Chang’an Small Restaurant


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Rain droplets danced in the gentle breeze; in a quaint little store adorned with vibrant blue emblems, stood a charming young lady.

Exquisite taste of Xinfeng County’s finest liquor, perfectly complemented by the freshness of okra, the tenderness of bamboo shoots, and other refined delicacies.


Lin Yan, the capital city’s Deputy Magistrate, cast his gaze at the fair-skinned and almond-shaped eyes proprietress.

Alas, how unfortunate it was for such a noble lady to find herself ensnared in the clutches of this predicament, compelled to partake in the humble trade of selling food for her livelihood…

Shen Shaoguang: Surrounded by mouth watering cuisines and exquisite wines all day, and to top it all off, there’s occasional eye candies passing by, satisfying my every need! Ah~ my life is too good to be true~

Lin Yan’s expression darkened. The young people in this city seemed to be consumed by their superficial appearances, indulging in frivolous activities like c*ckfighting and dog hunting. It was high time for them to undergo a transformation and embrace more meaningful pursuits!

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July 11, 2023
Status: c23
Hi there, current translator of this novel~ I want to thank everyone for the feedback here.

This is my latest project but also one of the hardest novels I have ever worked on. I put many many hours into researching the references to poems, people, and recipes, etc etc because this story is told with complex eloquence. And as such, as some of the reviewers suggested, PLEASE DON'T READY THE MTL. I've done it just to double check, but because of the vocabulary and sentence structure of the original text, the... more>> MTL isn't even 30% accurate; it's almost unreadable. The only thing you might understand is who was present and the food made; the dialogue will be lost in translation. Thus if you keep reading it, it'll kill any initial excitement or enthusiasm you have for this novel.

Also keep in mind of the tags 'Slice of Life' and 'Slow Romance'. This novel doesn't have much 'action', it'll mostly be able the MC introducing different foods from the future dynasties and from the modern world. Of course, behind the calm is the brewing of palace politics. We get to find out what happened to Shen Shaoguang, as well as the secrets behind our ML. Though this is very subtle, but everything mentioned in the earlier chapters all play a part in the development of the plot. But like I said before, it's mainly slice of life.

I myself enjoyed such stories; as some can tell from the past novels I've translated, this is right up my alley. Every chapter is written vivaciously and leaves me wanting for more. I have to use a lot of brain power reading this novel, so I just read as I translate, but Shen Shaoguang is definitely one of my fav female portrayals, she's mature, smart, crafty, and sometimes slightly rogue. It's a rare combination of traits for a female MC and I love it. Our ML looks quite elegant and cold on the outside, but he's also slightly black-bellied, a pursuer of justice, and very devoted to his loved ones. There's no misunderstandings, the communication is there, and even though the love is slow to bud, it's visibly developing each chapter. I like it because there's no love at first sight. It's the many times they meet and acknowledgement of each other's strong points where they slowly fall in love and accept one another's shortcomings... I'm not a good reviewer, so I'll end it here, but please enjoy this novel and wait patiently for the translation for the greatest gratification. <3 Pure


P.S. plot 'thickens' at chapter 32. And the chasing begins somewhere around chapter 50

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ApolloAresZues rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I liked this one alot. I was in the mood for a historical book thats more peaceful without alot of drama or scheming and this one really hit the spot. It's set in ancient china with an MC that transmigrated from modern day. It's a chill, slice of life money making romance novel with food as focus and imo great side characters who might not have like a huge backstory but their personalities are very distinct and memorable. Will elaborate more on all areas below.

To start, the MC is my... more>> favorite part of the book. Shes a modern girl (food writer) who transmigrated into a palace maid then paid her way to get released early and then opened a restaurant. Shes shameless, clever, and observant. Shes also really funny! Not funny bc the author forced it down our throats but like I was geniuely laughing at the things she said. Shes similar to the cat that got the cream, with sly fox like temperment. She also likes money but only because she wants to buy a house and enjoy the mountains and lakes in leisure. Shes also pretty bold and has a ruffian like temperament, she mol*sted the ML alot in her head lol. Shes also very innovative and uses her modern knowledge in a reasonable way while never going crazy about it. Like she doesnt know things the average person doesnt know and the things she does know have reasonable explanations (she learned etiquette and poems/books and calligraphy from the palace people who made all palace maids learn, and she knew about food from her prev job).

The ML for once isnt the emperor. Hes like a 4th? Ranked official I believe who has a bright future. Hes stern and cold at first, often just observing the MCs antics from the side. MC regards him as a beauty lol. His temperament makes the MC want to ruin his perfect facade and mess him up (MC is really a Rogue lol). But he finds MC amusing and also admires her then comes to care for and like her. When he realizes he likes her, he patiently chases her. Hes a perfect gentleman with a hidden side and a good partner to have a repertoire with the MC.

The romance between the two is slow but has alot of good moments and they communicate often. ML visits her restaurant alot. MC is at first wary bc obv this is ancient times three wives four concubines plus her current identity is complicated (the daughter of a criminal minister) so she is resistant to being with him despite liking him. But he breaks down her defense one by one by gently infiltrating her life and brushing his presence in front of her. The romance was great imo and while there were people that liked the MC and ML at the begining no one was actually second lead material so the romance was truly one on one.

The plot itself is fairly simple it's about her opening a restaurant getting rich and falling in love. Dont expect any drama or face slapping or big villains or scheming or palace fights. There is none of that here. This is a really laid back book. Later on there is the bit with the emperor retrialing her fathers case but aside from that there are few conflicts.

The side characters make this book imo like I said before they actually arent given alot of depth but theyre super memorable. From the beginning when MC stays at a nunnery and meets the head who is a foodie. To her maid A Yuan who is chubby and simple girl that likes to eat and is good at fighting. Shes also the MCs die hard fan. To Yu San the cook/servant who is tsundere like crazy and prob the smartest person in the house (I liked him the most. The MC gave him the nickname Princess Yu San bc hes so moody lol). To the princess who really reads like a modern girl stuck in an ancient body shes def ahead of her time. To MC business partner Shao Jie who is straight forward and open. I liked that she had a male friend that admired her but didnt like her romantically. Breath of fresh air. Best of all every character was reasonable and not s*upid. Even the characters one finds annoying never did anything unrealistically s*upid. For instance an opposing restaurant wanted to get rid of competition and they did some tricks but after suspecting she had a big backer they stopped everything instantly. As quoted from the book, "The city is intricate even a rat on the street could be the Prime Ministers pet" which basically means anyone could be a hidden big shot and it's best not to provoke anyone. Every character in this book essentially follows this principle. A nun at the nunnery dislikes the MC but leaves it at that. No tricks, no plots. A nearby food stall is jealous, but aside from some jealous words nothing crazy happens. Theres no crazy scheming or plotting from anyone (aside from remnants of a king faction I believe but that has little to do with MC herself). Its just a very refreshing book. Lastly I want to say that the wrap up is good but kind of lackluster. To put it simply I wanted more extras and more closure. But the wrap up is still nice just wanted more. I felt like there alot the author couldve wrote more of. But it's still a good book. The MTL is kind of hard to read tho. Read when you want a simple romance book about food set in ancient china. <<less
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Meatshield rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is very chill and easy going. Most of it is about the transmigrated MC’s life after she is relieved from her palace maid duties and embarks on her journey to become a successful restauranteur. The MC experiences few hardships opening and running her restaurant because of her past work as a food magazine writer and the love between her and the ML happens slowly and naturally. The ML is an upright official who’s firm, steady, and a little boring/cold on the outside but good-natured and caring inside.
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ByleeM rated it
June 30, 2023
Status: --
I'm not very far, waiting for translation... mtl is horrible with this one. I'm giving it 5 stars for MC. It's actually the first transmigration novel I've read where the MC actually feels like an actual put together adult.

She plans and does proper research before starting with her business. She doesn't feel the need to slap everyone who looks at her funny (She had an altercation with a young lady from a prominent house early into the novel and I loved her response. She ignored her provocations at the beginning... more>> then responded how most adults respond to teenagers starting crap, give them a verbal beatdown without stooping to their level).

She's poor and does a job that everyone would consider shameful for her status in that time period but there's something confident in her bearing that speaks of someone who grew up in a modern capitalist society; three obediences and four virtues? What is that? Can it be eaten? Can it keep you warm?

She knows her own mind and doesn't really care what society says but also doesn't feel the need to showcase how different and an outlier she is, which is really refreshing. <<less
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mysterydeq rated it
July 10, 2023
Status: c60
I was hooked by first chapter as MC transmigrating is not like cliche (as soon as the novel started, MC transmigrated) and how she handled things calmly. So I mtled it.
But it became boring.
Not the relaxing, comforting type of boring. Just plain boring.
I dropped this as there's no plot development even in chapter 60.
Only expanding her restaurant and menu.
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Naimena rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Very nice. A slice of life about a playful, witty girl who transmigrated into a palace maid. Her identity was the daughter of a "guilty" minister so she had to work hard for many years to save money and bide her time until she could "buy" her freedom. MC's main talent isn't actually being a invincible cook but rather, she's talented with marketing and advertising food. The novel starts when she is released from the palace and strives to make money so she could buy a house. In my opinion,... more>> the romance is a subplot but it's still okay. ML and his grandma are nice.

Recommended for foodies and fluff lovers. Not recommended if you like action.

I very much recommend following the translation. MTL is barely readable but I feel like I missed a lot of jokes and poetry based dialogues.

Maybe it's just me, but I felt like the chapters were disjointed, sometimes I wasn't sure if I had skipped a chapter because the scene had changed quite abruptly. <<less
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