The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass


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With the marriage of her prostitute mother to the Count, Aria’s status in society skyrocketed immediately. After leading a life of luxury, Aria unfairly meets death because of her sister Mielle’s schemes. And right before she dies, she sees an hourglass fall as if it were a fantasy. And just like that, she was miraculously brought back to the past.

“I want to become a very elegant person, just like my sister, Mielle.”

In order to face the villainess, she must become an even more wicked villainess. This was the new path Aria chose to take revenge on Mielle who murdered both her and her mother.

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The Villainess turns the Hourglass
악녀는 모래시계를 되돌린다
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New apatel190 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
If you like the MC then its a good novel but if you want a typical innocent and pure damsel in distress who gets saved by their future husbando every 10 seconds then this novel is not for you.

Don''t believe the reviews saying the revenge is petty, Its actually quite justified.

The MC's personality is very interesting and in alot of aspects she is evil she even admits it herself. She acts fake and nice on the outside and uses people to get what she wants.

The actual story in my opinion... more>> is quite nice and refreshing. MC gets alot done independantly and her actions she takes slowly influences the later part of the story and the ending is really good

The translation itself is not that great, it doesnt lack information but theres grammatical errors and some things that dont read well. <<less
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New Dizzy-Wuzzy rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Villainess Reverse Hourglass started with your typical turn back to the past troupe before MC died. MC is not your typical innocent person, indeed she was evil and go back to the past to avenge her misery in 1st timeline. The final epilogue from the spin off was.... weird. It kinda gave you an unwanted closure but nevertheless it closed the story for good. My suggestion is just read until the main book epilogue, the spin off is only a "keeping up with" story.

Plot: 4/5

It revolves around the revenge so... more>> the plot is really consistent from beginning to end.

Character: 2.5/5

The only thing that keeps the story progressing is Aria, the other characters are kinda subpar even the ML. But it's understandable since how the story narrated is from MC and MC kinda treated others like pawns or puzzle. Her POV really affects on devalue others.

Story narration: 3/5

Good, but I think it needs some improvement on when the narration moved to other characters.

Final: 3/5

it's interesting, but my final verdict is OK. it's good in the middle, not that great but not bad. <<less
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OtomeAddict rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: c288
I read the story on a third party website and the translation quality is iffy sometimes but it's understandable if you pay attention.

An alert to villainess story fans: THERE IS NO KIDNAPPING BY THE VILLAINS IN THIS HERE STORY! THE VILLAINS DON'T GET AWAY DUE TO PLOT CONVENIENCE! THE MAIN CHARACTERS DON'T BREAK UP DUE TO A THOT OR MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Still cliche in many ways, and has average writing objectively but a satisfying read overall.

I will talk about what I think of the main cast one by one. SUPER SPOILER... more>> HEAVY. I'm practically summarizing the 280+ chapter story.

Starting with our protagonist Aria. Apparently a very polarizing figure amongst reviews because of her somewhat questionable motivations, ethics and her philosophy that money solves problems. Though I actually love how Aria was written. You don't have to be a spotless, mericiful/forgiving heroine to be interesting and likable. She isn't always loveable but that's okay!

I actually really love our morally ambiguous MC. It's understandable to me why she keeps establishing that she's using people and acting in sketchy ways. Understand in both lifetimes she hadn't experience real unconditional, selfless and loyal love until Sarah and Asher. While she uses people she knows will be helpful she still values them. This is evident at the end of the novel after the ousting of the main villains of the story when she takes care of those who stood by her. Even her mother who was cold to her, gave the impression that she blamed Aria for her life, and often jumped ship on Aria in the count household to curry favor with the others... Aria felt grateful to her mother for not abandoning her as an infant or when she remarried. She wished her mother to have real happiness. I feel like had she had a tiny bit of love from her step family and they hadn't framed her to die even if she was still discriminated against, she wouldn't have become a villainess OR bent on revenge. I loved how the story closes with her apprehension after meeting her kind biological paternal family and her mental struggles understanding affection. It may be an unpopular opinion but I think she did grow as a person. She may have never been able to let go of her hate for the siblings and accomplices that killed her in her previous life and her revenge WAS a lot but she brought good to a lot of lives through her actions. She was a major reason why the prince won over the oppressive aristocratic faction. She ended up using her wealth in the end to help normal commoners advance themselves despite having claimed she was only helping sure wins.

On another I find it hard to believe that nobody would've wanted to inflict her brand of revenge on people who hated her from the start for no fault of her own, tricked her into adapting a toxic mindset, framed her, killed her and the the next life tried it again? She did essentially the same thing that Mielle had done in the previous life. Mielle constantly portrayed her as an evil women and brought friends to the manor to ridicule Aria, then she tricked Aria into trying to harm her by using maids to emotionally manipulate her because she was deprived of any real love. Aria mentioned she always tried to compensate by seeking the company of men who fancied her but her looks would never be enough as they would leave her for women of good backgrounds even if she humored them. She framed Aria and used that to kill Aria and her mother. Then in her next life she tried to murder their father and blame Aria. I can't think of Aria as that terrible of a person for what she did.

and for those lovely folks who said everything went super easy for her they didn't all happen according to plan. She failed to steal Oscar from Mielle officially and never got the genuine affection of the count.


Jessie (Her most loyal maid, stood by her and believed her, an actual good person)


Jessie came to fancy a boy that Aria had helped on a whim, Hans. Though he was successful in advancing himself in Aria's institute she had no indication that he would rise up in success from her memories. It was strongly established that Aria tried hard to make sure he would succeed to make Jessie happy bc she was genuinely grateful to Jessie. When Aria finally meets her real family and is troubled and confused by their kindness and love she listens to Jessie's insight. She also defends Jessie and Annie (The other maid) from malicious social climber rumors after she becomes crown princess


Annie (Her other maid)


This was a relationship of self interest on both parts but they did have a certain loyalty and fondness to some extent. Annie didn't genuinely care like Jessie but she knew that it would be in her best interest to always be loyal and help Aria as much as she can. Aria of course knew but she still paid Annie appropriately for her work by introducing her to a good partner (The first baron to join Aria's investment plan) It leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth that she didn't get punished for being a Mielle lackey in her last life but she was helpful to Aria and was an important part of her intel gathering, success and rise in fame.


Sarah (Aria's first teacher)


Sarah is the kindness, sweetest, loveliest person in the whole story. She genuinely loves and cares for Aria more than anyone alongside Asher but it's a different kind of love. Sarah is like the mother/older sister Aria never had. Though initially Aria approached her for her future status she came to acknowledge Sarah as her most precious friend and truly wished for Sarah's happiness. They had a especially meaningful exchange during their weddings. Sarah's happened first, she asked Aria to place her tiara on her which was an honor meant for closest family. When Aria's wedding came she asked Sarah instead of her mother or her super loving and high status biological grandmother to put her hair accessories in. Sarah's kindness and love affects Aria's outlook significantly. At the end of the story Aria established a public hospital, school and library for commoners to use for free with the money she made through her future sight investment plan. And she put Sarah as principal of the school remembering that Sarah loved children and her dream was to be a teacher. As impure as her original intentions were it is a fact that Aria genuinely loves Sarah.


Part of Aria's revenge plan:

Cain and Oscar (somewhat unfortunate consequences of Aria's revenge to different degrees)
Mielle and Isis (The terrible people who are the most malicious to Aria, got what they deserved)


The two, Oscar and Cain are similar in some ways. Both are important parts to Aria's revenge plan against Mielle.

Cain: Cain of course was the man who scorned Aria and her mother and eventually with the urging of Mielle killed Aria in her first life. However during her time in the first life and initially in the rebirth life he is not over the top with his dislike and did not harass or scheme against Aria. In the second life Aria accidentally seduces him now that she is acting mild mannered and bc she's drop dead gorgeous. When Mielle tried to kill Aria via her poisoning with her most precious maid (Mielle's mother figure), Aria acts pitifully and Cain takes the side of Aria due to infatuation. Eventually he goes a little mad with his obsession with Aria and jealous of Asher's overt display of affection to Aria. He carries on with the aristocrat rebellion plan against Asher (the prince) and he went along with Mielle's plan go frame Aria for killing their father the count (He ends up crippled and partially paralyzed and knows Mielle did it) despite knowing Aria wasn't guilty and it was Mielle. Why? Mielle tempted him by stating that he could pardon Aria in the trial and force her to stay confined by his side instead of leaving with Asher. When the rebellion (which was actually a trap set by the prince) fails and the traitors are executed Aria pretends to forgive Mielle and Cain. They are spared death and reduced to commoners and while Mielle is an idiot and thinks all is good and she can get live a good noble woman life off of Aria's kindness Cain reacts differently. This is the reason why he is pretty pitiful in actuality. He is grateful to Aria for helping the two of them and accepts his place, trying to urge Mielle to do the same. He resolves to work hard as a low paid disgraced service boy to take care of the crippled count who was abandoned by aria's mother as well as Mielle. He ends up being poisoned to death by Mielle who was tricked by Aria because Mielle was mad at the maids that harassed her now that Mielle was a common maid. He dies in tears knowing that his sister did it and that she never learned from her mistakes. I can't bring myself to blame him after everything. He was a product of his environment and he honestly wasn't that horrible.

Oscar:He was the man that Mielle loved the most in both timelines so naturally as revenge Aria went after him. She used her looks and sad puppy dog face to do it and she succeeds. He initially tries to politely refuse because he was obligated to Mielle due to his family but Aria pushed pretty hard. He didn't even know she was purposely doing it. He never ended up in a formal relationship with her though he showed he favored her and did wish to be with Aria instead of Mielle after they had exchanged gifts and spent time together in the garden. Mielle who was jealous contacted Oscar's older sister (The duke's daughter who married the prince by force and took the power in the first life and was the biggest princess candidate so she had tons of power in noble circles) to get Oscar. By the way Oscar had no real power in his family and had no connections in society to back him. His sister threatens Oscar that she will harm Aria if he doesn't go with Mielle. Oscar agrees, he literally sobs and begs his sister not to harm Aria. At this pont Aria wasn't even super powerful yet so this gesture might've really saved her to some degree. He felt love towards Aria that was well intentioned and though he was attracted by looks like every other guy in this book it his feelings seemed genuine. He then tells Aria via their regular friendly letters that Aria had suggest earlier in the book that they should not be contacting eachother anymore and tries to avoid her. Aria clearly didn't love him and was just upset she couldn't steal him from Mielle. By the end in the aforementined aristocract faction rebellion he pleads for his father and sister to stop and not do it but he is dragged into a room and the doors are blocked so he cannot leave. When the hoax rebellion ends he quietly offers the prince that he will testify for the prince in order to repent for the family's actions. In his mind he mentions that he still loved Aria but knew that she had made herself a success and found Asher so she wasn't in his reach anymore. The prince who is jealous of Oscar's past with Aria is pretty petty with Oscar without provocation. In the end Oscar watches his whole family beheaded for treason with sad eyes because he did love his family despite everything. He is demoted to be a commoner. Even Mielle who claimed to love him was pretty eager to jump ship and go after the young foreign king. (Who was pretending to help the aristocrat faction under Asher's orders) Well he never did show real love to Mielle and she kind of knew he was coerced into it but.... I genuinely felt bad for Oscar.

Onto the two most terrible people... Both of them hate Aria because of her background. Mielle does it because she is jealous of Aria's looks and hates peasants. She is also motivated by her superficial infatuation with Oscar. Often mocked Aria because she wasn't raised as a noble. She was the one that caused Aria and her mothers humiliation and death in the first life. Her specialty was trying to portray Aria as a bully and often organized parties where her friends would mock Aria in earshot. (See the Cain spoiler for what happened to her) Unlike with Cain I felt no sympathy for her. The count always loved her unconditionally and even pretended Aria's acheivements were Mielles but to frame Aria, Mielle pushed the count down stairs intending to kill him but ended up crippling him and didn't feel guilty at all. When Aria pretends to save her she assigns Annie as Mielle's boss while pretending to be kind to Mielle. Annie eager to please as always harasses Mielle in a petty way by pointing out a bunch of minor faults in her work overdramatically and embarrassing her at a party using her wicked woman reputation. As I said in the Cain section ends up accidentally killing Cain before she's executed. A fitting end for her... If it was only Aria being angry about the past life framing and execution considering she was a real villainess I would've said her revenge was a bit too much but with the trying to kill her father who unconditionally loved her + Aria framing incident I find it harder to feel bad. Call me a vengeful woman...

Next. Isis is Oscar's older sister and the one with real power in the family and social circles. She was the one everyone believed would be the next crown princess and was in the last life (see Oscar section) She hated Aria simply because of the fact that she didn't want to be in laws with a prostitutes daughter bc she was going to push Mielle onto Oscar for the count family's money. She openly hated on Aria and tried to threaten Asher (who thanks to Aria changing the timeline was a major threat and in a strong position) and he just laughed it off. The aristocrat rebellion was a trap set by Asher and she ends up executed.


I loved the male lead Asher a lot. He had me kind of tricked because in his initial appearance I expected him to be the arrogant cold type. I didn't like the intro to him and the weird mistake of him and his attendant thing either. But he ended up serving me my romance novel fluff craving so that is forgiven~

I like him for a reason...


Anyways... He is the crown prince that was called the aristocrat's puppet in the first life because of unfortunate circumstances. In the second life he is by chance (Aria) luckier and shows that he is very much intelligent and competent. For a long time he doesn't reveal he is the prince and acts mysteriously to Aria. One thing to love about him is that he is in LOVE LOVE with Aria. He's practically a lovesick puppy a 1/4 in and it's only for Aria. He does big romantic gestures and does everything he can to help Aria. He saved her big time when Mielle tried to frame her. He can be kind of petty and possessive towards Aria but not to an unhealthy extent. He is pretty humorous and a tease too but strangely kind of innocent towards Aria oftentimes. He is actually really cute.

Also bonus points to Asher... He reacts to Aria's reveal as a mysterious investment boss, her reveal about her powers and her past life incredibly well despite feeling a bit upset. He had also crossed some personal space boundaries and kept secrets and it was good he wasn't hypocritical and didn't take her reveal badly. Actually I kind of find his falling in love with Aria believable. He initially is interested in her because she appeared smart when they first met, then she gains the approval of his close aid, then they end up meeting and finding out they have compatible personalities, can speak easily to eachother and have similar motivations. They can be their malicious unmasked selves around each other. Then they become closer through connections with Aria's investment business faction and aspirations to start up public service institutions. One may argue that he is male mary sue but I love me some fluff. I for one have witnessed the transformation of insensitive aloof man into love slaves/wife idiots 3 times having older brothers and cousins.

I didn't appreciate his nighttime room creeping even though he would only show up to leave flowers... that wasn't good. Well at least Aria liked it -_-'
Aria had it bad for him too. Though she was a real fox in her first life she was often really embarrassed about Asher's flirting and concerned he'd ever come to hate her. She works hard after marriage to make sure she can help him and trusts him almost always unconditionally throughout the whole story. They're super lovey dovey and I loved it.


I really really liked this novel. <<less
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08phamann rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: c56
I like villainess novels as much as the next person. I don't however, like it when said villainess turns out to be a lame goody two shoes and is portrayed as some sort of perfect goddess that can't do no wrong and everyone falls in love with her. Japanese otome game novels tend to go down this path. This novel however, goes down a different path. Although MC does act like a villainess, she does it in a way that's really petty and boring. She's lived another life already, so... more>> why are her schemes so boring, ineffective and useless? She seems to measure her success by how much her evil sister's face crumples when she does something. She gets giddy with excitement when she imagines how much her sister's face will scrunch and how much agony she will experience. But within the first 50 chapters, all MC has done is done some classes to change per reputation, which is a smart move I admit. And she has sort of flirted with her sister's crush/love interest. And she does this by acting like a pure lotus that is being bullied, gives him a handkerchief, asks to be pen pals. And each of these for some reason is supposed to jeopardise her sister's marriage? I don't see that happening. But it somehow makes her sister fume with rage and occasionally make her mask of pure lotus almost crack. I'm just saying, if you've lived an entire life before where you were supposedly a villainess and go back in time to face a 13 year old girl, if you don't unilaterally crush her spirit then I feel like you might have lived you first live in vain. Yes so basically what I'm saying is that MC's villianess game is weak af.


Also I'm going to just say that I'm 99% sure the ML is the crown prince, but so far he doesn't seem that attractive to me. But then neither is MC.

Also, her OP cheat with the hourglass that can turn back time... was that really necessary? 1 chapter into finding out is usage and she has began to physically torment her sister and then reversing the time. Which really serves no purpose except probably using up more of her life force and momentary satisfaction in abusing her sister. Her villain goals are very low.

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Liri rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: c12
Completed Update: 3 Stars

Final verdict:

Perhaps the novel seems particularly disappointing, because there was so much potential and instead it just became a waste of opportunities, just because the way it was badly handled.

... more>>

I really liked the story beginning, as you can read below, but as the story progressed it became boring and even difficult to just finish. Here are a few reasons why:

  • uneven power dynamics (FL is smart, but/and everyone else is too stupid)
  • novel "logic" of smart FL (and ML) being dense
  • unclear plotline/no real build-up
  • dragging/too long for small events
First of all, the reason why I became intrigued was to see the rise of the FL, how she would deal with her enemies and her story of revenge. Except, this kind of story is not very interesting when it is completely one-sided. Halfway through, you realise that her 'enemies' were stupid, so that had never been a challenge. It just becomes a massacre. It's less a cat and mouse game but more like a lion and a fly and you wonder, why bother?

FL and ML: The FL is also quite OP, with her ability to turn the hourglass. On top of that she is gorgeous and has the magic thumb in business. Yet,

she is unable to figure out that the guy working with her is the CP, while is is so obvious. This storyline drags on and it became so ridiculous


Furthermore, it was as if the author did not even know where the story was heading.

Aria remembers that there were three guys that were madly in love with her and always stuck to her, so she chose to rebuild that relationship by inviting their mothers. She spents a lot of time building that event, but suddenly abandons it because it feels weird now that ML is in her life. If so, why decide to invest so much time in building that story part @author?


The novel can be best summarised through the extra chapter:

where Mielle is torturerd a little more before her final beheading, which involves a psychological brainwashing. It is still a revenge story but at this point, as a reader, you wonder: Why bother? Why waste effort on a worthless enemy? It is just tedious and there is nothing fun about it, just sad.



First review: It's only 10 chapters in, but I was captivated already at chapter 5, if not from the very beginning.

This is a second chance-revenge story. While the MC was a 'villain' in the eyes of society in the first life, it turns out the step-sister was an even bigger villain and in the end, ultimately got her killed. MC then wakes up as her younger self and vows revenge.

The good points:

    • Refreshing MC
    • (Early) Satisfying Revenge
    • Currently excitement for the future
I like how the novel doesn't make her to be a super innocent victim or someone super smart, instead, she was the actual villainess

and even in the first life, was a mean person and got outsmarted by her evil step-sister, who set out a much smarter, long-term trap for her. She is not above playing the evil role, just focused on getting her revenge.

So for this, it is interesting to see the evolution of our MC from simple mean girl to actual manipulative, scheming villain with the face of an angel.

The MC starts making her moves at an early age, before her bad reputation truly sets in and with an added childish innocence, as well as her knowledge, she quickly outsmarts her young step-sister

It is so satisfying to see how she is undermining the wicked sister and winning hears and reputation everywhere.

It is so promising. It has a certain darkness that I usually know from CN novels, with the scheming and personally, it makes you as a reader excited what she will do in the future and how she is going to succeed in undermining her evil step-sister.

The only thing I regret it having started reading so early and now I am dying with anticipation for every chapter <<less
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March 29, 2020
Status: c58
I wanted to love this so badly. The idea of neither the "heroine" nor the "villainess" being guilt-free was good. The idea of both being relatively corrupt, selfish, & conniving? Excellent. Please do serve me female cunning & moral ambiguity, without any unrealistic (unhuman) paragons of feminine virtue & Good.

And I did love some parts. I mean, the protagonist's memories of her past, growing up in poverty? Nice. Those moments of nostalgia provided great contrasts to her current status & environment of luxury/indulgence. & helped pt out there were some... more>> things that hadn't changed, or had actually gotten worse.

Sadly, the protag is a dumb *o. I say that with all due respect. I mean, this girl isn't braindead, but she's definitely not as smart as she thinks she is, & boy, is it Frustrating. So, so many glaringly obvious red flags & "hints", but Aria repeatedly chooses to set things aside to think about later, or straight up ignores the bright flashing warning signs.


Ex: how do you not realize the dude in the hood is the crown prince? More frustratingly, how does she not realize the hourglass turns back time? And dude, Lane is so obviously the Crown Prince's man. So. Many. Hints!! And much reason to not disregard them & think them over carefully. And yet...


Anyway. Had to drop bc I like my protag's a little quicker on the uptake, but. I didn't hate it? Just ambivalent about reccing it to a friend. <<less
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eagerreadergirl rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I honestly loved loved loved this story -- to the point where it's basically my favorite villainess novel. And most of it is due to how much I truly adored Aria as a main character and find her to be such a refreshing change from the "she's a villainess but she's really a nice girl who's just misunderstood" trope!

Because Aria, lord love her soul, truly is a villainess worthy of her name. She's petty, selfish, greedy, materialistic -- and once she comes back from the dead, she vows to simply... more>> become even better at being evil in order to avert her sad fate in the end. Although Aria does eventually develop her character in subtle but important ways, and learn to truly love and appreciate the people who stay by her side from start to finish, she still remains quite villainess without ever taking a hard-core turn into being irredeemable. (Although it helps that the main "bosses" she's up against are far worse than she ever was). She is an absolute hoot to follow and I found her thoughts and actions endlessly entertaining through the whole series, even when the plot got rather wacky and the male lead proved to not quite be her equal in terms of being a fascinating character.

Long story short, if you love genuinely wicked girls who only slowly grow a heart even as they scheme and wheedle their way into power and fortune, you will love this story! <<less
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Drenlith rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel focuses more than half of it on hell bend revenge so if a pro-active (anti?) protagonist isn't your cup of tea, you might wanna drop it early on, that being said, I'd like to present you the bits I liked;
-pro-active protagonist, she doesn't sit on her hands, biding her time and waste away her second life in a daze
-polished characters, they are being all fully utilized in the story, humanized and not forgotten after being given their own highlights
-character development!! LOTS of character development!
Personally,... more>> to me, I can't really say the MC is a villain, given the circumstances she was raised and nurtured in. But that's also what makes MC great, she's no Mary Sue, even with the hacks she's been given, she makes mistakes, she doesn't want to hold expectations and trust in anybody but some a**holes will still let her down and break her heart she thought that was frozen. That makes the MC so much more beautiful to me than she already is, she's just on a whole, well structured character.

Reason for the 4/5 star is that the romance might be a bit lacking. ML is very sweet but I feel like they really failed to convince both MC and audience why he's so much in love with her, the story on a whole focuses about up to 65% purely on face slapping. The plot isn't all too original either, reincarnated MC face slapping her former tormentors on a western monarchy-renaissance based set, got it's distinct flavor, but still, a cliché in web/light novels.

ML mistook MC originally for her own step-sister and even courted the sister anonymously through a third party. On top of that, the way they met wasn't exactly on best terms, at best, I thought he was gonna hunt her down and interrogate her with torture or something, but flirts with her from there on non stop.

He also excluded the possibility that the woman he took a liking to was the MC herself due to rumors. MC was given quite a mental scarring from the social opinion of her to begin with so IDK how they just smoothly overcame that conclusion he had of her (although I suppose one has to consider that she purposely mislead him and that misunderstanding she created was in the end something she herself has forgotten or wasn't even aware of, at least, the moment of realization was never brought up).

He is blindly devoted to her and loves her unconditionally, as lovely as that was, I sure as hell would've loved a small point of view of his as to why or how he fell so hard in love. His dedication to her however, managed to convince MC so she never really considered it as an issue and this was just... tossed/neglected I suppose?

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ardills rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: Completed
While the premise itself wasn't that grand. Revenge, Villainess noble lady, pretending 'saintess' are quite ordinary.

But the author make it up with quite exceptional writing skill, I'm surprised that I found it very interesting, while I did doubt it at first though.

You see, the most exceptional could be found on MC's character building. She is quite ambitious, and well maybe a lot of readers doesn't really like cunning protagonist. But she really doesn't show mercy toward her enemy. I think, she is quite charming in its own way.

Well.. Now that... more>> I already completed this, I can only tell you that this has gone out of my cup of tea. The MC was merciless, it's really thrilling experience to follow her character and that is a pros. But in my opinion toward the end of the novel, she kinda loses her 'revenge' justification and very soon it became 'boring'. Still even though the merciless revenge was very strong theme here, it reeks more of hardcore feminism. I don't hate such notion, I just didn't find it befitting the word 'impressive' the way author pull it through. All in all the most inexcusable cons might be the predictable plot, which is always a major minus point in making from my review. <<less
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ladyartemis rated it
July 3, 2019
Status: --
6 chapters and still so early to judge but give this a chance. It's premise is nothing new but I am curious as to how she would get her revenge. Thank you for picking this up keep up the good work translator!
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idkvan rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: Completed
The title sums up the story quite well. A lot of people who read this story seem to be put off by the MC's personality/actions in situations. However, it is stated quite early on that the MC is definitely not a good person... she is a true villainess through and through. So, don't be shocked if she is vengeful and tramples on slightly innocent people or is harsh in her retaliation. Shes a true villain who hides behind the face of a white lotus. She may be slightly less evil... more>> her second time around or just better at covering it up but she knows and we the reader know that she still is by no means a good person.

This isn't like other evil noble villain girl stories where they are just misunderstood or are replaced by someone kind. Nope... this story ain't it. She wants blood and she takes down anyone in her way, she is even reckless while doing so. <<less
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Er xiao jie
Er xiao jie rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Imho, the MC is an outright "villainess" in and out. This is a story how a villainess win over the 'not so evil white lotus'. I know step sister is wicked and played a part on how MC became a dumb person in the first life, BUT it would never happened if only MC is a little bit smart, have a self-awarness, and try her best to learn (and also her who*e mom didn't even try to educate MC, well anyway what could we expected from a who*e in the... more>> first place right? And it's an ungrateful sl*t to boot!). I can't feel much pity on the MC even tho she's beheaded in first life because even if stepsis didn't do anything, MC would always be doomed due to her arrogance and stupid brain, not to mention only depends on her look (again, this might be the influenced from her sl*t mom). MC brought all the misfortune upon herself.

Now, aside from that, stepsis and stepbro got their punishments in the end like how a revenge story should be. But stepdad also got implicated from mc's revenge on the stepsiblings. NO MATTER WHAT although the stepdad isn't the best dad you could get, he NEVER abused MC and her mom! Although not being affectionate to MC, but he's still a level-headed person and it's normal if he's more inclined to favor his own children (the stepsiblings) cuz I bet everyone is like that. The one who should be doomed is the sl*t mom. Honestly her mom and MC are both ungrateful bitches. In the end, after the countdom had fallen, sl*t mom divorced him and MC didn't feel any pity towards him either just because he's the dad of stepsis.

Not to mention that one greedy maid anne. She got her happy ending. Duh! Even Oscar, the most pitiful person didn't get a good ending and he's not an evil person!

Basically the revenge went like this: whoever had any relation with stepsis, MC would trampled on them! Oh, he's stepsis' crush, let's seduce him and discard him when he's no longer useful! Ah, this maid is greedy, I can use her, she's evil like me, we must be friends to each other! Blergh! I can't help but threw up~~

No wonder stepsis killed MC and her mom in the past. They totally deserved it. I pity the count family who brought in an ungrateful pair of sl*t mom and MC.

2☆ for the good art of the manhwa adaptation or else actually I just want to give it 1☆ <<less
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famine rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: Completed

I am quite unsatisfied by the abrupt ending, I thought there would be a grand wedding... but I supposed, their engagement ceremony was so grand that writing it might be redundant.

I hoped there would be some mention on how their marriage life continues, with descendant and so on, and her relationships further with her family in the neighbouring kingdom.


MC's character is quite my taste, calculating and sly, but not purposely harming the innocents.

Although, I am not quite satisfied with how some inconsistency and plot holes remain like how

easily ML and MC revealed their secret power. It was even worse for ML since he abruptly came to jail unseemingly without reason and spoke about it with Mielle.. and there was a jailer there who isn't someone important or close to him. He might have revealed it.


or how


the villains easily, foolishly, get into their trap. You would have think Isis would be more careful about her rebellion despite being pressured for success.. even his brother realized that it might be a trap.

Another example would be how Mielle repeatedly nodded and did everything Aria planned for her. Emma was her 'mother' right? I would have hated someone to death over her death if I was Mielle, but she only grieved her on the first months. Of course, there was survival and her self-interest, but I can't believe she easily believed Aria nearing her end.

If talking about someone of her side, I would talk about Sarah, her dear best friend and tutor. I am wondering where exactly MC used her.. bettering her rumour didn't really do much as lightening it on a tiny bit since there still nobles who insult her directly to her face. Every time there was a crisis, Sarah would give her 'support', but its more of a wordy reassurance than real help. Nearing the end, the help she provided by being a teacher and headmaster was more of something she would do out of her own will... so I can't understand her repeated guilt where she was sure she would use Sarah when Sarah would had unconditionally helped MC, yet MC didn't actually used it for real.



the royal pond and how Chloe instability was never touched further. The original King was more of a background fixture than a character, why would the man holding supreme power be so unnoticed? It was so weird, even there was no mention of his character beside cowardice at handling the power of the nobles. Lese majeste is a legit crime in this series, but he was so timid. Moreover, ML's mother or how the structure of the royal family was never touched upon, too, despite there being mentions of illegitimate princes or princess existing.


I quite enjoy the process and I am sure the translating team was doing their best despite some awkward hiccups, and I would recommend it to other readers. This novel made me speculate and MC's thought wasn't shallow but not sharp sharp enought to be 'the smartest'. ML and MC relationship isn't toxic and actually quite loving, regardless of how wicked they could be to hostile party. Their character didn't clash much besides in the beginning.

I hope you enjoyed it as I do.
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Little Potato
Little Potato rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: c128
To me, this was one of the stories that had completely crushed all my expectations.

This is not the first rebirth villainess novel that I've seen so please understand that my review is based on that standards and as it is by itself, it does not hold a candle to any of the other better face-slapping novels which CN novels excel at. In fact, the MC's reckless personality was one of the biggest red flags for me aside from the subpar plot and horrible execution.

Aside from that, one of the biggest... more>> factors that really sucked the experience out for me is the grammar. Holy cow, I cannot emphasize enough how bad it is. It probably reads even worse than MTL. It made me regret the time I spent reading this book. I honestly should've heeded the comments at chapter 2 or 3 when they pointed out the grammar didn't make sense and stopped myself from reading further.

Combining these factors, I felt that reading until chapter 128 was enough of a feat itself. There are much better Korean novels out there and if you really want a good rebirth novel, maybe try The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. Trust me, the difference is pretty evident. <<less
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hyunho rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c50
To be honest, I read upto chapter 50 only for the Oscar chapters (those were strangely entertaining). But because those were the only parts I didn't skip, I realized that I wouldn't be able to finish this novel, at least not while enjoying it.

Unlike a few other readers, I really liked Aria's character. She was a true villainess and it was quite refreshing. However, that wasn't enough to hook me onto this story. Maybe I'll pick it up again one day, but for now I think this much is enough.
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I love the half of the story (esp during MC using her past knowledge to invest in businesses and be successful of her own).

... BUT getting to the last arc especially chapter 242 onward (before epilogue), I really wanted to drop the story but I can't, bc of how much time I already invested so I just skimmed it.

I hate that the MC is stepping too much on others despite already got her revenge and achieving her success.

The story should just ended on the downfall of enemy party of... more>> the Crown the Prince... bc the following chaps only made me slightly dislike the MC.

I felt that the author shouldn't added extra chapters that "unintentionally" made the readers sympathized the "villains"... or the author shouldn't prolonged the revenge plot for certain people making readers pity them more.


Focusing Mielle's hardships from Aria and Annie on the last chaps made me symphatized her despite her previous evilness (I hate that feeling)... I also can't help but think that Count's ending was harsh bc despite his negligence, he still the one who married the Countess despite her background and accepted Aria in the family as stepdaughter.

Plus, how easily the Countess moved on to another guy even tho he's Aria's dad is kinda distasteful.

If only the Count didn't marry the mom and adopted Aria... his family and home might be still peaceful


Also, this made me realized that MC is a leech bc despite hating the Count's family, she's still using their money and resources... same as her greedy mom.


I also think that Annie don't deserve her good fortune which how greedy she is. I know Aria also used her for the revenge but she's the typical bully that I usually hate


The chemistry of the leads also felt kinda lacking... I felt that their relationship is more of business partnership or partners-in-crime. You can only felt that they are really a couple on the last few chapters. <<less
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KSanty rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: Completed
The whole novel is just splendid.

Nice MC and ML relationship with partnership and friendship.

I was so sad to read periods of loneliness of MC, it felt like my close friend had a hard time and I couldn't comfort her.

Revenge is nice ans satisfying as planned, althrough I still think that Aria is kind, that she didn't go any thurther

Happy ending~
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Bitter and cruel, yet tender and sweet... I liked it! ☺️

The MC's plotting can be a bit unnerving since she pretends to be a good person while doing little nasty things. But her vulnerablility to her past make her just likable enough. Eventually she slowly becomes the good person she pretends to be... mostly.

And the ML is of course hiding his true identity like every ML lead seems to do in these stories. But I love how much he flaunts dating her. He's got the whole "THIS IS MINE, BACK... more>> OFF B*THCES" vibe going while parading around the city. It's so cute! 🥰

The story itself is pretty good with plenty of scheming from all angles so you never know what's going to happen until it's too late.

My only complaint


The MC could have let the younger sister and older brother live the rest of their lives as servants as revenge since they reflected on their mistakes but she was so hooked on the past she refused to let them go until they died. That was a bit too much for me.


Otherwise, NICE! <<less
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mochimosh rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay honestly, I don't think this was THAT bad. I started this novel for the satisfaction factor, and I got what I wanted. Just the calculative and intelligent personality of the MC is enough for me - pretty cool to see how her mind works, even if it isn't for the purest motives. Plot is pretty addicting. Other than the MC tho, there are a lot of characters than can be annoying and make you feel conflicted about if you actually like them or not. Basically, if you came here... more>> for a super pure, light-hearted, 100% fluff read then this ain't it because none of the characters are completely innocent. BUT in general I don't think this is the worst villainess novel out there, and again, it was REALLY satisfying for me.

The romance with the main lead is not too bad either - just a little unrealistic. I feel like they would be better off as partners-in-crime, and to be honest the chemistry feels forced at times - I wish that part of the novel would've flowed a little better.


I DO WISH that the MC would have some sort of redeeming quality in her but uh ERROR404 can't really find it. I really hoped that by the end she would at least learn to trust others more and basically be less of a only-doing-it-if-she-sees-the-benefit type of person. But I guess with her past and the way the story needs to be, it's sorta inevitable.


The art for the webcomic though MPH it's really pretty so check that out first :) <<less
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stony27 rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: c89
The plot isn't bad, but the writing is terrible. The dialogues are bland and leave no impression. I cannot stand the ML, and the MC's rage and bloodthirst are infectious.

One morning, I was rudely awoken by my sister. In my sleep-deprived and confused state, I thought my sister to me was like Mielle to Aria. I was prepared to kill her and then myself once I regained some strength, but after I showered, I realized I wasn't thinking straight and that I actually loved my sister. 4/10 would not recommend.
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kawaii12345 rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c288
TL:DR Pretty good story crippled by bad translation and or writing

If you like complicated revenge plots with a serious Mary Sue MC this may well work for you. Another take would be to imagine a Mexican telenovela filtered through Japan then translated into English.

The problem is the writing. It's very easy to make drinking games revolving around over used words. Saint, sinner and wicked need to be avoided to prevent alcohol poisoning. There's also endless pronoun misuse, repeating sentence fragments, and names for God's sake consistently translate them. Just figuring... more>> out who is speaking can be quite the chore

Could have been a 5 but no <<less
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nana0_san rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c143
Sorry this isn't really a spoiler/review but more so my thoughts to my future self who might pick this back up to finish ahaha.

... more>>

I read up to c143 and it's starting to cool down for me, I'm not feeling it between the MC and ML the "sudden" meetings and the interactions from their meetings are a little confusing and lacking to me. The strongest impression I've gotten from the story so far was about how ridiculously beautiful the MC is. Which is not a bad thing since it's one of her strongest weapons but wow I've never read anything that talked so much about how enamoured others were with a characters looks so consistently in almost every chapter. All in all it's been a decent pass time read I hope I can make it to the end.

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