Assimilating Villains Abilities to Become the Strongest


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Kim Jinsung, who was bullied for not having awakened. Without realizing it, he swings a piece of glass and ends up killing a bully.

▶ You have defeated a villain.

▶ You have acquired the opponent’s characteristics.

▶ You have acquired the opponent’s skills.

‘Did I just awaken…?’

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악인의 능력만 흡수해서 지구최강
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New MarketResearchReading114 rated it
July 17, 2024
Status: c64
Suffers a little from a dour mood for a start, and the MC is kind of in an ongoing awful situation. Still the 2nd arc is a good row. I like it. Seems like the mood is hinting at a good accelerating pace of good vibes. There is a bit of "op" protag problems going on. We don't really have a cast of 2ndary characters building along with him that will keep tension going if the arc finishes without them it could be monotone.

So far its smooth sailing and the... more>> story feels on a good pace to solve its major problems. With this 2nd arc ending I can see an intro cast of new people from some special team he gets recruited into, and that could work well to solve the problems with the 2nd arc.

Could do to have a romance hinted or initiated near the end of this 2nd arc. Will give us someone to care about, when he's too op to really feel threatened by the next arc.

I really like it. <<less
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New Nullvsthewrld rated it
July 5, 2024
Status: c48
This is pretty generic with the MC killing the bad guys and getting stronger, but my man issue is, the MC, has no morals? You'd think to get the assimilating villains ability you'd have to have a strong sense of justice or something bit really he just kills everyone he comes across and if they're a villain it's a happy little plus, if they're innocent? Oh well whatever. The MC does not seem really any better than any other character in the novel (they are all evil.)
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s3978871 rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: c15
This novel is a solid 4.5/5

Set in a world where everyone awakened during middle school or the pubescent age, the Korean government is tied up trying to control the big guilds and corporations. Resulting in underground fighting rings, gambling dens, black markets, illegal substance production, etc to run rampant.

Kim Jin-sung, the protagonist, is a minor who was bullied because even though some time has passed since everyone in his age group awakened, he alone didn't. This resulted in severe bullying and physical ab*se for years. One day Kim Jin-sung is... more>> being bullied as usual but in the heat of the moment, he managed to overpower his bullies and killed 1 of them, and immediately after that, he awakened his powers.


Unfortunately, the one he killed was the son of an important figure so the protagonist gets targeted by the bully's father. Even though he has his sentence reduced, the father doesn't sit well with this and hires an assassin to kill the protagonist, and also provides a backup plan in case the assassination fails. They proceeded with the backup plan and sends Kim Jin-sung to an illegal fighting ring and pitted his 1st match against a strong opponent. You can guess what happens after that.


This is a very attractive novel, I would say that the novel should have had the weak to strong tag but the progress of him getting strong is very fast but in a satisfying way. It only has 15 chapters now but those 15 chapters provide you with so much content and story progression.

The only reason it's a 4.5/5 and not a 5 star is due to my preference: let me just say that I'm a sucker for character psychology, what makes a fictional character feel like a human and how we are able to feel empathy for them is deeply interesting to me. But it seems like the characters in this novel aren't fleshed out or realistic yet. In 15 chapters the protagonist didn't show any "emotions" other than the desperate feeling of wanting to be alive. I think the author has a habit of not including emotions or any explanation of what the characters feel about something, a habit commonly found in male authors.


The protagonist doesn't have that much of a mental shock when he kills an innocent person in the fighting ring, the novel literally said that he provided them a merciful death via choking (FYI it's either choking to death or getting burned alive by the incinerator the fighting ring provided) but like why doesn't he just hit them in the head for a fast and merciful death??? Choking actually takes time for the brain to stop receiving oxygen and all in all it's a slow and painful death, not as painful as being burned alive but it's also not a merciful nor fast death.

The most humane person in this novel is, in my opinion, the bully's father. He felt immersive sadness, grief and a desire to get revenge for his beloved son. No matter how bad of a piece of tr*sh his kid is, it's still his beloved son and no parent would feel good about their child being mu*dered.

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Kittybob rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: --

Some of the most comically evil and completely flat characters I've read in a bit. The first 2 chapters feel like a chain of the most needlessly cruel incidents back to back, but I guess that's kind of the point. Still, if I had to describe how this feels to read, it would be "annoyingly over the top".

I will give it the benefit of the doubt and understanding that this is that kind of tr*sh novel anyways so yeah, 3.5/5 because the fight scenes and everything else is about on-par... more>> or better than its fellow tr*sh novels. <<less
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Aureuszs rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: c15
It's not bad. It's kinda okay, but the characters feel a bit too... Uninteresting? I would have liked it if they at least made a character death or loss be impactful, or just shown more character depth but (atm) there's none of it. The characters are all bland.

Even worse is that, the MC is not an exception too. He has this whole "bloodlust" thing triggered by survival instinct but then it gets... Resolved in just a few sentences. His "wimpy" personality switches in a flash to "intimidating, cold, emotionless" in... more>> just a chapter. It's an awkward and bland way to do things.

Overall, I gave a 3 because of the action scenes and the MC isn't irritating. <<less
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johnson ponraj
johnson ponraj rated it
June 7, 2024
Status: c24
story is as usual bullied boy became Awakener and became the top of food chain. In this story a illegal fighting club and legal coliseum for old Roman coliseum. There was a boy bullied by modern gangsters son and his gang everyday one day accidentally killed bully and got awakened with cheat skill and tr*sh like abilities. The gangster makes him a serial killer with his pursuit. Corrupted officials and heartless awakeners the guilds who treat peoples like a tr*sh all are them make innocent young boy become a mu*derer... more>> kill without beating an eye. But his cheat skill absorb skills and traits from villains and Monsters only. So no harm to others will be done. So far Author writes good and TL doing good job, <<less
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Dreyerboys rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: c19
A solid 3.75/5

Honestly, could be a bit higher or a bit lower depending on which path the novel takes. However, as of Chapter 19, it's a bit above average.


... more>> Pretty basic, so far. The MC is a high school student getting bullied by a kid who awakened. The bullies make him do outrageous things while beating him up and finally, he can't take it anymore and snaps. He kills the main bully and awakens his new ability-[Assimilating Villains].

We've seen this kind of thing before. The MC unlocks some sort of devour, assimilation, munchkin-type ability and kills his way to the top. Except, this time, it's primarily through "villains"... whatever that means.

However, after the first chapter, the plot shifts from the usual trope of quickly becoming OP. The MC gets arrested and shipped off as a s*ave to fight in an underground death arena for minors. A lot darker than the usual route, but I appreciate the author's creativity here. As twisted as it is, this arc gives the MC a chance to grow and understand his new powers while experiencing the depravity humans are willing to steep to for entertainment, superiority, and money.

Based on this, I like the start of this novel more than a lot of others in the same genre. Unfortunately, there are flaws, one's that you might find hard to overlook.


Aside from the worldbuilding, which is extremely limited, this is where the novel loses most of its points. Like the other people who reviewed the novel said, they're uninteresting. No, not just that, but it seems like everyone he meets is just human garbage. It's to the point where, if they couldn't talk, there wouldn't be any difference between them and monsters.

I'd even go as far as to say, the side characters and villains in this novel are worse than monsters. One is willing to make kids kill each other, before tossing their bodies into an incinerator, all for some change.


The government knows what's happening and does nothing to stop it, due to all the bribes and the claim that "they have bigger things to worry about". I don't find that convincing, considering it would only take one high-level awakener to uproot this "establishment", but whatever. Plot.


The audience is equally as deprived, if not more so. The big shots are all evil. The kids are generally all mu*derers, with a few exceptions.

I mean, just from the first few chapters, it gives off the feeling that the entirety of Korea has thrown away its humanity.

There isn't a single character, except for maybe one (not including the MC), that you hope doesn't die. They all deserve it.

The MC, on the other hand, is a little bland. I won't say he's like a soulless robot, but we don't really get much inner monologue or reactions out of him. It's hard to tell what he's thinking. Now, think what you will of this, but I find that it makes sense in his current situation.

He's in an underground fight ring, essentially as a s*ave. Showing emotion is a sign of weakness, especially around other kids who want nothing more than to take advantage of you and kill you. He is a bit wimpy, but what can you expect from a high schooler who's been bullied his entire life before being ens*aved? It's only chapter 19. I believe he'll experience some character growth within the next 20-30 chapters. Not to mention, he's not irritating or insufferable. He knows he needs strength, so that's what he strives for, even if he has to commit some questionable acts.

Hopefully, the MC won't continue to be associated with and dragged around by evil, tyrannical people in the future. I mean, the author could as least throw in a few people who are indifferent to his plight, other than seeking to ruin his life, right? We don't necessarily need righteous heroes, but not everyone can be this low, right?


Not much to say here. Korea. Awakeners. Monsters. Abilities. Clans. You know the deal. Other than that, we basically know nothing else. We'll have to wait until the MC is freed.

My Thoughts:

It's good. It's worth a try, and saving in your library. I'd probably wait until there are 30+ chapters to start reading, but it's definitely a novel to keep your eye on if you like this kind of stuff. My only concern is the author continuously putting the MC in one horrible situation after another. Using these things to build character are fine, but I don't really want to watch the MC continue being a s*ave for another 20, 30, 40 chapters. With the way things are going, I'm scared that'll be the case as the author hasn't introduced an alternative. Not even a hint of him getting out into the real world anytime soon, but that could change here in the next few chapters.

Other than that, the action and fight scenes are good. Nothing much to say there.

I just wish the range of emotions in the characters were wider. I find it hard to immerse myself into the story, into their shoes, as the thoughts and emotions are quite limited.

Overall, it's pretty good. If you like these types of Korean stories, you'll probably enjoy this one to a certain extent. I'd say give it a shot. <<less
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