? Both sides have committed crimes worthy of deep resentment.

Honestly, this is not a romance, this is an adventure about life-long bonds, found family and finding your peace. The shy, submissive ML is just an extra plus. MTL is pretty readable too. It isn't a perfect work yet it sure leaves an impression. <<less
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Jan 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Pros :

The MC is such an amazing character. Author managed to make her standout from other ancient fantasy FMC. I agree that gentleness makes the MC shines. She's gentle but she's not foolish nor a saint, she knows her limit and can get mad. She's just so human like.

Let's not forget that MC is a modern woman but sometimes I forget that. Do you know what makes MC different from other MC?? If this is some other MC, then they would probably do everything they can to make money and... more>> make the most from their modern knowledge. But sometimes it just irks me, some author transmigrate MC just to show that modern people are better. I only remember that MC is a modern woman when she tease ML and take actions first muahaha.

The ML is so loveable. He's not op, he's not more powerful than MC. Sure sometimes he saves MC but it doesn't overshadow MC. Sometimes when the damsel in distress situation is used too much, if an accident happen, we will only go "well, ML will help her". But NOT in this story. MC is in trouble?? Well, I wonder how she will settle the problem. Will she make a new friend??

The pacing is top notch. Kinda slice of life. U know how some author just cooks up some sh*t together then throws it to the MC?? U won't get that here. MC just goes on with her life, knowingly escaped a dangerous demon, make friends with dangerous demons, collect Pokémon demons. She win battles by the power of gentleness and friendship.

The side characters are well made. They have their own story and as you read the story, you know more about them and their behaviours. Honestly, reading this is like reading a biography. They have their past, feelings, wether they're humans or demons.

Cons :

I can't complain about anything, it really worth 5 star. Another thing to note is that author didn't make any extra. I think it really fits the story (cus life can't always be candies and lollipop) but I can't help and hope that there will be some extras. <<less
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Nov 17, 2022
Status: real 118
Same Author of "Heroine Saves A Gentleman" and " Dandere General and his Lord".

If you don't wanna read the whole review, just read the passages in bold they will already give you a good idea

Some notes that might be useful:

... more>>
  • The translator renumbered the chapters, At first, it looks like they've split each chapter in two, but then they start splitting it into more, so there's no way of knowing exactly which is going to be equivalent in the "real" numbers. So below I will put the last free chapter and which real chapter is equivalent to it.
  • The translator has already finished the novel but has blocked future chapters and you have to buy coins on their website to continue.
  • Chapters are locked from chapter 201 on the translator's website, this chapter is equivalent to chapter 81 in the original
This is a Slice-of-life with bitter-sweet stories that captivate and keep you interested. This author really knows how to tell the story. No chapter is superfluous, no character is expendable, the humor is always on point, and you won't find many of the troublesome tropes that often appear in C-novels. (Like abusive yandere, h*mophobia passed as comedy, or all women are poisonous except the MC)

MC came from another world, but you will not see the usual route where she is like a god in this world because of her modern knowledge, instead, she adapts to her new world and thrives all the same. I liked that a lot. I'm not saying that I don't like the mentality of " modern knowledge as an advantage" of the other novels, but at this point, I feel like all the novels that use this device always go in the same direction, this is why is so fresh to see another way modern people interact with an ancient world. She does have a cheat, but a cheat that made sense in that world as other people also have the same power


This is a xianxia novel. A genre where martial arts is mixed with fantasy features such as demons, magic, etc. In the Xianxia genre, the main point isn't martial arts, but "Taoism", which is an important part of Chinese history. Mc's power is that she has strong spiritual power, so even tho she is a little stronger than others is not something so "cheat" like.


Another highlight is that this author's MCs really look like real women. Like the MC of this novel, she is a modern woman, but instead of using modern ideas to make money, you see this modernity in her thoughts and actions. A woman who is used to rights and doesn't think of herself as the weaker s*x who needs to depend on a man. This novel is not full of feminism, after all this is fantasy fiction so educating is not its purpose, but it still subtly brings up certain issues like the woman being able to take the initiative, woman's sexuality, how women's lives were at that time, and friendship between women instead of competition. It's rare to read this in C-novels, and I really appreciate that mindset.

With the modern mindset of the MC, the author stays consistent by creating an ML that a modern ADULT woman can really accept. A yandere might seem interesting to some people, but in a modern world the confident woman is unlikely to accept a man who kills every other man near her or tries to trap her, so here we have a decent ML with a partner, not owner, mentality. In fact, all the MLS written by this author have more personality than most, and the couple's dynamic is one of equality not " him saving her" all the time.


ML here is a tsundere but not a bickering one, he is older than MC but acts like someone younger because demons have a different mentality than humans, as you read the novel you feel that this makes sense because the author justifies all of her choices instead of just writing without consideration for the overall scenario.

ML has a lot of trauma and was left alone in the world, he doesn't know how to express himself, and like the other demons in this world, he has a very naive mentality that was the origin of these traumas and his distrust of humans.


But, MC and ML are not the only characters with deep reasoning behind them, the other characters are all well written and make sense, plus the author doesn't forget about them as they fulfill their purpose, but keep using them. These characters' stories intertwine with MC'S in a bittersweet way that makes you root for each one of them, and the world feels more complete and real for that.


There's this particular story about a woman who switches bodies with a man, and the MC is called in to help them switch bodies. The way it was written, I really rooted for these characters and the resolution was so satisfying that I wouldn't have cared to have seen an entire novel based on these characters.



Just clarifying some points that I saw in another review in case someone got discouraged from reading:

1 - About the Strength of MC

The author himself clarifies that it is obvious that the MC will seem weak at times. She has only cultivated for 10 years, while most of her opponents have cultivated for over 100 years, so the author preferred to keep realism and add difficulties for the MC. But that doesn't mean he turned MC into a useless one as many novels do. She often helps and rarely needs saving. You just won't see her soloing the bosses. Everyone works as a team.


The funny thing about seeing people criticizing MC for being weak is that if she could easily defeat these monsters, there would be even more people complaining that she is a Mary Sue OP.


For me, MC is a very strong character. First, she fights toe-to-toe with monsters that have cultivated millennia, second, she uses her power intelligently. And just because she's not a "one punch man" doesn't mean she can't fight well.

2- Help the family that sold her

She does give money to the family that sold her, she gives money to her older sister who was against the idea of selling MC and even offered to go in MC's place. And after that, she leaves some silver next to her grandmother, but it's not the forgiveness scene you might imagine.


She appears and then leaves before anyone but her grandmother can see her. There's nothing like "her being used" or being a "pushover" It's a very short and bittersweet scene that's more like "She needed to see". I precisely had to refute this statement because it seems to imply that MC is a dumb pushover, and I hate characters without pride or self-preservation who think that being decent is being trampled on, but this was not the case here, and I had to say it because the comment made me get a wrong impression of MC, thinking she would be one of those who keeps forgiving and being used by others.


(Poor English in next spoiler because it was taken from MTL)


In ch 118 this happens :

"She reluctantly held Yuan Xiang'er's hand and said: "Axiang, if you are free, go back and see your parents." (MC's older sister)

Yuan Xianger said, "Since my father and mother sold me at the beginning for thirty taels of silver, even if the grudge is over, I will not go back." (MC)

Yuan Chunhua was taken back: "How can we speak like this when we are born as children? After all, parents are parents and there is no reason to deny it. Moreover, it was a last resort at the beginning." (MC's older sister)

"Why can't I say that? I was clearly sold back then. The paper clearly reads, "Life, death, sickness, and death, each by destiny, four directions of physiology, let the master take its place, no entanglement, never recognize each other. Since I was sold as a commodity, naturally I'm no longer their daughter." (MC)

So no, she's not a pushover.

Then she ends up going, but if you read the scene (too long to put it here) you'll see that this is not a scene of redemption for the family.

Soon after that scene, this happens :

Qingyuan said with a smile, "I went to see her parents with you last night? I knew that the child's heart was still soft. Did you settle with your parents yesterday?" (A side character)

"Xiang'er doesn't need to reconcile with anyone. She just reconciled with herself." Nan He said. (ML)


Also, the cliche of the parents who sold her, in this novel has almost no relevance and none of the exaggerated drama of other novels, there is no desire for revenge, and the parents never bother her either. It was just a path to what came next and was presented much more realistically than most novels that use this for tension purposes.

Finally, I believe that the comments were made exaggerating certain characteristics that are present but are presented differently. Taking things out of context that ends up looking worse than they really are.

I'm not criticizing the person that wrote the review, he/she has every right to not like the novel, I just thought his/hers perspective on the story was very different from mine, and I wanted to give my opinion in case the review discouraged someone from reading.

I recommend not only this one, but the other works by this author. They certainly stand out in the sea of C-novels with identical characters and full-of-plot-hole stories. Not only for the quality of the writing in general but for the extra entertainment that comes from good characters and a well-written world. <<less
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Mar 12, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is about a dispassionate apathetic but gentle and caring MC who enjoys a pampered life after having crossed and become disciple of Mr. Nature KunPeng who falls in love with her wolf dog.

MC really doesn’t care to help people, preferring to keep to herself, but will assist those she meets or when she feels like it.

Novel is pretty decent except for the crummy rushed ending, the nonsense of MC being super weak (author pretending she is not) due to her lack of IQ (seriously just store more talismans... more>> or fight better so that you don’t almost die, and why did you help the evil monster torturing man?), but at least has a mostly happy ending. Novel can be pretty choppy/boring, but is typical of slice of life story.


Typical trope events:1) Chinese parents are evil and sell their girl children (and then MC gives them money anyway because she’s dumb like that) and 2) evil rapist cultivators and demons (first a tree wants to breed MC, and second because somehow making a bell artifact with a wolf bone just helps make women faint and easy to assault and nobody cares about this event or seeks help ever within the entire peasant community) and 3) Lots of s*x between MC and ML and 4) Plot armor saving dumb MC

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 19, 2021
Status: --
Truly truly good

Its basically separated into arcs, different stories of both demons and humans and their relationships. There are wholesome stories, but there are also sad endings...

I’m crying as I read this..

It’s like Natsume Yuujinchou
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Apr 03, 2022
Status: c115
Stories like this are why I persist in digging through so many poorly written or poorly translated stories.

This author put clear love and care into crafting each character. Your emotions are engaged in joy and sadness as you witness hope and suffering alike. Pacing in the novel is well done, and you will not be delayed by excessive description or obvious "filler" content. There is also a wonderful background message to the novel about respect, perseverance, and open-mindedness.

There are occasional translation problems that are relatively minor. I suspect some errors... more>> come from the complexity of the original work. Generally, if you are confused by a sentence, you can figure it out by rereading the previous few sentences. I appreciate the translator (s) 's hard work to share this wonderful gem.

I highly recommend this novel. <<less
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Jun 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I finish by MTL, a bit hard but bearable.

😭😭😭 This novel is the type that's so good you don't want it to finish. If you read this be prepared to be heartbroken because it's the last word. However, it really does end in a great place. Every plot points end nicely.

All characters here are great. We are not only talking about MC and ML here which is of course perfect - all side characters are perfectly fleshed and moving, everyone have their own personality.

There's a lot of actions but they... more>> are there to support the emotions of the characters. This novel rely heavily in making you moved.

Please read! <<less
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Mar 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is just chefs kiss.

The MC is Yuan Xiang and ML is Nan He. Our MC is strong, protective over her loved ones and well written for the book. She has her own character growth with is so nice to follow.

There are several smaller stories woven into one bigger one. Each story arc is fleshed out and the characters all have depth. Some of the themes are womanhood, love across races, friendship and found family.

The relationship between Yuan Xiang and her master and master’s wife is just beautiful. The... more>> romance with the ML is yummy and grows naturally as the story progresses. Nan He is a shy boy and our MC knows how to bully him well lol.

Some of the descriptions of the demon lands will have you feeling like you stepped into a Ghibli movie.

This book will have you crying and laughing. Defiantly recommend for those looking for a fantasy romance, no angst and interesting stories.

MLT is also readable after you have read a good chunk that has been translated. <<less
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Jan 31, 2022
Status: c60
The part of the review related to the TLer will be under spoiler so you can go straight to my review on the story.

... more>>

TL issues:

  • Chapters are chopped up but presented as new chapters (ex. Raw c1 is translated as chapters 1, 2 and 3 instead of chapter 1 part 1, part 2, and part 3).
  • There seems to be missing chapters/sections. I don't know if I caught all of them, but it's more obvious in the action scenes.
  • The TL is almost as hard to understand at times as the MTL, but I hesitate at calling this outright edited MTL because they're hard to read in different ways. It reads like it was TLed by someone who might know Chinese but isn't good at English.
This story is a mix of a few different stories:

  • A beauty and the beast type story where a demon falls for the human who saved him.
  • A cultivation story where an independent Taoist tries to learn more about her master, who suddenly disappeared one day a decade ago, while also developing her own skills and learning more about the world.
  • A wholesome story about learning to understand and respect others regardless of gender or species.
  • A Detective Conan-style series of 'episodes' of demon-related issues which the main character solves while going through character growth.
  • The inverse of a catgirl hentai, where the proactive FL teases the shy dog ML and teaches him about human romantic relationships, with a focus on petting the ML's ears and tail.
It's sometimes hard to get through, especially around c60, not because the writing is bad but because the plot gets heavy. I found myself skipping some chapters entirely because I was uncomfortable (mostly because I'm admittedly a very petty, unreasonable person and I can't accept the acceptance being preached in the story).

It's not a perfect story by any means. There's some places where it feels a little rushed and relationships weren't properly built up; there's also some places where characters seem a little OOC. Still, it's a good read, and I think the issues are only really obvious if you purposely look for them. I absolutely recommend this WN. <<less
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Jul 23, 2022
Status: c1
It's like Natsume Yuujinchou : Girl version.

Not only the theme, it also has the subtly solemn, gentle air that made me unable to extricate myself from that series.

It was so good, I didn't want this story to end even though I'm just starting this book 😭

Also, I'm glad that the translator took this novel seriously and strived to recreate the atmosphere from the original raw. Good job.
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Jun 22, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is great with HE for all characters. But there’s this tragedy feeling when you read this story. There’s some chapter that make you feel stuffy and breathless and want to cry. Also, I think our author is trying to hint BL and GL story in here. Some of the “friendship” is so borderline friendship. Our MC is not the super OP type and she’s strong and also trying to grow stronger. It has overall positive vibe. Also, I love the side characters, they’re so diverse and have their... more>> characters and story. The author always building great main characters as well as side characters. <<less
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Jan 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I liked it. The MC is refreshing, she isn't overly nice/naive, she's strong but no Mary Sue. The romance is cute and has a realistic buildup, there's no love triangle or big misunderstandings. They are secure in their relationship, respect and support eachother. There's also the found family trope and a lot of realistic situations, reflecting the joys and tragedies of life and the world. This is a story containing cultivation, sects and demons and although that plays a central role in it, this is not a story about ascending... more>> through cultivation.

vague spoilers about the ending:

You can say that it is a good ending, although my idealistic, happy end loving self would have preferred a more unrealistic ending where everyone can stay forever together.

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Oct 13, 2022
Status: Completed
So goodd 😭😭😭😭

The world building, the plot, thevadventure, the romance, and the characters everything is such a whole amazing package 😭😭😭😭
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Mar 26, 2022
Status: Completed
This story reminds me so much of the manga/anime Natsume yujinchou. The arcs feel the same in the sense they explore deeper meaning of life between 2 species so radically different with a life expectancy not matching: human live only a few decades while demons can live up to a nb of centuries. It’s translated as demon but I feel a better term is probably youkai. The gentle unfolding of the plot is also the same. I really loved natsume yujinchou and also love this novel. The most notable difference... more>> between the both is in this novel there is romance while in natsume yujinchou it’s deep friendship between the 2 leads <<less
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Mar 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Literally one of the best novels! FL is well-written and courageous but not too OP. ML is so sincere in his love and all the side characters are amazing. So many touching moments and life lessons sprinkled throughout this story. MTL is easy to understand as well. Definitely give this a try!
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Aug 22, 2023
Status: c1
This author seems to heavily copied Natsume and other similar Anime with this novel, so I don't find this very original or interesting.

The humans bad demons good narrative is a little too preachy for my taste also.

I've tried her other works and she's just not an author for me.


I'm super not into tropes the author likes in bg romance.

Her dynamic is always girl that are super dominent and men that are oddly submissive to them.

I just don't find submissive men appealing or like the whole girl boss thing

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Jun 10, 2023
Status: Completed
This is sooo goood!!!!

There is so much goodness, respect, gentleness, kindness in this story.

I love everything about this book and I will definitely come back and re-read it.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Wish it got more! It’s a very good story of a transmigrated girl born into a world of magic and demons. Her journey is like demon diary, or alot ppl saying its a bit like books of friends. But I really like all her apostles demons friends. Her journey and friends really weaves a wonderful heartwarming story. ML here is super cute and sweet. And MC always bullies little Nan here. Lol. Its a happy story, a story which have a lot of bad past and also beautiful presents. Recommended... more>> read. Thank you <<less
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