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A Female Lead with a Scumbag Personality: Rong Si

Often walking by the river, she eventually got her shoes wet.

To save her life, she bound herself to a scumbag system.

She embarked on the path of outdoing scumbags in their own game.

Targets include the male lead, male supporting characters, villains, cannon fodder, and any other scumbag entities.

About the Female Lead:

Rong Si is a seductive femme fatale who can play the innocent white lotus and manipulate like a green tea b*tch. Her heart is as hard as iron and she finds excitement in flirting and running away.

“got her shoes wet” means that if you live in a bad environment for a long time, you will inevitably develop bad habits; or if you do dangerous work for a long time, you will inevitably get into trouble.

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cloud_moonberry24 rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: --
It's good if you are into a character who takes their job seriously. The first arc is exhausting to read, but Rong Si, the female lead, completes her mission and captures her targets. I agree with the other comment, Rong Si has similarities with Ji Fanyin (MC) from 100, 000/Hour Professional Stand-in. I liked how she was cunning and played with the guys in the palm of her hand. Also, you might get annoyed with her system, but don't let it get to you.

Rong Si is ruthless against the... more>> capture targets and even herself.

I'm confused about why certain narratives in Rong Si act like she has the real owner's feelings. But I guess that is her acting skills.

ARC 3: Campus Prank


It's my first time seeing that choice in a novel. I didn't expect our protagonist to ask the system to bring back the owner of the original body to live her life again once she left. Letting her continue her life, live with her family, find someone who truly loves her, and spend the rest of their lives together.


ARC 4: The Concubine's Shield


Another unique thing about our MC! Rong Si decides to send a concubine to travel into the modern world. She wants the concubine to flourish in the modern world and does not want the concubine to stay in ancient times.


ARC 8: Empress Growth Plan


I didn't expect Xie Ying, (one of her targets) to know her true identity. He is truly a ruthless and intelligent man even at his death on their wedding night.


ARC 9: Online Game: My Vegetative Boyfriend


As our MC left this world, the owner of the original body came back and got her revenge. It's so satisfying




So many plot twists yet I expected it. It's so funny reading about the 001 system's journey of trying to capture Rong Si. In the end, he failed. However, he is thankful to feel the taste of love and being loved. Even if it is fake, he is happy with it




He is her system, the accumulation of the captured target who loves her, and the scientist, the creator of the systems. Again, first time seeing it in a novel. I read some novels where the male lead is the previous capture target and sometimes the male lead is the system. This is the only time I've seen an author who tried to merge everyone into one person.




Every part of his body was created because of Rong Si and was put together because of his love for her. 417 is him, 001 is him, Ye Xuan Ge is him, Mu Yi Chen is him, Xie Ying... is also him... even... even the part of Zhou Tian that has fallen hopelessly in love with her...

He exists because of Rong Si. Without Rong Si, he was left in pieces. But now, she doesn't want him anymore. He was born because of her, but she didn't want him anymore...



"It doesn't matter if you don't like me...I am willing to accompany you to travel across the sea of ​​stars."

Hearing this, Rong Si looked at him for a long time and suddenly burst into laughter.

"Well, that's what you said."

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MagykVen rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: c5
Thanks for the translation! It seems interesting so far.
MC reminds me of the MC from 100, 000/Hour Professional Stand-in. She’s smart, knows what she wants, and sets her boundaries. Now that she’s bound with a system, she going to get revenge on scum men. So if you’re into system, revenge, strong and scheming MC, this is for you.
Just not enough chapters to tell how it’s going to turn out.
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