The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass


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With the marriage of her prostitute mother to the Count, Aria’s status in society skyrocketed immediately. After leading a life of luxury, Aria unfairly meets death because of her sister Mielle’s schemes. And right before she dies, she sees an hourglass fall as if it were a fantasy. And just like that, she was miraculously brought back to the past.

“I want to become a very elegant person, just like my sister, Mielle.”

In order to face the villainess, she must become an even more wicked villainess. This was the new path Aria chose to take revenge on Mielle who mu*dered both her and her mother.

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The Villainess Turns The Hourglass
พลิกนาฬิกา ย้อนชะตานางร้าย
악녀는 모래시계를 되돌린다
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New Aeder
May 23, 2024
Status: --
I like stories where the villainess is actually a villainess or at least acts like one, instead of instantly becoming a good person. If you like that, this story doesn't dissapoint.

However when compared to better attempts at telling the same kind of story, this one is lacking in several areas.

FL never really changes (at some point it seems like she will grow, but then the author kinda drops the whole thing), she is also very perfect.

The ML is possessive, insecure, jealous and manipulative, to the point of not wanting to... more>> let ML

leave the country or let her see her real family

. For some strange reason those traits are written as positive (the author's fetish perhaps?).

The pacing is sometimes weird and then the story decides to go past the point where it should have stopped, only to then end at another weird point. <<less
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Mar 24, 2020
Status: c288
I read the story on a third party website and the translation quality is iffy sometimes but it's understandable if you pay attention.

An alert to villainess story fans: THERE IS NO KIDNAPPING BY THE VILLAINS IN THIS HERE STORY! THE VILLAINS DON'T GET AWAY DUE TO PLOT CONVENIENCE! THE MAIN CHARACTERS DON'T BREAK UP DUE TO A THOT OR MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Still cliche in many ways, and has average writing objectively but a satisfying read overall.

I will talk about what I think of the main cast one by one. SUPER SPOILER... more>> HEAVY. I'm practically summarizing the 280+ chapter story.

Starting with our protagonist Aria. Apparently a very polarizing figure amongst reviews because of her somewhat questionable motivations, ethics and her philosophy that money solves problems. Though I actually love how Aria was written. You don't have to be a spotless, mericiful/forgiving heroine to be interesting and likable. She isn't always loveable but that's okay!

I actually really love our morally ambiguous MC. It's understandable to me why she keeps establishing that she's using people and acting in sketchy ways. Understand in both lifetimes she hadn't experience real unconditional, selfless and loyal love until Sarah and Asher. While she uses people she knows will be helpful she still values them. This is evident at the end of the novel after the ousting of the main villains of the story when she takes care of those who stood by her. Even her mother who was cold to her, gave the impression that she blamed Aria for her life, and often jumped ship on Aria in the count household to curry favor with the others... Aria felt grateful to her mother for not abandoning her as an infant or when she remarried. She wished her mother to have real happiness. I feel like had she had a tiny bit of love from her step family and they hadn't framed her to die even if she was still discriminated against, she wouldn't have become a villainess OR bent on revenge. I loved how the story closes with her apprehension after meeting her kind biological paternal family and her mental struggles understanding affection. It may be an unpopular opinion but I think she did grow as a person. She may have never been able to let go of her hate for the siblings and accomplices that killed her in her previous life and her revenge WAS a lot but she brought good to a lot of lives through her actions. She was a major reason why the prince won over the oppressive aristocratic faction. She ended up using her wealth in the end to help normal commoners advance themselves despite having claimed she was only helping sure wins.

On another I find it hard to believe that nobody would've wanted to inflict her brand of revenge on people who hated her from the start for no fault of her own, tricked her into adapting a toxic mindset, framed her, killed her and the the next life tried it again? She did essentially the same thing that Mielle had done in the previous life. Mielle constantly portrayed her as an evil women and brought friends to the manor to ridicule Aria, then she tricked Aria into trying to harm her by using maids to emotionally manipulate her because she was deprived of any real love. Aria mentioned she always tried to compensate by seeking the company of men who fancied her but her looks would never be enough as they would leave her for women of good backgrounds even if she humored them. She framed Aria and used that to kill Aria and her mother. Then in her next life she tried to mu*der their father and blame Aria. I can't think of Aria as that terrible of a person for what she did.

and for those lovely folks who said everything went super easy for her they didn't all happen according to plan. She failed to steal Oscar from Mielle officially and never got the genuine affection of the count.


Jessie (Her most loyal maid, stood by her and believed her, an actual good person)


Jessie came to fancy a boy that Aria had helped on a whim, Hans. Though he was successful in advancing himself in Aria's institute she had no indication that he would rise up in success from her memories. It was strongly established that Aria tried hard to make sure he would succeed to make Jessie happy bc she was genuinely grateful to Jessie. When Aria finally meets her real family and is troubled and confused by their kindness and love she listens to Jessie's insight. She also defends Jessie and Annie (The other maid) from malicious social climber rumors after she becomes crown princess


Annie (Her other maid)


This was a relationship of self interest on both parts but they did have a certain loyalty and fondness to some extent. Annie didn't genuinely care like Jessie but she knew that it would be in her best interest to always be loyal and help Aria as much as she can. Aria of course knew but she still paid Annie appropriately for her work by introducing her to a good partner (The first baron to join Aria's investment plan) It leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth that she didn't get punished for being a Mielle lackey in her last life but she was helpful to Aria and was an important part of her intel gathering, success and rise in fame.


Sarah (Aria's first teacher)


Sarah is the kindness, sweetest, loveliest person in the whole story. She genuinely loves and cares for Aria more than anyone alongside Asher but it's a different kind of love. Sarah is like the mother/older sister Aria never had. Though initially Aria approached her for her future status she came to acknowledge Sarah as her most precious friend and truly wished for Sarah's happiness. They had a especially meaningful exchange during their weddings. Sarah's happened first, she asked Aria to place her tiara on her which was an honor meant for closest family. When Aria's wedding came she asked Sarah instead of her mother or her super loving and high status biological grandmother to put her hair accessories in. Sarah's kindness and love affects Aria's outlook significantly. At the end of the story Aria established a public hospital, school and library for commoners to use for free with the money she made through her future sight investment plan. And she put Sarah as principal of the school remembering that Sarah loved children and her dream was to be a teacher. As impure as her original intentions were it is a fact that Aria genuinely loves Sarah.


Part of Aria's revenge plan:

Cain and Oscar (somewhat unfortunate consequences of Aria's revenge to different degrees)
Mielle and Isis (The terrible people who are the most malicious to Aria, got what they deserved)


The two, Oscar and Cain are similar in some ways. Both are important parts to Aria's revenge plan against Mielle.

Cain: Cain of course was the man who scorned Aria and her mother and eventually with the urging of Mielle killed Aria in her first life. However during her time in the first life and initially in the rebirth life he is not over the top with his dislike and did not harass or scheme against Aria. In the second life Aria accidentally seduces him now that she is acting mild mannered and bc she's drop dead gorgeous. When Mielle tried to kill Aria via her poisoning with her most precious maid (Mielle's mother figure), Aria acts pitifully and Cain takes the side of Aria due to infatuation. Eventually he goes a little mad with his obsession with Aria and jealous of Asher's overt display of affection to Aria. He carries on with the aristocrat rebellion plan against Asher (the prince) and he went along with Mielle's plan go frame Aria for killing their father the count (He ends up crippled and partially paralyzed and knows Mielle did it) despite knowing Aria wasn't guilty and it was Mielle. Why? Mielle tempted him by stating that he could pardon Aria in the trial and force her to stay confined by his side instead of leaving with Asher. When the rebellion (which was actually a trap set by the prince) fails and the traitors are executed Aria pretends to forgive Mielle and Cain. They are spared death and reduced to commoners and while Mielle is an idiot and thinks all is good and she can get live a good noble woman life off of Aria's kindness Cain reacts differently. This is the reason why he is pretty pitiful in actuality. He is grateful to Aria for helping the two of them and accepts his place, trying to urge Mielle to do the same. He resolves to work hard as a low paid disgraced service boy to take care of the crippled count who was abandoned by aria's mother as well as Mielle. He ends up being poisoned to death by Mielle who was tricked by Aria because Mielle was mad at the maids that harassed her now that Mielle was a common maid. He dies in tears knowing that his sister did it and that she never learned from her mistakes. I can't bring myself to blame him after everything. He was a product of his environment and he honestly wasn't that horrible.

Oscar:He was the man that Mielle loved the most in both timelines so naturally as revenge Aria went after him. She used her looks and sad puppy dog face to do it and she succeeds. He initially tries to politely refuse because he was obligated to Mielle due to his family but Aria pushed pretty hard. He didn't even know she was purposely doing it. He never ended up in a formal relationship with her though he showed he favored her and did wish to be with Aria instead of Mielle after they had exchanged gifts and spent time together in the garden. Mielle who was jealous contacted Oscar's older sister (The duke's daughter who married the prince by force and took the power in the first life and was the biggest princess candidate so she had tons of power in noble circles) to get Oscar. By the way Oscar had no real power in his family and had no connections in society to back him. His sister threatens Oscar that she will harm Aria if he doesn't go with Mielle. Oscar agrees, he literally sobs and begs his sister not to harm Aria. At this pont Aria wasn't even super powerful yet so this gesture might've really saved her to some degree. He felt love towards Aria that was well intentioned and though he was attracted by looks like every other guy in this book it his feelings seemed genuine. He then tells Aria via their regular friendly letters that Aria had suggest earlier in the book that they should not be contacting eachother anymore and tries to avoid her. Aria clearly didn't love him and was just upset she couldn't steal him from Mielle. By the end in the aforementined aristocract faction rebellion he pleads for his father and sister to stop and not do it but he is dragged into a room and the doors are blocked so he cannot leave. When the hoax rebellion ends he quietly offers the prince that he will testify for the prince in order to repent for the family's actions. In his mind he mentions that he still loved Aria but knew that she had made herself a success and found Asher so she wasn't in his reach anymore. The prince who is jealous of Oscar's past with Aria is pretty petty with Oscar without provocation. In the end Oscar watches his whole family beheaded for treason with sad eyes because he did love his family despite everything. He is demoted to be a commoner. Even Mielle who claimed to love him was pretty eager to jump ship and go after the young foreign king. (Who was pretending to help the aristocrat faction under Asher's orders) Well he never did show real love to Mielle and she kind of knew he was coerced into it but.... I genuinely felt bad for Oscar.

Onto the two most terrible people... Both of them hate Aria because of her background. Mielle does it because she is jealous of Aria's looks and hates peasants. She is also motivated by her superficial infatuation with Oscar. Often mocked Aria because she wasn't raised as a noble. She was the one that caused Aria and her mothers humiliation and death in the first life. Her specialty was trying to portray Aria as a bully and often organized parties where her friends would mock Aria in earshot. (See the Cain spoiler for what happened to her) Unlike with Cain I felt no sympathy for her. The count always loved her unconditionally and even pretended Aria's acheivements were Mielles but to frame Aria, Mielle pushed the count down stairs intending to kill him but ended up crippling him and didn't feel guilty at all. When Aria pretends to save her she assigns Annie as Mielle's boss while pretending to be kind to Mielle. Annie eager to please as always harasses Mielle in a petty way by pointing out a bunch of minor faults in her work overdramatically and embarrassing her at a party using her wicked woman reputation. As I said in the Cain section ends up accidentally killing Cain before she's executed. A fitting end for her... If it was only Aria being angry about the past life framing and execution considering she was a real villainess I would've said her revenge was a bit too much but with the trying to kill her father who unconditionally loved her + Aria framing incident I find it harder to feel bad. Call me a vengeful woman...

Next. Isis is Oscar's older sister and the one with real power in the family and social circles. She was the one everyone believed would be the next crown princess and was in the last life (see Oscar section) She hated Aria simply because of the fact that she didn't want to be in laws with a prostit**es daughter bc she was going to push Mielle onto Oscar for the count family's money. She openly hated on Aria and tried to threaten Asher (who thanks to Aria changing the timeline was a major threat and in a strong position) and he just laughed it off. The aristocrat rebellion was a trap set by Asher and she ends up executed.


I loved the male lead Asher a lot. He had me kind of tricked because in his initial appearance I expected him to be the arrogant cold type. I didn't like the intro to him and the weird mistake of him and his attendant thing either. But he ended up serving me my romance novel fluff craving so that is forgiven~

I like him for a reason...


Anyways... He is the crown prince that was called the aristocrat's puppet in the first life because of unfortunate circumstances. In the second life he is by chance (Aria) luckier and shows that he is very much intelligent and competent. For a long time he doesn't reveal he is the prince and acts mysteriously to Aria. One thing to love about him is that he is in LOVE LOVE with Aria. He's practically a lovesick puppy a 1/4 in and it's only for Aria. He does big romantic gestures and does everything he can to help Aria. He saved her big time when Mielle tried to frame her. He can be kind of petty and possessive towards Aria but not to an unhealthy extent. He is pretty humorous and a tease too but strangely kind of innocent towards Aria oftentimes. He is actually really cute.

Also bonus points to Asher... He reacts to Aria's reveal as a mysterious investment boss, her reveal about her powers and her past life incredibly well despite feeling a bit upset. He had also crossed some personal space boundaries and kept secrets and it was good he wasn't hypocritical and didn't take her reveal badly. Actually I kind of find his falling in love with Aria believable. He initially is interested in her because she appeared smart when they first met, then she gains the approval of his close aid, then they end up meeting and finding out they have compatible personalities, can speak easily to eachother and have similar motivations. They can be their malicious unmasked selves around each other. Then they become closer through connections with Aria's investment business faction and aspirations to start up public service institutions. One may argue that he is male mary sue but I love me some fluff. I for one have witnessed the transformation of insensitive aloof man into love s*aves/wife idiots 3 times having older brothers and cousins.

I didn't appreciate his nighttime room creeping even though he would only show up to leave flowers... that wasn't good. Well at least Aria liked it -_-'
Aria had it bad for him too. Though she was a real fox in her first life she was often really embarrassed about Asher's flirting and concerned he'd ever come to hate her. She works hard after marriage to make sure she can help him and trusts him almost always unconditionally throughout the whole story. They're super lovey dovey and I loved it.


I really really liked this novel. <<less
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Dec 25, 2019
Status: c56
I like villainess novels as much as the next person. I don't however, like it when said villainess turns out to be a lame goody two shoes and is portrayed as some sort of perfect goddess that can't do no wrong and everyone falls in love with her. Japanese otome game novels tend to go down this path. This novel however, goes down a different path. Although MC does act like a villainess, she does it in a way that's really petty and boring. She's lived another life already, so... more>> why are her schemes so boring, ineffective and useless? She seems to measure her success by how much her evil sister's face crumples when she does something. She gets giddy with excitement when she imagines how much her sister's face will scrunch and how much agony she will experience. But within the first 50 chapters, all MC has done is done some classes to change per reputation, which is a smart move I admit. And she has sort of flirted with her sister's crush/love interest. And she does this by acting like a pure lotus that is being bullied, gives him a handkerchief, asks to be pen pals. And each of these for some reason is supposed to jeopardise her sister's marriage? I don't see that happening. But it somehow makes her sister fume with rage and occasionally make her mask of pure lotus almost crack. I'm just saying, if you've lived an entire life before where you were supposedly a villainess and go back in time to face a 13 year old girl, if you don't unilaterally crush her spirit then I feel like you might have lived you first live in vain. Yes so basically what I'm saying is that MC's villianess game is weak af.


Also I'm going to just say that I'm 99% sure the ML is the crown prince, but so far he doesn't seem that attractive to me. But then neither is MC.

Also, her OP cheat with the hourglass that can turn back time... was that really necessary? 1 chapter into finding out is usage and she has began to physically torment her sister and then reversing the time. Which really serves no purpose except probably using up more of her life force and momentary satisfaction in abusing her sister. Her villain goals are very low.

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Er xiao jie
Er xiao jie
May 07, 2020
Status: Completed
Imho, the MC is an outright "villainess" in and out. This is a story how a villainess win over the 'not so evil white lotus'. I know step sister is wicked and played a part on how MC became a dumb person in the first life, BUT it would never happened if only MC is a little bit smart, have a self-awarness, and try her best to learn (and also her who*e mom didn't even try to educate MC, well anyway what could we expected from a who*e in the... more>> first place right? And it's an ungrateful sl*t to boot!). I can't feel much pity on the MC even tho she's beheaded in first life because even if stepsis didn't do anything, MC would always be doomed due to her arrogance and s*upid brain, not to mention only depends on her look (again, this might be the influenced from her sl*t mom). MC brought all the misfortune upon herself.

Now, aside from that, stepsis and stepbro got their punishments in the end like how a revenge story should be. But stepdad also got implicated from mc's revenge on the stepsiblings. NO MATTER WHAT although the stepdad isn't the best dad you could get, he NEVER abused MC and her mom! Although not being affectionate to MC, but he's still a level-headed person and it's normal if he's more inclined to favor his own children (the stepsiblings) cuz I bet everyone is like that. The one who should be doomed is the sl*t mom. Honestly her mom and MC are both ungrateful b*tches. In the end, after the countdom had fallen, sl*t mom divorced him and MC didn't feel any pity towards him either just because he's the dad of stepsis.

Not to mention that one greedy maid anne. She got her happy ending. Duh! Even Oscar, the most pitiful person didn't get a good ending and he's not an evil person!

Basically the revenge went like this: whoever had any relation with stepsis, MC would trampled on them! Oh, he's stepsis' crush, let's seduce him and discard him when he's no longer useful! Ah, this maid is greedy, I can use her, she's evil like me, we must be friends to each other! Blergh! I can't help but threw up~~

No wonder stepsis killed MC and her mom in the past. They totally deserved it. I pity the count family who brought in an ungrateful pair of sl*t mom and MC.

2☆ for the good art of the manhwa adaptation or else actually I just want to give it 1☆ <<less
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Sep 04, 2020
Status: --
I love revenge stories but this one is not for me. The protagonist is too evil (you will say that's why she's called the Villainess duhh), yeah I know that she's a Villainess and that she's supposed to be evil but she's also dumb for me, she just copies what her sister did in the past life and she's not even pitiful cause what happened to her past life is also her fault.
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Aug 08, 2019
Status: c12
Completed Update: 3 Stars

Final verdict:

Perhaps the novel seems particularly disappointing, because there was so much potential and instead it just became a waste of opportunities, just because the way it was badly handled.

I really liked the story beginning, as you can read below, but as the story progressed it became boring and even difficult to just finish. Here are a few reasons why:

  • uneven power dynamics (FL is smart, but/and everyone else is too s*upid)
  • novel "logic" of smart FL (and ML) being dense
  • unclear plotline/no real build-up
  • dragging/too long for small events
First of all, the reason why I became intrigued was to see the rise of the FL, how she would deal with her enemies and her story of revenge. Except, this kind of story is not very interesting when it is completely one-sided. Halfway through, you realise that her 'enemies' were s*upid, so that had never been a challenge. It just becomes a massacre. It's less a cat and mouse game but more like a lion and a fly and you wonder, why bother?

FL and ML: The FL is also quite OP, with her ability to turn the hourglass. On top of that she is gorgeous and has the magic thumb in business. Yet, [spoiler]she is unable to figure out that the guy working with her is the CP, while is is so obvious. This storyline drags on and it became so ridiculous [/spoiler]. The same with ML [spoiler] for being so smart, he took so much time to figure out that Mister A is the woman he is in love with and keeps close tabs of?[/spoiler]

Furthermore, it was as if the author did not even know where the story was heading. [Spoiler]Aria remembers that there were three guys that were madly in love with her and always stuck to her, so she chose to rebuild that relationship by inviting their mothers. She spents a lot of time building that event, but suddenly abandons it because it feels weird now that ML is in her life. If so, why decide to invest so much time in building that story part @author? [/Spoiler]

The novel can be best summarised through the extra chapter: [spoiler] where Mielle is torturerd a little more before her final beheading, which involves a psychological brainwashing. It is still a revenge story but at this point, as a reader, you wonder: Why bother? Why waste effort on a worthless enemy? It is just tedious and there is nothing fun about it, just sad.[/spoiler]


First review: It's only 10 chapters in, but I was captivated already at chapter 5, if not from the very beginning.

This is a second chance-revenge story. While the MC was a 'villain' in the eyes of society in the first life, it turns out the step-sister was an even bigger villain and in the end, ultimately got her killed. MC then wakes up as her younger self and vows revenge.

The good points:

    • Refreshing MC
    • (Early) Satisfying Revenge
    • Currently excitement for the future
I like how the novel doesn't make her to be a super innocent victim or someone super smart, instead, she was the actual villainess

and even in the first life, was a mean person and got outsmarted by her evil step-sister, who set out a much smarter, long-term trap for her. She is not above playing the evil role, just focused on getting her revenge.

So for this, it is interesting to see the evolution of our MC from simple mean girl to actual manipulative, scheming villain with the face of an angel. [Spoiler]The MC starts making her moves at an early age, before her bad reputation truly sets in and with an added childish innocence, as well as her knowledge, she quickly outsmarts her young step-sister [/spoiler] It is so satisfying to see how she is undermining the wicked sister and winning hears and reputation everywhere.

It is so promising. It has a certain darkness that I usually know from CN novels, with the scheming and personally, it makes you as a reader excited what she will do in the future and how she is going to succeed in undermining her evil step-sister.

The only thing I regret it having started reading so early and now I am dying with anticipation for every chapter
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Little Potato
Little Potat
Apr 04, 2020
Status: c128
To me, this was one of the stories that had completely crushed all my expectations.

This is not the first rebirth villainess novel that I've seen so please understand that my review is based on that standards and as it is by itself, it does not hold a candle to any of the other better face-slapping novels which CN novels excel at. In fact, the MC's reckless personality was one of the biggest red flags for me aside from the subpar plot and horrible execution.

Aside from that, one of the biggest... more>> factors that really s**ked the experience out for me is the grammar. Holy cow, I cannot emphasize enough how bad it is. It probably reads even worse than MTL. It made me regret the time I spent reading this book. I honestly should've heeded the comments at chapter 2 or 3 when they pointed out the grammar didn't make sense and stopped myself from reading further.

Combining these factors, I felt that reading until chapter 128 was enough of a feat itself. There are much better Korean novels out there and if you really want a good rebirth novel, maybe try The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. Trust me, the difference is pretty evident. <<less
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Aug 06, 2020
Status: --
To be honest, I was impressed that the author manages to write such a despicable villain MC, but hey, that's the title of the story! The MC's personality is really bad to me. The only thing I appreciate is that she actually acts like a villain, not even a limps of goodness, just pure evil. It squeezes out any sympathy I feel for her in the process. The more I read, the more I think she deserves what happened to her in the 1st life. Like holy sh*t, how the... more>> hell this tr*shy girl even get a second chance?

She had a very bad reputation in her previous life, which was what she partly brought upon herself. Because the MC had fallen for her sister's trap, she cut out the tongue of her own maid, but hey, that was her decision all alone. So we know the MC was not some white innocent pure lotus even in her 1st life.

To the second life, she even more lame. She plagiarizes her sister's ideas to gain affection. Many times and many times. There's no creativeness, just copying what her evil sister did and BAAM, she beat her sister. I never she a villainess as lame as her but we as the readers have to understand because she just paying back what her sister did.


She even managed to steal her evil sister's fiancee. I was like wow, her sister never used that low method but here we have the petty MC trying every dirty trick to harm the sister. I gave up on the story when she discovered this magical hourglass that turns back the time. At this point, everything just revolved around this evil Sue MC. She also takes advantage of her teacher's kindness and exploits her to get opportunities to show off.


The author also neft the sister's intelligence to show us oh how smart our protagonist is. Suddenly the evil sister becomes so incompetent and we see her being destroyed by the MC so effortlessly. It's like watching a one-way battle and we obviously know who is the winner.

To me, this story is about an evil Mary Sue who gets everything handed down to her. I don't care if she purely evil but the execution is so bad. This is the worst villain story I ever read. <<less
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Sep 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Just like the others said... MC start off as evil and chose a path of pity revenge. The story universe and coincidence is too much on her side. Plot armor all over the place.

The formula: super rich, super intelligent, super manipulative, suepr beautiful is strong. The story felt overall cheap. Just a personal opinion but I really found it tiring. Too linear... Too advantageous to the heroine situation.

There's also some inconsistency with the characters...

... more>>

If I was a frustrated and a salty victim of bullying I probably would have liked this sort of victorious revenge heroine. But I'm no longer a child. Irl, revenge lead to nothing good. Thus that it is why I found the story and ending unbelievable and unrealistic in the very sense of the word.

If I have to sums the heroine and the ML I would say plot armor, OP, beautiful but also rotten.


I generally love heroine with defects and not innocents but in this story the heroine was just childish revenge,... It was not pleasant.

Only improvement was the last chapters. The rest of the road is :


"I'm gonna pretend I'm nice... I'm gonna make them pay harder than they deserve" a sort of mentality I don't encourage anyone to take or sympathize.


People say it's normal to have defects and that's understandable but the heroine here is


borderline a sociopath.

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Nov 20, 2020
Status: Completed
A waste of a story.

There's no character growth and MC's just... too much.

This book could be much better if Miss Author didn't insist on her revenge so earnestly. Aria died dumb and suddenly woke up as the smartest of all, nobody is smarter than her, be it in politics, economy, business or whatever. The hourglass was just there so the MC don't suffer any grievance and don't fall behind her enemies.

It's a good premise as 'I'd become a real villainess', but it's truly disappointing. Her plots and schemes are just... more>> child's play and her logic is 'everybody close to Mielle is rotten and must be punished, and by my side are just pitiful and must be cherished'. For me is like a 'normal' girl plotting in a dumb world.

The MC is just too much, too beautiful, too smart, too rich, too deserving, too OP. I don't like it, there's nothing realistic about this novel. It's a psycho who gets a happy ever after, pretty easily at that.

A good comparative story should be Malicious Empress. Then you can properly see how Shen Miao is a villainess with a heart, who gets on those who actually deserve, people who are really bad, rotten to the core. She's strong, smart, beautiful, but mostly she's hardworking and is ready to sacrifice herself for her revenge. And her revenge is not just because she suffered, but for all her loved ones who were unjustified in her last life. (Btw, all the books the Malicious Empress' author are awesome, just give it a try)

For me, all in this book looks just too Mary Sue, the MC's plots just too s*upid, the storyline just messy.

[The Crown Prince too doesn't make sense, if he had that much of a brain why didn't he change his fate on his own? Why couldn't he think of some solution to the problems he faced? When the Aristocratic Party begun to fall under control his IQ got to 300, was that it???]

The set on this novel doesn't make sense to me, the way politics is handled are just too f*cked up.

It's just disappointing. <<less
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May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
If you like the MC then its a good novel but if you want a typical innocent and pure damsel in distress who gets saved by their future husbando every 10 seconds then this novel is not for you.

Don''t believe the reviews saying the revenge is petty, Its actually quite justified.

The MC's personality is very interesting and in alot of aspects she is evil she even admits it herself. She acts fake and nice on the outside and uses people to get what she wants.

The actual story in my opinion... more>> is quite nice and refreshing. MC gets alot done independantly and her actions she takes slowly influences the later part of the story and the ending is really good

The translation itself is not that great, it doesnt lack information but theres grammatical errors and some things that dont read well. <<less
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May 11, 2020
Status: c25
Like the other commenters who rate this novel badly, I also have the same problem with the MC. the MC tried to gain the readers symphaty by being "oh, I'm just an adopted unloved daughter. very pitiful wu wu". But instead she knew herself that she deserve that kind of disrespect. The old MC (before reborn) is a very rude, spoiled, disrespectful, idiotic girl that refuse to study. She knew that she was good looking so she used her good looks to "lure", "seduce" young man to gain what she... more>> wanted.

After her "beauty" wears and this novel's antagonist killed her, MC pin all the blame to mielle. The reborn MC then bullies young mielle using childish tricks like snatching away her father, snatching away her lover. Like, dude... if you want to be a villainess be a proper one ah... you're just bullying a legitimate kid rn. <<less
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Mar 29, 2020
Status: c58
I wanted to love this so badly. The idea of neither the "heroine" nor the "villainess" being guilt-free was good. The idea of both being relatively corrupt, selfish, & conniving? Excellent. Please do serve me female cunning & moral ambiguity, without any unrealistic (unhuman) paragons of feminine virtue & Good.

And I did love some parts. I mean, the protagonist's memories of her past, growing up in poverty? Nice. Those moments of nostalgia provided great contrasts to her current status & environment of luxury/indulgence. & helped pt out there were some... more>> things that hadn't changed, or had actually gotten worse.

Sadly, the protag is a dumb *o. I say that with all due respect. I mean, this girl isn't braindead, but she's definitely not as smart as she thinks she is, & boy, is it Frustrating. So, so many glaringly obvious red flags & "hints", but Aria repeatedly chooses to set things aside to think about later, or straight up ignores the bright flashing warning signs.


Ex: how do you not realize the dude in the hood is the crown prince? More frustratingly, how does she not realize the hourglass turns back time? And dude, Lane is so obviously the Crown Prince's man. So. Many. Hints!! And much reason to not disregard them & think them over carefully. And yet...


Anyway. Had to drop bc I like my protag's a little quicker on the uptake, but. I didn't hate it? Just ambivalent about reccing it to a friend. <<less
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Jun 27, 2020
Status: Completed
It has a promising start, but ends up derailing before it even gets halfway through the plot. If all you want is some mindless revenge p*rn that isn't off-puttingly gorey like male-oriented revenge p*rn tends to be, this is your story. It's solid entertaining popcorn fare if you turn off your brain for a few hours. If you wanted some actual plot and stakes though, I'm afraid you're going to have to look elsewhere.

The main issue with this story is that all of the FL's enemies are complete idiots. Her... more>> main enemy, Mielle, can perhaps be forgiven for being written a bit s*upid, given that she's just a 13 to 16 year-old kid during the events of the story. But there's no excuse for every other villainous character to be so dumb, especially when they're full adults who've managed to manipulate and schmooze their way in high society for years.

What makes it even more frustrating is that the FL isn't particularly smart either - it's simply that everyone around her is so s*upid she looks smarter in comparison. Either that, or things drop into her lap at little effort of her own. There's one good example midway through:


The FL decides she needs cash so she can stock up on goods that will face a shortage in the near future, so she can sell those goods at a markup and make money. That's a fine idea. She also decides to use her time travelling powers to win big at the casino. That's also a fine idea.

The issue is that she isn't subtle in the slightest way at the casino. She goes, plays one game and immediately wins a jackpot, then leaves. She does this three days in a row without considering how much she stands out for coming in, playing one game, and making it off with absurd amounts of money. And to make things worse, she's playing in the casino as a minor, so she wears a disguise to avoid being caught. Despite this, she spares absolutely no consideration to say, playing a few games of pure luck to take some losses before and after a big win to make her seem like more of a regular customer who just so happened to get lucky.

On her second-last day at the casino, she faces some consequences at least in that other patrons want her money, but she's immediately saved by the ML. And her solution to avoid other customers from mugging her after she wins is... to wear a different disguise, but otherwise do the exact same thing. Somehow this works.


Additionally, this story's main allure - the revenge p*rn - is rather lackluster. Major endgame revenge spoilers below:


So her brother Cain and her sister Mielle are sentenced to beheading along with a load of other nobles for the crime of treason. The FL, however, steps in and lightens their punishment to be servitude at the Imperial Castle (for Cain) and becoming the FL's maid (for Mielle). The justification is that this is all a way to make them suffer more.

"Making them suffer more" in the end turns out to be... Mielle working as a maid for a couple weeks, then being manipulated into poisoning her brother to death when she meant to poison her supervisor maid who was harassing her. The poison is fast-acting so Cain doesn't suffer that much, and he already knew Mielle was the type of person to kill their father, so did he really feel that much more betrayal at being killed by her?

Mielle's final punishment for the mu*der is... beheading. Just like she would've been if the FL hadn't stepped in. What was the point of that interlude? Since it was basically Mielle's fault that Cain was also tried for treason, she would've felt just as guilty if not more so if she saw her brother being beheaded at the original execution scene. All the FL did was make it so Mielle can blame the FL for everything (since the FL explicitly manipulated her into poisoning her brother, including providing the poison) instead of blaming herself.


All in all, don't go into this story expecting anything intricate or well-written.

Oh, and one last thing - the official translations are absolutely horrid. Obvious grammar mistakes and phrasing/idioms taken from the original language were all over the place. I'm impressed they had the gall to ask for money for this, I question whether it's even edited. If you can read it with free coins or something, go for it, but don't waste actual money on this laughingstock of a translation. <<less
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May 11, 2020
Status: Completed
The title sums up the story quite well. A lot of people who read this story seem to be put off by the MC's personality/actions in situations. However, it is stated quite early on that the MC is definitely not a good person... she is a true villainess through and through. So, don't be shocked if she is vengeful and tramples on slightly innocent people or is harsh in her retaliation. Shes a true villain who hides behind the face of a white lotus. She may be slightly less evil... more>> her second time around or just better at covering it up but she knows and we the reader know that she still is by no means a good person.

This isn't like other evil noble villain girl stories where they are just misunderstood or are replaced by someone kind. Nope... this story ain't it. She wants blood and she takes down anyone in her way, she is even reckless while doing so. <<less
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May 01, 2020
Status: Completed
I honestly loved loved loved this story -- to the point where it's basically my favorite villainess novel. And most of it is due to how much I truly adored Aria as a main character and find her to be such a refreshing change from the "she's a villainess but she's really a nice girl who's just misunderstood" trope!

Because Aria, lord love her soul, truly is a villainess worthy of her name. She's petty, selfish, greedy, materialistic -- and once she comes back from the dead, she vows to simply... more>> become even better at being evil in order to avert her sad fate in the end. Although Aria does eventually develop her character in subtle but important ways, and learn to truly love and appreciate the people who stay by her side from start to finish, she still remains quite villainess without ever taking a hard-core turn into being irredeemable. (Although it helps that the main "bosses" she's up against are far worse than she ever was). She is an absolute hoot to follow and I found her thoughts and actions endlessly entertaining through the whole series, even when the plot got rather wacky and the male lead proved to not quite be her equal in terms of being a fascinating character.

Long story short, if you love genuinely wicked girls who only slowly grow a heart even as they scheme and wheedle their way into power and fortune, you will love this story! <<less
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Jul 13, 2020
Status: c265
I'm not done yet but lol

A very very brief run-down of what happens up to chapter 265 (not finished yet)

  • She stole the heart of her rival's future fiance (heir to a duke's family)
  • Corrupts rival's brother (falls in love with their sister-in-law)
  • Won over all the servants in the mansion
  • Foiled every assassination attempt of the rival - eventually leading to the execution of the rival's maid/mother figure
  • Rival and her brother attempt to kill their father and frame the main lead
  • Rival failed to kill father, got exposed for framing the main lead, rival gets thrown in jail, brother is safe for now
  • She and her mother wins over the now bedridden father (acting like they care about him)
  • Father abandons his daughter (rival) for the court case
  • She and mother bankrupt the family secretly with their father-in-law's permission (doesn't know it though)
  • Rival escapes to another country and attempts a coup d'etat with support of foreign country
  • Rival's family and all of their political faction goes bankrupt trying to pull off this coup d'etat - fails coup d'etat and everyone in their political faction gets caught for committing treason
  • Father abandons his son's court case
  • Members of the faction cooperate with investigation to attempt to save their lives (but their crimes are too big and could not be forgiven)
  • Now Aria says she will save the Mielle and Cain... only to guilt trip Mielle. She hires the best lawyer in the Empire as a cover to trick the Count's family.
  • Rival and brother's reputation is worse than scum since it was discovered they had betrayed their family, sold out their empire, and the brother had s*xual desire for their sister-in-law lol
  • Rival's nobility rank is deprived... and their property is seized by Aria and her mother.
  • At the sentencing for the Aristocratic party's sinners. The sentences were handed out 1 by 1. All the nobles who informed on their colleagues were given a sentence to beheading.
  • Mielle Roscent had a reduced sentence to 50 years in prison (as a commoner this time) but was given the option that she could leave the jail if she were to be monitored 24/7 and stayed with Aria. Any attempt to escape would lead to immediate execution. Mielle is instantly relieved and cries tears of joy and starts looking at Aria like she is a saint.
  • Immediately after Mielle's sentence, Cain is sentenced to beheading. His expectations betrayed.
  • Carin (Aria's mother) says the following quote
    • "My God, how did I give birth to this scary child? I am cold-hearted, but I'm not as hard as you are."
  • Cain's sentence is further revised to life imprisonment, to serve in the Imperial Castle and to take care of his crippled father (?) or whatever this quote meant.
    • "You will be a servant of the Imperial Castle, considering that you have a sick, single father and a sister who would live the same prison sentence."
  • From around ch.225 the torment Mielle goes through as a maid in Aria's mansion... Oh man, lol people wrote essays each chapter defending both Mielle and Aria's actions because half the comments felt Aria was going too far in her revenge LOL

<><><><><><> Just added more content from chapter 225 and onward <><><><><><>


  • Aria gives hints to Annie to bully Mielle when she isn't around
    • Mielle gets angry because she keeps getting bullied by the other maids who are of common birth
    • Annie's bullying encourages the rest of the servants to neglect or bully Mielle
  • Aria pretends to scold Annie and the other maids to support Mielle.
    • Aria sends Jessie to Mielle who is genuinely worried about her former master.
    • Mielle starts depending on Aria and Jessie more and more.
    • Eventually Mielle wants to tattle to Aria about Annie, and Aria agrees to have a private conversation with Mielle. She orders Jessie to get them some warm tea and a dish of assorted fruits.
    • When the 2 are alone she tells Mielle to poison Annie, using the enchanting flower. Telling her it'll just be a little prank that will give Annie a stomach ache. Mielle initially turns pale at the idea but eventually is tricked into buying it and going along with her plan.
  • Aria secretly invites Cain to an afternoon tea time, telling him that it will be Mielle's first time serving tea.
    • Aria notices that Mielle has only poisoned a teacup and not the tea itself, however she added enough poison to kill someone instantly (even though she warned her about the dosage)
      • The posioned teacup is in front of Annie.
    • No one touches their cup of tea because Aria has yet to drink her tea. However, once Aria thought that Cain should be arriving any minute now... Aria "accidentally" knocks over Annie's teacup and spills it over Annie's dress. Mielle is ordered to help her get changed.
    • Cain arrives while Annie and Mielle are still away and seats where Aria was sitting with the poisoned teacup in front of him
      • Cain eventually drinks from the poisoned teacup just as Mielle arrives and immediately starts coughing up blood. As he is slowly slipping into the afterlife, Aria tricks Mielle into confessing that she had poisoned him. With his dying breathe Cain asks Mielle if it's true and dies in grief.
  • Mielle collapses on the spot.
  • Mielle is then locked up in her room as investigations begin.
  • From the evidence it is clear she is the instigator of the crime.
    • Mielle wakes up just before the investigators arrive, and she has short-term memory lost. The investigators start to question her and she says "Is Aria still dead?" and "If she's still alive why am I in trouble?"
  • Eventually she is thrown in jail but no further interrogation was conducted (no physical torture unlike with Aria in her past life).
  • She is kept in prison for several days and only fed water (because it would be a waste of food for someone who will be getting executed soon).
  • Aria and Asher appear in front of her with Asher's magic and they reveal to Mielle their use of magic, and Aria tells her why she did what she did.
  • Mielle gets executed the very next morning.
  • Aria goes to the Kingdom of Croa to meet her blood relatives, setup her family register, and for her mother's wedding with Chloe (her father).
    • She gets pampered by her grandmother, Violet, and feels incredibly uncomfortable.
      • She does not understand unconditional love.
      • Hides in her room for over a week after the first day.
    • Eventually she leaves her room and approaches Violet, trying to get to know her a bit better.
  • She was going to go back to the empire immediately, but instead decides to stay in Croa until her 18th birthday after thinking about her grandmother.
  • Violet tries to secretly arrange a grand birthday party with Jessie's help (Aria notices immediately though because they kept questioning her) but she finds herself enjoying it unexpectedly.
    • She sends a letter to Asher telling him she will stay in Croa for her 18th birthday.
  • On the day of her birthday Asher appears.
    • He becomes bed ridden the next day and Aria stays by his side.
  • Aria tells her grandmother and mother they can visit her in the empire anytime they want.
  • Aria and Asher leave for the empire together.
    • Just a day or half-day's journey before reaching the capital Asher says he'll be leaving early.
    • A visibly angry Aria rides to the capital with Jessie and Annie.
    • When they arrive to the capital, the entire capital is covered with tulips, they are all over the city walls and streets. She gets a royal escort after reaching the gate, and crowds of people follow to see what's about to happen.
  • Aria arrives in front of the Royal Castle, and Asher is there waiting in front of a fountain. Asher gets on 1 knee and asks for her hand in marriage with a beautiful dark blue ring that resembles the colours of his eyes.
    • Asher says "If you cross this road, you will never return again."
    • Aria: "Are you sure you will not regret this?"
    • Asher: "That's a question I don't even have to think about."
    • Aria: "You have to keep it. If Mr. Asher would betray me, I would be willing to turn back the hourglass."
    • Asher: "Please do so. No, I hope you will. I'll follow you no matter how much you try to get away with the hourglass. Unlike Lady Aria, I can use my powers over and over again. No matter how much time you turn back, you will never get away."
    • Asher: "Will you marry me, if you don't mind?"
    • Aria hugs him and says "... Of course."
  • Chapter 263 ends.
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Dec 03, 2020
Status: c173
As the others said, it had potential but it was ruined. The FL is so unlikeable and hypocritical, acts like she's everyone's saviour. Also the ML, why was he so dumb in the past life but suddenly now he's so knowledgeable that he can defeat the aristocrats???
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Jun 14, 2020
Status: Completed
The premises is typical enough, villainess goes back in time to take revenge. She's not a much better character than her sister, if their roles were reversed, nothing much would change. It's just that she wasn't as smart as her, but you're supposed to root for her because she's MC.

She's not smarter than before, just has more resources to her advantage, and I can respect that.

The plot is simple enough, it tries to seem like villainess is some sort of genius schemer, but most of the things are just basic... more>> stuff. Like


one of scenarios was about a casino. Her sister said something like "Oh put a statue of our prince in front of the casino in honor of him" and her response is "Oh but seeing prince while in casino will make the people mad and blame him if they lose." And that just like blew everyone's mind like "??? Wow amazing, she's brilliant, not like her sister"


The scheming part is all situational and comes off confusing at some points.

Romance is pretty bad. They have no chemistry, it felt like it was just shoehorned in because it must have romance. The male lead falls for her because she's "smart" and all that stuff, but it was really random because she didn't really showcase her intelligence until much later. It's awkward seeing them together because the male lead just seems like a child at certain times and MC shows no love towards him for awhile and then one chapter after, she's all over this kid. There was no development between them to transition into the relationship. It was probably meant to be MC slowly falling in love with him, but it just seemed to be MC having no love towards him until she suddenly does one day.

The side plot with the second ML (if you can even call him that) was really left unsolved. The people who assist MC, some of them are really questionable and you're wondering if you should really be rooting for their happy end in that epilogue. Like her mother, or one of her maids, it's just strange.

The epilogue was absolutely horrible though. It was just literally everyone being all "wow she's our goddess, she's amazing, she can do no wrong" and overall, it's just MC switching places with her sister instead, as her sister was took the place was the "dumb sister" and she became "the saint sister". The dynamic between MC and Male lead in the epilogue is supposed to come off as playful with an almost childish male lead who just loves MC, but it just came off as strange and unearned.

Overall, interesting premise there was some good ideas and plot points threw in at times, but the way it was paced and concluded was horrible. Would've been better if it was just a revenge story instead of her taking revenge while having a side chick in between the plot. <<less
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Apr 12, 2020
Status: --
Started off strong with an MC who's evil and after going back in time, decides to stay evil. She chooses petty revenge and you get a novel with little tricks and antics between two girls trying to hurt each other with the intent to kill. It's fun, and keeps you wanting to read more.

However, the novel dips when the romance starts and continues to be boring as not only do the MC and the ML have zero chemistry but the MC goes from enacting (what some may argue is justified)... more>> revenge to just getting into mediocre fights with extreme results. The characters get s*upider and s*upider, and the MC's actions aren't fun and instead you find yourself cringing or being alarmed at her reactions. This would be fine if her actions were ever questioned but alas. That's the worst thing about the novel, not the lacklustre romance but how the MC went from a genuinely evil person to someone who is beloved and "kind" who can do no wrong (despite doing wrong). The MC became like all other MC's where she reached the pinnacle of success;

getting revenge, marrying into a high position, getting rich, and being loved by everyone.

It's so boring reading about a girl who doesn't get called out for her poor behaviour because everyone is too busy being enamoured by her, nor are there any stakes in the novel anymore as no matter what, things will always work out for her. Even though you knew what was going to happen in the end, the journey there is not worth reading about. The situations are no longer interesting as you already know the outcome, and the outcome itself isn't even a good one. The revenge also drags on for unnecessary chapters, and there's an entire plot where the

issue of MC's lineage is revealed, which was the only interesting thing about her. It would be nice to have read about MC going from someone of the lower class and genuinely making her way up and having to deal with her lineage standing in the way but the author makes her royalty in the end for the sole reason of ensuring MC has a perfect ending. Lame.


TLDR; the novel starts strong but ends poorly as you have an evil, petty female lead become the usual kind, and dull one. Read if you like petty, entertaining revenge stories but not if you're looking for anything intelligent or unique. <<less
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Nov 09, 2020
Status: --
I'm be liked: ?????????

Of course I understand that everyone is MC in their own story but there's a difference between good story and bad story just like a story from Cinderella's pov and step-sisters's pov and honestly MC of this story is no better than the step-sisters's pov

I immediately stopped reading when she abused the hourglass power despite knowing it takes her second of lifetime. Since most already know the MC is a third rate villainess, I just want to advertise MC that act like first class villainess, such as:

Shen Miao - The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage| strong couple with ML and both love effectiveness and efficiency and clear result with some part explained the rebirth and at the same time showed that although they're ruthless... more>> towards the enemies, they're still those with heart that can bleed

Elena as 'fake' Veronica - Shadow Queen | a pure and innocent girl that killed and back to the past to change her future and paid back her enemies several folds, when I found this, some mentioned and compared it with this story but it feels like it's the plot that is similar not the quality of the characters, especially the MC

Artezia - The Villainess Lives Twice | smart and ruthless since a child, a true villainess since beginnning, well she's carrying a bad blood from her mentally ill mother. After being a discarded pawn by her cold blooded brother, she was left with emptiness, cut-limbs and tongue so she wouldn't be able to give record of her brother being accomplished with her she was rescued by the ML to help him restore the chaotic kingdom after being manage by her brother but as it's already 'hopeless' she decided to do ritual and sacrifice herself only to find back to the past before the tragedy happened. She's doing it to atone her sin and wrong doings

And a villainess genre with more into romance-comedy and no revenge (almost like) and turned-side because it's isekai

Latte - Miss No So Sidekick | since it's trying to show more comedy in the story, the name is choosen badly as long as it's not important chara, it's slow pace, and also have some non-sense part but it's not a very thick plot armor, the MC is definitely better than any weak oblivious white lotus and sometimes not every ML thinks the MC as pretty or delicate girl that capable of rare things to do at the first sight

Melissa - Beware of the Villainess | the first chapters kind of turned me off because it's all about her plan and the charaters just as weak as dying cat that misunderstand this and that, but it's a bait for the comedy and it's getting better later. Being MC that decided to save the real MC in the story from s*upid harem and choose her own gentleman (villainess x side character), she's about to knock the s*upidity out of the harem but it's slow pace and she as MC didn't want any romance development among them

Katarina - I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags... | because a hit in her head, she realised she was reincarnated into a game character and as the villain. She's trying to make sure all the route that lead her to exile/death ending was cancelled. She's doing well at it and so her relax life, not-so outsanding in academic, and no talent in magic was surrounded by humorous plot. She ended up with reverse harem route but that route wasn't too forceful and cheap to read. The manga is very recommended.

Bertia - Fiancée's Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess | similar to Katarina but MC was trying to be first class villainess despite she had good nature. Everything she's done was for the ML, the crown prince, who was actually a perfect chara and black belly as nature. The manga is very recommended including a good art style.

Well, sorry for advertising them, but I can say that those are better than this one :) (except Shen Miao, I read the manga/hwa) <<less
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