Transmigrated into a Heartthrob Novel and Went OOC


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Fang Chaozhou found himself transmigrating into a Danmei novel, as a character who had the exact same name as himself. He became the Second Brother of the Protagonist and he had no clue who the ML was.

In the original book, Fang Chaozhou loves the Protagonist and is madly in love with his Junior Brother; as he blocks swords for him, kills monsters for him, and bangs against any wall for him.

And now…

Fang Chaozhou: Forget it, there are too many suitors, I’d better wash up and sleep.

Since Fang Chaozhou gave up on pursuing his Junior Brother, the Protagonist’s other suitors saw that Fang Chaozhou had become enlightened. They became good friends with him, sharing their little secrets with him from time to time.

Suitor No. 1: Last time I picked celestial grass for Junior Brother and he said thank you.

Fang Chaozhou (surprised): Junior Brother must like you!

Suitor No. 2: Junior Brother went on a mission with me last time, and asked me to pay attention to my safety.

Fang Chaozhou (confirming): He absolutely likes you, as he didn’t run away.

Suitor No. 3: His clothes were torn when he fought the monster last time. I lent him my coat, but he didn’t want it.

Fang Chaozhou (touching his chin): I’m sure it must be because he likes you. He’s too shy.

Later, the Junior Brother came to his door.

His Junior Brother who has a beautiful face coldly asks: Second Brother, someone has been spreading rumors every day that I like others, does this mean he likes me?

Fang Chaozhou coughed twice: Junior Brother, if you have something to say, can you untie the immortal rope on my body first?

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Xuyên Tiến Vạn Nhân Mê Văn Ta Nhân Thiết Băng Rồi
Xuyên Vào Sách Vạn Nhân Mê Nhân Thiết Tôi Bể Nát
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New SyringaCrow rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Felt incoherent and very confusing in terms of the main plot. Tried to do a switch-up, just made me confused. The sudden stop in translation and trying to then read the already confusing text as MTL made it much more confusing. I also just kinda lost interest halfway through, but that is entirely just my attention span and nothing else.

The word 'autistic' is used for a story that doesn't centre around an autistic character. Felt like a descriptor and less like an actual disorder.
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Yumi21K rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: Completed
This is all about romance. MC has transmigrated from modern times to a cultivation novel which he was reading halfway through and became the second brother of the protag aka ML.

ML was supposed to have a harem of creeps who likes him just bcuz of his face and the guy MC transmigrated into was one of the harem members who was actually genuine about him and he pretty much died for the protag. However, when MC crossed he kept avoiding ML at all cost but still ended up being entangled... more>> with him.

The guys who supposedly liked ML all fell for our MC bcuz of his personality/ just the way he acts I guess.

Harem members include:


sect master Zhongli Yueshi

A cold aloof guy who only likes the color white. He was the protags parents' friend. When his parents died he kind of led him into the way of cultivation/raised him. He tried to make MC and ML apart from each other. In order to do that he made ML go far way to cultivate and let MC stay by his side to keep his eyes on him. He lives on a place that like Laputa. It's in the sky 😂😂

Only him and his cat/tiger lives in that huge floating island. So when he spends time with MC he unintentionally grows on him.

I really liked him and MC together. But I know he can't be with him and my heart shattered just thinking about it. I wanted author to give him a chance with MC in another world or timeline 😭

Demonic sect master Li Yiye

A pervert who has severe OCD. He liked ML just cuz he was too beautiful and wanted to make him his so he kidnapped him and MC got caught with him. He misunderstood MC liked him and on the way he developed feelings for him.

He even proposed to him in front of the whole world lmao.

Song LianYi

A trap. Literally. He literally dresses up as a woman bcuz he was raised in a sect where only women can enter. His mother is the sect master.

In the novel he kept trying to do perverted things to ML but always ended up failing. In this round he ended up doing those things to MC. He still failed anyway and fell in love with MC.

Li Zhu (Li Yiye's son)

A brat who likes to read fanfiction about himself and ML (in the novel)

He still liked to read fanfictions in the start of the novel and threatens MC to make him an item with the ml. He thought MC was gonna be his stepmother bcuz his dad was chasing him lmao. He realizes his feelings waayy in the end of latter half of the novel. It was too late then.


Also there's a very shocking plot twist in the end.

There was so little fight scenes. Even tho the body MC was in supposed to be strong we don't really get to see that demonstrated further.

The extras were cute as well. The first extra broke me and it was about sect master 😭😭

Overall it was an interesting read. Not the best, but also not that bad either. If you could let slide some things, it's actually a good novel. I bingeread in like 2 or 3 days. <<less
41 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gumamela rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I loved it. It has a comedic undertone. Sometimes, I feel like the characters are s*upid but in a funny/ silly way. The story is beyond the written synopsis above so better read.

... more>>

I felt that this is 1vs1 even if there is harem tag and I didn't want it to be otherwise. But I liked that other characters too that I wished they have a separate ending. You know maybe an extra parallel universe type of ending maybe.... I dont know. Especially for the Shizun, I was just hoping he has an extra chapter where he managed to get the MC. Good thing nobody died too. The characters are really engaging. I was really rooting for all the suitors.


10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Reichie rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: Completed
There’s no deep cultivation plot here and the story really focuses on the development of MC, ML, and other “suitors” but they still stayed true to the setting.

I loved the characters even with all their glaring flaws. I really applaud the author for their consistency with the character set-up, from the frustrating MC’s salted fish style to the comedic block-headedness of Liu Zhu (?). This book made me experience second-hand embarrassment at every other turn along with stomachache for the laughter that will sucker punch you out of the left... more>> field.


but, and I think a lot of reader has the same wish, and that is for ML’s master to get an alternative ending with our MC. I mean, how he treated MC leaves a lot to be desired but still, he was learning slowly in the middle on how to treat him better. Unfortunately, MC’s heart has no space for another. The first extra chapter dedicated to him was just plain heartbreaking and I kinda just wanna ask the author “Why???” Give me an AU instead 😭


4.5 ⭐️ The current rating is too low so I rounded it up. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTLed this because I am impatient haha. But it was actually not that hard to read. I really liked the development of the characters. I did get attached to one of the potential ML and was sad about that. There is a harem tag which might turn off others. But I can assure you it isn't one where MC is indecisive. He will realize his feelings later on, though it does take a while.

The plot was much better than I thought. It has some hidden plot twists that kinda... more>> differentiate itself from other typical novels. I did read the spoilers in the forums before reading. Some people said the martial ancestor is lowkey creepy, but I didn't think so. He feels more like a repressed ancestor haha.

Although the MC and ML's romance didn't develop until much later in the novel, I quite liked the development and chemistry between the two.

And lastly, there a quite a few funny misunderstandings that build up haha. Not just between the MC and ML, but also from others as well. Haha especially the one where MC lies about being impotent lol

Will officially rereview this when the english translations are completed <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suigintoh rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a nice story with well-written characters and interesting plot twist towards the end regarding main characters.

Without spoilers, I would just say that it was a good read, and I liked it a lot.

Now, to spoiler territory.

About master:

... more>>

I really don't get why so many people like master. He always disregarded what MC wanted, abused him physically several times, forced him to undergo a torturous cultivation (which was not very effective, btw).

And by forced I mean that he asked, and MC was unwilling (by unwilling I mean he outright refused), but master went and tortured him anyway cause he "did it for MC's own good". Up to the point where MC didn't want to see master ever again and begged his previous teacher to take him away (thankfully, he did).

Btw, cause MC would be taken away after torturous cultivation is finished, guess what master did when he learned that MC didn't want to see him after that? He PROLONGED the torture for two more days as revenge.

Also, master was aroused by MC's reaction to beatings (MC was afraid and in pain, btw).

He also brainwashed ML "for his own good", erasing his memories of MC.

The only times he did anything remotely nice to MC was cause of the aftermath of his abuse. Like healing MC's wounds. That he caused. Or buying him sweets. Cause MC was literally LOCKED UP and was unable to go anywhere himself. Do you catch the pattern here? Cause I do and I don't like it.

He is as abusive as it gets. His end was just, and it was fair, I see no reason MC was supposed to choose him.


Other love interests:


Other potential love interests are also shown as quite selfish.

Some of them (most of them) outright try to force themselves on the MC several times, and really none of them (except ML) cared what MC wanted.


Main couple:


Frankly, I loved main couple. Their feelings grew throughout the story, and from both sides.

ML is sweet in his own way, and he is the only one out of all love interests who actually listens to what MC really wants.

He was also the only one who cared about MC's psycological state and discomfort.

There were some misunderstandings, but he really talked with MC to resolve them, and took time to understand MC's wishes, plans and dreams.

Saying that, he is not completely selfless, he has his own wants, makes his own not best decisions sometimes, but he genuinely loves MC and wants to make him happy.

And you can see that MC liked him back, and their love was requited. MC actually has a monologue later in the book explaining his feelings, but even without it, the development of his attachment can be seen.


Overall, I would say that I loved the main pair, the course and ending of the story, and I would definitely recommend it if you like cultivation danmei. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
remyrem rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: c8
An amazingly hilarious WN with a truly shameless salted fish MC. The main thing that makes this MC unique and memorable to me is ... more>>

his fake inability to get it up, which somehow turns into a major plot point lmao


Honestly I'm pretty meh on the endgame couple. MCxshidi is fun for the more humorous arcs, but not really compelling. I really would've preferred shizi arc in terms of romance, but I think it's just because that arc's humor was mostly the romcom kind.

ending spoiler:

I skipped to the extras in the hopes of finding a bonus with shizi, instead I was given sadness and depression :')

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lahell rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I enjoyed the novel a lot because it has a nice pace and the romance is actually really good, it’s a natural progression. It has plenty of funny moments too.

For anyone wondering about the harem tag


as suggested by the novel description there’s only one real ML, but there are plenty of interactions with the other candidates.

I personally really liked one of the candidates, I hoped he could get a HE too but it’s inevitable. Still it was really heartbreaking

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
urmomlvr MilesDeep
urmomlvr MilesDeep rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c102
tbh none of the characters are quite likable in my opinion, the MC is just braindead and quite fairly, too lucky (looking at the novel settings and all). Plus all the harem members just fall head over heels for MC seemingly without any sure reason. Ok the ML I get, they're supposed to end up with each other and all but the master???? Why does he have to fall for MC too????

i know that im probably reading too much into this and this is just meant to be a silly... more>> novel that doesn't have plot in mind. So far the character I like the most is the chicken (and maybe li zhu, but I have always been soft for s*upid tsunderes so I am probably biased, and not to mention that he is an as*hole too, not rly likable material). As for the rest, you can go away and never come back.

I'd rate this a 3/5, if the characters weren't so unlikeable. But they are, and so without much regret, I give this a 2/5. A boring and uninteresting piece of work, but its expected from harem novels so I dont have much to complain about. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Berlin rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I love it. Got hooked on it and kept reading nonstop for days. Somehow, it makes the usual tropes lively and interesting, and made me care for the characters.

I thought MC was a bit annoying at first as he's too salted fish at times, but I changed my mind. I can see why the characters started liking MC, even if it started from ridiculous circumstances. He's refreshing and rather lively when he wants to be, easygoing, good tempered (unless you bully him) and a kind, gentle person who doesn't bear... more>> grudges.

The best part about this novel is the Uno reverse 'harem', including the ML and MC's relationship. I honestly didn't expect so many feels after this, especially regarding the sect master.


My heart broke for him at the end. I had so many feels when he started gaining more emotions during his time with the MC, especially when MC was stuck in the puppet body as a kid and he had to take care of him. Compared to raising the ML who's similarly independent, cold and levelheaded, it's inevitable that he will experience many more human emotions with the MC's antics, going from frustration to care to unwittingly becoming less of a lonely, emotionless man. Ugh I wanna cry. I still support my main cp but the sect master is really my favourite.


I started out disliking some of the harem guys but started feeling sad for them in the end. It's a treat to read their gradually changing mindsets and read between the lines for their growing feelings. They first chased after the ML for his face, then went after MC for various reasons, and unknowingly ended up catching feelings for the MC, only to get rejected.

The MC and ML have a surprise plot twist to their relationship too at the very end, which I won't spoil. But I'll just say that the entire story is surprisingly bittersweet and sad when it wants to be. Also, while there isn't real smut, there's a lot of ust between the MC and ML which makes up for it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
spod rated it
April 1, 2022
Status: c82
Rating- (4.2/5)

This was a pretty good/decent story.

The MC is interesting and funny, and it's quite obvious who the ML is (So you won't get 2nd ML syndrome).

Anyways, it was going good and it was an enjoyable read UNTIL

... more>>

the MC lost his memories. He lost it and got seperated from all the ml's and the first time skip happened.


At first I was ok with it but the more I read, the more boring it became.

I ended up taking a break at c82 3-4 days ago and I came back to it but it's even more boring now.

Dropping it. Maybev (probably not) will come back to it one day.

Overall, I think you should give it a try as the reason I dropped it is just my opinion. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
azusa yuuya
azusa yuuya rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
OKAY THIS NOVEL IS SOOOOO GOOD. It's one of the best ive read so far that I even MTL-ed the entire thing cos I cant wait. Firstly, the MC is really relatable (salted fish) and funny. It's a reverse harem novel ... more>>

but with one main ML at the end

I love fang chaozhou (mc) so much and his reaction to different situations. I wouldn't say this novel is angsty from mc's pov but it is angsty for some of the mls' pov.

However, there's still a few parts that I didn't like about the novel although overall is still super sweet & interesting


THE AMNESIA. I really hate novels with amnesia tropes cos I think it's annoying+unfair for the MC who doesn't remember anything. I feel like the author just randomly threw that in to speed up the main ml×MC relationship.



THE MAIN ML. Basically he is xue danrong, the mc's junior brother. But I actually really wanted & rooted for zhong li yueshi to be the main ml. I know, it was quite obvious from the start who the main ML was but I still think zhong and MC have more chemistry.


Anyway, if you're looking for a bl harem novel which is sweet & juicy, I highly recommend you to read this :) <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cowbun rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Since there are not many chapters out, I MTL'ed the raws, and it was pretty easy to understand. I liked the novel, there were many sweet and funny moments, and I liked a lot of the characters (although some of them were s*upid). I was also kinda sad that MC didn't end up with the master, since he was one of my favorites. Other than that it was nice.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shortk rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: c11
I mean I understand comedic value but basically a lot of people around him are dumb and like to rope him into bad situations that move the plot and romance, which is fine, but like all the time. Ya know if you find that entertaining which a lot of people seem to, then uh yes go for it. For me, everything/one else is just too dumb imo - not for me.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 29, 2022
Status: c112
Honestly, after reading this novel up to chapter 112, I was kind of disappointed. And aggrieved about one of the "suitors".

... more>>

I feel very sad and depressed for Zhong Liyue. Even though he is the Sect Master, he matched with Fang Chaozhou.

And when Xue Danrong suddenly came to "take back" Fang Chaozhou with his-possessed-self, I already made him out to be THE villain.

The story and plotline is overall good, but there were parts where it made me super mad. Like how the little "monster" chicken saw the ML and Fang Chaozhou kissing from a very misleading angle and thought they were "mating". And in the future when Fang Chaozhou lost his memories, the chicken was beside him and told him about what he saw and know, even though the chicken has only met him for a day.

The no- memories Fang Chaozhou was gullible enough to believe it after a few more brainwashing. And because of some complications, he would go to the ml.

But the possessive behaviour that the ML showed towards Fang Chaozhou even after having his memories erased by his master, was something I didn't expect in this type of story.

The time when Fang Chaozhou was given an option to either dual cultivate with Zhong Liyue or endure, he chose to endure and resolutely refused Zhong Liyue. I could see how heartbroken Zhong Liyue was. That instance I want to cursed out Fang Chaozhou nine generations to hell!!

If I was given a choice at that moment, I would definitely NEVER choose to believe in the little chicken and would maybe secretly try to contact Zhong Liyue.

These are all actually spoilers!!! I just can't wait until all the chapters are translated here to shared my thoughts. Although I read it in Wattpad, they weren't properly translated and I still managed to read this many chapters.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Spaciry rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: c91
I fell in love with this story! I've been reading like an addict for days!

MC is hilarious and a big salt fish who keeps getting himself into weird situations and misunderstandings, and the harem guys are one more peculiar than the other. Everyone had a lot of fun.

I just loved the pace of this story and even though the characters aren't super awesome, they're still fun in my opinion.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I read it without knowing there was gonna be a harem, but even though I disliked harems, there was something about this story which draws me to it.

the plot is fast paced but the romance slow. In MC's "harem" there are only 2½ men that I like.

1) junior brother 2) Shizu 3) crossdresser 4/5) evil father and son

the romance with junior brother was the expected one and was nothing special, but I really like the MCxShizu dynamic: a boy afraid of the master and the master who is outwardly very... more>> cruel and cold yet shows kindness to the boy. The cat also adds to their relationship in my opinion. I would love an entire story on this Master (top) x Disciple (bottom) dynamic relationship. (Kinda like child raising but im kinda into it in novels)

the epilogue part of the novel was expected, for some reason. I already had in mind the idea that MC was actually the original who reincarnated into the modern world then transmigrated to the book. But despite the predictability, I still like the story <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lizbestraume rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: Completed
i started reading this because of the harem tag and I didn't think i'd be invested, but I was. I still am. now it's one of my favorite novels.

the ending is 1v1 and it's very obvious who MC would end up with, at least. unlike certain novels, the author had designed their scenes to dominate the story. even if they were supposed to be separated, the author would find a way to reunite them. rest assured, you won't feel robbed once you know he'll be the main ml.

the author also... more>> knew how to balance the moments between MC and his harem, but you'll see that one of the harem members got a special treatment since he was petty much a promising candidate for ml. the author dedicated a long period for his and mc's relationship to develop, but the amount of their scenes didn't outnumber the main ml's, which I appreciate, because this could raise any false hopes, tbh. if the author gave him the opportunity (ies) to cross the line, I'm afraid us readers won't be able to let him go...

just to be clear, the main ML is obviously...

xue danrong. he's been there literally since the first chapter.


i'd say MC and ml's relationship progressed in the sort of "that escalated quickly" way. MC refused ML at first, because he was simply lazy to deal with ml's suitors, lmao. it was so ridiculous, but that's exactly where you'll find it humorous.

there's a super cliché twist in the middle, which is:

drum rolls, everyone, AMNESIA. still, it didn't lessen my interest from reading further. ♡


anyway, I adore mc's personality. him being a salted fish is HILARIOUS and relatable, so I was hooked from chapter 1. I don't think he grew much, personality-wise (lmao), except for being courageous to admit his feelings for ml, but that's what I like about him. he's so dumb, haha. morever, thanks to his idiotic antics, it's amusing to watch how everyone who at first courted the protagonist (ml) turned to fall for MC. this trope will never fail to entertain me, I swear, lol. though it'll eventually backfire on me...

what saddens me the most from this novel, however, is the ending for:


zhong li yueshi... the other promising candidate I was talking about. if it ain't the second lead syndrome, god damn it... but he really deserves better, and HE WENT THROUGH A DELICIOUS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THANKS TO MC. I mean - I know. he wasn't completely a saint, either, back then. but I can't help but go soft for him after reading the extra chapter about him! T___T


there's also a twist about mc's past, which I'm not gonna reveal here.

overall, it's a happy ending... and a very enjoyable read when you're stressed.


MC and ML got married. ML is very devoted to MC. he's like every ML you know: cold, but only warm to MC. obssessive. possessive, blah blah. you'll like him, though, but you might also prefer zhong li yueshi to him... however, I'm happy MC ended with ml. out of everyone, he's the best candidate for me.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feiyiguo rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is soooooo nice!!! It's a must read!!!

The plot is easy to follow, really funny, and all the love interests are very interesting and have their own charms, like I am actually *a bit* thinks it was a pity that MC could only ended up with ML, I was thinking that it also good if turns out to be a real harem lol /hj

MC is a salted fish (a term for a lazy person), hates fighting, doesn't want to involved in troublesome things, lazy to practice cultivation until his... more>> master often gets really angry because of this disciple of him, I see myself in him (lol). But he is very kind and actually a bit clueless.

ML is your typical cool gong, hard to approach, looking at others with piercing eyes and flat expression. He was inteoduced as the number one beauty in the jianghu. Everyone likes him and want to pursue him, but he only has his eyes on MC, really devoted to him.

I repeat it again, this novel is soooooo nice! If you like a novel with many love interests pursuing MC, you might like this one!

MC was transmigrated from modern era to ancient era and became the second shixiong in the sect, the master and every fellow disciples loves and pampering him until he became soooooo lazy. In short, 6 man (yesss 6 handsome man 😍) who used to love and pursuing ML turns to love MC. Many interesting events happens, our ML need to fight these people to wins MC. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Qy rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Um this is the type of novel I like where there's a lot of regret from the people who liked the MC but I feel like this would be wayyyyy better as a harem
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Monicas rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed reading this novel. Good story line and development of characters.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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