Decadent Beauty, Achieving Fame By Seeking Comfort


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Bao Ruan Ruan, after honing her survival skills to the max in an adventure-based survival game, reached the highest level of completion. However, she suddenly found herself in a showbiz novel, where she became a scapegoat for all sorts of scandals, a third rate celebrity, leading to her contract being terminated by her agency.

When Bao Ruan Ruan woke up, her original self was preparing to commit su*cide, standing on a ten-meter-high balcony. She immediately pulled her foot back from the edge.

—To live is the greatest wealth. Even if others are dead, she still wants to survive!

A month later, Bao Ruan Ruan, with a slender waist, long legs, fair skin, and a desire to stay alive, appeared on a program arranged by her new talent agency.

The audience resisted vehemently and wanted to see her make a fool of herself.


In a restaurant program, while others were busy with their businesses, she downloaded 18 papers from CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure).

Analyzing the data: The main component of dishwashing liquid, dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid, can cause harm when there is a residue of 0.5% on the skin. The Os brand dishwashing liquid has the least residue, so buy it!

Audience: ? Ordered!

In a wilderness survival program, while others tried to attract the audience, she checked if the doors and windows could be securely closed and if there were any illegal individuals on-site. She also took out a comprehensive vitamin tablet, gr*pe seed extract, cod liver oil, foot soaking bucket, traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking pack, and a neck massager, placing them devoutly by her bedside.

Audience: ?! Buy quickly, or it will be out of stock again!

When the media asked her how she managed to make the audience like her, Bao Ruan Ruan replied, “Misunderstanding, there’s never been any. I just want to live for another five hundred years.”

Audience: ??

Fans: “After becoming a fan of Ruan Ruan, my cervical spondylosis got better, and my asthma improved.”
“This child reminded me, I almost forgot to turn off the gas last time; she saved my life!”
“The girl said to be cautious of strangers, and I successfully reported a fugitive!”
Audience: !!

Her manager, Xue Jing, one of the heirs of the three major families in Beijing.

He wanted to complete his legend as the “unrivaled talent agent” in the entertainment industry and then go back to inherit his family business, but he encountered Bao Ruan Ruan on the way.

Xue Jing: I’ve arranged for you to participate in a variety show. You’ll go tomorrow.

Bao Ruan Ruan: Do you know the probability of dying on the way to work? Do you know the probability of having a workplace injury—

Xue Jing: ! Damn, she’s sharp!

#Important reminder: Any health supplements or tea mentioned in the text can have adverse effects when consumed without professional consultation. It is recommended to seek professional medical advice and focus on a balanced diet.

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Decadent Beauty, Accidentally Achieving Fame
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kyrez rated it
November 17, 2023
Status: Completed
The author has shared another amazing story, and I definitely love this one!

FL seems omnipotent, but she's actually a consequence of darkness and hardships.

... more>>

She failed and died many many times before (as she was a game character). But what's rare is that she learned and took lessons from all of her failures, and turned them into great knowledge to survive.

She seems timid at first because it was a new world for her, and she knew she doesn't get second chances in this world.

What she dreams of is living a long life (preferably 100 years more). She avoids dangerous and hazardous things which actually impart knowledge and consciousness on others around her about health & safety issues.


She's not purposely being funny, but her adorableness and straightforwardness tickle others into laughters and admiration. So she's a real treasure that is hard to find anywhere else~


To feel safe and secure, she turned her potential enemies into her allies (by signing life-saving contracts). And these contracts are actually black-and-white proofs of her friendship (in other words, they are friendship tokens!).

She was able to peacefully live and work because the ML is her biggest backing. ML was conquered by her sweet, cute and honest personality.. And took care of all her needs by trying to understand her more. Them being a couple is destined~



Also, as this is an entertainment genre, having fans and anti-fans are common. But what's uncommon is that she doesn't have many enemies. The enemies always turned back and admired her. Her fandom is the most uniqe in the world-- they encourage each other to live healthy so they can all live longer together~


It's a happiness to see a peaceful world~

This is definitely my top favourite. I really enjoyed reading this, and wish more people can share the joy with me~

Have a happy reading, y'all! 🌈 <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blithe rated it
April 4, 2024
Status: Completed
Hahhh...🕊 The fire burning in my stomach that has been tormenting me has been soothed a little with this healing novel 😇.

Our Baobao is really the cutest character ever. Never thought I'll become a mom fan of a fictional character 😊

Brief synopsis:

A thriller/ adventure (I think. Not explained in detail) game character transmigrates into the body of a suicidal actress and basically changes her life around. Our health nut of an MC wins the hearts of everyone with her endearing personality and skills. You really can't hate her. She is... more>> adorable. The plot mainly follows the variety shows she has attended along with some of the movies she plays a role in and her other side hustles. All in all very wholesome and extremely hilarious. The relationship between MC and ML is just as healthy as she is.


A precious MC

Surprisingly, pretty good health tips.

Sweet ML who lets MC shine.

Loveable side characters even those who disliked MC at first due to misunderstandings

A playful, enjoyable and stress-free plot.


Some loose ends here and there

like what happened to the girl with the system and the ex.

but nothing too jarring.

Some arcs were sped through

like the wilderness arc.


Ending feels a bit abrupt.

Anyways, 10/10 recommend to those that are looking for something more relaxing. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 17, 2023
Status: Completed
4.4 ⭐

I finished reading the MTL.

It was a comedic story about an entertainer/actress otome game character that was isekai'd after reaching the 1000th level with the help of "someone" from the earth.

... more>> With the experience of more than a million deaths, she is now a life saving compulsive character, a person who is stiff but can act cute in front of the ML and people found her funny and entertaining.

This novel isn't about face-slapping story like other showbiz story. It's more about FMC with her journey of making sure she will life for another 100 years, a healthy and a safe life.

The first 80 chapter focused on her career life in entertainment world while the rest of the chapter starts having the romance plot.

It was great but not exceptional amazing read. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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