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The dark BOSS, who had the fortune of becoming Earth’s last living human, brought with him his loyal, second last human to die, little brother to be reborn.

What does he want to do after being reborn? Is it world domination or world annihilation?

BOSS expressed, he was completely uninterested in these kinds of things, he only wants to die.

In order for him to make his boss who always seeks death to continue living, little brother is completely unscrupulous, serving his boss to make him comfortable and cozy, then later helplessly discovered…. The BOSS’s behaviour is more and more abnormal!

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BOSS's Guide To Seeking Death
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AnonymousWildAster rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c172
I thought that I posted this review last month when I created this account (which is really the main reason why I created an NU account when I'm already contacted with being a lurker here lol)


It's my first time creating a review here.

I just made an account just to make a review on this book. Trigger warning to those who wanna read this:

the MC is suffering from depression, has become numb to feelings/apathetic and always have suicidal thoughts.

I kinda understand the guy since I am suffering from that too. Also:


It's not only the MC and the ML who had rebirth, some people too — major and minor villains; were rebirthed.


The MC is always seeking ways to easily die after his rebirth because in his past life, in the end everyone and everything is going to die so why bother living when they're all going to die anyway. MC always be like: "Everything and everyone is going to die anyway, I'm going to die too anyway, so why bother living? Why care?" — but to be honest he just wanted to live a good life on this second life of his. And if he could save people, he would try to, since he was isolated and imprisoned in his last life, so he likes being surrounded by living people and for him "The more, the merrier." So if he could save them and as long as they don't have bad intentions he would ask his man to help and save them. I didn't really intend to read this since this is triggering me a tad bit. But it's actually pretty good. The first translation was a bit rough, I stopped at around Ch11. (Tamwryn did try her best so kudos to her.) When I saw that it was being retranslated at CG, I didn't hesitate to reread it, till Ch11. And after that I decided to find the MTL of this book. --

It's true what the other reviewer said that some side characters just come and go. It's probably because most the time ML and MC embarks on journey outside and doesn't include them for safety's sake — the safety of those people and the safety of their own hidden base. Some people who became a major villain before the MC and ml's rebirth were killed earlier than expected.


»Yan Zhen, the "lover" who betrayed Nie Yi on his last life, was killed by him even before Ch20.

»Guan Jia (?) was killed around Ch44-45 when she had planned to try to seduce Nie Yi. (This girl's name is almost the same as Guanyin that god of mercy but the girl isn't merciful towards the MC especially in his last life; she's really just a conniving bits and *blargh* pure evil.)

»Su Haisheng, the W city safety zone leader that imprisoned QJC on his last life and used him as a live prey and "human elixir" died around Ch65.

»The guy who conducted experiments on ability users died at around Ch77-78.

»The guy who caused the death of Nie Yi's maternal uncle died around Ch103-105 (?).

»Yu Hao, the half-brother of Nie Yi, was killed later on, around Ch119.


After those villains from their former life died another villain emerged.


Yao MengZhi another rebirth person acquired a dark energy stone that made her a complete dark energy ability user. She became the major villain later on.

Yao Mengzhi told the real identity of JQC to Yu Xuguang and used him as an escapegoat to expose about their rebirths and the true identity of the "Lord of Darkness", which is QJC, who — according to her; would cause the the extinction of all living things on Earth, to the people of B City safe zone and thus a manhunt was issued on QJC and Nie Yi, due to the exposure of their identity. She did this so that she could use QJC flesh and blood however she wanted like how QJC was used as a human elixir in their past life.


When QJC and NY was being pursued by the B City people, QJC awakened his ability.

His ability turned out to be a Light ability and not the Dark one, which made everyone doubtful towards Yu XuGuang but still pursued QJC and NY, as they're afraid that he and Nie Yi would rebel against them and as he was humanity's last hope.


When QJC awakened his ability it was described like

The Second Coming of Jesus.


And later on everything that QJC did was like how


was on the



In his former life QJC was compared to



For me it does have those

Bible-like feels theme

here. I think that was really JueJue's intentions here. That on desperate times, people would hold on something that would give them hope: religion, cult, false revelations, false gods, Saviour etc; as long as they can survive they're willing to do and believe anything. (Human survival/survival of the fittest.)

Later on some "foreigners"

which turned out to be from another dimension

appears. This pipz is actually disgusted by the Dark energy on Earth. At first I think they're from a

cultivation world but meh

I haven't got past Ch172 so I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, I think this is the longest book JueJue did, and the most that deals with

depression, death, rebirth, and religion stuff.
(It's like a combination of almost all those apocalyptic games and anime I know lol; SMT, Digital Devil Saga combined with NeGeEva, etc. UwU)


It's good, not that many plotholes. But some important side characters were tend to be neglected later on.

not related to the novel but:
I was surprised when I found out that JueJue was already a mom. Owo She mentioned it on one of her A/N's thay her child got sick, I thought it was her baby pet but when she mentioned schooling, OK, confirmed that she has a child.


I'm still at the first half of the book and I might change this. The book is pretty decent read and the chapters were long enough

that sometimes I even fall asleep midway of the chapter lol

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rhianirory rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: Completed
the beginning was fun but I started to lose enthusiasm ... more>>

when they go back to B and are betrayed once they find out who the MC was in the past and he has his big reveal, bringing all the religious stuff into play.

there is a lot of dogs blood drama even more scheming once you hit the middle and the story itself becomes schizophrenic; it can't decide if it wants to be an apocalypse story, a religious thing, a cultivation tale, a western magical fantasy or a battle of the gods so it tries to be all of them. I think the story would have been better if the author had picked one (or even two) genres and stuck with it instead of veering off sideways.

the multiple povs were pointless and annoying and by chapter 100 I was skipping them because who cares about people who are just going to die in a few chapters?

the side characters come and go, disappearing for long periods of time only to show up for a chapter or two before vanishing again. even the MCs' sister and the little kids are mysterious...i have no idea where they live or what the kids spend their days doing when they aren't following the MC (the sister has a job).

the MC starts off sick and world weary and only wants to die. he gets better and becomes strong and then they start bringing religion into it. sigh. the ML starts off as a little obsessive and he gets worse (he crosses the line into yandere a few times). their interactions are often sweet and the ML doesn't like it when the MC pays attention to anything else. he got jealous of a potted lettuce plant at one point, and a rock at another. the ML is a typical OP ML with a strangely insecure side when it comes to the MC. <<less
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Bored_Af rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: c112
this is actually being translated! Hooray!!

this novel is one of my favorite in this genre because of its unique plot and ideas!

... more>>

while its a little cliche that at the latter part of the novel involves cultivation, as in ancient cultivation with gods, dans, and the whole shebang that can be found in a cultivation novel, its still good. AT least it gives a sort of reasonable explanation why the end happens than just being pulled from somebody else behind.

Though reader who like to skip ahead to the ending is going to be confused as heck lolol



lol why does the bb doesnt work here anymore? XD


I GIVE 5 STAR! <<less
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luzumafu rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Very very easy to Google translate, coming from someone who never MTL. If you like what the current TL has so far, the MTL in my opinion is no different. Not an insult or anything, but a fact.

Plot wise, this novel could be separated into VERY generally, three arcs. ... more>>

Earth arc, where the setting is the apocalypse.

There is the second, Yyer (MTL verbatim) arc, which is another world. It's not really an a$$pull, since the author does a relatively smooth job at transitioning this world traveling concept. Reminds me of Rebirth of MC (??) that one zombie apocalypse novel where the two MC were actually reincarnations of previous lives and later returned the the upper realm and never went back to earth. But BDG is different in that they do return. And they obviously are not reincarnations but reborn from their previous lives. Also, the other world's situation is linked to the earth's apocalypse.

Which brings us to the shorter third arc, where it suddenly turns into a battle between the gods. This is intricately tied to the zombie apocalypse on earth so I can't say that the author pulled this from nowhere. The MCs go back and forth between the two worlds, so there's some interesting business subplots going on as well.


Not many plot holes, but the last chapter isn't really all that great since

it ended off in the other world with no real coverage of earth. Not too much of a problem, since it's easy to guess but it'd probably have been nice to read about it rather than speculating.


Relationship between the MCs is EXTREMELY sweet, which is why I continued to read. Not many obstacles in their relationship except for one tiny bump that lasted about 20 (?) chapters?

ML is usually super duper doting and spoils the MC like there's no tomorrow. In Yyer, someone made him doubt the MCs love for him (which is actually really understandable since the MC is always on the receiving end and if you know his personality from the released chapters though he changes from the depressed state into a more lively person, he still passively accepts love without having verbally declared his love for ML... It's not strange for his feelings to be doubted) and so ML was slightly overbearing. People might find this abrupt shift hard to read, but tbh ML never did anything MC didn't want. Also, his mood was entirely dependent on his power stability which was already very unstable before he was provoked by that other someone and also relied on his faith in MCs love for him, so mood swings galore at this time. The really borderline thing I'd say would be that he turned slightly yandere due to his possessiveness, not letting MC talk or look at anyone else--not that he ever hurt MC though. But ML only wanted to keep up that act for a month before splitting up with MC. Basically, he wanted a time for just both of them for the last time before splitting since he felt that the MC was unwillingly tied to him and he didn't want to wrong MC. Obviously, they didn't split up and even strengthened their love for each other later.

Lots of dog food for the single people out there.

Side characters are particularly memorable for me. At least, when they are mentioned I can remember them. They get their own lovers too. Most of them, at least.

Villains, they aren't always 2D, though most are pretty hateful. Their reasons are understandable and some even switch sides (or maybe just one).

Maybe it's MTL or the author just didn't write descriptions, but the hot scenes are not described at all, just one sentence or two occasionally. But I thought it was okay you can still tell whether it was intense or gentle sometimes.

TLDR it's worth reading and binging if you have the time. <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c54
This novel isn't just about fighting vicious zombies. What makes it interesting is the impacts on people's livelyhoods: how a fight for survival drives humanity to abandon moral codes and resort to extreme measures. I feel like the author really thought through what entails with an apocalyptic world. It dips into a lot of uncomfortable topics (even mental illness which I suspect the MC is suffering from).

I know a lot of reviewers have complained about the MC's indifferent attitude. Indeed, the MC's viewpoints are very depressing and it's unsettling how... more>> he constantly talks about 'wanting to die.' Although the MC seems very detached, he's highly aware of what's happening with the people around him. Through his lenses, we get to see how scarce resources brings out the worst in people. The MC's mood always drops when he witnesses these things (as he himself was a victim, but now he's getting better because of the ML's affections and he doesn't think about dying as much now) :

    • how ability users or those of high influences uses that to hog resources from starving people
    • Strong people form small groups to protect themselves and gather resources. Because of the scarcity of resources, they only allow useful and strong people to join. In a family that includes elder and children, people are often forced to make hard decisions to abandon their family to join these groups or starve to death with their families.
    • how starvation leads to cannibalism. This is the first novel I've come across that features cannibalism in a realistic context of survival. In this novel, the fear of zombies drives people to hide in safe areas that has a limited food supply. When that food supply runs out.... (you know what happens). This novel leaves out the gory details and focuses more on the circumstances (the causes and effects).
In this novel, a side effect of the apocalypse was the awakening of ability users. The ML demonstrates a really impressive leadership with training the ability users and leading operations. The ML is very efficient with how he manages his team and allocate roles (for disaster relief, for defense, for offense, etc). Each ability users have specific roles and contribute into making coordinated moves. What makes the ML particularly likable is that he treats his people very well.

It's kind of funny how the ML who uses his abilities for domestic uses (like cooking meals) to pamper the MC while everyone is struggling just to survive. <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
January 15, 2020
Status: c20
This series is so good. The MC is suicidal, I mean obviously just look at the title, and extremely picky. He's not overpowered like most characters when they get a second chance. Instead he sits back and has the ML do everything for him. And I mean everything!
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Melange rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This is definitely a novel that highlights the importance of completing the entire story before leaving a review, because it consists of three distinctly different arcs.

The first arc could be described as serious, the second arc as melodramatic, and the third as whimsical. Approximately two thirds of the novel consists of the first arc, which I would rate as a 5/5, while the later third of the novel deserves a 3/5.

By and large, the first arc is most impactful, and this is where most of the characters that anyone would... more>> want to care about show up. Unfortunately, the majority of them are eventually phased out never to be seen again. In comparison, the quality of the second and third arc are not nearly as good as they're riddled with deus ex machina and common tropes.


I lost track of the number of times that MC or ML showed in the nick of time for whatever event it was they happened to be crashing.


The romance is slow in this, but it's worth it. Like other reviewers mentioned, it's a gradual build up that is filled with occasional challenges. There is one major hiccup in their relationship that some readers might find objectionable, although it eventually strengthens their relationship.

If the story had ended shortly after MC awakened his power, it would have been a perfectly decent ending. However, the author chose to drag this out in order to provide a plausible explanation for everyone's rebirth in a way that just barely makes sense. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the novel as a whole. <<less
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soie_yoie rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c50
Great story. I like the dynamic of the MC and ml. I liked how the story progressed.

As for the translation team...... Idk. This seems very mtl-ish.

I was wondering why I was having issues understanding the translation. Then I saw "scorpion" and I realized why.

... more>> If you can read and understand this translation. You dont have to wait for translation. You can just mtl the novel because its about the same thing.

Pronouns changes here and there. Some sentence dont make sense.

When I am reading mtl, I dont mind the issues because its google translate. When im reading an english translation. I'm exspecting to it to be in proper english.

Im a bit conflicted because I like the story but the translation needs more effort. <<less
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Rustle silver butterflies
Rustle silver butterflies rated it
July 8, 2020
Status: c65
Really unique idea lol. This is quite touched me that MC isn't purposeful and positive-minded person. (Because I'm a bit suicidefull person)

He is originally calm and emotionless person, but because of impact previous life experience he has suicidal tendencies. He is even stronger than ML, but he doesn't want trying to do anything, because he realize they ultimately all won't have happy end.

ML quickly found him, confessed in love and started to spoil and pamper him. (So productive person) This is really fun and cute. Especially when he... more>> trying to gain benefits. By the way, this bathtub of vinegar jealous even of plants if more precicely of lettuce.

ML indeed not yandere, just many a**holes surround his dear. Although not, he is yandere, but he behave quote adequately more or less, I guess. Obviously he wouldn't survive if he acted differently.

This is much fun or much sad idk what more, because such situations make me laugh, but another make me really sad, because they really haven't choice. This is one of the apocalypse novel which don't say that all will be fine, even ML who trying to his best for survive realize that they can't live more than in past life and he just wants to make happy his beloved.

With my "Optimism" I don't suppose that they will be live many years and apocalypse will be end. But I want to see MC who became happier and appreciate his life more. His feelings for ML and more vigorous, joyful character. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
May 31, 2020
Status: c60
Interesting! I personally really enjoy zombie apocalypse troupes, and this one is basically all about that, so I had fun reading. Synopsis makes it feel like the "lil bro" is weakish and has pure intentions, but then through his attentive care MC feel in love. Nah, this lil bro is OP and gunning for tofu from the start lol

I get MC. I know some people think he's very boring because of how indifferent he is, but honestly, it makes sense. Not only has he been inhumanely tortured, he, the strongest... more>> human of the race, also feels utterly and hopelessly powerless in front of the dark energies of the apocalypse. If the world and everything in it can't exist in 10 years, and the entire process to that destruction is only full of despair and cruelty, what's the point of struggling? But he sees ML's care, he sees the people around him, and he slowly starts to appreciate the present.

ML is also a very realistic character, putting aside his obsession w MC (even though there's a very good reason for that too). He's super powerful, but he's lived through that time where the entire world abandoned him. He's good to those who are good to him, will straightforwardly destroy those who hurt him but mostly those who hurt MC, and unwilling to waste energy on the rest. Everything he does is for MC.

I also like the side characters. It's inevitable that some of them fall off as the story continues, but it's still okay. I'm glad the sis showed character development, and the children are cute as well. I wonder how this story will end though, it feels too unlikely to see a proper HE for the world lol.

Edit: Just read the other reviews and idk maybe later on the story becomes a bit of a mindf*ck but for now it's still interesting <<less
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idledays rated it
February 14, 2020
Status: c29
It's a good novel. The tone, the wording, the world building, and the translation are all good. It's only a 3.5 stars to me because the MC was a bit too.... passive in my opinion. It was getting kind of frustrating to read, even though I understand where he was coming from. I think the way they portrayed MC's suicidal tendencies were a bit contradicting, but then again, everyone reacts differently.

I'll probably drop this novel due to this, but if you like an overpowered ML and fluff you'll probably like... more>> this! <<less
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RickyTracy rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c212
I like this story till c100+. But then and then I feel bored. In case of plot, right that is unique. But I feel the fusion is absurd.

... more>>

. You see this is an apolocyse novel with many charactors rebirth. I like the fact bcuz author don't give golden finger only MC. But then the story line force to push into fantasy world! With Gods, Elves, Magician...... Suddenly, I felt sick reading this. MC's mental situation changes all the time like from villian to white lotus. Lol


So Until about 100 chapter it's worth reading. After 100, the unexpected plot twist can't give you excitment, but what-the-hell-is-going-on feeling.


I really don't like the thing when author wants to write the world end with religion things. She wrote MC like Jesus. May be bcuz I am atheist I don't feel like oh! I can buy with this.


If you want to read MC find solution the world end with in modern science way, this story's not for you. <<less
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TamedFox rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: Completed
It's 300+ chapters. Finished reading this after 4 days. I feel dead. The mtl is easy to understand so I decided to waste 4 days reading the whole book.

Bruuuuhh. So this one actually has a whole lot of explanations about the apocalypse. The first part of the novel is a zombie apocalypse and the second half is western fantasy. The transition between the zombie apocalypse to western fantasy is fairly smooth... more>>

since the reason for the zombies and dark energy is connected to the western fantasy setting in the later part of the book. So the whole book is actually western fantasy.


I was really nervous reading this novel because the title is "Boss's Death Guide" and I thought it was connected to the MC's unwillingness to live. I was really happy when the MC finally finds the will to live and decides to fight.

I HATE how the other characters think that the MC and ML is taking advantage of the other. I hate how the other characters think that they're not actually in love. But it was dealt with later.

There was actually a part where the ML had doubts whether the MC actually likes him but I'm glad it went well.


The characters are op but expect lots of trouble and annoying characters. It's not too annoying and troublesome because it's not like those cliché reborn books where annoying minor villains exist for hundreds of chapter. In this book, characters that gets in the way of the MC, despite being annoying, they only exist for at most 50 chapters then they poof. And in those 50 chapters, they only appear in about 15 chapters. And it's not like each of those 15 chapters is written and dedicated just for them. So it's not that bad.

The ending is ok but there's still many things I want to know like what happened to the other characters. <<less
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November 3, 2020
Status: c88

I skipped to the end chapters. It's kinda weird that the initial modern apocalypse zombie world turn into medieval like world, complete with godhead, church of light, etc. There's even a dash of cultivation seasoning, the sect, etc.

Perhaps the MTL is not correct (?) because I find it hard to accept the sudden change of genre but yeah I also skipped reading the untranslated chapters and directly go to the end. Just because I wanna know, was it worthwhile reading all 300 something chapters.

Nah, I'll hang this on my bookmark, but probably I'm not going to finish it.

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