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A protagonist reborn in another world.

Apparently he transmigrated into an abandoned child.

Before his eyes were abandoned children like him.

In order to survive, he led them into farming.

Little by little, orphans gathered, and upon hearing rumors of a village, others began to migrate.

The group that had been nothing but children had become a village before anyone realized.

And then various countries in the surroundings started to have an eye on it…

This is the epic tale of the man who would later be known as the Divine Emperor.

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Different World Foundation
Isekai Kenkokuki
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35 Reviews

Sep 22, 2017
Status: c57
I rated this 5 stars at first but the numbers gradually went down as I kept reading.

The story is really rushed and MC is a huge hypocrite. The beginning was good but this is no different then most Isekas. Why is this rated highly?!

    • Kingdom Building? Author just forced ideas- then there's few years time skip...
    • This Novel is like bipolar, one second there's a happy scene then the next there's tears.. like wtf? [This happens a lot! The script keeps changing with forced ideas.]
    • Romance? "I don't know love but I'll marry her because she's cute." What logic is that? I didn't want them to get together like this...
    • He accepts the very people who abandon them. What made this Novel special was that it was a Village for kids... Author ruined something good here..
    • Tetra/Tetora was like a badass overseer. She made a funny Yandere. He should had focus on only one girl, the one whose been with him since hell and the beginning.
    • But wasn't the main purpose to win independently with your own strength? This isn't really 'Kingdom Building' anymore but relying on other powers....
    • "I killed 5 people...I can never go back, I have killed too many" Suddenly there's a discussion of going to war with another country. What's with this high level discussion? Somehow this small village is viewed extremely highly to the point of Kingdoms want to use or kill them... What the hell? They haven't done much at all! All of you are just kids who are just farming and don't know how to fight... He expects to make a strong military force in a short time... So Author conveniently uses time skip! Then they are powerful the next chapter,
      Ba-da Bing!
    • He marries Royalty to gain blood ties and influence for his country. He's a King, I get that. But wasn't the main purpose to win independently with your own strength? This isn't really Kingdom Building anymore but relying on other powers....
    • [collapse]
    • Not these girls born with a silver spoon and know no suffering. How could they rebel against this world Kingdoms, to fullest when he's having blood ties through different women?
    • The Princess falls in love for no reason despite giving the impression of someone powerful and a demoness. Suddenly she's a dandere who has nothing but beauty and magic... [Give me my impression back...]
I'm sorry but this story Summary doesn't give what it's selling. Divine emperor? That's an over stretch!

I'm dropping this. It saddens me greatly since it had great potential but it all quickly goes off track and gets wasted. (Not hating but thank you Translator-san for the effort.)

But c'mon.. Seriously ask yourselves if this is really that good? Where's your constructive cristism.
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Apr 23, 2016
Status: --
As of chapter 8, the story shows a lot of potential. Imagine you are reincarnated as a 10-12 year-old in another world in the middle of a forest, but you do not have any cheat abilities at the moment. You meet a talking Griffon, and he asks you to help 30 abandoned children all under the age of 12. You are not a genius, but wise because of your life experience in your previous life. What do you do? The MC had no qualms about taking care of the children... more>> and little by little is helping them build a village. The interactions with the other kids are hilarious, and he is willing to risk his life for them, because he should have been technically dead. I really like this MC, he is not OP, know-it all MC, but he is wise and acts like a reincarnated MC should act. He does not know how to hunt, fish, or raise cattle, but knows enough to survive and what he does not know, he asks. Only four stars, but with more chapters and if the story keeps improving, it is a five star read. <<less
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Nov 16, 2017
Status: c75
I wanted to rate this higher, but I don't want others to be too hopeful about it since it starts out pretty good, then shortly goes downhill...

It starts out with an acceptable divergence from the usual transmigrator start- to lead a bunch of outcasts & begin by farming! Well, it's not super unique- but it's different enough to be hopeful, right? The writing is acceptably good, & the future is hopeful for our struggling underdogs...

The BAD:
Yeah, well- the author is an exposition and Deux Ex Machina (magical/convenient... more>> plot advancement/resolution) abuser. Quickly the story starts to 'fit' the template of most any other cliche world- building story- except for the trade-off in reduced character growth and diminished plot quality. It becomes almost less of a story and more a log of speculative exposition & forced changes to justify the increasingly contrived plot. c76 is literally a step from being 'chat logs' from all the political nations in the area.


By Ch 74 we see a name-dropped (& gender-swapped) 'Merlin' who seems to fill the now important role of cliche 'selfish, powerful, well-informed, potentially world-destroying-in-pursuit-of-her-goals' villain. Really? And of all the territories, she's of course of course been eyeing the MC & his tiny region. Whatever.


Nothing. The story's increasing distance from the reader is a first, so there's that. <<less
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Nov 09, 2016
Status: c24
Let's just say it like this, it's not exactly bad, but it's not particularly good either.

What I mean is that the story itself is a bit lacking in most aspect (like most web/light novels to be honest). Very basic vocabulary and grammar, no in-depth character (most of them are easily described by their gender and one or two qualities, like "smart and polite"), poor descriptions, dialogues that don't feel like humans talking together... Yep, the usual bundle of not-so-great that can be found in what feels to be an overwhelming... more>> quantity of web/light novels.

That said, it doesn't mean it's necessarily bad, but it definitely doesn't help, and you are often left with very surface level "emotions" that is supposed to evoke heart warming feelings. Seems to work just fine for quite a few people, but it just doesn't resonate with me.

It also needs to be mentioned that the translation is not of the greatest quality (it's not a complete mess either, so there is that), with plenty of verbs in incorrect forms, weirdly placed punctuation. It's definitely not at an unreadable level, but for all those that are a bit picky about it (like me, sadly), it will pull you right out of the story multiple times per chapter. Usually, I'd attribute this to a lack of editor/proof reader, as well as a machine translation, but I found editor notes in some chapters of the second translator, so I'm not sure.

Even though I am saying all of this, I still think that this has potential, and I am grateful that it is translated. I mean, if we were to only read masterpiece novels with perfect translations, we would not be able to read much, and even though it's not perfect, it's at a somewhat decent level.

I now most of my review sound like I am complaining a lot and rarely giving high marks, but sadly it's just that my standards are just way too high and a full mark means near perfection to me.

EDIT after reaching 24:
The quality of the translation does get better after a while, but the amount of completely made up things by the author also grows (no need of a chimney when burning charcoal is a pretty big one).

All in all, it's not among the worse novels there are, but it exudes a feeling of undocumented and amateurish writing from everywhere. <<less
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Simple As It
Simple As It
Jan 04, 2018
Status: --
Don't be fooled with high rating. This novel only sub par at best.

At first the story was somewhat interesting enough but to the later part of the story, it went down hill really fast. There is too much inconsistency, lack of progress detail, and everyone has 'forced' characteristic (it's shallow as hell). The Author put too much time skip and forced development, there is no concrete reason at every progress of the story. "Everything just did happen" That's the only thing Author trying in attempt to write the plot.

The more... more>> I read this novel, the more I felt like my face cramped because all the cringeworthy. I write this review because I've decided stop. I couldn't handle all these wish fulfilment story, is not like I'm hating or entirely dislike wish fulfilment type of story, it's just I have my bottom line or limit how much this "wish" implemented inside the story.

I'm not recommending it unless you came just to waste your time. If you're into good development story? Then stay away from here, find somewhere else.

I wish I could rate it half-star. <<less
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May 29, 2020
Status: c127
This might turn out like an insult to other commentators, but I am merely writing to clarify some of the misunderstandings while commenting what I think is actually good in the novel. Also, as I am not a native speaker in English while I am not a confident person in explaining my ideas, my sentence might be a bit to long and complicated for someone to read effortlessly, please bear with me.

First of all, the genre of this novel is neither romance, slice of life, nor adventure. So don't get... more>> you hopes up and expect there to be a heroic overpowered MC that excels at anything he does and save the world "naturally". With that said, this story is by far one of the most realistic and straightforward story I have ever seen, despite many in the comments claimed the contradictory. The reason I am saying this, is whenever you look at the mc's actions, it is neither "exceedingly smart" nor "incomprehensibly s*upid". He just does whatever a normal maybe a slightly smart human being will do.

- he judge it hard for a group of orphans to survive in the outside world, so he stayed under the protection of the griffon and teach the children the necessary skills to become self-sufficient (this is not hypocrisy, but rather simple humane charity, like how you would donate money) meanwhile helping himself to survive too (building close relations to others as a mental relief and working together to suffice physical needs)

-he accepted Tetra despite himself doesn't have romantic feelings to her. To be honest, where in the world would there really be a couple who are mutually in love with each other before they started dating? In extremely rare conditions, yes? Further more, by the time of the story, the MC is already around 30 by mental age, would he really be capable of fierce romantic relationships? Thats why later on, when the princess fall in love with him (with enough reasons: 1. First friend and a long time friend, which means he is an important figure in her life, 2. He's is strong, which is a major criteria in choosing mate in classical eras), he will accept her as 1. He doesn't really has loyalty bound to Tetra as he is not romantically invested, 2. The world he lives in supports polygamy, there is no moral values restricting him. He wouldn't really have a reason to reject the offer, didn't he?

-after the first war as a king, he purged those of the opposite factions without mercy after them not swearing their allegiance. As a king of a country, for the responsibility to prevent any civil wars from happening and for his own interests (the safety of himself and his family), his merciless act can only be judged as a logical yet unethical way.

-And under a necessary amount of 'luck'- which is him meeting influential people, getting some strong yet not op skills, and finding good opportunities- he succeeded in becoming a great king and eventually the founding father of an empire. This is not "plot armor" but rather what makes some of the rl great people in our history great — opportunities, relationships, and skills. When all of these things align together well, it made the legend of roman empire feasible. Although the chances of them aligning perfectly is rare, but it is only natural for a "story" to be depicting such rare occasion.


with that said, this is a story that is too realistic to include any heroic, romantic, or many of the generic tropes that most people enjoy watch. As seen in the above where I mention the "romance" and "cruelty" part of the story, the writer has obviously abandoned the romance and heroic elements in order to make the story as realistic as possible (after all, a story that has a heroic hero who also has a great romance is much rarer than a typical cruel man who becomes a great conqueror and an emperor, the former is only seen in fantasy while there are many examples for the latter one in history). As a result, the story is best enjoyed as if reading history.

Well, I do recommend this novel to those who want to get a grasp on the "management/kingdom building genre), as the story is basically entirely focused on that, while I also doubt that anyone will see my post as it has been so long since anyone has commented, in that case, I will just think of this post as a self-assurance in my view on this story? <<less
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Empeor Gyrus
Empeor Gyrus
Apr 20, 2017
Status: c215
As someone who had read up to the latest raws (Chapter 215), I'll give this one a review. This is your usual Kingdom Building Novel but its actually based on our worlds history. It isn't really spectacular or outstanding but its also not bad. At least the MC has a goal of unifying their surrounding regions into his one kingdom though apart from that there isn't really much objectives in the story. It's an enjoyable read and good thing to read in your free time.

... more>>

About the world, currently its size is similar to Earth (I mean our world) and there are 2 gigantic empires in the story which is respectively, Persas (Persia) Empire and Scarlet (Chinese) Empire in the far East. So the kingdom (future empire) of our MC is based on the Roman Empire and he will probably establish the 3rd Empire and superpower in the world. At the current raws, the MC already founded his Kingdom which is named as Romarian Kingdom. He establish it after conquering the various nations and Kingdoms surrounding his territory. Well he was able to raise his Kingdom to be the strongest in their region after just a few years from just a small kingdom. Also the current name of our MC is quite long XD. Almis Julius Ars Rosaith Caesar. He had two wives and currently has 5 childrens already and there is also his mistress (The Spider Beast Woman). Oh yeah, the Emperor of Persas is Xerxes. XD


So the main plot of the story is simply
-Economy strengthens
-war against other nation who declared war on his kingdom
-Consolidate the newly acquired territories after war
-Economy strengthens again.

That's basically the story. Though the romance was good at the start, after he got married, there really wasn't much interactions between them other than when they were pregnant. Though they are still quite important figures due to their high level magics. And also the pacing of the story is fine as you can actually see the Kingdom of the MC slowly growing not only in territory but also in economic power. The main cheat of our MC is probably his Divine Protection of a Great King which grants him the ability to let those who are loyal and accepts him as a leader or a king to have a faster and greater growth in strength and ability than normal people. Also the more people who are loyal to him, the greater strength he gains due to his ability. Well basically thats the story. It was quite enjoyable though. And a good read for those who like kingdom building novels. <<less
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Oct 16, 2016
Status: c19
A heartwarming slice of life story, where characters are enjoyable to read and know.

There is no OP MC, but he's a steady headed thinker, who is cares about children and those around him. The story itself is well written, and the plot so far is progressing nicely.

Translator is doing a okay job, there are some missing elements but nothing story or reading breaking.
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Nov 02, 2019
Status: --
MC gets everything done too easily. Sure, some of it probably explained by his mysterious ability. Sure, some of it is a common deficiency of any OP MC. And yet when you read about managing some settlement from the ground up, you expect some difficulties. Like cooking clay and making pottery would require a lot of experimentation to get furnace right and to get cooking times right. Even if at some art school you got familiar with process, it would not be the same as working it from nothing. And... more>> what about repairing houses, planting fields, making clothes, cooking food? Even if his villagers (kids) were diligent ones when they lived in their home villages, they still lack experience for any of those jobs.

But what ticked me most in this novel were the children themselves. They are starting motivation for MC, but in the end they are nonexistent. Because... These kids never get sick. These kids always behave. You get 20 kids under age of ten in one place and there is no trouble at all? Not even one gone lost in the woods, not even one was hurt climbing trees, not even one was running around? They all just work happily in the background? Where do you get kids like that? <<less
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Oct 16, 2016
Status: c20
The story is still in its early stages, but here's the good and bad so far:

The good part is that the story builds up very gradually. The protagonist starts off as a starving child at first, and is entrusted by a Griffon to take care of other children in a similar situation. Said Griffon provides some resources at first, so you don't have a bunch of children unrealistically building up a village out of nothing. The assistance is limited however, so the children do have to rely on their own... more>> effort, ingenuity and later trade to slowly develop their community.

Later on however, the development starts to feel a bit unbalanced, as the small village seems to have more trading power and influence than it ought to. Although the author purposely makes the protagonist not automatically knowledgeable in everything, he still seems to unrealistically know too much. It also feels like magic will start to play a bigger role, which may break the flow of semi-realistic development.

As said, we are still in the early stage of the story, so it remains to be seen how the development happens later. It's still a pleasant read so far though. <<less
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Apr 23, 2021
Status: --
I forgot where I stopped reading this on google translate, found it again coz it was on my bookmarks, would like to remove my rating coz I'd like to rate it 1 star but it would be unfair as to how I first enjoyed the start of the story that was original. I would rate it 5 around the start where the author came up with his own story. The later bits on the other hand was just a rewriting of known roman history, uninspired and just straight up plagiarism... more>> imho. Instead of the she wolf, is just a Griffin/Gryphon. Story became so unpalatable for me with a substantial knowledge about Roman history that it was just copied and told on the first person POV. Would rate it 1 star on the parts I started losing interest. I was hoping on at least the generic Japan numba 1 culture but dang... <<less
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Jun 15, 2019
Status: c117
I loved this novel. The writing is simple but well done is consistent.

As the scope of the story grows bigger, you can see that the writer starts having difficulties but skillfully gloss over the deficiencies in real life expertise by conveniently skipping the most technical stuff and jumps the story to the results.

That said, it is definitely obvious the writer has done much homework in doing research and looking up stuffs when talking about the technical or science matter.
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Mar 29, 2018
Status: c92
Hmmm let me see for my review...

Ill rate this five for now but im getting really frustrated about the protagonist which is I dont know if he was really a protagonist. The reason I rated this 5 beacuse there might be suprises on the next chapter's. But anyway here's the bad points of the story

1. The protagonist lacks competitiveness which is not a good example of being a human. Beacuse human's should be competitive if not you will not achieve anything.

2. Protagonist is not logical but says... more>> he was logical. What a waste of a protagonist this is. In truth the only reason im continuing this is beacuse of the side characters. They are the real protagonist for me.

3. He is too slow or sometimes he already knew but still not doing anything about it. He say's he wants to live in peace but he was not even thinking of how long will he live if his enemy succeed in taking the power. Without anyone pushing him be will not move which is also a bad point.

4. He say's his enemy wont dispose of him beacuase hes guarding the border. WTF men Use EQ thinking also even without EQ there is still a variable for it in IQ thinking. He thinks no one can replace him guarding... I really cant say anymore protagonist is a joke in this novel the real protagonist are his wives.


Atlast at ch 55 the protagonist gained some balls I almost dropped this good thing I did not.


Another disappointing thing about the protagonist. He thinks of what might happen after this but not planning ahead to counter it. Wat Da Heck a waste of a person. <<less
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Jul 24, 2017
Status: v1c36
I really enjoy this story because it doesn't need to be about trying to conquer the world or save the world or something ridiculous to be interesting. This story is about a guy who gets sent into a body of a child and takes care of a group of children. As they grow up the MC does what he can to take care of their survival and health.

This is like a Release That Witch where the witches are small kids and the town is much smaller. Also, the MC in... more>> this story has more of a personality than Roland.

I'm really looking forward to more chapters. Thanks for picking this up Parallelnovels! <<less
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Mar 21, 2017
Status: c31
My reviews contains no explicit spoilers but it's best if you skim through it if you want to read this with a fresh viewpoint. My rating may change in the future.

I actually like the translation. It's fluid and I feel like it's true enough to the original writing. That being said, the original writing itself probably is also simplistic in its form and diction. This is something that can (and is) used to the novel's advantage. What doesn't work out for this simplistic style is the dialogue. I feel like... more>> I'm contradicting myself, but perhaps it's different for everyone.

For the actual story, I absolutely love the synopsis and the course it seems to be taking. However, its execution is a bit lacking; the characters make no impression on me despite my own liking towards the protagonist (a calm thinker, far from being unexplainably cold-hearted, and realistic to an extent). Unfortunately, it seems as if the author is unable to make this story completely serious or easy-going so there are some odd tidbits of knowledge seemed to be revealed just for plot convenience.

Basically, I feel as if this could go to great lengths and take a semi-realistic view on the building foundations of a village, but it seems as if this is just turning out to be a slice-of-life. I have nothing against it, but due to my own personal story preferences, I can't help but feel as if it's wasting its potential... But this may change so that's why I'm hesitant on the rating. <<less
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking R
Nov 01, 2018
Status: c114
I want moaar.

I rate this novel 4.1.

The story is going smoothly, the characters are ok each with his own personality, the MC was kind of passive at start but he got his determination later.

... more>> The romance is good too and the harem is reasonable.

The ultimate goal of the story (MC founding an empire) is mentioned at the start so you already know the direction of the story.

Overall an enjoyable read.

ps: translation at start was lacking but with the last translator (translated from chap 40) doing his best you can enjoy reading better. <<less
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Jul 23, 2018
Status: c50
This novel begin ok, typical for Isekai which not many can fk that up. As you keep reading, it feel worse and worse. The whole story is full of hole, spoiler:

... more>>

Why would they give a Villian with a personality of Tyrant an event where he hesitate to kill a young girl and let her go? When someone have blood on their hand and great ambition, they don't just let something as the young girl go, they either sell them or grow them up so that they can use them later. That is what a Tyrant do. Don't give them a sob story when they literally pillaging everyone and put heavy tax on people. The only way that the girl escape should be that she able to outwit the enemy with her wit and great will to survive. Heck, you can even go with her being in Griffin (known and feared as divine beast) territory and the tyrant give up chase, not because the tyrant suddenly got soft heart for young girl.

Why would the king/tyrant negotiate with a defenseless village when he got a great army, many war experience? Why would he allowed them to self government? Are you for real? When a tyrant negotiate with someone that obviously weaker than them, they don't just allow you to have nice thing such as "self government". You submit or you die, that's it. How did you f*ck that up so bad?

You are in a fantasy world, you have introduce a fantasy beast known as Griffin yet why the f*ck are you ignoring all that and went with normal animal right after that instead? Did they change the author or something?


This is just some of many example that and you can find more and more as you read the novel.

If I am generous, I would give a 2 stars, other wise, 1 star is what people should give this series. <<less
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Apr 06, 2022
Status: Completed
In the beginning, the MC actually does some kind of work and farms but as the story progresses all he does is sit and give orders, although wars take place, he doesn't actually take part in them, only his subordinates do, the ending is hasty, after merlins death, the author just writes stuff like how old they lived up to and ends the novel with the empire's future, decent read but if you're looking for a proper ending this is not it.
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Sep 08, 2021
Status: c146
After reading the latest chapter, I will be dropping this.

I feel that the novel started out really promising. There is an interesting premise: a modern worlder immigrated to basically the iron age and builds an empire from the ground up. There are so magic sprinkled in but they don't feel too infringing.

However, in the later chapters, the author is essentially just plagiarizing Roman history. From the MC creating the myth that he is the adopted son of the Griffin (for Rome, it was a she-wolf), to emphasizing the importance of... more>> roads, to how the MC is planning to centralize the Imperium with a senate, to now the latest the famous ways the Roman legions fought with large square shields and short swords. If you want to read about how a country became crazy powerful, just read about Roman history because this novel has essentially become the cliff notes version.

It really is a shame. I feel like there was quite a bit of potential but the blatant copying of Roman culture is too off-putting. The dumbest part of the latest chapter is how a local (non-isekai) general came up with the idea of the famous Roman square shield, short sword, throwing spear with unstable tips rather than the MC, you know the guy that "came up" with all the modern reforms and ideas or ones he knew from our real-life history. <<less
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Aug 14, 2020
Status: c56
The web novel is kind of all over the place. Pacing is bad, translations could be better. The build up of events is also kind of meh. The MC is also slightly annoying in the WN. I've read some part of the light novel and the manga and they were miles better. I rate this a 2 for now, I'll wait until more volumes of the LN come out.
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