Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different World


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I was summoned to a ruined world and received the ability to create various things. Since I don’t have a house to live in I will make a house. Since people are gathering at my house I will make a town. Since the town is being attacked by monsters I will make the strongest weapon and repel them. Using my infinitely charging magic power I will remake this world as I please.

Associated Names
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Egao de Maryoku Charge Mugen no Maryoku de Isekai Saisei
笑顔で魔力チャージ ~無限の魔力で異世界再生
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Sherrynity rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: epilogue 4
OK, I've finished reading the whole series. Let's start with my opinion.

Story-wise, this is a legit 3-stars and should not be given more than that. Even a 3.5 stars feels too farfetched. There's nothing special about the plot, and the storyline itself isn't that interesting..... but, you see, by 3-stars, I mean a good 3-stars.

How should I put it... It's like you're eating a homemade food. Sure the taste might be just normal at most, but it's warm. That's how this series goes; pretty common, nothing special, but somehow there's... more>> that particular fluffy feelings.

That's why if you have free time and want to read this one; it's OK. It won't be mind-blowing level quality, but at least you will think "ahh... that's not bad" after you finished reading the whole series.



Two guys were invited to different world to fix the messed up post-apocalyptic world. They were given Eternal s*ave; a race that will follow every command of their master, even if it costs their (s*aves') lives.

One of the guy declared that he will do whatever he wants in that world, while the other guy, our MC has down-to-earth personality and decided to lives along his s*ave (s) while doing whatever he could to restore the world.

Plot-wise, it's a slice of life, mainly about MC's encounters with the residents of that broken world, and how he saves them with his cheat DORECA power. <<less
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ZarimanTenZero rated it
December 22, 2018
Status: c90
Okay this novel is starting nicely and become weirder at late chapter the main problem is alredy in chap 1 the god give MC a s*aveRACE not an ens*aved race but race that is suppose to be s*ave :D. Apparently doing something nice will give MC more mana instead of doing bad thing which the MC rival doing. This is fine for the beginning sadly...

... more>>

But of course the MC will manipulate the s*ave affection so he can get more and more mana. By that point MC become realy warped in my view and the author still insist hes good guy cmon


its not a bad read at first not bad not good after that just read it for laugh. <<less
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bkwrm rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: c133
Eh, middle of the road okay. Basic premise is rather interesting, and early on it is fun. I enjoyed how he gets his mana. But than it just wears on and on. I love slice of life, but I wouldn't really consider this that. It feels more like someone playing Rust/Ark Combat Evolved/Conan Exiles and than writing a story about them researching their tech tree and building the bases. Basically most of the series is just flat boring to read.

And one thing that really irritated me is that it's a... more>> dangerous wasteland full of monsters where people die all the time. But he is constantly sending his s*aves out alone on orders and they are never once attacked.

Also the attempts at a "kingly" mindset are rather annoying. Like the author doesn't really understand how to write that so he just throws in random orders while the MC muses on the Eternal s*aves nature or something. It feels like there's a forced attempt from the author of I need to push the kingly mindset even though for the most part it already works just by not being the typical japanese beta teen that won't kill. Not terrible just distracting since it feels deliberate and not natural to me anyways.

I really don't have a huge problem with the s*aves personalities since they were made by that worlds god to be that way for some insane reason. Same with how they have children, while odd it can be ignored. Below has some minor spoilers as to what irritates me about them though.


Gee a sexy s*ave of your own, that LOVES orders and will obey your every whim, that you can impregnate and than have a cute s*ave child pop out just in a few days! How the hell are the Eternal s*aves rare and not overpopulating the world? Both from a biological standpoint, and a typical male everyone would want one standpoint.


Honestly the series main crime is just that it's pretty boring to read in the end. <<less
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Hijria rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: --
Another good easy going novel story..

The s*ave theme maybe cliche but how the story going on is no at all cliche. Except the s*ave theme and harem concept, each thing fresh and new.

If there's a minus, it would be about how easily defeated and out of the story the rival of the protag is.

... more>> It's a nice idea how they have different principle in their treatment of their s*ave, but the author is way too unfair in deciding the magic they got from their treatment to their s*ave.

With that much difference of course the protag's rival would never win not mention come close. Not to mention with that obviously more terrible personality. <<less
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Degidegi rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: c103
A very lovely and easy going WN with focus on the worldbuilding and the interaction between the MC and his s*aves.

At the first glance the MC appears to be just a generic good guy, but he isn’t naive, but very careful and keeps a calm attitude in most situations. He is aware of the feelings of the people around him and isn’t a p*ssy, therefor he kills if it can’t be avoided and isn’t against the idea of having s*x with the female cast.

His cheat bestowed by the Goddess makes... more>> him quiet powerful, but so far he faced several enemis that were either as strong as him or stronger and therefor the fighting scenes were actually quite interesting.

All in all a very enjoyable read for those who love sweet stories with sympathetic characters. <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: c32 part2
If you're a person who just read and only dislike the story if something you can't stomach happened, then I guess it's fine to read this. But if you're a person who want the story to have a perfect detailed environment, then don't read this.

The story is actually good for relaxing read. It is only about a person who was given powers to create anything and restore the wasteland-like world. He will build the town. The MC's s*aves happiness became his magic powers. That's why it looks like he always... more>> prioritize his s*aves. The world might be ruined but it wouldn't be wrong that there's a lot of convinient things that is happening to him.
It is good to read when you don't have anything to read. Though the world building element here is not that strong. I can at least say that I'm satisfied with this one. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
July 22, 2016
Status: c30
Not just nation building, but world building. Entire world ruined wasteland and MC probably needs to build everything from scratch using what's at his disposal, mainly the magic he got from the goddess.

Don't let the title mislead you. It's not infinite as in it never runs out because it does run out. It's just that it can be "recharged" almost infinitely. Also, it actually requires them to find and gather the materials themselves in order to create anything.

One thing I don't get is why the goddess summoned only two people... more>> if she wanted to rebuild the world, or why one of them is even a tr*sh ikeman douchebag. Or why she didn't rebuild it herself instead of betting everything on 2 humans from another world. <<less
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jkmj rated it
December 9, 2019
Status: c167
Too sweet and simple. I love it.

It kinda seems like a children's story when you think about it. The s*avery part is not that bad due to there being a reason for it, it's a fantasy you know? Not something you have to strictly debate and compare with modern knowledge. The story is interesting and the plot itself is easy enough to understand.

The characters are cute (including the MC himself), they are simply there to brighten your day. The only problem is the antagonist, he seems to be there just... more>> to make the MC look like a good person, which is kinda pointless since it doesn't really do much.

The point system is quite an interesting idea, it's nice in the beginning of the story but it became weird near the end. Still, I love how the author played with it.

Anyway, this one serves its purpose as a simple, quick, and entertaining novel to pass the time. Not really a masterpiece but good enough on its own. Give it a try if you like those kind of fantasy stories. <<less
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