I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating


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Mu Wanwan transmigrated into a novel.

And became a cannon fodder side character used to counteract the disabled tyrant’s ill fortune.

The tyrant is a huge villain. He challenged the leader of the seven tribes alone and had been beaten into a vegetative state.

The original character lived in the tyrant’s territory. Her parents, who were greedy for power, randomly made came up with compatible bazi* and sent their daughter into the tyrant’s manor, turning her into a wife to ward off ill luck.

Also sent off together with her was a little white flower maidservant, who was the heroine of the story.

The original character and the heroine agreed to escape together—but the original character was stabbed to death that very night.

And just as they were about to implement their escape plan, she transmigrated over

Mu Wanwan: “…”

What a horrible script!!

In order to live, she had to do her best to take care of the disabled, comatose dragon. Three years later, she actually turned the tragic story into a sickeningly sweet love story.

Note: *bazi: A Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.

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aLIcESpade rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Binge read and finished in 2 days. The story is set in a cultivation world, where humans, demons, beastmen, shamans and dragons coexist. Dragons rule majority of the land because of their near-immortal body and high cultivation level, but they also have the smallest population due to their low reproductive rate. Dragons are very prideful and naturally feel superior over other races. The leader of the dragon clan is decided by strength.

Our story's ML was the ruler of the dragon clan, before he lost the fight against the demon & shaman kings (thanks to his only 'friend' betraying him) and was left disabled and cursed.

ML was a tyrant during his reign and also made many enemies. In additon to being a hybrid dragon, the purebloods who served under him were resentful (jealous/envious) that a half-blood bastard from nowhere was their king (and just better in every way), so he was left to rot/bleed to death until the FL transmigrated.

The execution of the the story to the pacing were both nicely done. Each chapter was quite lengthy despite the story having only 130 chapters.

The author knew when it was a good time to foreshadow and reveal hints to the story's missing answers.

I like how even though when something is finally revealed, it doesn't change the main story nor alter the current situation in other novels like activating some plot armor. (Ie. No, FL/ML about to die from villain scene, suddenly ascends type of troupe sht) Instead, it enhances the current mood or explains why ML/FL is op in certain things.

Like the ML's name:

ML was an orphan, with no recollection of how he came into the world.

(Dragons are hatched from eggs so they don't need parental supervision and stuff)

Even he didn't know whether he had a name or not.

ML's name was never once used during the interactions between FL and ML.
FL would always use either "龙先生" (Mr. Long/Dragon) or "夫君" (Husband) to call him.
And ML would always use "龙" (Long/Dragon) when speaking in 3rd person instead of his actual name.
Eg: "龙帮你拿" (Long/Dragon will help you get it)

The author did a great job in writing a nameless character's thoughts and feelings.

In a very emotional scene when FL's soul was fading away due to incompatiblity with the original body. She saw his memories through a soul link (iirc), and finally knew his name.

Prompt from the novel and also the context behing the novels' cover at the top of this page minus the hood:

"It turns out that most dragons are surnamed Ao (敖). Without the surname Ao, no one would want to play with him.

** said that he was a dragon before, so he should also have the surname Ao, right?

The little Mr. Long who was young enough to still drink milk, hid in the corner and pulled up his gray hood. His eyes brightened when he suddenly had a thought. He can still remember, remember the time when he had just hatched and met **.

** grinned at him and said that he was an 'abandoned little guy' so he should just follow him in the future.

He only met ** because he was abandoned.

So, abandon (抛弃) should be a good word to use.

He immediately became happy and ran into the alley with his stubby legs. Tonight, he must beat all the bad people who said he had no name.

He has a name now, "From today, I will be called Ao Qi (敖弃) ""

Ao Qi (敖弃)
敖 (Ao) -The surname the dragon clan posesses
弃 (Qi) - The last character of the word abandon (抛弃)

It must be a very nice and meaningful name!"

The name reveal didn't change anything, FL was still on the verge of death. However it made the scene more impact because she finally knew her beloved's name just before her last moments.


or FL's golden finger:


In this world, if you are a wood/plant cultivator, you can directly send wood energy into a seed and drastically decrease the time it takes for the plant to sprout/bloom/fruit.

FL is a very hardworking wood/plant cultivator. The ML's fast recovery ahead of the book's plot is very much due to the spiritual plants/herbs she works hard to grow everyday.

Compared to the plants found on the market, the plants she grows are of significantly higher quality and purer.

Though that is the limt to her power. She is still human and thus need a long time in order to perfect her skills and cultivate to a higher level.

So when she suddenly increased from level 1 to level 20 in record speed, it wasn't because she had the protagonist halo and is op or whatnot (yes but not really) , it was because she was given the ML's blood essence/heart's blood.


"For a dragon, their scales are their bottom line, their horns are their dignity, their tail is their weapon in battle, their core is where energy is stored, and the heart's essence is the where one's talent and life is gathered."

A fox demon once lamented that dragons would never give up their heart's essence, not even to their their family or lover. The fox demon spent all her life just to get one drop from her husband, but she never came close.

ML giving her half his blood essence is eqivalent to him giving her half of his life and talent to her.


At the near completion of the novel, many things were tied up. Including the ML's origin, the FL's purpose in coming to this world and even the side character's story.

What I didn't like was how the author dealt with the original heroine of the novel. There wasn't much news about her after a certain point, and to me, she was actually the only carboard green tea **** character in whole book.

Most side characters were given a redemption arc/chapter, but she had nothing. In general, she was too narrow-minded, ungrafteful and just a b****.


Back in the early chapters before FL met ML.

It was her fault that she got caught trying to escape the responsibility of taking care of the ML, but she had the audacity to ask FL to swap with her for the punishment wtf, and instead of blaming and hating the person who caught her, she directed all her hate and anger onto the FL for rejecting to take the punishment for her. bffr where's the logic in this

I feel like the author could have wrote her better, because I couldn't sympathise with her at all. Luckily, you don't hear too much from her. There's also no love rivals between ML and FL, so you don't need to worry about dog's blood drama.

Though there is a Male Yandere tag, the ML is very mild compared to other male yandere leads, like so mild. He has thoughts of tying FL to his side regardless of her wishes, but he never does anything close to that.

Still he is possessive, easily jealous and paranoid, but he is very honest and open about it whenever they are together and FL never felt uncomfortable. Plus, she would always try her best to clear any misunderstandings immediately. ML feels very inferior about his appearance due to being a hybrid dragon, but FL would constantly reassure and support him.

It's so wholesome seeing them show their care/love for one another in their own ways.

One time, FL went out of the mansion to sell her herbs/plants, but she came back to the room smelling rotton and bloody. The curse placed on ML had activated again, and caused all of his wounds to reopen and fester.

It was an extremely gory sight to see, but FL's first thought was whether the ML got attacked when she went out, and her second thought was blaming herself for choosing to go out on this day out of every other days -leaving the ML in pain for such a long time, despite the fact that they were running out of money so she needed to sell her herbs asap in order to care for ML.

And ML's first thought was that FL is going to leave him now, she must have had enough of him because she just finished cleaning his wounds and the room but everything is bloody and gross again. Completely disregarding the fact that she had seen him in his worse state and that it wasn't his fault.


This novel is hidden gem, please give it a try if you're interested.

It's a happy ending, although the last chapter make you question if it actually is :)
But I'm not going to spoil anymore because I talked too much already, I think this is one of the few books I've read where reincarination/transmigration of a character in a book is written in such a tranquil yet apprehensive way. The writing style is not face-slapping and being op just because you know the plot of the book, but more in a 'just trying to survive and get through everyday by yourself way', and I find that a breath of fresh air in this genre. That's enough of my rambling, if this 'review' does entice you into reading at least 1 chapter, I am happy and grateful that you gave one of my favourite books a try :3
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ricachuu rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel made me cry so much at the end. Mu Wanwan and Mr. Long's love is so beautiful and encompasses time and space. I love them so much huhu.

... more>>

From the start, FL (Wanwan) decided to take care of the ugly, injured, and disabled dragon ML since she understood that she will just die even if she escapes. She planned for their survival carefully and struggled hard to raise herself and her husband. Though later on, she saves a small and fluffy bird Mengmeng


who's actually a phoenix


, and also learns how to cultivate spiritual plants to sell. Sometime later, she is able to create pills with special effects and becomes a great alchemist.

ML (Mr. Long) used to be an extremely powerful Dragon King with a tragic past


he was bullied and discriminated against for being a 'hybrid' (he has fluffy ears with dragon horns) but turns out he's a legendary five-clawed golden dragon'


. He was ambushed by the heads of the different races and ended up being cursed and his horns and tail were cut off. At first, he was suspicious of FL's care as no one really cared enough and stayed by his side his entire life. Later on, after realizing that she was sincere and wasn't afraid of his rotting tail and cursed lines, he quickly fell for her and started to treat her as his wife in his mind. He felt so guilty of letting FL work so hard just for them to survive. So he struggled and fought against their enemies together with FL and their friends and finally achieved happiness. They have twin dragon children: a girl (Tiantian) and a boy (Jiaojiao). Their two children treat Mengmeng as their older brother. So cute uwu.

What made me cry was the side story where Mr. Long who was dying and didn't meet Wanwan saw what his next life would be like after reading Jiaojiao's memories. He treated Jiaojiao very gently after realizing that he really was his son and was even reluctant to send him back. In his final moments, he felt envious of the 'him' in the next life and wished that he would see FL soon. That wish somehow tied FL's fate to him and the story in the novel happened. After Jiaojiao went back, ML realized that he has been waiting for FL for a long time since his past life and he was happy his wish was granted.


Recommended 10/10!!!!!!! <<less
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AterMania rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This has to be one of my favorite cultivation/transmigration/romance-fantasy novels of all time!! Everything was well written and there were no plot holes (that I could find) throughout the text.

I knew that the ending was a happy ending but I was surprised when the story didn't stop there. Usually, with such novels, the protagonists get together, we are shown some of their fluffy/snusnu life and then it's "happily ever after~". But this novel went further than that.

The last few chapters made me feel depressed yet hopeful and satisfied about their... more>> new life.


Mr. Long's son Jiaojiao, travels to the time when the OG Mr. Long did not meet WanWan because she hadn't transmigrated over. Just reading his jealous and envious thoughts of longing for a happy life and family made me tear up. Even up till the point he died, he wished he could meet WanWan in his next life. That is what leads them to each other eventually <3


Overall, wonderful read!

Re-read value: 9/10 (I could do with less of the battle plots...I just wanna read about my two marshmallows falling in love~~) <<less
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December 30, 2021
Status: c43
Pre-Review Notes (up to ch 43 translated ch, technically ch 25 of actual ch, and after skimming MTL)

  • A++ translations!! Somehow the translators were able to keep a lyrical writing style (especially those sentences near the end of chapters), which made the story extra compelling. The chapters on Sleepy Translations are also really professional, without any translator's notes and extra footnotes to better understand some terms. Don't remember any huge spelling/grammar errors, and the sentence flow was there. Overall I'm really surprised at the high quality of translations.
  • Soft romance with likable leads. The tyrant dragon is actually adorable, innocent, and lacks confidence in himself. The FL is just trying to get by, taking care of the wounded dragon while making sure she stays safe. It's pretty slice of life for the most part.

    The ML 'technically' wakes up around 50 chapters in, and the FL figures out that he awoke by herself, lol, before he officially awakens in front of her after another 10 chapters.

    • The romance is soft because both leads grow tender feelings for the other but are shy in expressing them. It's like, the brush of first love. The dragon is over a hundred years old and the FL is ~20.
    • It's humbling to see the tyrant dragon, who used to be rich/powerful/handsome be so dependent on his hard-working wife that he was forced to marry. She's the breadwinner of the fam, lol.
  • Slight politics, gets more heavy when the main leads accumulate more power.
    • Really enjoyed the supporting characters like Uncle Zong, a beastman, the Nine-Tailed Princess, and others.
    • Also funny how irrelevant the ogFL was in this story. I didn't like her character anyway.
  • In general, a soft and healing romance that I can't wait to re-read once more translations pile up.
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Freyalily rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Its so good, I don't understand the power struggle part much, but I like the part where MC and ML destiny and journey together.


I feel sad for the previous mr long, but at least he died peacefully and no regrets, and most of all he looking forward for meeting MC and their kids in the next life.


He's a kind dragon. Tho he love to cry a lot lol

I would love to read it again after being translate so I can understand the power struggle part.
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S1lly rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c1
But mtl'ed up to chapter 34


This is calming? It is not fast paced at all, but it is fun; and I can't seem to drop it (this is actually my first time reading so ahead using mtl).

As of now, it is mostly a slice of life.

The MC is pretty average although ... more>>

she got a gold green finger after transmigrating


It is hilarious how

the MC does things (like sleeping in the same bed) thinking the ML is comatose when he is actually awake (although unable to move) and falling head over heels for her.

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playeratfault rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It's been awhile since I last cried. This novel, is honestly brilliant.

The characters were good, our ML and FL, ah man, can I give them both a hug? The plot was good, I did not expect that it had a good built! Compared to all the Sick ML novels I read, this is my absolute favourite for its fresh FL.

She had growth, a good plan, and well, her sincerity and love towards this ML. I love it.

I can't say much, but overall, it's a good novel. I couldn't stop thinking... more>> about it at all. The cultivation concept, the not-so, thankfully, in-depth politics, the angst and definitely the various non-human identities in this as compared to other novels. I love it. I honestly, wish, I could reread this.

And the ending... my goodness, the author definitely knew what they were writing. They made the most satisfying closure ever. I have never read anything like this.

Would 11/10 suggest you to read it. MTL was relatively easy to understand, despite it being a cultivation novel, so don't fear. But the translation done is also very good. Wish this novel translation was completed :')

Thank you to the translators, tho.

Once again, would suggest you guys to read it. It isn't too much of a slow-romance. The chapters could have indicated that early hehe. <<less
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kyrez rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Okay... I'm so glad I found this story. I think the author did a good job in showing how the FL and the ML feel and grow..

I usually find xianxia/monster genre a bit cliche in their plots.. so reading in-depth about how they thought of each other is quite refreshing..

... more>>

Also, I'm happy that all the drama and misunderstanding stays in the monologue..

I think the author did really well, in which it's not overdone (you know those stories where you feel like you just wanna blast away those characters because they have so much drama stemmed from misunderstandings and no communication?)

well, this one doesn't step over the boundaries (for me) ^^

Truthfully, I'm not too fond of monologues, but I find this story very enjoyable.


The story focuses more on the relationship between the leads. There are some side stories with other characters, but not much..

Also, since it's a monster genre, there are some gruesome and bloody scenes explained in details.

Finally, I feel the story is very 'real'. As if they'll live their life as normal even after I've reached the end of the chapters ⛅️

Happy reading~ 🌈

Edited: I just realised that I've read the author's other story before which was also quite good.. I greatly enjoyed that story too.. 🐺 <<less
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oyasumi_pp rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: c78
The story is good. The character, plot and background stories are pretty good. However, the pacing is super slow. At some point I started to get bored especially when the ML was acting Tsundere -_- I personally feel it’s not cute at all and very rude at that point to the FL despite the ML’s hood intentions
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 17, 2021
Status: Completed
MTL-ed. Pretty easy to read.

Everything was really sweet and realy cute. My heart went kyuuuun♡

the last part... its 2am now and my tears slid halfway across my face and onto my pillow...
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Jessy_m rated it
September 5, 2022
Status: Completed
What a great story.i cried a lot during reading. The ML suffered a lot and every time I cried for him, I felt he should got more. Loved the characters the ML is very cute and the FL is also nice and I could feel pity for her knowing her background specially last chapter when she is mentioned. Also loved the ending it felt so fulfilling, a bittersweet ending with little lots of sweetness but the bitter part elevate the ending and make it different than the others novels where... more>> it’s happy ever after but you still feel like something not right or missing.
10/10 would recommend. <<less
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mariaflora1208 rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: Completed
MTLed the rest.

This is so good. Despite reading the MTL, the flow of the story is good. The struggles and the sweetness. The cuteness of buns. ML is so pitiful but also cute and is a cry baby. I love them.

Anyway, this is a slow burn romance but it's worth reading
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Pandablackeyes rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: Completed

The ending really makes me cry.

It really hurt to imagine that while you are suffering from pain, betrayal and from loneliness there's the "you" somewhere out there who totally overcome your failure life and living happily and blissfully with a loving and gentle partner who accepted you while you were in lowest form of your life..

I really wanted to blame her. "how about the MR Long that died. Why didn't you come for him???"


Its really good to know that it was his future not a parallel world.


My tears really fell while reading this..

Thank you Mu Wanwan for coming to his world during his suffering and gave him a happy and meaningful life. Also if you didn't come MengMeng also wouldn't able survive which is heartbreaking.


The way that JiaoJiao cried when he found out that his phoenix brother didn't hatch and died while still in egg. Knowing that ML keep it makes me sad even more.


Goodness...... Its good that WanWan came...

Anyways. its not all about sadness. I laugh most of the time the interaction between ML and MC is very fluffy.. My sweetest Mr. Long... best scene is


when ML arrange the table and chairs and a bed in the midst of confrontation the villains


Its funny also when the ML CRY from time to time. hehe :)

ML is very loveable.....

Mr. Long is my favorite character and best ML I have ever encounter. Long Live Mr. Long!!!

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Smile_for_me rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: Completed
Freaking beautiful the last side story really got to me.

... more>>

showing us how mr. Long ended up when he didnt meet MWW and instead met his little son at the end of his life


Mtl is a bit botched so I mightve missed alot of details but, this story is one of the best at nurturing emotions between the leads. The pace wasnt too fast nor slow its just right and I love it.

ML is one of the most precious mls ive seen in a longgg time. The author is really good at showing the characters their emotions, I really think that this novel is more focused on emotional progress than action (which I appreciate) theres the conflict yes but things doesnt really escalate aside the end of vol.1 where something really bad happens to MC. Last arc had the most stress and tearjerking moments in my opinion.

Overall a very chill and heartwarming story 10/10 will recommend <<less
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Dianille rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: Completed
5 star!!! Very good, not much drama but more of a slice of life novel. I love all the extras especially the last one. The ML in the original novel was very pitiful, I cried river.
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Ilyusha rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Though all through out the series, there are a lot of moments that I'm teary eyes but the last chapter really made me cry. The previous life old dragon is really pitiful.

5☆, it is such a good read. The plot is really well thought, though there are times that their awkwardness is kind of dragging but it is part of the process on developing their relationship.
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April 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I have to agree with the good reviews. This is quite a hidden gem. Mostly a romantic story with a good dose of angst, rags to riches, and fantasy.

It starts a bit slow, the main focus is on the FL as she ... more>>

struggles to adapt to transmigrating and caring for ML

. Later on, the timeline develops into months at a time, then years at a time, which is indicative of the discrepancy between human and non-human lifespans.

The story is very ML/FL centric, the development of their relationship and married life. It was quite a slow burn at first, but with how the situation was and their background stories, I guess readers would empathize with the main characters, and then things pick up later on. There is also some focus on supporting characters, but I'm quite surprised how

much less of a storyline FL's sister, the original protagonist, had


There is some degree of world-building that could have been improved, but overall readers should get the gist of the relationship of the different races I guess. I don't know where the inspiration for this mixed-race fantasy came about and whether it was Asian or Western-inspired, but it's a mishmash of both to an extent.

I was surprised by how the writing made me emotional in some parts, even with just MTL. The flashbacks broke my heart. In line with that, I can't accept how

abrupt the last extra story was. I didn't understand what happened, it was just left hanging.


Overall, this is a good story if you're into the genres I mentioned on top. Again, the last extra story left me quite hanging. Good to read at least once because I can't deal with too much angst. <<less
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Eeria rated it
October 7, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s such a cute story though I felt some parts were unnecessarily long. The FL is a cutie with a soft heart. The ML has such a sad backstory! The romance was light but sweet. Unfortunately because of MTL I can’t evaluate the plot properly, the MTL wasn’t easy.
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Rida rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: Completed
The ML was adorable and I loved how optimistic and proactive the FL was.

However, I feel like the novel could do with a bit more world-building. I would have loved to know more about each race or even the abyss. The main text also ended on a very awkward note. The author should have let the FL wake up then the extras could have started.

There were also a lot of questions left unanswered. Who were the ML's parents? What other animal was the ML a hybrid of? What happened to... more>> the Original!FL in the end?

Overall, I liked the characters but the plot and premise of the novel could have been expanded upon. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pochoclo rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Easy going fluff love story, loved it. I end up reading the MTL and now I'm waiting for the translator to finish the novel to read it again. Also the MTL is understandable.
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