Can a Scholar Be Called a Villain


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As someone who had reincarnated to a different world, Mu Rong Lin stated that he was very stupified.

The golden finger system had told him that he had to kill the protagonist, ah? He wasn’t the protagonist?

Mu Rong Lin had an innocent face as he pointed his butcher’s knife towards the destined protagonists. He was sorry, but he had no choice but to kill them if he wanted to live.

What? You’re telling me that this pig was also a protagonist? And this tree?

Mu Rong Lin had no choice but to walk on the path of killing.

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New absenior19 rated it
May 25, 2023
Status: c560
Currently, last chp read: 560
Before spoiling anything, I will just mention it, he is evil and cold, rational and calculative. Anything you wonder about is poisonous in this novel, don't worry. it won't be. Sooner or later, it will be solved with an explanation. So everything has a reason. OK.
No heroine, He doesn't love his family ... more>>

[ They were killed by him later ]

, He doesn't have any friends with who he can offer his back and he doesn't wanna do that, to begin with. OK
MC is evil, cold, cruel, no romance at all, so no chance of a harem.
How evil? well I will say, he is arrogant [ which might be a bit poison ], he is a bit moody too, he is also like a madman sometimes [ but these things don't happen often ]
So MC is Calm, Rational, Calculative, a Great Schemer, and Smart.... Most of the time. [ like, 9.5/10 ]
But still, sometimes some things happen that u might question. So I will say, ignore those small problems/poisons.

He kills people, kids, everyone, kills the whole world, just so he can refine them like a pill and grow strong.

You can say, before going to the upper realm.

[ He destroyed 2 worlds, one of which was a secret realm and the other was the one, where he was born ]

I will not give too much info. Just know this, it's a good book, if you like FFF Class tr*shhero, but want to see a MC who doesn't have romance and is also evil.
Protagonist Hunting and the plot regarding it are very well done. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New Exalted rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: --

What is the nature of such a character?

They are malevolent, exemplify Machiavellian traits, devoid of mercy, and well-crafted ones possess intricate motivations for their actions.

However, what if I were to tell you that we have been deceived? Yes! Deceived! Hoodwinked! And bamboozled. Most villainous novels nowadays claim their protagonists are cunning criminals. But their characters are far from that. Instead of malevolence, they practice benevolence and show understanding towards their friends and allies. Rather than pursuing classical Machiavellian schemes, they shun exploiting others solely for personal gain and seek enduring... more>> relationships. Instead of ruthlessness, they are portrayed as misunderstood paragons of their era. And, in my opinion, the most egregious offense is that they are mere caricatures of the hero archetype with only a ruthless façade. They claim to have grandiose visions, yet they are driven by base and lustful desires for the members of heaven's harem.

Well, allow me to present you the antidote to novels such as "I am the Fated Villain" – a scholar who deftly manipulates the tapestry of fate, leaving an indelible mark on the Immemorial Heavens.

Contains an unapologetic protagonist who stays consistent throughout the eras! <<less
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