Cannon Fodder Becomes a God of Cooking


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Qin Xin realized that she was the female supporting character in a book only after her death. She was disturbed by the plot just to highlight the heroine’s uniqueness. After coming back to life, Qin Xin threw the plot, kicked the scumbag, went to a dream city, and opened up a world of gourmet food of her own.

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New Swtxfky
Apr 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I have mtl the novel after reading the first chapters available on Novelupdates. The novel is actually quite standard plot as in the protagonist is reborn and has a system and tries to become a better cook, but the interaction between the characters and the build of the plot makes it a quite good read. And I also like how the author incorporated two other protagonist characters from her other novel in the story.

After reading this story I have also mtl her other stories and surely recommend these stories to... more>> also be translated and to be read. 😁 <<less
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New Kalione
Apr 16, 2021
Status: c95
I didn't have great expectations when I started reading the novel. The plot seemed exactly identical to several other modern chinese romantic settings: the main world being a mary-sue book, main character being a cannon-fodder and finally a veiled spoiler in the summary that the the villain was a likely male lead.

Sadly, the book met all the expectations I had and not in a positive light.

Before I start with my rant about why I didn't like this book, I just want to say that it isn't that bad. It's just... more>> painfully boring. I started reading this thinking that the book would be my type because of a a MC career-focused.

Other than being a foodie she doesn't have a personality at all. Take away her 'love' for cooking, and the only thing you know about her is that she helps people who helps her, has a bad relationship with her parents and well... yeah. There's nothing special about her character. As for ml, Gu Wuyu is just a typical domineering president from wear book novels, with a picky tongue, silently pining for the female lead from the beginning with no reason at all, though to be fair their relationship is further developed and Qin Xin doesn't fall quickly for him. Also he isn't a creepy stalker, he's just meh, the entire book and their relationship feels very insipid, bland and predictable. 90 chapters later you don't know much about his character lmao, if there's some mysterious background about him I already lost any urge to know.

Though its lovely the way Qin Xin surrounded herself with good people and their relationship, the supporting characters aren't unique and are only there to tell her that Gu Wuyu likes her or to praise her food, everything just comes so easily to her. The confrontation she had with her parents, was for the lack of better words disappointing, and the conflict was solved by the typical plot device: ta-da a f*cking dream of her previous life.

I don't mind a slice of life and I absolutely adore hard-working heroines but the author cannot convince me that Qin Xi is a hard-working one, and when I say she doesn't really have obstacles, I mean it she really doesn't.

Gu Wuyu solves everything before she realises she is in trouble, and the times he doesn't come fast to save the day she solves it with violence which I would love in different circumstances.

She doesn't struggle cooking or inventing new plates, she only follows recipes and because she keeps buying quality products from different plains and has 'good knife' skills, she's praised by everyone for being a good gook. Urgh. The only scene we see that happen was in the beggining when she worked on her hot sauce. We don't see her being insecure about herself or business even though in the last life she was supposed to have been psychologically abused by her parents and husband, or for money even in the beggining when she literally left college with a few hundred in the pocket. It feels like everyone is a f*cking puppet, and MC is the queen of the puppets.

I won't even start with the antagonists, my god they are DUMB. I don't understand why authors think that dumbing down the antagonists will make their protagonist look cool, no your entire premisse and the plot will suffer instead. The great example I can remember is this particular incident:


MC gets invited to a final dinner at graduation at the hotel that belongs to oriML - from the book - and when her classmates asks her the reason why she isn't eating at all, she answers honestly and says she isn't really into the food. Cue green tea ex-friend that in order to get revenge on her, incites Mary Sue heroine by telling in front of her that MC said "The food is bad".

ori!FL gets offended gives a speech that makes MC look like a bad guy and oriML, as the owner of the Hotel, supposed to be the child of heaven and smart literally just turns full Karen on the MC and demands an apology.

What. the. hell.

As someone who worked in restaurants and catering industry, I've met several arrogant bosses but no matter how much of an ass they were in private, in front of clients as long as they didn't do anything that crosses the line everything is tolerated. Even if dismissing complaints of food and being condescending, they are never disrespectful without a reason. If you have the same business policy as Amy's Baking Company your business is bound to fail regardless of how preppy your family background is.

So, no even if the Jiang guy is a Mary Sue hero, he would be smart enough to smile politely and ask what is the problem with the food and if she needs anything else then proceed to screw her up in private. So yeah.


I wish I could give 2.5 stars to this but honestly I feel for the translator who seems to genuinely likes the book and works hard to bring it to other people. <<less
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Apr 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I read the translated first five chapters at Riri Translations, and MTL-ed the rest of the story.

Our main character, Qin Sin, lived miserably in her first life. Her parents were domineering, without actually bothering to know her as a person they believed they knew what's best for her and mapped her entire life. Qin Sin had a meek personality and followed her parents' decisions. She majored in a degree that she did not care, married a person she did not love, stayed in an abusive marriage, and died tragically. It... more>> was a wretched existence; I felt so sad for Qin Sin.

Then she was rebirthed. She was grateful of this second chance and determined to live fully. She was committed, made decisive plans, and followed through them. Even though there was a system that gave her the awe inspiring abilities, they just illuminate the amazing transformation that comes from Qin Sin herself. I think Qin Sin was a smart and brave character. She did not squander the opportunity to "re-do" her life. She took her first life experience and learned from it, she left her comfort zone and pursued her dream. Qin Sin truly enjoyed and loved cooking... coming up of dishes to cook or develop, immersed in the process of cooking, and reveled in people enjoying the food they ate. She was focused in doing what she loved and did not waste her time/emotion on those who were not supportive of her. She's a hard worker, had good moral baseline, and she's a generous friend/boss. I enjoyed reading this story - following Qin Si's journey for a life that was her own design :) <<less
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Apr 04, 2021
Status: Completed
Surprisingly easy to MTL (probably due to experience). Althou mostly talk abt food and stuff, it's not boring and quite engaging. Well basically it 70% abt food (this includes her system), 4% abt her business, 10% abt netizen/her fans, 11% romance (basically her business n romance is closely related cause ML is her business partner too), 5% abt her interpersonal relationship (parents, ex, friends).

The ending is kinda rushed tbh, and could actually last till 120chapter. I wish they got some more fluffy moment between ML&FL.

So if you lookin for... more>> fluff then.... just eat your food. <<less
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Apr 03, 2021
Status: c104
Glad I found this! Its very easy to mtl!

MC went back in time and realized she's a cannon fodder existing to highlight the FMLs greatness. Before going back in time she actually wanted to stop making s*upid decisions but everytime there's a voice telling her she shouldn't so she just became cannon fodder like that.

At ch76 I actually forgot about the whole going back in time since the FML and OML were rarely mentioned now.

The story started focusing on MCs food business and the system function, for me the system... more>> is really cool. The ML already started liking the MC but he's really not good at showing it and the MC is a dense cloud 😅.


MC started selling chinese pancakes when she arrive at T city it was nice and all until scum ex bf came and destroyed MCs pots. The parents were meh irritating with how they think the sole purpose of MC is to get married and get pregnant. There's also her ex roommate, I dunt know her deal but she's just so jealous of MC she slandered MCs business and hook up and got pregnant with MCs ex. Later on the ex-rommate was jailed and expelled from school thanks to ML.

The FML has appeared in just a few scenes (im only at 76) and she immediately felt that MC is a force to be reckoned and wanted her out of their city, she proposed a cooking challenge where if the MC lost she shouldn't appear on D city anymore. With mouthwatering description on what MC cooked she won the challenge but still left the city, she won a million cash.

Ch 104*


the MCs business started growing and later on the ML offered partnership where he provided the restaurant, which MC bought using the money she won from the challenge.

The FML appeared again but theres not much screen time the orig leads created trouble with the MCs chili business but it backfired, orig female lead got fired by orig male leads father, since shes prideful she left then oML followed they havent appeared after that.

MCs parents took MCs graduation cert (?) Which is needed to find corporate work, hoping MC would come back.

Later on they went to MCs restaurant and to convince her again to be a "good woman" they thought MC is just the cook. Mls assistant told ML about the parents coming and he immediately run to the restaurant to save MC ahahah niways parents get to know that MC own the restaurant, in cooperation with the mls company, and the brain behind the famous chili and wine called xinxin.

Forgot when this happende but the parents went back to the hotel and dreamt about MCs past life, where they forced MC to give up what she wants (listening to cd, playing with cooking toys, painting) because they thinks its not good for her. They saw MC married scumex and live a miserable life of working for the ex and mother in law wllike a dog and then she divorced the scumex but tdied after that.

When parents woke up they were scared and thought back to what they did, they went back to MC restaurant with cds, paint supplies, and knife set apologizing to her.

Making it short, they regretted their actions and they gradually accepted and supported what kc wants.

MC went abroad with ML and parents to taste foreign cooking since she wants to join god of cooking contest. She got hacked in weibo again but it was resolved.

The later parts where mainly about MC preparing and finally joining the elimination round 9f the cooking contest.

After the 3rd elimination round (i think?) She used a dark soup base she made abroad but then again on weibo someone revealed tlit wasnt her recipe and stole it from foreign restaurant, after that some black fans started saying shes always with ML being driven by luxury cars in every elimination round and she's a whitelotus.

Of course it was resolved when the foreign restaurant ownerwl was interviewed by one of MCs fan and was told that MC made the soup base on her place and left her some.

This is when ML actually confessed on weibo saying that it was him chasing the MC.

The MC was shocked but not repulsed and when she went to the next round of the contest with ML picking her up, she accepted his confession.

Not much changed on their interaction imo, aside from ML saying shameless things and holding her hands at every opportunity.


The system continues to upgrade


MC gained more points since her food became better to the point that she got 100 in cooking and other stas inc vision, beauty, stamina, speed etc.

The systems interface also change since she levelled up she gained a virtual farm and instead of exchanging the food directly for points it became like a store where she post her food and different system users from all galaxies can browse and buy it using point.

At one point she get to know a user with code 0007 from same place and galaxy but is a user from ancient times, her ancestor (not direct line ancestor)

Niways 007 is high level and can travel through space for 2 hrs, he requested to go to MCs restaurant with his "friend" so called friend is female and is a transmigrator from a parallel time on earth (shes from modern era just like MC but some things there developed dufferently from the MCs own time) of course MC and her hit it off she cooked so many things after hearing the girl that they dont eat beef on ancient times and how she missed cake. MC keep cooking but found out that 2hrs had passes and the two ancient people disappeared.

Thats the only major happening on system aside from leveling up so far


It's my cup of tea so its not boring to mtl <<less
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Apr 03, 2021
Status: c75
I have MTLed this novel.

Till now, the novel is only on food.

... more>>

It begins with how MC separates from her useless parents and pathetic boyfriend, starts selling her own food stuff from a tricycle to setting up her own gourmet restaurant. No romance till now coz MC is literally working at her restaurant + improving her cooking skills to join some fancy god of cooking competition show from sunup to sundown. Her business partner (some bigshot who has lots of businesses and decides to go into food industry with MC's recipes) is showing romantic interest except he has never dated before and is a dullard at displaying interest. MC has no interest in anything other than cooking for now so she is blind to his over-the-top protectiveness/ good behavior towards her.


If you read this book when u r hungry, u will def feel like eating at once. If you read this book when u r not hungry, u will still feel like u r starving lol.


Some uh system thingy going on too. A system contracts her - she has to sell her food for points and can buy super high/ highest quality stuff from the system which she uses in her cooking for eg. Oil, peppers etc. She is not the only one using the system. In her plane, there are more than 8000 others using the system just like her (not necessarily for food though as system can exchange a lot of other stuff too). There are multiple planes too. Her only contact to another system user is 0007 (lol author seems to be James Bond fan) from the ancient times. She sells her dishes, wine etc. To him and he gives her reviews too.


There are a few dramas here and there like


Ex-bf smashes her tricycle in anger but she uses this opportunity to become better and buys a food truck instead while getting a lot of compensation from him. She also deals with her parents at the same time. She kicks out the b*tchy ex-best friend too. Some online weibo drama of fake news about her etc etc.


Overall, a novel that will make u want to eat and start ur own business haha <<less
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Apr 03, 2021
Status: c105
Seems like a standard story, but it doesn't focus a lot on the FL and ML interaction. FL focuses mostly on cooking.
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