Commanding Wind and Cloud


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This was the era that belonged to various powerful bloodline warriors, the fervorous era where magic powers and warrior energies were the deciding factor of dominance! With endless ardour and unstoppable courage, a grassroot nobody could also shine and live like a boss!

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Stark3 rated it
April 13, 2017
Status: c550
EDIT: After getting to chapter 550, I'm downgrading my rating from a 3 to a 2. Will also be dropping the series. Unfortunately, this is another novel that has a good premise in the beginning, but becomes increasingly mediocre after the first 200 chapters or so.

... more>>

By around the middle of the series, the game element is reduced to 0. What we have instead is incredibly annoying repetition. Chapters are comprised mainly of either other people recounting the MC's feats, betting the MC is so young so he's impossible to do X, or thinking what a bright future the MC has ahead given youth and attainments. We have trade union presidents left and right shedding tears because of how skilled the MC is, and giving him their president status. There is almost no story anymore, and the transitions -- everything -- is handled as subtly as a brick smashed to your face.



I'm giving this novel a 3 rating - not really good, but not bad either.

What's keeping me from giving this a 4 at the very least?

* shallow story - there isn't much in the way of world building. Avoiding info dumps is great, but at nearly half of the novel (c334) you still don't have a solid impression of the world aside from what's in the immediate surrounding of the MC.

* Annoying tradeskill disparity - for some reason, there are hardly any skilled blacksmiths, pharmacist, alchemists in the MC's world. The author also insists in making them more s*upid, in that people aside from the MC needs to be specialized in just one department (swords or spears or armor, etc for blacksmiths, skin wounds, bone, internal organs etc for pharmacists). It's annoying when the author keeps on bringing up the fact (ad nauseam) that MC is at the master class for all departments for all three tradeskills (with more skills to come from the hat world) at less than 20 years of age.

What's ok: for all of the benefits that the MC gets from the hat world, he can only bring back the skills / knowledge he's earned, so at least he's not THAT op.

What's interesting: the game like elements in the hat world (skill level ups! :D), fighting mechanics <<less
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Gregor1422 rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: c16
Highly recommend this novel as it is a very fun read. Plus so far it has elements of gaming (without the level system so its not annoying) and focused on warriors, mages, and blacksmithing. And the best part is, apart form the slight choppiness in the first chapter, the rest of the chapter flow smoothly, and the world building is done slowly but at a good pace too so it reads like a western novel at times. Also helps that the editing and translating is spot on, making for a... more>> very enjoyable read. Good release frequency feels good too lol :). Thanks for the great work translator, keep it up as it is a very fun story to read! <<less
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Vincent234 rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: chapter 293
A very interesting novel like hail to the king. But this novel it', s more unique than hail to the king the MC is travelling to other dimesion inside the hat to train and after that he will go back to this world with a much more stronger. The action scene is so fantastic it was so fatastic and the plot is was so relaxing unlike other novel. Try this novel
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andrewswings rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c75
i just started reading today and got to chapter 75 and I really enjoy it not only does it have potential but it avoids most things you find in xuanhuan novels like emotional MC or instantly learns something (solves this with time skips) this MC is more realistic in real life someone wont just break down into a mess they will have fear but not the extreme

they will be like those assassins

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beddedOtaku rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: c338
It's amazing how a novel can go from being a pretty decent read to outright god-levels of exhausting. It almost feels as though the person who began writing a novel suddenly turned to his kid and asked the said kid for advice on what to do and, well, lo and behold, we get this shit.

There are so many things wrong with CWC that I don't even know where to begin. Admittedly, the start of the novel (first 200~ chapters) are pretty decent, if we ignore the filler. We follow our... more>> MC through one adventure after another and watch him grow stronger, develop as a character and meet all sorts of wacky morons that will inevitably turned into resource-sucking droids that entirely depend on our MC to do anything. Which is, you know, fine, since that's how EF mostly go about side characters these days.

One thing the novel always lacked is that overarching sense of story. While motto of EF is that 'always leveling up' feeling, they need a narrative to tie that sh*t together. CWC doesn't have one and it suffers greatly because of it. We pretty much know that all this sh*t will one day accumulate into a war between humans and demons, but without any proper narrative to get us there, it's boring.

Characters are also all over the place; while some are fine, most are just... annoying. Not in the kind of villainous way where you want to see them buried and burned, but one where you just outright skip their scenes because they say nothing new. All of this way fine, but then MC's past came into being.

It's strange how a lot of EF novels pay a lot of attention to MC's past, but once we get to it, it usually turns into utter shit. And it's no different here. I swear, past 200th chapter or so, this novel just... stopped. Just flat out stopped. 100+ chapters are dedicated to nothing. True to its name, to just winds and clouds. It turned from a somewhat interesting read to every base-level EF novel ever.

'What's that? You say you are a forge master? But you are 10 years old!'

'Ha, look at this sh*t I crafted, face-slap!'

'What's that? You say you are a pharmacy master? But you are 10 years old!'

'Ha, look at this sh*t I concocted, face-slap!'

'What's that---'

Over and over and over again. And when it's not that, it's dealing with MC's family. Oh. My. Swollen. Buttocks. It's like author can't come up with any more story or ways to hinder the overall narrative, so he sticks so much attention to MC's dad it's f*cking insane. In real life, his father would have been beheaded the moment MC left the family in the first place. Outright disobedience of the rules in noble-like strata doesn't equate to 'let's humiliate the dude that didn't really matter in the first place for some sort of weird self-satisfaction and fetish', it equates to execution.

It amazes me that author is so desperate to make us hate this family. It beyond amazes me that he manages to utterly fail despite all his attempts. Honestly, I don't hate his family. I feel nothing about his family. His family is just a big void to me. What's even the point? Author keeps stating his family's patriarch or whatever doesn't care about 'face', so why not just outright kill MC? Because, if I was the leader of super-duper family in a fantasy world, and some random dildo who in my eyes matters less than the sh*t I take came up to me and challenged my authority, why would I do anything other than killing him? Oh well. Plot-armor and such.

I'm honestly just done. I'm done with MC who's way, way, way, way dumber than he seems at the start (he's actually pretty great at the start, but, well...). I'm done with his ret*rded harem that makes about as much sense as my existence. I'm done with his desire to trump over bloodline warriors because that motive is nothing but selfish in a world distraught by wars between humans and demons. I'm done with his petty squabbles with nobodies. I'm done with his 'humbling' sh*t when dealing with aux fields. I'm done with his ret*rded f*cking family. I'm done with his god-ridden leeching 'friends'. I'm just... so... f*cking done. <<less
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Vali Lucifer
Vali Lucifer rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c385
EDIT: As of chapter 360, this novel is an amazing harem. It took 300+ chapters but it was worth it. This is a HAREM novel and the tag needs to be there. For now 5 harem members

Decent novel. The MC's friends ruin the novel for me... at time that is.

... more>> He gives them OP weapons, armor, potions...... and then when they go somewhere everyone thinks that the MC is their servant, which is beyond annoying for me. Other than that, the novel is good imo.

WHERE THE F*CK IS THE HAREM TAG ? As of chapter 278 the MC has 2 women in his harem and the 3rd one will join later. And there maybe more women later on. <<less
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Mimosa rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: --
《Edited : 4/5 before

The newly introduced characters ain't unique and a rip-off of old ones; some characteristics pf theirs seemed to be there to make the novel's atmosphere lighter, but for me, it was as if the author threw a chess piece that make the game more awkward to read.

Women also downright an easy game for the MC.

Okay, I get it, this is harem, but come on! Give us something that will make that harem member distinguishable. Only that mage kid with double personality have a bit of a depth... more>> in her character. <<less
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Ignus rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: c40
It is a bit to early to rate this story, as of chapter 40, it is still in its infancy.

Nothing stand out as wrong, or poorly written, so 4 stars it is.

If you like stories that have crafting, blacksmithing, then this story is for you. Duolou Dalu, Legend of the Dragon King have similar blacksmithing story beginnings.

Nothing particularly stands out, or is exceptional to me to separate this from other stories. But also nothing is wrong. Story has a nice tempo, and switches between different scenes to keep the story... more>> feeling fresh. Filler material is kept to a minimun. So more story and plot and less ramblings about Supreme God warrior ranked 7 warrior vs Supreme Magistrate wizard half step ranked 6 level 8.... well you get the idea. Its all good in a story except when the author takes up half a chapter every other chapter with rambling filler material.

If I had one things I could complain about, something I feel the author didn't do up to standard on is specifically MC's time in the game world. Hopefully future chapters will explore this "unique" aspect of this story. It is what makes this story unique, and it is the one area the author is not utilizing. MC should be exploring it more, asking more questions of the System assist ect... Well we will see in future chapters. <<less
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Yung_lane rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: c360
Look, I really like this novel, but holy sh*t there isn't another novel on this website where people around him leech off him so much. As long as it's not his most personal secret (i.e. The Eternal world) he shares it with all his mates around him. While this selflessness is good, his mates are so shameless that you can't pass this off as being bosom friends lmao as most of the time they attribute their power to their own efforts rather than how much they leech of the main... more>> character. Just a small qualm, this story feigns centering around the main character, because there is hardly a moment where he is actually training alone (bar the first 50 chapters) in this entire novel. Having side characters is good, but only if you intricately design the cast of characters (like in "Breakers" best set of side characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading) in this case, none of them are particular interesting after a couple dozen chapters after meeting them. In that facet, the fact that the a lot of the current story telling and plot hinges around him in this group isn't really a mistake, but it doesn't feel right either.

Because of all this you get a lot of dull chapters and filler bullsh*t that isn't interesting. Filler can be interesting, I mean, every novel has it, however this novel's filler is like cement filling up a hole - boring.

I didn't really write about the positives because it's easier to complain about things you don't like, oh well.

Still a good read I'd say, give it a shot if you like the premise because it's not bad. The enemies are horribly robotic in their speech patterns etc. Though, quite lazy in that regard. <<less
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Spiritsong rated it
March 14, 2017
Status: c16
The premise is simple:

Our MC here, gets a hat that enters a "virtual reality". What he learns / gains in the Virtual Reality gets transmitted / transferred / bleeded into his 'real world'. Furthermore, time passes way more slowly in the virtual reality world than the real world. This is his story. The world building is shallow. (That means no infodump, as of yet, which is great!)
The actions are decently paced.
The narration is okay (not bad, but since it focuses on third party POV with a lot... more>> of monologues, so it can be confusing) <<less
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snsdforever rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: --
An average novel. Overpowered MC with a bunch of sidekicks (3) and girls (3) who want to take revenge on his clan for some random reasons.

The only thing I have found good in this novel is characters. Unlike other novels which throw side characters after each arc this one have some characters which follow MC for quite a long time. The chemistry between them is worth looking for.

And also the MC is very very very OP. Not OP in just one field. Fighting, memory, pharmacy, blacksmith, runes, mystic pharmacy and... more>> many more to come in future. Characters get face slapped.
Overall an okay novel and can be read in free time <<less
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December 11, 2017
Status: c242
Ive read up to where it is currently translated too, Chap 242. I can honestly say this was one of the most enjoyable novels I've ever read. To start with the character isn't some wimpy kid that is scared of his own shadow. The power ups he gets are all justified and he has to work for everything instead of being given it all on a plate (though there are some novels that do that that I enjoy). Ok so the world building isn't great, and so far he hasn't... more>> found an enemy that isn't an easy kill but that doesn't really matter to me. The book keeps a fairly good pace and moves on before anything gets really stale. He gets a good strength upgrade fairly early on so he doesn't have to always run away like some MCs do. <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a good novel. Gave it a 4 cause someone keeps removing my 'Associated Names' from the list. It's not like it does much, just makes it easier for me to search for the damn thing. Plus, I dislike the current translation of the title, and associated names is simply a good way to express other versions of the title without much issue...

TL;DR, it feels petty to see my titles removed, so I'll be petty and just give it a 4 out of 5.

Really a 5 though.

Review? The power upgrades... more>> is simple and constant. I understood from start to finish how MC grew stronger, which already makes the story many-times more comprehensible than other novels. MC himself is a good guy, and the harem is fun, if a bit empty. The merchant sister-of-the-best-friend for example doesn't get much. Does she even live as long as the rest of the harem? What about the other girls who showed interest in MC? Does he ONLY have 3 girls? I counted at least half a dozen potentials...

Fighting-wise, it's a bit on the simpler side. I don't mind it since it doesn't break my head reading it, but I wouldn't put the author up with TJSS or anyone like that.

Plot? Eh. The main plot came in the middle, but I do like how MC's goals from the start take the entire story to finish. That at least shows author wasn't BSing most of it.

The setting is quite nice. I want to expect more of an expansion on the world, particularly the second continent that suddenly popped up near the end. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c269
Chapter 169: I'd actually rate it 4.5. There's nothing really terribly wrong with the novel; it's just not epic enough to get a 5 (so far).

MC... is kinda normal. Nothing special about him so far. Ruthless, but loves his buds and family. Has a cool weapon and learns/levels quickly. The little revenge backstory is okay. There are moments where he's amusing though. His cheat is the most interesting thing about him. It's what makes the story fun to read. Even though the MC is on the way to OP-ness, he... more>> still can't use magic. That's probably his only apparent weakness. In the future, I think the author will remedy that though...


The cheat hasn't been truly developed? I'm not sure. I can't tell whether he's started the game yet. Anyways, he's currently leveling up and learning professions in his cheat. The characters in the cheat are interesting. Gotta love them. Also, I'm kinda upset that it doesn't seem that he'll get his family's bloodline awakened. Maybe he'll mutate his own?


MC's masters are fun and mysterious. I find his relationship with seniors to be the most interesting. The romance and best bud attribute is weird. It's a harem. The girls don't seem annoying, but they haven't been totally fleshed out yet in my opinion. Still a bit of mystery left behind MC's background.

This novel is generic, but it's a good type of generic. It had fun moments. Recently, it dragged on for a bit, but it's still tolerable. The author kinda throws in plot twists/small surprises though. I totally didn't see some of them coming. Sometimes, things get so cliche I can't even expect it. :3

Oh, and the names can be slightly derpy/sudden sometimes (Xuanhuan FTW). MC's is okay though.

EDIT 440: I read more. Basically, it has a lot of cliches and is fairly predictable when the MC is going to face-slap idiots. The story is good though. The writing and MC might be direct and straightforward (perhaps to the extent of being dry, but I wouldn't say that), but it somehow makes the cliched generic stuff interesting. MC gets more girls. They aren't annoying, but when they're around the MC they become the stereotypical harem. At least they have development though and are fairly strong even without the MC. I quite like this novel, but I wouldn't say it's a gem.

MC is pretty good: ruthless when provoked, smart, makes friends, special abilities when appearing normal, OP at his level, can be a decent human being, master of many trades, and isn't arrogant unless provoked. Actually, I'm starting to wonder whether he's a Gary Stu. XD Since his enemies are all stronger than him/OP and he can't resolve every issue, I'd say he isn't... but he's getting close. Masters, please keep him humble! <<less
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Pretender rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: Completed
Well, it wasn't that good, but it was decent/average/not that bad until it reached the last 200 chapters (the novel has 734 chapters), in witch the author simply rushed the novel to its end. The novel give us the idea that it will expand much more, that it has a world beyond that will be explored, and it doesn't do this and just rushes to the end.

But okay, describing the novel shortly: world building average, the romance is not that well built (although having some moments of shining, theres... more>> only 2 girls that are really developed in the relationship, and sometimes we don't remember some of the others). The aspect of "brotherhood" (him and his friends) is sometimes forced, and it's forced how the author strives to give miraculous opportunities/talents for all of them so they can have similar strength, lol.


And, again, it's too rushed in the end! The thing about Ultimate Awakening that we hear so much about, that it's so hard to get and it's so powerful, in a short 5 chapters approaching the end suddenly 20 characters obtained, one after the other. I already had the feeling something like this would happen when everyone became True Saint so fast/suddenly, but not that intensely, haha.


Thats it, hugs and bye, <<less
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