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As the most beloved daughter of the Emperor, Zhaoyang Princess Li Zhenzhen faced the biggest and only crisis in her life when she was fifteen years old. It turns out that she is not the daughter of her Father Emperor, but the daughter of her Mother Consort and a guard. The palace was only waiting to see the miserable end of mother and daughter.

She knelt in front of Wende Hall, begging to see her father. Li Yue, who had been raising her for fifteen years, suddenly announced her to enter. Li Zhenzhen cried and begged her father to spare her mother’s life, and was willing to die in place of her mother. Li Yue looked at the exquisite girl under the lamp, both familiar and unfamiliar. That night, Li Zhenzhen understood what the real crisis was.

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orztodaempress rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: c2
OK I read a review saying "this is not real in*est" which I will disagree with.

In my opinion, a parental relationship, unlike a sibling one, does not need to have blood ties for it to be in*est because the role of the parent is a caretaker and role model for the child. Whether or not they are related has no impact on the child's perception of them as a parent - especially in this context; the emperor raised the princess and she always thought of him as her father. So... more>> the emperor, coercing the princess into having s*x with him by relying on her dependance on him as her parental figure very well is in*est.


And the emperor's logic ('I view the princess in a s*xual way but I won't f*ck her because she's my daughter- Oh wait! She's not actually my daughter so I can go ahead.') is flawed to begin with.


And I can't believe no one added a r*pe tag when this is literally the textbook definition of 'conditioning' and how r*pe actually happens IRL to children. Here's a fun fact for you: In the U.S. And Canada, a majority of s*xual assualt victims knew the perpetrator (i.e. Family member, friend).

But since this is an objective review and the translation and writing was decent, I gave it a 2-star. <<less
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Drenlith rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: Completed
This is purely meant to be p*rnographic so don't expect morals or logic.

Nobody out there be trying to reason the 'help me, stepbro I got stuck in the washing machine' type plots, alright? So leave the preaching at the doorstep. You know the premise, expect the expected.

Heavy in dirty talk, a bit of eRP-r*pe scenarios involved, with also obv. Dub-con/r*pe in the first s*x scenario. Semi-active MC, not always playing starfish. Flowery words are there but thankfully semi-contained behind translation.
All in all for forbidden-relationship smut, very nice lots of fan service. A bit weird that her name's Zhen Zhen and that the royal 'I' is also Zhen so sometimes one's gotta double-check who is who. Surely it makes more sense in Chinese. Also a reminder the 'imperial/royal father' is mere two syllables in Chinese so it's not originally a mouthful.

ML pretty much started grooming her more or less after knowing there's no blood relation between them. Not plot-heavy, but it's there. Sweet in its very twisted way. Little bit of fluff, little bit of dog blood, this trainwreck was pretty colorful to look at.

Of course, if you want to go into details:
-ML 35, MC 15
-not related by blood but ML is the guardian of MC, slightly yandere
-ancient china royal family, duh, he's got a harem, he's the emperor
don't even try to judge modern standards with the ancient or vise versa, it's never going to make sense
-age gap is normal for that time
-if you had your hairpin ceremony, you're a woman, normally happens before you turn 15 so one could say for her age and at her position, it's not weird to be sexually involved with somebody
-in*est win*est also not bizarre for royalty, matchmaking marriage between cousins, very common
-MC has been, is, and will be conditioned to a certain degree to fit ML's tastes
-they do love each other

She's been raised by him, kept locked in a golden cage, with NO s*xual intimacy prior to MC's mother spilling beans about her affair, but very limited knowledge and isn't raised to fend off anything or anybody on her own. She is very spoilt and pampered.
Will act willful, childish, and ignorant.

First snu snu, r*pe/dub-con, MC had no awareness and wasn't taught in the s*xual affairs and was demurely pressed down by ML. Later on, fully embraced her s*xual self, would play a bit coy at times but nonetheless jumps into frisky and risky snu snu.
Later on, ML shows a more controlling, overbearing but also loving and caring side, pretty much the: You're mine, no room for objection. Submit and I'll give you half of the world next to me- trope.

MC's mother makes no sense, she basically killed her daughter by exposing her as a bastard, in a normal novel, MC, her mother, and her mother's family would've all been beheaded or sent off to be exiled. She acted more childish than her 15-year-old daughter so I guess, thanks to that, I could overlook most of the childish acts by MC. Honestly, want to see her get YEETED and DELETED.
The addition of ML's backstory was nice, giving him a decent way out to excuse his polygamy and desire/love/obsession for MC.
Heaps amount of trust issues in the women he's been involved with so far and had trouble fully trusting the daughter he himself raised. I can fully understand where he's coming from. Not saying I condone it, but fully understand it. He doesn't have to guard against any schemes or ploys or worry about her true feelings for him.
Same for MC, a bird raised in a golden cage with clipped wings will never fly far.

If the ML wasn't a competent ruler, MC would've easily been labeled as one of those women that caused a country's damnation. She's hella useless as an empress.


S/N: Translation ('з`) ノ⌒♥*:・。.
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oyasumi_pp rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Stay away if you’re not into in*est. Though the in*est here is not really an in*est because there is no blood relation.
There is quite a lot of smut. Very steamy.
Not much plot but kinda cute so I will give 4/5. Also the mtl is quite readable.

The novel is pretty short and neat. Not much drama despite the in*est theme (probably like 1-2 chapters of conflict and the rest is smut galore lol)
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LunarWolf rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: c3
i like this read alot but cant find the raws to finish it D: I want to know what happens !!! Kinky read.

idk the end, but I feel, since the concubine mother is unfavored, they felt they might as well try since the daughter is so favored so they gambled on predicting the emperor wouldnt hurt the daughter and in passing upgrade the maternal family despite the green hat.
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chande rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Actually, the sm*ts were quite hot if not for the fact that:

  • Although MC wasn't ML's biological daughter, he was technically still her step-father since he married MC's mother (although she was only a consort). So yeah, he still f*cked his own daughter.
  • MC's "imperial father that and this" and ML's "little sl*t" during their love making really turned me off. I mostly skipped those words because they're so annoying to read.
  • MC was overly innocent and childish. She didn't act like 15 yo at all. Her behaviour made me think that she was 5 yo instead of 15 yo so it's a bit uncomfortable to read everytime they did that.
In conclusion, just ignore the plot and just stick to the sm*t scene if you want to read this story.
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Rowan_288 rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: Completed
It was short. It was hot. And it was taboo (thats honestly the main appeal to me). I kinda disappointed she wasn’t her real daughter that would’ve made it better 🤭 hahaha obviously read the tags. If you’re not into smutt then don’t read.
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nuyanata rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I regret it😂😂😂 I should listen to the reviews. It's high h smut. Dog emperor x belove daughter that he rise himself. 20 years Age gap (35and 15). I fine with in*est and love age difference so I go for it.

Turn out it's not my taste at all.

Author sell raise young bride plot.

... more>> FL has young and innocent image but I think because it's lacking of writing skill, she turn to be spoil, bicthy and ignorant little girl.

While ML is her father who raise her. He teach her bad thing and pamper her to much. They're good match.

It's Happy ending 😃.

But in my opinion that girl lead her father gone astray and they both should get killed. It's would more suitable ending.

If you like b*tchy/sl*t loli in jp hentai novel, you will fine with her.

Smut is just ok. Dialog a bit unbalance.

She always say 'woooo imperial father xxx me. ' And talk too much while snu snu.

When ml's ok -ok. He like to teaches and command her do thing directly. It's a bit dry for me.

I'm not in to young child act so It's turn me off. I continue read it because it's short and I want to know plot and ending 😂. At the end, She will be the empress because of the man love her 😂😂. Drive out all girl. <<less
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DojaDoge rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: Completed
TW: Dubious consent, Non-consent/rape, drugging, in*est with non-biological parent

I give this 3 stars, and an extra star for the outstanding translation.

Most of this is smut. Expect nothing else. There's a few fluffy moments, but honestly, this is 90% smut. Expect to be stimulated.

... more>> If you're into age play, you will like this a lot. I only gave it a three because the s*x got repetitive towards the end. Also, the MC was annoying. All she knew how to say was "Emperor Father, please [bleep] me" and "wuwuwu."

Nevertheless, I would recommend at least the first half. <<less
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May 1, 2022
Status: c6
WARNING: NSFL READ AT YOUR OWN RISK (check if tag is alright for U)

PLS read when you are by yourself and in a close space unless you have high snu snu tolerance...

If your job is being hor*ny full time then do binge this novel otherwise read it sporadically...

... more>> My own thoughts:

Honestly there are some part of this novel that's kinda funny, especially in the translation (the translator did a good job btw, just me nitpicking). Like I'm not sure if words like ti*, sl*t, cu*t, fits the ancient timing. Also I find it funny how the FL keep moaning 'imperial father'... In terms of English that's 6 syllable, and doesn't translate well in my head when I visualise the scene and the dialogue. I'm like damn girl you sure can talk a lot in your state (I think if is Chinese imperial father should be 2 syllable).

Also the snu snu is pretty descriptive and somehow escape cn censorship. At some point I'm like what's the difference bw watching the deeds and reading this novel...

edit: translation has replaced imperial father to fu huang <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
October 12, 2023
Status: c5
Uh, well.. I was skimming by the time I got to chapter 5 and skipped to the end to be honest, except for two obvious plot chapters that I read along the way. This is a very short smut story and the plot is exactly like it sounds. A young girl who was raised as the emperor's daughter pleads for her mother's life when it is revealed she may only be his step daughter after all. The emperor is attracted during this exchange and makes a move, fulfilling her wish... more>> for leniency with a completely unexpected price. She's been groomed to be innocent and dependent on him her entire life, even if he originally had no plans for their relationship to take this taboo turn.

As for the in*est, the 'rock solid' proof that she is not his daughter is hearsay 'confirmed' by her jealous delusional mother. This mother clearly hates her daughter. She believes that her husband's favor for her is real, not realizing at all that she was just a pawn to piss off the empress dowager. Her arrogance in the face of the emperor makes her apparent early affair with a guard particularly intriguing. She tries to manipulate the emperor by misleading her daughter at least twice showing at least some awareness that her favor exists solely as a proxy. It's just that she hates this fact and is unwilling to admit that the only woman in the harem the emperor actually doted on is his daughter. The woman clearly enjoyed being the top of the harem too long and found her daughter to be a threat to her power. Someone probably took advantage of her unfounded jealousy and advised her that she could somehow survive outting her daughters 'true lineage', but the troublemaker did not expect she actually survived. The so called affair itself is still super suspect to me.


Specifically, I don't think the timeline of the affair can rule out the possibility that Li Zhenzhen is Li Yue's biological father. He did not dote on the woman often and the timing must have been close enough to not raise any suspicions. At most, there is a possibility that the other man is her father rather than 100% certainty. I think it's just that the Royal bloodline may not be allowed to have any doubt at all.

Might the emperor have noticed that the court lady wasn't a virg*n if she had started the affair with the guard before he pulled her to his bed? Would she have dared to find a guard so soon after she entered the harem? Or was she r*ped by orders of the empress dowager rather than in an actual relationship? But if that's so, why did she admit to it so readily? The dowager having the one woman she didn't arrange for get seduced by a guard to get a handle to blackmail her is the most likely scenario for me. Then the woman went a little coocoo between the pressure of such a big secret and the joys of getting to be a big fish in a small pond with the support of both the dowager and the emperor.


The only thing I found particular noteworthy about this novel is that the majority of r*pe is actually inflicted on the emperor. He hates his entire harem with a passion.


His true mother died and the empress dowager hates him. She used her power to arrange many women around him to control him. The first (?) incident was to drug him into accepting her chosen empress. He gave up on himself in this aspect after that incident, so he has a lot of s*x under her pressure, but none he enjoyed as the women he slept with were all enemies to him. It seems like when the tiles were turned he made them do most of the work, cleaned himself up, and left without even a by your leave. He slept with a court lady (Li Zhenzhen's mother) when he got tired of being drugged to accept new women, especially one directly related to the dowager. He clearly was not always drugged, but she definitely pulled that trick when he showed any resistance. She turned his harem into a brothel with one very unwilling stud horse.

I'm not saying it's okay he groomed a female confidant that he could actually trust and then slept with her as soon as there was a chance they weren't related just because he is a chronic r*pe victim. Confusion is not a defense to treat someone treated as the closest relative so cruelly just because the relation might have been false. He didn't kill her immediately but he did plan to never see the child he raised to be so ignorant and dependent ever again. She did not understand what happened and had zero survival skills. Wolves in the harem were zeroing in on the chance to destroy her and her mother completely. There is no way he didn't know she was in a dead end. He simply cannot accept any degree of betrayal from the only woman he trusts. He owns up that the child is innocent but I think this 'realization' was under the sway of lust. He wants someone who trusts him with their entire soul but cannot fully grant them the same. Fortunately for him, the emperor is not expected to be equal in a relationship so it works out well for them. Li Zhenzhen sees him as his entire world and he loves it even if he almost discarded her due to gossip. His character development actually makes sense for his experiences, even if I don't like it.


Another interesting aspect was that the princess asked to leave and he actually grants it. She even mentions his greatest enemy as part of the pretense. He feels angry and betrayed and suspicious, but he lets her go with no plans of revenge (on her at least).


Dowager had arranged a bad marriage for her so she asks that he grants it. Her goal is to prevent herself from being a stain on his life. She doesn't understand much, but wants him to have the best regardless of her sacrifice. She knows it's a bad marriage and doesn't actually want to be with other men. I could not tell whether she actually slept with this husband, but it doesn't really matter since it was her choice and his agreement even if he hadn't expected her to actually go through with it. He finally communicates his intentions for her after this fiasco. It's a bit s*upid that he thought she would know how to communicate to her partner when it's clearly a skill he doesn't even have himself and he didn't let others teach her.


tl;dr I seriously doubt that I will ever read the full story. Just this much had my brain hurting. There were some interesting aspects if you can get past the underlying taboo of the entire relationship (relatives+20 year age gap with the child), but perhaps not enough for it to be worth a read if it were any longer. It's relatively short if you are interested in trying something different. <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Big thumbs up for this adorable story. Wholesome while filled with smut. Our MC is literally so cute and soft, I want to pinch her lil cheeks. The relationship was surprisingly equal imo, which is extremely rare with any of these ancient imperial stories. Yes, obviously our MC adored and loved the ML, but the ML was also obsessed with her and lavished all his love on her. I never felt bad for her besides the first part of the story, but that was understandable. I mean he did just... more>> realize that his precious baby was a lie. The frustrating part where the MC just ups and leaves him is a lil painful but excusable too considering how ignorant and naive she is, which was thanks to the ML. Plus, she was acting with her ML's best interests in mind, as much as her underdeveloped brain could have. Overall, absolutely stuffed with smutty dog food. Keep it coming. <<less
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shinsenryuu rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Great quick read with heavy snu snu. I'm surprised the Emperor had time to do any work with how much and often they did it hahaha.

Plot is quickly presented and solved, most chapters just center around the couple "getting to know each other" on a whole new level.

FL is supposed to be ignorant of worldly matters cause she was sheltered from it and therefore also acts very childish, but sometimes she's even bratty in some instances, including her dialogue.

Translation was great, there were some things that I didn't like, SFX... more>> like the "woo woo" but I'm guessing this issue is more from the original text than the translation.

Overall, it's a good quick read filled to the brim with smut. MCs are pretty much on equal levels, even though ML could impose himself on FL. <<less
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Riptide1012 rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: Completed
S*x scenes: start at chapter 2. Tons of dirty dirty talk from both sides, lots of mentioning of in*est. They f*ck everywhere and at every opportunity without concerning other people can hear or sometimes even see them going at it. Some situations are quiet kinky (the bed talk is always kinky), but the s*x itself is vanilla.

Story: takes the backseat (plot:s*x is 1:9) but there's just enough of it to keep a feeling of progression. I really like this balance lol.

Characters: FL is the simple, sheltered, cutesy and loyal type.... more>> She wants s*x nonstop and ML is doting on it, although always teases and pretends to leave first so he can hear her begging for it. ML is described as the perfect and responsible king. He's kiiiiinda kinky, most prominent is when he

pretends to be a guard to r*pe her, but she already knew.



  • FL: Princess Zhao Yang / Li Zhen Zhen / Jiao Jiao
  • ML: Fu Huang / Li Yue
  • There isn't actual r*pe, only pretend plays.
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Savannah7 rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Thank goodness for the second translation, because the first one was so rough. It didn't make much sense in many parts.

Overall, this is a very hot, super loaded, short smut story. With just enough storyline, to fill in some gaps about themselves.

Though, I must say. Some intimate moments were written way off, eg.

'she walked to him', when she was already positioned in between his legs, also, horse riding s*x.. Could not grasp if she was forwards or backwards, and especially, the two different times he bit her azz, when he was sexing her?! Like whoa! Flexible much?!


My only irk, is how they made this grown girl sound like a 3 year old, and how dumb they made her.
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