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Ren Zhu: Quiet! Quiet! Look at the blackboard! I’m going to start teaching!

Bear child 1 [1]: Hahaha! Who is this weak chicken!

Bear child 2: May as well dance than listen to class. Why start the class!

Fake good child: Sit upright.

Ren Zhu: ……

Bear child 1: You received the class teacher’s quiet gaze x 1. Physical strength -500. Entered the weak state!

Bear child 2: You received the class teacher’s deep gaze x 1. Intelligence -50. Entered the dumb state!

Fake good child: You received the class teacher’s gratified gaze x 1. Intelligence and physical strength +50. Entered the excited state.

Ren Zhu: My goal is to teach and educate people, and bring love to every bear child. Thank you.

[1] 熊孩子 – literally translates to ‘bear child’. The term is used to address mischievous children.

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New CarinaNovel
Feb 27, 2024
Status: c169
☆☆☆ and a half stars = 3, 5 stars

Unique characters and fresh take on Quick transmigration, the ending leaves to be desired, loose ends are mostly tied up, but there are no finer details. Overall a nice read, with comedy, fluff and two engaging main characters. Tags: Enjoyable read, light hearted, no serious drama, comedy, ML follows MC through every world, short arcs (in my opinion •^•)

A Teacher that successfully taught bear children and adults for 30 years died. A System bonds with him and he gets skills with affects like - 100 mental strength or -50 intelligence. All in all it is a very powerful system.

He is serious, scary teacher who teaches his children/students with love!

ML: ML's habits, likes and dislikes don't change from world to world, he gets a trauma every time MC dies in a world. ML likes to set up flags for the next world's setting. Example: Arc 3[ It's a pity that this world doesn't have any martial arts techniques that can let you fly or transfer your internal energy. Otherwise, I will definitely pass you several decades worth of power. ] Arc overview:

Title Arc 1: Save the psychopathic killer


1. World (modern)

ML= powerful, rich psychologist who goes undercover as an ordinary teacher. Bear adult, who somehow become infutated with this teacher after watching him for a while because of his big personality change,

MC dies suddenly without a warning at an old but not reasonable age.


Title Arc 2: Poison poison poison


2. World (modern, slightly more advanced technology, gourmet food is top priority)

Goal/order/: save the poisoner

ML = chef in the top 10 rankings of all chefs, teaches a little,

MC died from a knife attack


Title Arc 3: Against heaven and earth


3. World (modern, money is top priority in this world)

Goal/order: correct the Violent abuser

MC = villain turned undercover

ML = Qin Cong = rich and powerful businessman, always self-confident wealthy and powerful against heaven and earth (=chuunibyou*) young master Qin, martial artist,

*Middle school second year syndrome. The arrogant and embarrassing behaviour of a 13/14 year old. They think themselves to be all powerful and like an adult.


Title Arc 4: This world is unscientific


4. World (modern, ghosts, supernatural, Taoism)

Goal: save (the evil spirit) 100 malicious ghosts

MC = swindler of a very big feng shui master gang (successful conman)

ML = most powerful Taoist/Exorcist, talks little, iceberg, is aware of the different lifetimes (doesn't have memories) and searches for a way to bind them together for eternity


Title Arc 5:

(apocalypse/alian insect invasion)


Title Arc 6: Saving the brain dead lover

(ABO, mecha, futuristic)

MC: bullied orphan, dies early in the Academy.

ML: prestigious family of heroes who sacrifice themselves for the federation, ML is strong but his mental force is unstable and he's likely to die young, is fed up with being targeted, used and expected to sacrifice himself.


Arc 7: Original World

(The same ABO, mecha, futuristic world of Arc 6)


The ending is okay, it leaves something/things? To be desired. MC and ML are an old couple, (most loose ends get tied up, details get brushed over/off. It's confusing and ended too quick.
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Sep 06, 2019
Status: Completed
So, I thought this light novel had a really interesting and cute premise so I decided to MTL it. Maybe having MTLed read a lot different stuff, I found it okay to get through but certainly not ideal to do it that way. There was a lot of stuff that didn't make sense, so heads up if you want to do that.

As for the story itself, I quite enjoyed the whole teach correcting bear-children angle; it definitely infused a breath of fresh air into the genre as well as some... more>> humor... at least for the first half. Like, many world-hopping novels, the cycle got repetitive, especially since the author doesn't particularly flesh out the Teaching system. But uh, MC gets some pretty OP abilities that become less and less used in teaching situations and later on just become combat abilities which honestly detracted from the appeal of the novel for me. I noticed that happened as the worlds became less and less modern-day setting and ventured into the more fantastical, e.g. zombie apocalypse (this arc is REALLY long for some reason although it had a negligible twist) and interstellar. Also, the twist regarding MC at the end was disappointing. Not gonna lie, I felt the quality of the light novel nosedive because it became fairly generic. Oh, here's an especially cringe reason why I was not feeling the novel near the end:


the final arc is this one where the ML and MC are age-regressed with MC retaining his adult mind while in an 8 year old's body for the majority of it while the ML is like 13-14ish with no memories. So it's super creepy when the ML starts developing romantic feelings towards MC and being possessive. Like, I kept reading hoping the author would age them up quickly, but NOOOOPE. I did not enjoy nor appreciate that... and it's ironic because there's an earlier arc where there are child mol*sters that the MC/ML stop and punish.


As for the characters themselves, the MC and ML are... okay. The MC is a bit more interesting because at least he has his whole teaching obsession/persona which helps define him from other MCs, but other than that, he's pretty typical OP for no reason protag except for the "twist." And ML is... pretty boring, tbh. OP ML golden thigh possessive, obsessive... not too over the top, but doesn't particularly stand out. He's endearing in some of the earlier arcs because his personality per arc is kind of random, but that fades away the more story progresses and like the rest of the story, becomes generic.

Now you're wondering, "Reviewer, why did you give this novel 4 stars (edit: now 3) when most of your review is mostly critical of the novel?" Well, to tell you the truth, I pressed 4 stars at the beginning and it was only as I was writing that I noticed my mistake. BUT, to the novel's credit, it started off pretty strong and throughout the story, there are some pretty good moments that made me smile or laugh. So there's that... This novel is probably 3.5 stars but you should definitely read my spoiler and avoid it if you don't like shota-ish (there's no explicit s*xual stuff.. but....) situations. <<less
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May 16, 2021
Status: c90
I have read way too many QT novels and bl and I have to say, this one is one of the unique ones. It's special to my heart because it doesn't focus a lot on how op the ML is and the MC isn't carried by the ML. The MC and the ML are in a relationship that is both healthy as well as equal. The power dynamic doesn't lean to one side and they actually seem well suited to each other, a true power couple.

I wasn't going to write... more>> a review for this one, but the 'complaints' people had about this novel made me fairly confused. As somebody who likes to read reviews before reading a book, I find them to be particularly misleading. If I hadn't been attracted by the summary while I was trawling through CG, and if I'd come across it here in nu, I wonder if I would've read this book......... I don't want people to be misguided by bad reviws that were posted after reading MTLs, so here I'll put forth a few points against all the ways I think the reviews have wronged this novel:

  1. "The ML is creepy". No. Absolutely not. I feel like my mental faculties work well enough to distinguish between what is healthy and what is toxic. The ML has never forced MC in anything, never stalked him, always tried to help him, respected his privacy and space and most importantly, trusted him explicitly. There is mutual love and care between them and it's one of the most healthy relationships I have read in BL. There is also no smut (since this is shounen ai) so I don't see how ML became creepy and abusive just because he flirted with MC (and surprise! MC flirted back! There was explicit concent to things like hugging and kissing!).
  2. "This is a class teacher system but I didn't find anything related to teaching." Well, we asians have this thing where anybody who guides and educates people is a teacher. 'Teacher', for us, isn't supposed to be a professon to make money with; it's supposed to be an ideal, a state of mind. The MC perfectly portrays that ideal. No, he isn't a white lotus with a golden finger, he's just an educator who is a bit OP and takes his job seriously. If you think that the lengths he goes to as a teacher isn't something that happens irl then (a) you're reading QT. I'm pretty sure transmigration doesn't happen irl either and (b) one of my teachers helped her student take her mom to the hospital at midnight and find a blood donor for her mother who had a rare blood type. She also took care of this student till her mother was well enough to be discharged, routinely bringing her food and being an emotional support. Some teachers do actually care about their students, though of course, it's a really small percentage now a days. Also, the MC was literally a class teacher for three worlds straight. Let me tell you there are only 5 worlds that have been translated till now and out of them, one was a pseudo cultivation/modern world fusion with ghost-hunting (which was my favourite because it was very interesting amd out of the norm) and the next one is an apocalyptic world.
  3. "He didn't really teach anybody". I suggest you read the novel again (or not). This isn't a slice of life where we'll get to see him teaching literature. That would be boring. The MC does teach people in a way by changing their lives. Sometimes it's through words, something it's his actions. If he had actively forced himself into the lives of his students then it wouldn't be very nice. He shows his personality, lets them know that he'll listen and help if they ever came to him, and he gives them their space.
  4. "The story is too fluffy and bland" I've said this before and I'll say this again, I have read all kinds of QT and I can swear that this is one of the more unique kinds. All the BL QTs I have read have the same type of arc, with illegitimate sons, overbearing CEOs, a cultivation realm that doesn't really make a lot of sense, an ancient era with power struggles to become the emperor etc. This one has none of them so far (and only one more arc is left to be translated). The cultivation arc this story does have is a modern world fusion and the MC has to save the evil spirits. What 'only fluff'? This story hits your heart when you least expect it.
  5. I have yet to see another QT novel that so beautifully portrays the subconscious love, fear and concern the ML has for MC. And vice versa.

    In the first world, ML promises MC that he would learn to perfectly cook his favourite dish even if it takes him his whole life. He doesn't succeed but he becomes a chef in his next life, and the first thing he learns is to make MC's favourite food, even though he dislikes cooking. In the first life, since MC drops dead on his birthday, in his second life MC finds that the ML has a deep obsession with finding health tonics that will keep the body healthy in old age, lest he lose somebody dear to him 'again'. In his second life, MC dies by being stabbed, so the ML in the third life deeply hates knives. In his third life, ML finds that MC may be a different and special soul, so in his fourth life, he creates a way to identify whether a soul. ML doesn't really remember the MC, but the love is carved deep in his bones. Both of them have small ticks and habits left behind from their past lives which don't make sense individually, but when they come together, they fit like two pieces of the same puzzle. They are like an old married couple even when they meet for the first time in each life. The MC and ML are obviously different people each lifetime, but those habits remain. I find that both beautiful and precious. People who say there's not much in the way of romance in this story can come fight me ^_^

  6. "The side characters are boring/have no personality/too forgettable" The side characters are probably my second favourite part of the story. I connect with them and I want them to achieve happiness. They are, by no means, boring or forgettable. I do not know why people would feel like that, though I understand that everybody has their own preferences. The second best part about this story is that it doesn't revolve around only the ML and the MC. I was emotionally invested in the side characters, which is more than what I can say about many other novels. Yes, I am a bit mad about how the ending doesn't always have closure to all the intercations and the lives MC has touched, but it's a QT, it's supposed to be fast forwarded. The pacing is fine as it is.
  7. "There is no real conflict" lmao was the literal evil organisation brainwashing children and killing people not enough for you? Oh wait, maybe you didn't really reach that arc! You based your whole review off the first two arcs which are supposed to be easy since they are the training wheels for the MC.
  8. MC is too smart? Well what did you expect from a successful teacher who's already a few centuries old and has quite a few buffs due to the system? It's too easy to win? Well, that may be because he's there to actually educate children who could become future psycopaths (but are kids right now) and not to fight with monsters or something? He doesn't make use of his system? How exactly is he supposed to 'make use' of the system? He uses his powers where necessary. And the system isn't a talkative little brainless (but cute?) Idiot as seen in most of the other novels with systems.
  9. The writing is amusing enough to make me laugh out loud or at least smile uncontrollably. Let me tell you about how much experience I have in pretending to study seriously while reading comedy novels right in front of my parent. It's around a decade. I know what I am doing.
This is by no means a novel that requires a lot of brains to read. It's light hearted, fast paced, fluffy with bits of hurt/comfort and angst scattered around and it's, well, a QT. However, I have never once felt like skipping an arc and neither have I ever felt like a particular arc was too long. It's obviously not the best, but I can see the effort the author has put into it. When I had started reading this, I didn't have a lot of expectations, but it pleasantly surprised me. Hats off to the translator who made it seem like the whole novel was originally written in english in the first place.

My only sincere advice to people who find the relationship between MC and ML to be abusive/creepy or they find the arcs to be senseless—

Please stop reading MTLs. They ruined a story with a perfectly healthy relationship for you. <<less
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Aug 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Since I'm only at the first chapter, I don't think I can give it an accurate review just yet, but what I've seen so far has been funny.

This seems to be about an amazing teacher who has just died and was chosen by a System to reincarnate into a teaching position where his services are required to rehabilitate rowdy children and complete missions. As the System's Host, he's allowed the standard accumulate-points-to-access-goodies benefit, and all of the skills he starts off with sound so cringey (and he thinks so too).... more>> He's just a testy guy who wants to spread the joys of teaching and learning.

[Update as of ch4]

I don't know if I should take back the "joys of learning" part since he's just introduced corporal punishment, but then again, the good students liked watching the bear children be on the receiving end of pain for the first time in their lives, so maybe it could still apply.

Although the teacher is vengeful to those that wrong him, he is professional to the point that he only punishes the bear children's present behaviour, not their past behaviour. And, in the words of the person who is most likely the ML, our MC is also confident and sly. He observes everything and responds accordingly, using both his own intelligence/personality and his System to make the bear children freeze and know that they're in for hell if they don't get their acts together.

[Update as of ch51]

The ML has the same soul in every world and falls for the MC pretty quickly each time, partially due to the familiarity he subconsciously feels towards the MC after spending multiple lifetimes together and partially because the ML finds the MC's appearance/disposition beautiful/sexy, especially when he sees the MC teaching (the ML is starting to develop a kink -_-). While he doesn't have the same personality each time, he's always somewhat arrogant and listens to what the MC says.

Before every world, the ML says something sweet like "I'll do X for you in my next life" or "You'll have to wait until I'm reborn before I can X", and every time that is foreshadowing for the next arc.

[Update as of ch162]

I was tricked


The worlds are as follows:


World 1: Normal modern world.

World 2: Culinary world. Modern.

World 3: Money-centric world. Modern.

World 4: Modern world with ghosts.

World 5: Apocalyptic modern world with zombies + zerg (?).

World 6: Interstellar world.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 24, 2019
Status: c23
Sweet and hilarious, and the skill names are always funny!!!

Lighthearted and fluffy, highly recommend for reading after a long day for rest and stress relief. ???
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 08, 2019
Status: c40
This is a light hearted, with occasionally dark (harsh real life) moments of the students, sort of story. Lots of humor, and fun interaction between the main characters through out the worlds.
This is a good story to enjoy with fun twists. The system isn't active, but more like a guide, with really fun twists on the abilities of a teacher. I get a kick out of the abilities! Just too much fun! I really hope you give this a try.
Have fun!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 13, 2020
Status: c47
The arcs so far are really abusive. I usually like that kind of writing but I feel like this once is really cliche so far and I don't like it as much as I expected. I suppose the 2 stars are more because I had high expectations and was let down than it being a bad book. I still wouldn't read it again though.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 23, 2019
Status: c26
The MC is really strong and capable, kinda reminds me of Koro-sensei. I also like how ML isn't too OP and overbearing which makes the two of them truly a power couple. It also hits on your maternal instincts because of all the cute children.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 16, 2021
Status: c104
The concept sounded new and hence interesting- a class teacher system focused on educating naughty kids across dimensions... but the plot quickly becomes more and more predictable and boring. System skills are a bit too unreasonably OP. Forget schooling children it can even disarm thugs, provide stealth skills of an Assassin and provide AoE stun/petrify skills. Most of them don't even have any CD or side effects. Not to forget, in each universe the ML himself is the biggest goldfinger for MC by being the very rich, most handsome &... more>> most powerful person. And all the antagonists are such simple and straightforward cute little angels who'll never earnestly use their brains or resources to block/eliminate the MCs🙂~ and I dunno if it's because I'm a deplorable and twisted person but MC's counterattack/revenge on people who abuse children feel very tame and unsatisfactory.... If I wanted to read such lawful and run-of-the-mill outcome/punishment of offenders I'd go read the newspaper or case records🙄 I feel like the story was 'realistic' at the most inappropriate points and pretty much unrealistic everywhere else.

The plot, world building and romance can all be explained using the same adjectives- specious, bland, rushed and unrealistic. There's also quite a few plotholes and instances of author mixing up things. And there's never enough details to give the novel some necessary verisimilitude. I do agree it's pointless to expect slow and logical development of plot/characters throughout in stories, especially QT ones, but this is just disappointing especially considering the 4.4 rating it's got here. I struggled to finish 4 arcs. The translation is good so I read it till the latest update but I won't be following/picking it up again~🙂👋 <<less
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Oct 02, 2021
Status: --
I want to compare this novel with the dark version of piano piece 'Fur Elise'.

But imagine if the MC is right hand that played the melody and the ML is left hand that played the harmony.

Like Fur Elise, the segments or worlds he hopped to were easy... at first. The MC is the cream of the teaching crop who can finish the tasks by himself since the system is OP and he himself is also OP.

But once you reached the next segments, the left hand must join to play the... more>> harmony or it wouldn't be a complete story, or maybe the MC wouldn't even reach the ending safely. There's a purpose for a 'strong love interest' tag up there, and it wasn't used as an accessories to make the ML more desirable. <<less
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Jan 04, 2021
Status: c46
Getting a big deja vu every arc. I’ve only read three arcs and I can tell it’s getting very generic and boring. I really liked the story of the people the MC is saving but then the rest is just fake PDA and unoriginal storytelling. The romance is repetitive, MC finds this OP overbearing guy who just falls in love with him for no reason, the ML tells him how he wants to live his next life (that becomes what his next life will be and now there’s no mystery... more>> on finding who the ML in the next arc will be), he helps the MC and then they both fall in love with no chemistry. Then the MC dies and the ML in the next life fears the thing the MC died from and repeat. There’s no mystery, but OP ML and OP MC fighting nothing. No dog blood, no drama, no plot. After reading QT BL novels like Card Room and Don’t Find Boyfriend in the tr*sh Bin, my expectations have become very high, but even without that high expectation, I wouldn’t even TRY to finish this novel. <<less
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Apr 15, 2020
Status: Completed
This one is good. Similar to other world hopping novels where both MC and ML are OP. But I didn't find it boring since it made me laugh most of the time.

I also like their interactions with side characters. It felt like "they belong and exist" in those certain worlds unlike other world hopping where it mainly focused on MC and ML with 2D side characters. Probably the downside is the author didn't bother to tell what happened to the characters at the end of story (probably bcoz the possible... more>> endings for those are implied in the stories or this being a fast wear). For the last arc, the ML and MC (3rd grade:8y/o) had a 4yr age difference and their feelings are pure and no H stuffs. And I find it cute. I couldn't understand where is d repulsiveness there unless the reader didn't understand that therewwas only 4yr age difference or just she didn't like shota. The ending is also unique. Though I couldn't understand why "class teacher system" out of all the possibilities. Highly recommended for those who like cliche world hopping. <<less
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Jan 13, 2022
Status: Completed
The summary really didn't tempting me to read the novel. But someone passerby mentioned once that this novel is really good, so I put it on my reading list. After long time, finally chose to read this. And gosh.... I fell in Love...!

The first arc really made you fall in Love with this novel. If you even have the heart or brain to dislike it, something is clearly wrong with you. I mean, you don't have to 'like' it, feeling neutral is fine, just keep going. It's truly Wonderful Novel.

It's... more>> novel where MC won't judge his Students/Children/People younger than him if they make mistake, as long as it's not Unforgivable mistake. He will lecture them, punish them if necessary. He really will make them see their mistake and apologize for it. He give them chance to learn from it. MC is the BEST TEACHER EVER!!!

I mean, he's not Omnipotent or a Saint Teacher, he can be very Powerful Teacher because the Teacher Skills he get from the System. But his Good Heart and Strong Mentality is what made his students open their eyes, brain and heart, and see what is right and wrong. He's Firm and can be Merciless, but he's also very Caring Teacher. He's not faking it. He truly care about his students.

I won't mention about ML, it's fun enjoying the ML when you don't expect anything about him. Seriously, Love ML too!

I pray so hard the Translation would continue and this novel would always give us Satisfaction!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Finished at 19 February 2024:



Especially after knowing his Chunni self is the Real him and then you do realise if you pay attention that in the beginning of the few worlds, he does have the unique personality, that with the right trigger he could be the Chunni he is. Lmao

It's NOT OOC if you think deeply about it!!!


Truly Love the Revelation about the Truth of who MC is. Even more how ML truly devoted to MC.

Ah Dammit it made me want to reread it all again!!!

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Sep 19, 2021
Status: --
I didn't read much because I couldn't stand the MC. He gives off major 'I'm not like other girls (or boy in this case) vibes'. His interactions with the ML is something I would find in a Wattpad novel. Honestly if the MC is gonna be portrayed as this smart and black bellied character and then let the ML save his ass and steal his thunder why even bother making him strong in the first place. Really liked the concept but me and the MC just do not click
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Feb 23, 2020
Status: c50
This is a pretty enjoyable novel. I like the care and concern the MC has towards his students. However, my personal opinion is that the romance is kind of dry or the feelings between the MC and ML are not well flushed out. Still cute overall.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rui Miranda
Rui Miranda
Oct 17, 2023
Status: Completed
It's good but not special.

The first 3 world I so much enjoyed. But 4 world till the end is so boring. The pattern is the same as a previous world.

The good thing is about the reason behind world hopping, imo. So enjoy your read while waiting for good book next.
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Aug 21, 2023
Status: c119
Finally its been picked up again. You cannot deny that this is a gem of a novel. It really picks up a different troupe of transmigration origin...

Love the interaction between ML and MC.

As the name suggest class teacher system it's mainly about MC teaching various people about various things... Life lessons to bear children whilst enjoying pampering and finding the mysterious tagret assigned by system is basically the summary.
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Aug 09, 2022
Status: c121
One of the more enjoyable QT novels out there. The MC being a teacher whose goal is to teach bear children is an interesting premise, although later on his abilities level up and is used offensively instead (zombie arc). I also like the ML's change in personality in different worlds. I got teary-eyed when they promised to meet each other in their next life :')
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 19, 2022
Status: c76
I don't why you guys rate this only 3 stars or 2 but for me its 4.5 because its a good story and I really love it; the remaining.5 is because its not complete and I don't know where to find chapter 105 to 164. But if you know where I can read with good translations please do tell me.

You guys need to read this its a very good story. At least for me.
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Mar 15, 2021
Status: Completed
An interesting novel! Our Teacher MC takes care of bad bear children and our ML easily falls for him in every arc lmao. It's a light read (there are some heavy themes but it's not that dark). Like always, I loved the first arc the most lmao, , , I wish the whole novel was about them but then maybe it'd be boring.

... more>>

Zhou Lai and Lu Xiao Pang are dating. I believe they ARE dating. In the last chapter of their arc MC and ML were basically their father figures who came to congrulate their engagement. And the reason I believe they are is because of this sentence;

The two sixty year old handsome old men, wearing red festive Tang suits, looked just like their son or daughter was getting married.

They're definitely dating ohhh my god. My sons. Bickering married couple.

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Dec 20, 2020
Status: c70
I found this extremely boring.

And I found the romance very lacking as well, and very rushed. Actually if you ask me what the plot is about, I wouldn't know what to answer, and I read three whole arcs.
The MC doesn't even know who needs saving, he's just doing whatever and the mission gets magically completed by itself.
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