Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different World


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I was summoned to a ruined world and received the ability to create various things. Since I don’t have a house to live in I will make a house. Since people are gathering at my house I will make a town. Since the town is being attacked by monsters I will make the strongest weapon and repel them. Using my infinitely charging magic power I will remake this world as I please.

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Egao de Maryoku Charge Mugen no Maryoku de Isekai Saisei
笑顔で魔力チャージ ~無限の魔力で異世界再生
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Bro-Shield rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: c114
The 1/3 of novel is very entertaining, from nothing to having 4 cities and becoming the king, later on the story becomes a repetitive cycle of make food and houses, there are a lot of side characters who are since the start of the novel and all we know about them are their names, no characther progression, but I enjoyed the reading, a good heartwarming read.I recommend it to all isekai genre fans.
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Aho555 rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c107
It's tolerable. In the beginning chapters I found it really bad - cardboard characters, barely any world building, a cartoonishly bad rival character that's just there to make the MC look better (this persists even in later chapters). However the author does improve in the later chapters and the quality changes from "quite terrible" to "almost readable".


  • Weird video game-like system for making a country, including weird race classes
  • Promotes good treatment of s*aves?
  • Many chapters translated; they're short and easy to read (because they're shallow)

  • Shallow and below-average tier among the novels available here
  • Too many asspulls (eg: MC is in need of 100MP --> suddenly gets 100MP)
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Haruko rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c88
hahahaa... some of the 1-2* reviews are hilarious to read... well people have diverse tastes and I on the otherhand like this novel quite much so I gave it 5* for counterbalance.

honestly this novel is not a masterpiece but it doesnt deserve most of the poor ratins either.

story is lovely slice of life off master and his cute pet dogs (s*aves). you don't find eroge or anything overly serious from this novel, but it is instead quick and relaxing to read feel good slice of life with an actual plot... more>> that is going somewhere.


Aaaand 10+ chapters later story takes turn for sexual magic :D hehe nothing wrong with that though ;) <<less
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TimeVoid rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: c67
okay, at first the story were good so far..... then it goes a disappointing route.

as far, I could tell this MC is OP and a good guy yet too much excuses during in making decision. like an example :

  1. This MC is always priorities the s*aves (yeah those s*aves are too much annoying that gives a headache during reading) while others were given a late attention
  2. A beautiful group of women/ One-sans were proposing MC to become his wife/Mistress... but then... MC jut react like uh... perhaps later? (what in the world is this MC. Grab those women and make them your's... don't make them wait until thousands chapter on making.)
  3. Give the entire Kingdom population a daily food of inedible cookie instead of ordinary food (why... MC could have make a certain food by hunting monster or tame for food stock.)
  4. All s*ave were ELVES... annoying white BRAT ELVES (MC does not ask why the s*ave must be White ELVES... he could have ask and yet he ignores)
  5. Many Villain is almost been defeated yet He hesitates to kill them which more annoying he just say let them stay alive... (MC must die and ashamed)
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Darkfire681 rated it
September 25, 2017
Status: c65
Along with the goddess being just laxadasy garbage. The MC is way too wasteful given how OP he is. He hunts dragons solely for their blood and uses it to make money. All the while trying to figure out how to better feed his people. Come on any half assed MC would be slicing that same Dragon into steaks. Seriously though major waste.
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OfficePony rated it
September 25, 2016
Status: c12
Grammar: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Writing: 4/5

This story if friggin' adorable.

Grammar is fairly well done, almost no awkward phrasing, and no noticeable awkward wording. The story is fairly unique and a whole hell of a lot of cute, I mean buckets of cute being tossed onto a mountain of cute (It's just "D'awwwww" inducing with diabetus and extra sugar on the side). The writing, though short is filled with little details and flavor, though it could be more, it is enough to keep you smiling.

Over all I love this series and... more>> will be following it until it ends, the translator gives up, or it takes a steep dive off a cliff into the void. <<less
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DeadlyBell rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: v1c3
not much out so far but I like it.... well aside from the goddess letting that second tr*sh of a person go into the world along with the good natured one.... its like she wants that other guy to make a mess of the world....
i like the MC though he seems kind and even when given the option to do anything he wanted to his 's*ave' (seriously I hate the fact that there is a species that can only be a s*ave...... but eh) and only asked for... more>> a smile, unlike the other guy who will obviously abuse his s*ave and most likely try to become a bastard king.
I love how the system is rewarding him for being true to himself and being kind, The way the girl reacted makes you really feel just how she was treated or expected to be treated till now..... its saddening to think they have to go through that just due to their race but still heartwarming to know she found someone that wont abuse her and actually cares about her wellbeing and input.

Ill stop editing this review for each chapter Like I initially did

Chapter at time of last edit: 3 <<less
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Yockai rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c37
Hiyo~ first review, I usually don't give my opinion but here I wanted to say about how bad this story is. Especially so considering my previous read was so good. Also I'm not a native english speaking person so please, forgive my mistakes.

This story is... pretty bad. It's poorly written (nothing to say about translation, it's the content of the story and the inconsistency, plot holes and so on that I'm criticizing). Read below if you don't care about spoilers.

... more>>

The story is the typical transported into another world and work your ass off for the incompetent goddess. The MC comes from what I suppose is our world, about to get killed by a truck, but here he is, with another dumbass that's the typical bad guy, cutting lives like weeds without any particular feelings ("you tried to touch my s*ave, see how I cut your head"), while seemingly already knowing how to use a sword (why, when ?). Killing dragons with like... three days into the world, and apparently no previous knowledge about swordmanship.

He seems awfully forgiving on the misdeeds of his co-summoned dumbass "friend" that tries to make a mess for him multiple times, obviously shows violent tendencies and is a complete douche, I mean the only link between them is that they are summoned together, they don't know each other, and he's talking to the MC like shit, while behaving like he's the best.

Characters around the MC are poorly fleshed out, he himself is poorly described. All in all, this is pretty bad and I'm about to drop out of this mess, seems like the stories I wrote while I was a teenager, full of plot holes and inconcistencies. Try it if you want but don't expect anything amazing.

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Ryan123311 rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Well, I'm not saying that it is the "Best" out there but it is fun to read for past times and its kinda short for me.

Anyways it can be good or bad depending on your taste but for me it is good to read for passing time. Had a good time reading it.
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SAMESame rated it
January 3, 2020
Status: --
This will be a nice novel if the MC is not so kind, your making a town but people you invite don't give you a magic charge being nice is ok but being idiot is not. Tax you need it so that they work for there safety not just free safety, because you will spoiled them and they gonna ask something they want thats the way tax is to prevent spoiled people to ask you something they want and work for it, Your from modern earth and your logic is twisted are you a monk before you die? It's ok if there are your s*ave because they can give you a magic charge but they're just people that has need and you being a saint will spoiled them idiot, the world is ruined so you make a town with no tax they live happy and you work hard but no return of magic charge, The way MC make his life is happiness but being blind for people that don't give him the way he give something for them, and the other guy s*ave is worst she has limit and it will die so it can return to were it came from and you tell where you get another s*ave to suffer tf, you heal his s*ave so that she can suffer again f*ck so twisted why did you even talk to a scum and act friendly as if his your friend to begin with he's a scum, just because he's a title of savior and has power like you' you treat him equally and he treat you like tr*sh and you ok with it th are you even a human from modern earth, MC is not a hero to save human his a savior to save and make the world return to it's peak so he has have to work for free that's bs not thinking but just doing something, I know that they will not betray you because they fictional character but if it's real life you died the moment you talk to the sick man. your from modern earth they teach you to not trust stranger even if you pity them because of many scummer, kidnapper and don't invite any one you don't know to your place, : (if im still naive I will like this novel for sure 5/5 but... well it's a good novel not great it is good for lightread if your bored and not having another novel to read ??
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calebra rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: Completed
Spoilery review

At the beginning, it was okay/tolerable to read but as it dragged on, it became quite a chore to finish it. Some thoughts:

  1. The insistence of being treated as a s*ave for the Eternal Young bothered me quite a bit. You can't even treat your children with them as your own child because they will want to be your s*ave instead. The pits of my stomach churned quite a few times coz of such situations.
  2. Quite a lot of scenes felt disjointed and there were also a lot of unexplained events. It just happened without proper explanation.
  3. It's weird how the protagonist becomes strong? Did he do anything in his previous life to be able to fight easily like that? No explanation whatsoever. Later on, he was able to easily punch holes through monsters. Where did this power come from? Also kinda bland main character too. He's witty at times but then suddenly he makes dumb decisions (at least for me).
  4. Lots of inconsistencies that piled up and bothered me. The 2nd Regret (dark elf) that turned back to normal - and then they basically erased this whole thing that happened and made her a Regret again in the last few chapters. There are quite a few more but this one bothered me a tad bit.
  5. At times it felt quite aimless. I guess if it's of SoL genre then I understand but there's basically a plot and then they forget it for a bit while they live their everyday life without proper preparations against the Evil God. When fights finish, a lot of things are not clarified and you get confused as to why they're back again. Explain it properly jeez stop cutting corners.
  6. A lot of characters kinda just, disappeared along the way. They still have small appearances here and there but they're really short mentions throughout the story despite having some buildup to their characters when they were first introduced. What a waste.
  7. Author writes scenes and conversations that hints for more plot but never brings them up again. Then don't share it in the first place? It's basically unnecessary information you're feeding us.
These are what I remember. It was basically wrapped up lightly without answering a lot of questions throughout the story. At the very least, I have no intention of reading/skimming through this series again.

Read if you're into very servile romance partners that begs to be overworked to the point... more>> of collapse because that's apparently something to be proud of (being of used so much that they collapse from it). You can't even treat them as your wife. Or as with his children, couldn't even treat them as his daughters. <<less
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KiroYakushi rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c94
It's a silly novel to say, but even so, it's nice and good, and the chapters are short, something I always like stories, and she's always moving me, without repeating herself, this story has it, always going forward, and the characters evolve, and a simple story, without anything complex, but with the simplicity of objective and objective, leaves the story pleasant to read.
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Nvelist rated it
November 16, 2017
Status: c75
A world ruin, a goddess brought two guys from Earth to the moment of their death incoming. Downside is one is an ikemen who is arrogant and complete tr*sh while the other is kind and good person. I don't know if seriously there's a need for that bastard, balance of good and evil whatnot or something in between it but still looks pathetic bringing a bastard person like that in the first place.

Blamed author for that.

Ultimate need is a s*ave for MC and always at his side. Don't underestimate them... more>> for they have the power to grant MC mission a success with a smile.

Behold the power of a smile of happiness that restored the world's beauty and glory. <<less
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ZoorYuvonHeim rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c57
Its an endearing story.

it tries to contrast the treatment of others in a karma kind of way; do good things, get good results.

The world-building shows promise, but the mechanics and details are more of less fluff outside it.

Side characters are surprisingly shallow, but its somehow fitting still for this.

If you want a fair read for its good feels, this isn't a bad pick.
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ArissaReview rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: v2c50
Although the storyline of the novel is cliché I really like the characters and I don't mind the protagonist being the nicer one and the antagonist being the crueller one. Although many people may disagree I look forward for the updates as it makes me laugh. I have read many novels similar to this and I can say this is my favourite with absolute certainty. Yes I'm simple minded but the people like me will look forward to these when alot of hard earned effort is put into it. No... more>> bad comments from me #Arissa. <<less
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Arafell rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c47
To summarize, the protagonist (and antagonist, I guess) has the ability to use the standard survival game crafting system, only its powered by s*ave elves. Basically, he invokes some emotion from his s*aves, who release mana unconsciously; then, he gathers materials and creates an item/structure, no assembly required.

It's an interesting idea, but the plot runs into several issues pretty quick.

One: The main character has a white knight attitude while the other guy is a piece of tr*sh with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Both use the s*ave-mana system, and yet neither... more>> side really questions the morality of using sentient beings as batteries, the main character ignoring the issue because 'my waifu' and the bad guy because he caught a bad case of isekai arrogance.

Two: There's a massive power gap between protagonist and antagonist. The protagonist gets unreasonable amounts of mana, while the antagonist gets piddling amounts. Supposedly, the difference is in their methods, and yet there's no real explanation why the protag's method is better other than because the bad guy is a piece of tr*sh.

Three: Did I mention the antagonist is really tr*shy and completely unlikable? He seems to have no point to his existence other than to make the main character look good. He shows up every now and then, not to be a rival, but to show off how enlightened the protagonist's (relatively common) outlook is by gratuitously abusing his own s*ave. The other antagonists aren't much better - you've got your standard isekai lineup here of mindless monsters, criminal warlords, and corrupt noblemen. The protagonist, of course, defeats them all without effort or consequence.

In conclusion, it's not the worst series I've read, but it's definitely a mediocre one. I guess if you're bored and have low standards... <<less
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Beccablue rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is not for everyone. It's the vanilla of isekai stories. A very obvious hero and a villain that is a bit blah and not around much. The world building at the beginning is decent. It just becomes kind of monotonous.

You will not enjoy this if you can't take the idea of s*aves and dependency as cute. Because that is pretty much the main focus of the story. The s*aves in this story are born with it being who they are. Their greatest joy is being given orders. It... more>> is innate. It's in the DNA.

Because of the "hero" and his belief that the s*aves are adorable, he treats them well. If this wasn't a cotton candy story, it could have gotten dark very quickly.

This is a puff piece. Something you read after a dramatic or serious story to calm down and reset for the next novel. It's the gas station of stories.

That doesn't mean it is bad. It's a decent read. Just dont go in with high expectations. A straight shooting story. No twists and turns. No really unexpected surprises.

Would I read it again? Probably not. Do I regret reading it? No. Would I recommend it? If you nothing else to read or you have just finished something and you want a bit of fluff to refresh you, then go for it. <<less
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remlei rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: epilogue 4
battle scenes is too meh, its like that the antagonist do more of the dialogue and attack while protagonist is just well at the end of the battle just 1 hit kill it. Its too cringy so if your if your planning to read this just ignore the battle scenes and just imaging that they were tr*sh talking and the battle ends.

other than that, the actual restoration of the world and how they do it, I guess its fine, no s*x bs stuff that most of the harem isekai tr*sh... more>> usually do, nothing big either, just a normal thing like if you play Sims City 2000 with a player using imacheat; while he develop the community. <<less
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Galaleo1000 rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: epilogue 4
While nothing about this story is revolutionary or mind-blowing, it's enjoyable. It's like going to a restaurant and ordering the same burger as always but with mayo instead of mustard. It doesn't change much but it can still be enjoyable.

The story is fast, simple, and sweet. It doesn't dilly dally or waste time it just kind of happens. No crazy subplots or character developments. No bittersweet romance. Just a dude restoring a world.

I would recommend this novel if you're out of things to read or/and just want a quiet slice... more>> of life.

Rating: 3.5/5 or a solid B. <<less
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Faiir rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: Completed
Should be called I was transported to another world with a s*avery fetish! instead.

For half of the novel, lead girls don't have more personality than "I want to server Master!".

At least he doesn't abuse them?
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