Dangerous Survival in the Apocalypse


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Part 1:

On April 3rd, 2019, there was a virus outbreak and the cities were besieged with zombies.

A month later, on the national road outside H City, Shen Shian carried a heavy sword and walked around the vehicles abandoned everywhere.

“Don’t make trouble,” he said while turning back. “Keep up, the sky is becoming dark.”

“Hey!” A child who looked to be only four or five years old answered. He slashed the sword in his hand and cut the head of a zombie. Then he reached in and pulled out a marble-sized transparent crystal.

After rubbing it a few times on his clothes, he carried a Tang Sword that was half the height of an adult human and ran to Shen Shian.

“An An, I’ll give it to you!”

Part 2:

Shen Shian picked up a miserable puppy with dirty and knotty fur and a terrible smell.

The first time he brought the dog into the spirit spring, the dog turned into a child.

The second time the child was brought into the spirit spring, he turned into a man.

On the edge of the misty spring, Shen Shian looked at the man swimming and asked with a frown, “Can you change back?”


Shen Shian pursed his lips. “…You will eat too much.”

The man wrapped himself in a bath towel and emerged from the space with the Tang sword. After a short while, he inserted the sword into the grass and handed Shen Shian a handful of sparkling crystals.

“I might eat more but I am also more capable!”

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AliciaAlyss rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c92
What I love so much about this story is, how well the character development is. The interactions between each character feels so natural.

The minus, there are few coincidences (or plot holes) that makes the story's pace too rushed in some moments. But overall, the story's pace is just right. And maybe you can ignore the plot holes.

... more>>

MC and ML's relationship is really slow paced. Started from dog-and-master, then little-son-and-father (no, only Shen Shian think himself as the father), possessive-younger-brother-and-his-older-brother.


About ML's transformation, check one spoiler under this. Warning!! (Or not)


I'm very much waiting for ML to grow up become a man. Yeah, there's still no indication for ML's transformation and I've read the latest chap (93).



I love their team building, from only MC and ML, then added six more peoples with their own power and characteristics. Each from different encounter with MC, MC helped them. All of them admired and obeyed MC. It's beautiful!

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Honefuusen rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c143
I feel like it would be too cheap of me if I rate this novel only 4, so 5 star it is.

I absolutely love the dynamic of the MC and ML couple in this novel. MC is your typical iceberg beauty. But he is such a soft marshmallow inside and kind of meng too. Especially when he is interacting with ML. ML is an OP other worldly being that was saved by MC before the apocalypse.

The setting of the apocalypse itself is quite sophisticated. While there is xianxia element to... more>> the novel, as far as I've seen, the novel heavily lean into the sci-fi genre. The author tried to make the zombie outbreak and emergence of ability holder to be as scientific as possible so the world building is interesting. This also makes the novel potentially longer than most of the genre. But the flow of the story is smooth and while I feel that there's some plot holes, the storytelling flows nicely.

The ML character has beast characteristics but it is said that he will become human so I can't wait until they become a couple, lol. They went from master and pet, father and son, and then lover (supposedly)


until chapter 140ish the ML is still in the form of a huge wolfdog. Very jealous possessive perverted giant pet dog, 😂


The way the MC gathers his team is funny and heartwarming as well. He is not the ruthless vengeful type and more of a kuudere type and a walking example of a good person harvesting benefits of the good deeds he's done. His journey is exciting and I find myself wondering what kind of stuff he will find next.

The battle sequences are intense and detailed. While I know that MC will be fine, since he is the MC, after all. Some of the battle does makes me tense and rooting for MC victory. The zombies, especially the evolved ones feels more dangerous than other stories, it's quite grim. Also, the food description in the novel makes you hungry. So many kinds of food. Really.

At the stage I'm reading, there's not much explored about the power of the MC so many things are still unclear. But the premise of the story is intriguing and I'm looking forward for more. This is quite a worthy read. Anyone who likes apocalyptic story should give this novel a try.

The translator of the novel does a great job and the translation is easy to read. There are some typos or confusion, but it's only a few and doesn't really interfere with reading. Overall, the quality is good. <<less
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CrIsI rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: c22.1
Well, what I like the most is the story, how every event proceed in a moderate speed but still quickly and everything is detailed enought. I like the MC that's a (bit typical) iceberg type of beauty/handome man, still he's neither too icy nor too emotional, a perfect balance of sweetness and rationality (I love his meek type of kindnees that doesn't let others take advantage of him). SOOO I LOVE THIS.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
agathe rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: c183
I quite liked the beginning, and I suppose the forgiving MC gives enough for a small 2... so why no more ?

i was sorry to read about the zombies in the synopsis, but the writer herself burned the surprises by doing a count down... as it is, I can’t help thinking how sad : I would never have guessed, and it was nice. Among other reason for not guessing the mysterious dog part was way in the end that and the buddha beeds was way enough to make me interested,... more>> it was cute, fun, and of course strange enough to entertain... alas again, sometimes less is more, and too much info kills the info...

So after a while it became a zombie apocalypse / fantasy mix story and that should still be fine, but it also became a food or*y story (yes humans eating mountains of meat in the end of time, somewhat more discusting to me that zombies diet), and after that a « sims s story, and a romance (?)... yes ! it’s all over the place... luckily the fashion or*y part as « dress my ultimate fantasy main character doll », is not too invasive, but the over the top descriptions of that splendid she male, oups, manly, but androginous, or was it handsome and slightly feminine... ? Whatever so beautiful that he’s everyone dream girl / rr guy... is well a bit much

the MC And ML have a relationship that goes from pet owner to parent, to... lover ? Ha if it was not written in the synopsis, i’d say I would never see it coming... but well, it doesn’t feel like anything actually... one part is somewhat of an alien godly monster, and the other a supersayen teenager genius, super pretty gifted boy... (did I say caricature ?)

like so many things, it’s a bit « over the top ? », and very diluted with well food, and what is it market economy ? Or a bit of sf things or stern yet superficial visions of humans greed or politics ?

it could have been nice, there were family background, and even a end of the word story (wait : it’s the end of the world right ? - because between lunch and super...) but every bit of story comes so far and between... everything zombie you already know (power, nucleus, level ec) could have been spiced up by the fantasy part, there were a few personal stories to develop, but you can barely find them in thi huge mash up,

to me it’s only good to read if you got a flue, are very tired and don’t mind scrolling alot - like I obviously did. There are a few nice chapters here and here, but I would also think it was already slippery, and it became far worse, when the author did add romance (a new terrible diversion from a very lost and awkward plot)

mzybe it’s true of these web novel, but this one is really a sad thing, I wouldn’t dare qualifying the artist, but the plot is immature. It needed more direction, decisivness, strong choices (if you want to wtrite a fantasy novel about a idol cooking star, why add zombies or intergalatic evil in there... or even romance ?) <<less
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November 5, 2019
Status: c21 part1
so far so good,

in some novels just because the MC had space ability, they took all the foods, and items. But here the MC still have conscience, and only took 1/3 of the spoilable food, and leave all the high calorie food for others.

when the novel was pick up, I thought "Ooh the quality of the translation is going to drop", but after reading the releases chapters, the quality is still well maintained.

Good job Foxaholic 👍👍
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Windome rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c5
So far the writing is clean and well thought out, so props to the translator. I've read to the fifth chapter so I cant go in-depth, but while the story uses a few cliches it doesn't overplay them. Also, it was a great relief to know that this wasn't about the typical reincarnated-MC. While the reincarnation trope can spice things up, it also gets boring if everybody does so. The character's development looks promising, from the author's notes I can confirm that it will take a while for the MC... more>> and ML to fall in love. Overall, it seems promising, just have to wait for new chapters to really see. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rida rated it
December 17, 2019
Status: c27
I feel like the writer has no clear plotline; the story is all over the place. It's also extremely slow burn. I've read all the translated chapters so far and the ML is still a pet. I'm getting really impatient at this point.

Props to the translators for their amazing job, though.
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ylial rated it
September 29, 2019
Status: c91
Rating 4

One of the interesting apocalypse novel I've read. The story building is good however it is still on going.

The MC,.. He is level headed but I find him a litte cold. Anyway, it's okay since that is his chara.

I love the ML, I find him cute 💕 I also want to know the ML's past

Will rerate after I finish the novel
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