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One day, Jiao Bai went home and passed by the small bookstore, walked in. The boss recommended a batch of new goods to him with a fatherly face, all of which were rotten. He went home happily, but was hit by a car at the intersection in front of his house, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he was in a BE scumbag.

Hehehe. Jiao Bai folded his hands on his stomach, lying on the big white bed with a peaceful face, he dressed as one of the candidates… of the little stepmother of that scumbag. Oh, by the way, the protagonist in the manhua, the cheap Shou, is the white moonlight of the character he passed through. Now, washing up in the bathroom is an old friend of the protagonist gong’s dad, and next door is the slag gong’s dad and his old friend’s ‘Little Pepper’.

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New Xhaphanie rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Wow, just wow... this is a literal dog blood novel. MC is my favorite. I love him so much. He doesn’t take nonsense laying down. He’s strong and smart.

This is not a sunshine romance, there’s drama and dog-bloodedness every minute 🤣. But it’s not rushed but carefully plotted. I also like the Ml, it might take up to ch 70 to discover the ML but I promise there’s infinite chemistry. It’s not a harem but a 1v1 with a HE so I advise to read if you want to take... more>> a break from “sunshine and rainbows” romance but I can guarantee that the romance is there. <<less
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New Kerry976 rated it
January 20, 2023
Status: c22
I am confused.

Dunno if it's my brain, the translation or the novel itself, but I'm confused.

A lot of information seems missing. Or did I skip them? Wtf. All scenes are so abrupt. They happen out of nowhere and end the same.

Or maybe it's just not for me.

That's a shame.

MC seems fun.
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blues86 rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: --
Hi the translator here, so I am shamelessly rating this 5 stars lol

I might be biased cuz I really like this novel. The reasons are many, 1. The MC is not a white lotus, these days I am tired of reading white lotus MC.

2. The plot are unpredictable, most of the times I couldn't predict what would happened next. I definitely love the author's writing style.

3. It's a dog blood novel with a sane MC, most of the times in this case the MC would miraculously fall in love with... more>> his abusers. At least here he is not (mostly) XD

For short, if you love dog blood novel and scum gongs, you can try reading this one. However the romance is really slow, so don't expect to see some romance development in the first 20 chapters. You might still wondering who is the ML at this stage.

For the translation, it's so so. It's definitely far from perfect. I still hope to see a new translator to translate this. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PicturesqueSeeker rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: 61(2)
Really good and interesting at the beginning but everything drags for too long which makes me skim through and it becomes tedious to read afterwards.

Also, the ML is still a mystery even after reaching almost halfway through but my guess it's Qi Yiliao although I'd prefer if it was Shen Er'an honestly.

I only like the Jiao Bai and Zhang Zhen in the cast tbh.

I am very happy there is no r*pe bc in dog blood transmigration novels, they normally include it towards the MC and ML even if he's entered... more>> the novel

anyways, I'm gonna drop it for now <<less
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savethecorn rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Give this one a try!

It's so full of dog blood that it's self-aware (Hehe). This gave the usual genre a nice twist. Concept is well thought out and well executed.

And if you're like me who always looks for a protagonist character that has a good grasp on their autonomy then you're gonna love this. The MC doesn't fall for the usual bullsh*t fed by ML's to self-suffering cheap shous. Abuse? Disguised as love? A big NOPE. MC is always clear headed and your faults would be added in his small... more>> black book for future payback. And yay, no r*pe! There was a scary minute there that MC would be abused that way but surprise! MC managed to avoid it through sheer wit.

Speaking of worldbuilding, it's great. There are a few things that went right over my head though because of the MTL. But it's well-established that the world runs on dog blood. People you pass by on the road could be embroiled in dog blood as we speak, dog blood is the prerequisite for the world to go on. It's the fuel that keeps the planet turning and you'll find it to be an amusing concept. A couple of characters become self-aware and everyone is given a chance at redemption. Not that everyone could make a comeback though depending on their personality. Sh*t gets real. Actions beget real consequences. Charactrers, flawed or personable or has a certain sense of presence could die because of some unwise decisions that would bite them back as the plot unfolds. Not for the faint of heart.

Now, regarding the endgame lover, you won't know it at first and that's part of what makes this special. There's no love at first sight bullshit, characters interact and get to know each other for better or for worse. The loveline does not go for the cliche route and the endgame ML added quite a lot of spice to the story. I quite like their relationship. A bit spoilery from the ML's viewpoint (but I guess you'll know it by then) that is quite unlike other MLs is that he wants the MC to be able to fly, to make his own decisions, face his own adversaries and grow as a person. He does not use love as a chain to break the other's wings. This was the strategy: bait with freedom, hook with respect, and line with patience. But of course, their love is not the sweetly sick kind that would make you barf and bored. It's full of dog blood and it's worth reading 'til the end. <<less
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