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As a bachelor with good looks, good family background and good character, the entrance to Tang Tianyuan’s house is full of matchmakers offering marriage proposals.

Getting married is very troublesome. But before Tang Tianyuan could settle down, he must first “fix” someone – the writer who landed him in this hot soup – Miao Miao Sheng.

This is a ‘sad’ story about a female writer who fulfilled her fantasy via her books and thereafter being pursued relentlessly by her idol.

He is: handsome, 2nd generation high official, a little black belly due to his high IQ

She is: a mess

Associated Names
One entry per line
Love is All
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10 Reviews

Jun 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Soooo funny!!! I love it, I don't know why there are so many ratings under 3 stars!

It's original, the punchlines are natural, and there's no s*upid brainless villains, what more can I ask for?

The first chapter is a little normal, but once you get past that, the following is just bursts of giggles and laugher. The bickering between the couple is hilarious.

The story follows Tang Tianyuan who is annoyed angered by an author who is using him as a base for their novel and puts him in very inappropriate scenarios.... more>> He gets chills picturing a pe*verted old man coming up with these "god-awful" plotlines. Later he figures out a clue and finds author's hometown to seek revenge, but in the end is set up by his father and the emperor to do some important task there. He gets stuck in that town as the county magistrate; the author (Miao Miao Sheng), who he later finds out is a girl (also the FL) is his head commissioner because no one else in the county is qualified, so he's stuck with her haha. They go on adventures figuring different cases and cracking down illegal matters all while still bickering with each other.

Both characters are quite smart, in terms of EQ and IQ. It's just the FL is very shameless and loves money. So they get into lot of trouble and argue because of it. As the story progress, you also see that the ML is influenced by her shamelessness and he's not too happy with this change lol. But he uses his new learn skill to retort back and their insults get funnier and funnier as a result ahahhaa.


The FL even adopted a pet, it was rescued from a fire, so it looked weird with bald burned patches. She keeps the dog and randomly named it Tang Tang, which the ML (Tang Tianyuan) proceeds to interrogate her why her dog has his surname. He told her to quit using shameless tricks to butter up to him AHHAHAA.

The ML kept saying how weird it looked and it looked nothing like a dog. The FL was unconvinced, she believed it was a dog that just doesn't have teeth. She even went to ask her brother what it originally looked like with fur, but what he drew out was confusing. "Like a hybrid between and cat and a dog with freckles." And they couldn't figure it out until later they later find out it's a f-king lion LMAO.


Edit Edit:


Once the romance starts, they get so hot and steamy without it being not safe for work! I love it! They get together so naturally! I'm so happy that there's not a s*upid female antagonist that gets in the lovers way. The problem that they are trying to solve has remained and doesn't stray. The build up is amazing. AH AH AH I love this novel!!

Edit edit edit: ok also forgot one last thing: love love love-- how the end of the main story was how the beginning of the novel began, with Tang Tianyuan standing on top of a wall and wind fluttering! <<less
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Aug 23, 2022
Status: c43
I really like the novel, and the translation is great. This novel doesn't follow the normal templates of historical genre, it breaks a lot of the clichés, and doing it hilariously!

... more>>

For instance, where have you ever met an FL with serious near-sightedness? The ML took a bath, and she was there, normally this would lead to the cliche shyness or shock.... No. Because she simply couldn't see anything!


Plus, both are smart and resourceful, even though neither of them are quite right in the head.

So far they have solved a local level mu*der case together, but there is a hint of much bigger national level problem to overcome when the time comes.

Looking forward to more chapters! <<less
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Jul 03, 2023
Status: extra 1
I binge-read this novel and loved each moment of it. The FL and the ML are too entertaining to stop reading and go to sleep! The ML is very black-bellied, and the girl is simple yet rational and intelligent. Going by the synopsis I thought that she was a transmigrated character!! Like the author who entered his or her own book world. But it was not. And I need to know if there is a novel with that Emperor and Empress as the lead. I need to read it to!!!
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Feb 01, 2023
Status: c110
Binged this in 2 days. I love it. Had to fill in missing tags bc not enough ppl are reading this piece of art.

This is for the translator: PURE I LOVE U U'RE DOING FANTASTIC. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK I LOVE YOUR TLs. Your translations are so smooth and the notes are hilarious. T^T

Anyways. The plot is good. Its not toxic, ML is not overbearing like most CN MLs. Its so cute. Why the tags have it down as slow romance, since this is a relatively short... more>> novel, the pacing is honestly fantastic. I'll probably go read the related novels from the author and I'll definitely keep up with our lovely TL's translations in the future :D <<less
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May 25, 2023
Status: Completed
A really good novel. The protagonists are not OP and they have lots of flaws. The dialogues are witty and funny. The banters between FL and ML make me laugh. I had a good time reading this. Thank you for translating this gem.
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Dec 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Loved everything about this novel. Mainly the thing I loved about the novel is misunderstanding between main leads was quickly resolved. Author didn't try to make it unnecessarily dramatic like in other Chinese novels.
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Jun 27, 2023
Status: Completed
This is cute story really suitable for web drama. It’s relatively light, with abit detective plot and romance. Its a quick light read. As it’s just suitable for pass time reading. Thank you
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May 05, 2023
Status: Completed
Omg what an underrated hidden gem!! It's so so wild, unexpected, and hilarious!

The story flows so seamlessly - bit of a rushed ending - and enjoyably with no angst at all. Like seriously, all the angst is bypassed so quickly since all the characters have great communication with each other. The translation is also top tier.

highly recommend if you want some sweetened plot with mature leads and no bad/serious villains. The sugar is there but not to sweet, since there's other plot developments to keep it tempered.
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Feb 27, 2023
Status: Completed
The novel is written in a fast pace format and still capture the main points of the story. (It is not the typical novels written in-depth I normally prefer to read but it is well-written (& translated) and entertaining to read.) The story do focus a lot on the relationship between the FL and ML but it does has a plot making it the more interesting. This is a slow romance (imo) with a lot of bantering and comedic undertone. I found myself while reading laughing at the FL and... more>> ml’s interactions and how shameless the both of them can be towards each other. <<less
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Feb 19, 2024
Status: Completed
Solid 4.. Cuz some arc is sooo general and used few times.. Like how they accidentally found something important for their case.. But it's ok, cuz it's still entertaining, I laugh few times.. The writing style is quite good not bored..

It's not epic novel but light and funny one..
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