Rebirth of the Great Favor


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Shen Qi is an assassin. A person that dies for Prince Xuan, Shen Zhonghua. Prince Xuan’s weapon and also Prince Xuan’s woman.

But not the woman he loves and cares for.

In her previous life, the man she loved let her replace the marriage of the woman he loved, favored, cherished, protected and married to the Crown Prince of the Northern Country who is famous for s*xual ab*se and cruelty. Even bestowed upon her a poisonous wine and killed the child in her belly which was hers and his…

Heartbroken, Shen Qi slit her own throat in front of Shen Zhonghua, who was already the most respected of the Ninth-Five.

She clearly hoped not to meet him again in her next life and yet she never expected this to happen…

Because even after her rebirth, she was still in Prince Xuan’s palace. Shen Zhonghua was here and so was Su Lianxue, the woman whom he loves and protects.

Shen Qi didn’t want to repeat the same mistake. She just wanted to escape but didn’t expect that the frosty Prince Xuan, who not only used to be as cold as ice to her, but also allowed Su Lianxue to bully her and only vented his beastly desires on her, to actually have a change of character?

Is this a turning point?!

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January 20, 2020
Status: Completed
She's probably the lamest shadow guard in history ?

It's so painful to read how many times she's fallen to schemes, with the excuse that she had lowered her guard somehow. She was trained as an assasin since a young age to adulthood, are you kidding me?
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Itachi_is_god rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: --
I really can't wrap my mind around the ML being the prince. He ab*sed her, not just sexually, but mentally and physically for the entirety of her previous life. She was ab*sed to the point that she committed su*cide. The author only provides a flimsy excuse of the prince thinking she drugged him as a reason for him treating her badly. The author then uses the prince's second life as some kind of atonement for what he did and then has the MC forgive him after seeing how crazy he... more>> gets after she died in the previous timeline. I don't think anything can excuse the way he r*ped her day after day and, in one case, to the point where she bled so much that she sustained permanent damage to her body. He choked her, he tortured her, he humiliated her, and he pushed her over the edge mentally and physically. It's even fair to say and he was the one who mu*dered her in the end since it was his actions in the first timeline that caused her to commit su*cide. I wish there was another ML who can swoop in and get her away from this crazed psycho. There should be a r*pe tag on his novel because what he did to her was definitely not consensual by any means. <<less
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Mengmeng rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: --
In my opinion, the Prince Xuan or the ML, cannot be excused for his deeds in their previous life. Can making him regret for his actions in their previous life make up for all the FL had to ho through? As cliche as it sounds, it would have been a better ending if the FL lead doesn't continue to entangle with the ML and finds another ML who dotes on her completely. I know that the ML is trying to make amends for all the wrongs but it just... more>> doesn't sit right with me. He should be regretting his whole life. Be it the previous one or the current one. <<less
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Ray Levantret
Ray Levantret rated it
May 31, 2020
Status: c13
This most be one of the most unsatisfied novels I ever even bother to read, what the use of her rebirth if she just going to have the (scum Male Lead) Shen Zhonghuahurt her again. The ML has harm (Main Character) Shen Qi in the previous life to the point where she commits su*cide and she got a second chance and still stays with ML (I know she property have no choice because of the social status but it is still frustrating!!!)

... more>>

The ML was also reborn. In the serious life after MC kill herself, he realized that he loves her and regret really hard and he misunderstands her and bla bla bla happens and he decides to treat her well leading to the current situation where the MC is being... well r*pe by the ML (SCREW THE ML)

Even those cliche novels where the MC was reborn and decide to take revenge on anyone who causes her suffering was better. The MC in this novel is dumb. She was going to forgive ML sooner or later because he regrets his action in the previous life. (WHAT THE HELL!!) ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I don't care how much the ML regret but MC, didn't you suffer a lot in under him, how come you can just forgive him just because he was sad!!! I don't care whether he changes his attitude or not, what he did to you in the past life is not going to change!! ( By the way I actually still want the ML to suffer and regret a hell ton of amount since he deserved it)

This is so unsatisfying. I prefer that MC doesn't forgive the ML and she get together with better men or just be single instead of being together with this scumML. Anyway, I am dropping this novel, nothing good comes of this if I continue reading this.

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evanesco99211 rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c88

I MTL'ed until chapter 88. I gotta say... I'm giving this a 5-stars. It is an enjoyable read. Plus, I love the MC. She's realistic in the sense she's very wary of the ML. She doesn't easily forgive him. Heck, she still hasn't forgiven him. She does acknowledge his efforts but because of their past, she wants nothing to do with him anymore no matter how nice he is now. She has refused the ML many times already. I so enjoy seeing the ML suffers even though he's a... more>> lot more gentle and considerate during the 2nd life. At this point, it seems like if she accepts him in the end, it will only be after a lot of suffering and tremendous efforts on his part. As such, I'm totally okay with this :D


Seeing the mixed reviews, I decided to give this story a chance. I have to say, both sides are correct. It is an enjoyable read as long as you don't focus on the sh*t ML has done in the past. Make no mistake, I STILL HATE THE ML.



"When finished speaking, he tore her clothes to shreds, held his hugeness that had long been swollen to feel her and without any foreplay rushed into her body."

"He sprinted and ravaged her body in spite of her pain. Until his hot liquid burst into her body, Shen Qi bit her teeth from beginning to end, not letting herself cry."

"Shen Zhonghua's hugeness and rudeness made Shen Qi still bleed below when he came out. The bright, red blood wet the messy sheets under her. Her complexion was pale, her body was purple, but even so, she still didn't get a trace of Shen Zhonghua's pity."

"At that time, Shen Zhonghua strangled Shen Qi's neck ruthlessly and almost severed her neck: 'You obviously know that this prince has promised to live for a lifetime together with Xue-er as a couple and wait for her to pass through, but you..... you've ruined everything!'"

"After saying that, Shen Zhonghua ordered his personal guards to come in. At that time, Shen Qi didn't even have time cover her broken body and heard Shen Zhonghua's extremely cold voice stating: 'This sl*t is for you to enjoy!'"




"One must know the joy of the previous life, he only vented his desire in her body. Apart from humiliation and pain, Shen Qi didn't feel a trace of joy or affection. Moreover, no matter how Shen Zhonghua ravaged her body and mind, he never hugged or kissed her. Even when he pushed into her body and at the most intense moment, Shen Zhonghua's hands were either squeezing her breasts tightly, holding her legs or pinching her waist......"

"Shen Qi had some impressions of Ling Jiao and Lian Xiang. They did things properly and meticulously. In the previous life, they were given to Su Lianxue by Shen Zhonghua. On several occasions, Su Lianxue deliberately made things difficult for her and it was still these two maidservants that cleverly explained things on her behalf. Including..... including later when she bled incessantly, it was also Lian Xiang who knew some medicinal herbs and grabbed some medicine for her."




"In her previous life, Shen Zhonghua had never done this to her. He thrust back and forth in her body and used force one after one as if venting his anger. He would only bite on her shoulders, breasts, and neck. They were real bites, could bite into purple, and bite to bleeding."




"Shen Qi couldn't restrain from shivering more strongly. How could she not be afraid? She remembered with great clarity that in her previous life, he used a dagger-like m**t stick between his legs to run through her. She hurt as if her entire self has been torn in half. She begged him for mercy, begged him to let go of her, but he didn't listen and didn't even hesitate to continue his movements. The strong and thick mu*derous weapon going in and out of her dry tunnel in large-scale, thrusting fiercely and hurting her so much, making her faint again and again."


No matter how sweet he is to the MC in their second lives, it doesn't change the fact that ML is a scum that has done and will do the same sh*t had he didn't change his mind about MC, the kind of sh*t that should NOT even be done to one's worst enemy unless said enemy is a fellow rapist like the ML.

Let me repeat that if it wasn't clear for you: It's the kind of sh*t you don't do, not even to your worst enemy, regardless of how angry you are. Saying because the ML was blinded by another woman DOES NOT EXCUSE HIS ACTIONS!

I would actually do an encore if MC castrate the ML from the get-go, and a hard and big actual tree trunk dryly shoved up his sphincter until he bleeds badly and needs weeks to fully recover. He truly deserves at the very least that much. For. Real. <<less
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Aria064 rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: --
I had good expectations for this novel as the earlier chapters were written well and built a solid plot. As soon as author started to focus on the 2nd life of MC, it all went downhill. As for the previous life of MC, ... more>>

She is the only daughter of a powerful millitary family. At the age of 4 she was sold to a human trafficker by her playmate/friend Su Liang Xue (2nd FL). Heartbroken by her sudden dissapearance, her family adopts SLX as a replacement as they were not aware about SLX's hidden schemes. MC ended up getting a brutal training and becomes ML's shadow guard along with two other male shadow guards. MC is ML's first love before she was sold, so ML mistakenly loves SLX thinking she is his first love because now she is the only daughter of the general (The only thing ML know about his first love is that she is general's daughter). MC loves ML but ML ignores her existence. SLX also loves ML and in her attempt to rush the marriage between them she gives ML aphrodisiac but instead of SLX, ML sleeps with MC. ML gets mad at MC thinking she ruined his relashionship with SLX due to her greed for his status, so he 'rewards' MC to his other shadow guards as a prostitute, but they protect her since they treat her as a sister. When SLX was poisoned ML orders MC to be poisoned as well to test the antidote making MC going through the pain of testing different kinds of antidotes on her. ML always r*pes MC when he is frustrated, angry or unhappy, practically making her his own punching bag. MC bleeds for days because of him. Sometimes he r*pes and humiliates her infront of his guards. SLX also bullies her using various methods while ML was away, but MC can't do anything againsts SLX because ML had said that she should obey SLX and treat her as her master. MC ultimately gets pregnant and replaces SLX of her marriage to an abusive prince in another kingdom to save her baby, but on the day of marriage ML gives her a poisonous wine causing the miscarriage of her child. Having enough of ML, poor MC su*cides during her wedding procession. ML realizes that he loves MC instead of SLX and goes after wedding procession but he was too late. After MC's death he finds out MC is his true love and SLX sold MC, so he kills SLX by cutting meat of her body piece by piece. ML goes crazy and guards MC's body like a lunatic and ultimately dies by heartbreak. Both ML and MC reborn around the time before the aphrodisiac incident happens.


MC is such a dissapointing existence. How can she stay neutral to a person who r*ped her, ab*sed her both physically and mentally, humiliated her infront of so many people and ultimately caused her baby's death?She is a martial artist, but she lacks the fighting spirit. As earlier reveiws mentioned, MC is the lamest shadow guard in the history. I don't get why author made her a shadow guard since ML is hundred times better at martial arts than her, so instead of her saving ML as a guard, it is always ML saving the MC. As an assassin she has to stay vigilant, but she always falls into simple traps by other brainless villains. She has the experience of past life, but ended up getting aphrodisiac 2 times. MC barely has a presence in the story, she is very passive and allows ML to do anything to her. MC is reborn, but instead of escaping the clutches of the horrible ML and starting new life, she sticks with ML with the excuse of "she is a servent of ML. So her life and death belongs to him". Even after her family found her and made her a noble lady, she allows ML to manipulate her life, and ultimately ML asks the king to grant him a marriage with MC. Although she was r*ped, tortured, poisoned, humiliated and treated as a punching bag in her last life by ML, although she knows ML was reborn and he is the same person who ab*sed her in her last life, she fulfills her duty as a wife and ultimately forgives him when she learned about how ML suffered (probably few days) after her death.

The ML is the most horrible ML I had ever seen in a novel. Even after all the things he had done, instead of being ashamed and allowing MC to live her life as she wishes with her newfound family, ML forces her in every possible way. It does not helps that MC is a cheap doormat that lacks basic self respect, so ML enjoys his second life having plenty of s*x with MC. This is a barely passable novel with lots of amateur smut. Half of the novel is smut that was recycled over and over. I advise you to don't waste your time reading this novel because this is a total failure. <<less
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SorchaNY rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Rate: 7-8/10 - I really like this novel. A good dog blood drama (LoL). And a good smutty story.

It is a good story to read (if you like this type of reading). The setting is ancient times: romance can be sweet, but it is also hateful in many moments. Simple plot, full of exaggerated conflicts and focused on the emotional development of the characters. But the author's writing was really captivating...

It's a second chance story with a double rebirth: where both the FL and ML are both reborn. The... more>> story takes place in the second life and the events of the first life are shown through flashbacks/dreams.

FL: Shen Qi/QiQi. She has a very unfortunate fate: as a shadow guard, her life belongs to her master. She is like a s*ave. No choice but to obey orders. She is not really weak, but she is so pitiful. She suffers so many injustices... Due to physical, s*xual and emotional ab*se and suffering in the first life, she is reborn with great psychological damage, becoming a cold, stoic, indifferent and hopeless person in the second life. She is a little sad, but she has a lot of inner strength to survive.

ML: Prince Xuan, Shen Zhonghua. In the first life, he is handsome, proud, overbearing, cruel and hateful. A scum of the worst kind: the one who devotes his love to a b*tch, the one who makes FL's life hell. When he finally realizes that he loves FL and all the monstrous damage he has caused to FL, it is already so late... He is reborn completely repentant and willing to compensate FL with a life without suffering, without damage.

The development of the love story is interesting: the great importance of ML's rebirth is that he is there to rescue (oooh, the aphrodisiac poisons... xD), protect and do justice to FL at all times. He really loves her. He is possessive... He will do anything to win her heart. However, FL no longer loves ML, besides holding a grudge against him... She does not forget the past or forgive him so easily.

I don't like SZH... -.-


In his first life, he commits such cruelty... Unforgivable! However, soon after watching her die, he goes insane and suffers from guilt and remorse until his death. After FL's death, he will investigate and find out who she really is...

In the second life, he gets a new chance to make the right choices and make up for FL's life. So complicated to forgive, he can never erase his past mistakes, the traumatic past... In the end, he even convinces me and I hope he stays with SQ. He always cares about her or asks if she is comfortable during s*x, a contrast to the previous life. -.- However, in essence, he can be very disturbing. ╮ (╯_╰) ╭

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Ejsama rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: --
This novel is pretty much like 'Sweet Husband pampers his wife' in historical setting and FL has rebirth as well.

FL is so timid despite being a shadow guard and having rebirth. Her strong points are missing. She's cute and all but like I haven't seen any part she has stood up against ML. She keeps getting aphrodisiac like 2 times already (so far).

ML is such a bu*t past life. Literally a beast in human form but he turns like an angel when he got a 2nd life to FL since... more>> he found out about everything. Karma still comes at him since he gets bad dreams about FL dying.

I kinda wish the truth about FL didn't come out early. Like more drama and scenes between FL and antagonist. FL is all confused and scared cuz the ML got nicer to her all of a sudden. <<less
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January 2, 2022
Status: c1
I don't want to give this any stars. What I read it for was the meat (delivered abundantly) and to see the ML regret.

He did regret it, but I'm not sure why. In the last life, he ab*sed her physically and mentally in private and in public. Fun fact, the 'maid' is the lowest level of s*xual plaything in a household in ancient china. According to the encyclopedia: The maid is not even considered as part of the concubine room. At least a tongfang is accepted as a maid who... more>> sleeps with the Master and is thus part of the concubine room, but in the last life, this FL didn't even have that. If she, the 'maid' had borne a child, the child would also have been a s*ave or servant. That was how low the ML kept her. (Not that he would have let her conceive a child in the first place.) She was just a plaything with no designation that he had s*x with, sometimes in his guards' presence, even if they couldn't really see or saw from afar (but really, high-class martial artists have excellent vision and excellent hearing). The man debased her all the time,

put poison in her hands, sent her off to be r*ped and killed

- and then regrets it? How? Why? I don't get that part. He never cared for her before that, how did he care for her after he sent her off?

In the second life he didn't even bother to apologise because they both knew no apology could ever be enough. I don't understand how she married him in the second life (

when she was only his plaything in the first life and he didn't even want to keep their child. He said himself he would have killed it if he knew.

After some thought, I understand his reasoning for killing the child: Her status was a 'maid' i.e. No status, so she was not even his concubine. The child she had would be completely illegitimate, thus being a s*ave or servant itself. The Emperor's first child is a s*ave. How would that look? Especially when he had a queen he was scheduled to marry soon.)

I don't understand how she married him and didn't sabotage him. Like work with enemies to destroy him.

He was abusive to the nth degree. Never even bought her a thread in the last life. The FL apart from being strong in the beginning, flaked like a wet noodle around the time some new characters showed up. All her resistance turned to dust, all her martial arts disappeared, all her intelligence turned to juice. She's and idiot. He treated her so badly in the last life, so bad I can't even describe it all. But here she is, acquiescing to being forced to marry him now.

The 'Rape' tag is real in this one, especially in the past life.


I'm glad it's still ongoing. The author should write and ending in which the ML wakes up from a dream. The dream is the story in the novel where he gets FL and had an happy life with her children. His reality after waking up should be she's still dead in the past life and there is no corpse.


Honestly, I read for the smut. That was delivered. Don't suffer the plot or else you'll be angry like myself.

I hate the ML. He's even worse than the one in 'After Being Kidnapped by the Crown Prince'. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: --
4 star cause it kept me reading and thats rare. It wasnt just the smut that kept me in either, and thats even rarer.

The main reason I MTL this was to see the ML suffer and I can say that I still don't think he suffered enough. And he went through a lot of mental torture ... more>>

to the point that he went insane in their first life after MC’s death. He refused to believe she was dead and took care of her corpse like a creep. And she was pregnant with his child too, so he basically refused to believe they both died :)

their past was just that ridiculous to me. But ey, its truly HE and thats all that matters and it wasnt actually a bad read for a smut novel with semi-decent plot despite all the cliches.

all in all I am very happy the ML wasn't some inhumanly all-knowing invincible ML like all the other tropes but this guy was a bit too pathetic in their first life. Everyone else knew what kind of person the MC was and what she went through but he was ignorant of it all? The one point I give the ML is his cute reaction to when she is pregnant again in their second life and to those that care, MC is the only woman he ever sleeps with. In both lives. But that didn’t make it any better for me, fair warning.

All of the s*x in their first life is practically r*pe iirc and I MTL so I don't actually know how accurate it was, BUT their s*x was rough to the point that she is traumatized.


I have to say the MC is lackluster and the ML is the one carrying the story for me. Aside from the s*x scenes, her strongest presence is when

she kills herself in their first life, right in front of him.

She is overall weak-willed and weak in general for a shadow guard.

one advice to anyone who wants to make this sweeter smut novel reading experience is to not hang on to their past life so much and focus more on the current life. You will probably find it more enjoyable. unlike me who just has to judge everyone in the novel <<less
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loveaddiction rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: --
Love the smut lol. It's 1vs1 without ab*se. Only some flashbacks of abusing but the ab*ses are still sweet for me LOL. Although there's a vicious character in here who ruined everything from the previous life, but after rebirth, there's nothing much on her part, so our ML and FL are just focusing on their feelings, thus ML wants to cultivate their feelings. LOL.

PS: ML is still a V! Even the previous life and after rebirth, he's still a V and only with FL from beginning to end~
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Suyo rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: --
After reading this novel I have to apologize to all the male leads I called tr*sh before. This male lead achieved a whole new level of being tr*sh and become the king.

the FL here doesn’t say her feelings at all which is normal if we consider the way she has been thought.
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Uninspiredfae rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: c57
I am kind of angry that I almost missed out on a great read just because some readers have really bad sense of placing indignation where it's undeserved... how do you not understand that...

The ML was CLEARLY a victim of sabotage himself in their first life and greatly misunderstood the MC to be an enemy so he tortured the MC. If anything, the ML is guilty of is being too loyal. He was very cruel to MC, no doubts about it, and he 100% takes ownership of the grievous hurt... more>> he caused her. There's no gas lighting, no lying, no pushing blame. He only wants to make it up to MC and have her stay with him.

Major spoilers up to Chapter 57 below:


It turns out that MC is the true child of the Su family that went "missing" when she was just 4 years old. Being so young, she naturally cannot recall most of her childhood. In actuality, she was secretly sold/betrayed by Su Lianxue who was a couple of years older. Su Lianxue herself was just a random child MC took in because she felt sorry for her background. When MC was sold into s*avery (&somehow forgotten by everyone except her family... this part of the storyline does not make much sense), Su Lianxue took over her identity as the Su family's sole young miss.

ML and MC had met when they were children prior to MC being taken, and ML fell in love with her kindness which gave him the sliver of warmth he needed during hard times. He wanted to cherish her and because he mistook Su Lianxue as the MC since everyone forgot MC was the true Su family's miss. ML, thinking that fake Su Lianxue was the adorable girl who gave him hope, promised Su Lianxue that he will only marry her and be faithful to her alone. While it's messy how he could have mistaken the two of them, I'll allow it because this series is too short to allow for greater details. This promise made him feel a lot of guilt towards Su Lianxue because he thought he was betraying his first love and promise by sleeping w MC when he was drugged. He thought MC was slyly trying to climb into his bed but of course that was a mistake. The guilt he felt for Su Lianxue and the insane attraction he felt towards MC spured him to become the as*hole that everyone hates.


Why I don't think he deserves as much hate as he is getting from fellow readers... As readers, we forget that we are omniscient, that hindsight is 20/20, and that character growth happen quite often. ML knew he was wrong too late, but he takes accountability and is mindful of MC's feelings despite his great obsession for her.

He's not as terrible as so many people think he is. The author dedicated quite a few chapters going over his self blame and how he wishes to die by MC's hands.

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FYalimar rated it
February 7, 2024
Status: <font style=
This author has just accomplished the most incredible feat, which I thought NO ONE, EVER, could accomplish: creating the most despicable and disgusting male character that has ever existed!!! This is not a joke! After seeing this guy you will think that other MLs are saints!!

He also achieved another incredible but less significant feat: creating the most s*upid and characterless protagonist that has ever existed in a novel... seems as if she had mental ret*rdation...

She is supposed to be trained as an assassin and should be able to do more... more>> than what she does, the author is practically trying to tell us that "she may be an assassin but she is only still a woman" that kind of cliché, ridiculous and misogynistic plot too.

It is showing a total disregard for the skills and training of women, I have serious reasons to think that the author is a misogynist and hates women, or has serious prejudices against them, especially since in the entire novel the only role of the protagonist, In addition to being a doormat, it is serving as a s*xual object for the ML, and that is a fact! It does not change in the second life, even if the author wanted to make it seem romantic.

the author treats her as if she were a who*e in heat all day, a person who has nothing but s*x and hot air in her head, this is not an exaggeration, it is LITERAL, the protagonist cannot spend even five minutes without thinking on ML's penis, he is sleeping in his bed and he is dreaming about him, he is taking a bath and he is thinking about him, they rub against his waist and he literally gets wet not only his underwear but even his pants, it is the very definition of the word cheap whore.

Where are the FemiNazi when they are really needed? o.O

Here is a crazy writer degrading women, come do it shit!!

It would have been much more interesting if the protagonist had committed su*cide again in this life, no matter what happens, the ML cannot reach her, it does not matter if she repents or is reborn, she cannot change anything. That could have been a good drama, the story wouldn't have been so rubbish with an ending like that, too bad it was lost from the beginning, there was never a plot to follow... <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
July 20, 2020
Status: c120
A solid 3 for the author. I ended up skipping forward to what I think was the end.

[spoiler=“End?”]She is confirmed pregnant, has baby, and then ending the story with a few last rounds of papapa.[/spoiler]

The Smut - Skippable

... more>>

This was at most a 75 chapter story in overall content somehow extended into the hundreds of chapters range. I think this story used smut as filler. The story alternated between current papapa (gentle) and flashback papapa (rough), but it still felt repetitive and bland.

I suspect the person who wrote the smut was either a man or a self taught virg*n. It was more accurate than most of this type out there, but something still didn’t feel right about it. I think it couldn’t decide whether it was a self insert for the guy (large equipment) or for the girl (he’s able to find her sensitive spot EVERY time).

Skipping these scenes does mean skipping across multiple chapters.


The Story - Not Bad

This story is still worth reading if you like palace drama and are interested in two (lustful) people resolving regrets after a lifetime of tragedy. Do not read if you have an expectation of a fluff novel with happy family life and small buns. The male lead is pampering, but that’s just not the story here. <<less
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Eeria rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: c109
I liked the story overall. I just can't like the ML. In the first life, there were many ways to deal with the events that caused him to misunderstand but every single time because of his inability to face his own wrong doing he chose the worst outcome for the FL. She was definitely the most innocent. But he was not innocent and definitely not a victim. I disagree with the comment that the ML perceived the FL as an enemy in his previous life. At least up until chapter... more>> 119, he never perceived her as an enemy, just as a maid that was greedy for status and after the first smut as a plaything. She is his shadow guard meant to die for him should he decide to. He never once considered she was a human being with feelings. So no I can't sympathize with him. After he got smutty with her, he knew already he liked her in his heart but wasn't able to accept it. Yes maybe he got blindsided by his fiancée but like I said there were millions ways of dealing with the events but every single time, the fault must lie with the FL. It's such a tr*shy ML.

Yes in his second life he tried to redeem himself but it's far from enough. Honestly I don't want the FL to end up with the ML. Feel it would be such a waste of a rebirth.

Now I can't really comment on the FL besides she is innocent. I can't say I like her character neither but she is lot more bearable than the ML.

I haven't completed it. I'll come back to update once I finish the novel. <<less
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bakarutt rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: --
Dropped the story after the couples were settled and at least one kid was born - there wasn't really a point to keep reading after that.

FL could be sooooo much better. I expect more badass from a shadow guard who gets a second chance at life, but I guess her character is just mentally weak. Not physically strong either.

I liked the initial premise: they both had a second chance to make things right, he with his guilt-pain and she with her sadness-pain. Things still got f'ed up, and I was... more>> looking forward to seeing how things panned out from there. Was disappointed. Okay with the end (don't have issues with who ended up with who), but disappointed with the journey there. <<less
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YojaKyung27 rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c28
  1. I read this story for "Smut" so I don't think too much about the moral of the story, for me.. ML Good enough. at least he's trying to make amends...
  2. MC also has principles, is patient, and loyal. I am sad to read MC's past, I'm tears for several times.
  3. ML is not completely wrong (in my opinion) in the past he was blinded by another woman, so that he hurt our poor MC (T^T)
  4. ML's cruelty to the MC in the past, is an attraction of the story (one of the reasons I'm reading this story)
  5. So yeah.. I think this is a very decent reading, I'm also waiting for each update with enthusiasm... I really like quality hot scenes ^_^ LOL
  6. as long as the MC has a happy ending, I'm fine
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NEKO_PLANET rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: c60
I really LOVE this translator!!

I love how you explained to us some things that may not be clear even adding with some pictures.

Thank you!
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December 30, 2021
Status: --
For those who might be more discerning I'll leave this review as a note to inform that other reviews might not be as accurate as they would like: Again people are contradicting themselves and moving me to read this despite their poor reviews. Because the contradiction that they hate but also love the tr*shy MLs (when they state their belief that something which is uncontrollable is a choice (also, if they hate the tr*shy ML then by their logic they should be able to stop hating him anytime soon yet... more>> that thought never occurs to them. Really puzzling)) means I will likely enjoy the story. I wish we could have a filter for reviews or reviews that are more salient to the actual story. <<less
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