War Love Snow


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It’s a affair between a loyal dog servant and his master.

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sayalr rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: Completed
how come this doesn't have any reviews? LOL. Anyways, I hope this review gets this story justice XD.

Based on the fact that this is smut, it's definitely HOT */////^/////* it's definitely detailed and can easily be mtled.

I can't say much for the characters and the plot but based on what was translated so far and what i've understood as I mtled, the FL is a princess and the younger sister of the emperor while the ML is her bodyguard.

... more>>

The princess was poisoned with aphrodasiac and thus the *you know* happens.


there wasn't anything major that happened in the story but there were certainly some court intrigue and drama with other countries and whatnot.

As a side note,


Her brother's s** scenes were hot, too XD

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