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Gu Yanting dreamed that Tang Yi came to him with a knife and said to him, “Yanting, either cut Lin Rui out of your heart, or cut yourself out of mine. Either one, you decide.”

He woke up in a sweat of terror and subconsciously went to touch the other side of the bed.

It was empty.

He forgot that Tang Yi had broken up with him.

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52 Reviews

May 27, 2022
Status: Completed
YunYun, the translator, is here. It is one of my favourite stories and finally I decided to translate it. I would say the story is a low-key "wife chasing crematorium". Meaning that it has all the parts of a crematorium: the shou loves the gong, the gong behaves like an a*shole until the shou leaves him, and then he regrets, suffers and works hard to get the shou back.

However, the MC, Tang Yi, is by no means a victim or a gentle infatuated shou who lets the ML ab*se him... more>> for ten years until finally tearfully leaving. Tang Yi is stronger, smarter, more successful and by far more ruthless than Gu Yanting, the ML. It is also a part of the problem. Tang Yi's childhood was horrible; like really, it gives me chills when I think about it. But what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. When Tang Yi decides that he's had enough, he kicks like a mule. I really, really liked him. There are quite a few chapters in the middle of the story focusing on him (with the ML out of sight) and in my eyes Tang Yi was perfectly capable of pulling it off on his own.

The author promises dog blood in the summary but somehow it didn't feel like that to me. That is, there were misunderstandings and stuff but it didn't feel like the author was manipulating my emotions, coming up with some far-fetched reasons for the characters parting. The MC and the ML both felt very real and even relatable, yes, even the ML... and somehow it made the story a bit more heartbreaking.

There is also not much drama - the shou is not ab*sed and humiliated inhumanly, the gong doesn't lose health and sanity chasing him. It's not that they don't suffer, though, because they do, the emotions are here, and everything I love in crematoriums I got here: feeling pain for the MC, feeling anger against the ML, gloating when the MC leaves, satisfaction when the ML realises his loss, enjoyment watching him trying to win the MC back.

The ML, Gu Yanting, is a scum gong on the surface (oh, he has a white moonlight, you know). And he quite acts the part. But... There is a scene in one of the early chapters that made me think: no matter what it looks like, he's not scum; I wonder if you'll feel the same way. Still, he hurts the MC and he deserves everything he gets in retribution. But anyway, his case was a rare one when I didn't feel that the MC forgave him too early and I was all for them getting back together... eventually, after he had suffered enough.

There is also a very good kid, you'll meet him in Chapter 4. He's really a darling, I loved every scene he was in.

I also loved the author's style very much. It's crisp, sarcastic and paradoxical.

All in all, it's not a flashy story. But it got under my skin and made me want to spend months in the company of the MC and the ML, so here I am :) <<less
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May 30, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel made me cry but it didnt stop me from binge reading this.

Tang Yi is actually a strong person. He isnt a fool nor s*upid. He really love Gu Yanting since their freshman year.

Gu Yanting is actually a kind person. His actions somehow make you think he is a scum but he actually love Tang Yi.

I would say that their breakup isnt only because of Lin Rui. They have misunderstandings, lack of communication, lack of trust and insecurities. It actually shows that when a relationship falls apart, it is... more>> not due to one person. Both have mistakes. What I like about this novel was their reconcillation isnt abrupt. Their sepration made them realize their mistakes, face their insecurities and finally learn to trust each other.

I am so happy for them.


When MC broke up with ML, he met a guy Zhou Hao. He is the father of Zhou Weiwei the adorable kid. I was actually hoping for their relationship to work but their differences made if fail.

It was revealed that Tang Yi was actually from the Shen family and Gu Yanting is from Zhou family. He is Zhou Hao's half brother.

Lin Rui confessed to Gu Yanting. But I actually like how Gu Yanting handle Lin Rui at the end. He admit that he used to like him but since was rejected and his effort was useless that feeling dissipated.

He made it perfectly clear that he only think LR as his savior, one he owes his life to, thats why is so kind to him. He mentioned that if Tang Yi was in danger or encountered an accident, he is willing to give his life. He is even willing to sacrifice anyone even Lin Rui if that would save Tang Yi.

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Jul 31, 2022
Status: Completed
It is one of the deepest, most intricate and multilayered BL novels I've read. I feel a bit surprised myself saying that because when I think about it, nothing really flashy happened in it, apart from one of two scenes. But I feel that some seemingly mundane scenes are stuck deep in my mind, leaving a lingering impression.

I'd say this novel would probably be more attractive to mature readers than to young people. For one thing, a lot of it deals with work matters, and the business world it pictures... more>> is really cruel, demanding from you compromises, outright humiliation and even ruining your health, and unforgiving of the slightest mistake. It's funny, one of the side characters in the very end refers to himself as "a socialist young man". What socialism! The world described in the book is the cutthroat capitalism of the worst kind. Never mind, just a moment of personal empathy from my side :)

But of course I was reading it not for work-related scenes. I was reading it for the "chasing the wife to crematorium" trope. The translator warned that it was low-key but it didn't feel this way to me at all. It delivered in every way. I enjoyed hating on the ML for treating the MC badly in the beginning; I cheered on the MC when he decided to break up (and thankfully it happened quite early in the story; I really dislike novels where the MC endures bad treatment like forever. On the other hand, the MC here is certainly not the guy who would endure anything. He is strong; much stronger than the ML.)

And then I enjoyed the ML's regrets and road to redemption. I don't want to spoil much but the answers I got to my questions about the ML's behavior were extremely unexpected but made sense in a weird way. I like emotional surprises when reading and there were a lot of them.

I liked the MC since the very beginning and I liked the ML much later but in the end they looked like an ideal couple to me. They are both so imperfect and made so many mistakes but they are what each other needs.

I'm probably one of the few readers who didn't like the second ML. Frankly speaking, I could never get over that moment with lions. For me, things like that... an inherently cruel person doesn't stop being cruel. Even if he stops doing cruel things in one place, the cruelty will manifest itself in a different place. So no matter how beautifully he was courting the MC, I kept being wary of him. Still, what happened was pretty shocking to me. And then the second ML surprised me again...

That's what I love about this story the most - how complicated everyone is. Almost everyone has sides that can be hated and can be admired.

Okay, Weiwei is the one character you'll love wholeheartedly. I think I would gladly read ten more extras with him. I also really liked the ML's parents. I don't know, the way they are described is just so touching. Oh, and the dog... too good, too.

One thing I did feel a bit uncomfortable with was the author mentioning in passing the MC and the ML's habit of hitting each other like it's something normal. However... it's apparently because it's normal for them. The MC and the ML are consenting adults. Neither is ab*sed, neither is a victim. It's just the way they build their relationship. Like some couples yell at each other like crazy and then make up in bed. That's not what I would do but who am I to judge them?

Also, s*x scenes are extremely hot. One of them is particularly memorable, probably one of the most beautiful s*x scenes I've read in BL.

I also would like to say a couple of words about the ML's white moonlight. The guy is the kind you love to hate and he was face-slapped very satisfyingly in the end. But for some reason, I feel I wouldn't mind reading a spin-off about him, not some rebirth kind where he'd miraculously correct all his mistakes but something realistic where he'd pull himself together, change his ways and find someone to love and be loved. Somehow he didn't seem hopeless to me. <<less
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Jul 17, 2022
Status: Completed
It's been a long time since I was compelled to write a review. It's a lengthy review, because I can't comment on the website, I'll pour out everything here. Be warned.

Tbh, I don't have much expectations when I read this story. I wanted fluff, I didn't get it. I wanted angst, but I wasn't satisfied. I wanted faceslapping, but I was disappointed. Nevertheless, I can't stop reading. There's just something about the way it was written that fascinates me. I feel the author's writing style, the usage of words, the... more>> insertion of flashbacks to reinforce the drama is just so beautiful (although sometimes I felt like they write too deep I can't understand it lol)

The plot is straightforward, nothing special, it's literally what the title says, about Break-Up. It looks boring but if you liked peaceful reading, please give this a chance.

As for the characters,

Tbh, I'm quite unsatisfied with the ML (GYT) too, and I prefer the 2nd ML (ZH) at the beginning. But later on, I realized there's no dynamic between the two. It's boring. He and Tang Yi (MC) were too alike in terms of personality.

You would never want to marry a replica of yourself. We're harsher when criticizing ourselves, and there are times where we dislike a lot of things with ourselves, so how can you settle with someone who also shares the things you disliked? Zhou Hao and Tang Yi are bound to repel each other. They're both businessmen where negotiations is almost like a second nature to them, they won't function smoothly as a couple if they always kept everything between the two of them about 'business', weighing the gain or losses. True relationship starts when you don't mind how much you're giving. If you can't even get past that hurdle, it won't work out.

Clearly, that isn't the case with Zhou Hao because he still has the idea of "division" between work and personal with Tang Yi. In fact, Tang Yi wasn't angry over the division, of course he understands professionalism, work and personal matters must be separated, but what Tang Yi cannot swallow is the fact that Zhou Hao KNEW what would be his reaction, yet Zhou Hao still chose to stand by the sidelines. He knew Tang Yi would be hurt, his self-esteem broken, his hard work will be gone, yet Zhou Hao still ALLOWED it to happen. Clearly, he never take his feelings into consideration more than how he consider the ins and outs of a business. ZH didn't mind the results because he thinks Tang Yi could depend on him and he can share some of his properties to Tang Yi, but is TY that kind of person? TY is more free spirited and doesn't like depending on someone. Tang Yi felt betrayed. If I were Tang Yi, I wouldn't feel at ease to live under the same roof like ZH too, because if ZH is capable of standing by the sidelines while watching TY fall, what other things is he capable of tolerating? He may not be the one who dropped the knife but he just mercilessly watch it drop.

But here's the catch. I felt Tang Yi, more than feeling betrayed, felt more relieved of Zhou Hao's actions. Because he finally had a reason to cut off Zhou hao, which he never had before because Zhou Hao showed him 'only' kindness, that's why Tang Yi was so careful of paying back all his gifts, because he never wanted to owe him. Tang Yi allowed ZH to chase him, but in fact he never opened his heart to him. In this regard, I felt sorry for Zhou Hao. Tang Yi scorned GYT for holding Lin Rui in his heart for years, but he never realized he's also doing the same thing to Zhou Hao. I am not reproaching TY for not moving on, but he certainly could do better. He shouldn't have accepted Zhou Hao in the first place. He knew himself better, he knew how stubborn he was regarding his feelings. He knew ZH had no hope with him. If he wasn't so stubborn, would he break up with Gu Yanting in the first place?


Every characters has their own imperfections. As for Gu Yanting, I could somehow get why some readers prefer ZH over him. GYT isn't your typical Gary Stu type of ML, not beauty and brains, just a beauty in vain. Compared to the mature, stable and logical Zhou Hao, ZH is indeed more ideal. But that's the thing. How many people have actually had a happy ending with their ideal partners? GYT is not ideal, just like how GYT's ideal partner is Lin Rui but he ended up with Tang Yi. Tang Yi could've love someone like ZH but he still insist on GYT. Opposites attract. A mature Tang Yi doesn't need another mature partner, he doesn't need someone whom he can act all business with, maintaining that business smile and be polite even when you're seething inside, what he needed is an outlet. Someone he can tear down the mask he use for work, to act like himself and be coquettish, because the real Tang Yi isn't a control freak superior, only because that's what work demands of him, but outside the workplace, Tang Yi is just an orphan who yearns for love. He needed a place where he could vent after an exhausting day at work. With GYT, Tang Yi doesn't need to bottle up his feelings, he can get angry or exchange blows with him. Tang Yi likes taking care of people, so he can act as a nanny with GYT, and GYT who's like a puppy can enjoy his attention with relish. Gu Yan Ting is his home. Admit it, even if GYT doesn't appeal much like other MLs, he is still Tang Yi's missing jigsaw piece. They are not incompatible, in fact they compliment each other a lot. And tbh, GYT underwent a lot of character development by the later story. When he said, "I understood love too late, but I never thought of giving it to others" I felt it's really quite a pity not to give this pup a second chance.

This novel isn't just about the two protagonist. It concerns love, work and relationship. Work plays a big role in this story, and from that, you can get a feel of how it's really like to be an adult. They were adults, not teenagers so expect some chapters revolving about work matters, and it's not boring at all because it's part of their life. It's not just about love. It's about overcoming challenges and how a person becomes stronger by going through challenges. I agree with the translator, it's a very powerful yet restrained story. The details are uncovered slowly as chapters progresses and I felt like I'm always discovering new things, things I thought I already knew. There's no hard faceslapping, just life moving forward. That's the reality, no matter how many grievances you have, you cannot solve it all. Just go with the flow, and if things gets lucky, you might forget all about it. For me, that's what makes the story beautiful. It lets you understand that not all things can be controlled, nor things will go the way you want it to be. But no matter what comes, learn to take a moment to appreciate other beauties of life.

The are things to nitpick about in the story that I can turn a blind eye to, such as there are characters that were introduced but left out later on, and there are some untied knots

for example, I don't fricking get why Lin Rui was assigned to ER branch where Tang Yi work and land on his job position, and it was revealed Zhou Hao was the one backing Lin Rui, but did not explain further why? It's just like that. When you think of it like that, perhaps ZH may be the villain? He was the one controlling things behind. He was a means for Lin Rui, TY, and GYT's strained relationship to reach a boiling point. Then he got acquainted to Tang Yi due only to convenience and his involvement with Zhou Wei Wei. When they broke up, technically, there's no wasted resources. Money? If ZH can give a high position to Lin Rui considering LR is just one of the flowers he picked, what he spends on Tang Yi can only be considered as measly. Time? What happened during the two years? It's not them taking things on their own pace, it's just because ZH only meets Tang Yi when it's convenient, he didn't try to meet up more than that. I may be reading too much into it, but anyway, they're both not emotionally invested.


If I were to sum up this story, it's a walkthrough of different emotions, from isolation, loneliness, to warmth, success, heartbreak and failure, to healing and recovery. As I was getting closer to the last chapters, I found myself dreading because I felt like the characters are getting farther and farther away, there's that feeling of nostalgia that kind of made me miss them already...

4/5 It's def a worth read for me. Thank you so much for the translator for translating this wonderful gem.

EDIT: Y'know what, can I take back there's no faceslapping? There was actually one major face slapping scene—

WHEN GYT SAID TO LIN RUI HE DID NOT TOUCH HIM NOT BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID OF HURTING HIM, BUT BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID OF GETTING AIDS???? I CACKLED. DAMN THAT WAS SO SAVAGE! And the fact that GYT didn't mean it as an insult (he was just being innocent & honest) made it so much better 🤣 Tang Yi didn't have to do anything, GYT did it in one fell swoop. +1 for GYT who finally recovered his eyesight.

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Sep 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I had complicated feelings for this novel, specifically, its characters. I was very annoyed with the ML at the start to the point that I even wished that he was not the ML but later found him inspiring and often, somewhat ideal. Also, I think that the MC was mature, intriguing, and a bit controlling.

This novel made me realize that we should not easily base on one-sided things. When reading it from the MC's perspective, I really thought that the ML was horrendous and didn't deserve the MC. But then,... more>> when things started to unveil, I saw that the ML didn't love the MC any less. His sacrifices, dependence, and trust were to be treasured.

I just fell in love with this novel while reading it. I'm glad that I found this. Definitely recommended! <<less
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Sep 24, 2022
Status: c58
What I love about this novel is that it is very relatable. As in.

Like you can’t blame MC/ML and other side characters for their actions because every thing makes sense. Like if I were in their place, maybe I would have done the same.

That’s the feeling I get.
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Sep 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly I hated the ML on first few chapters but after that I cant able to hate him even a single bit he is so adorable and I love both our MC and ML but I have that green tea lin whatever
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Jun 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved it at the beginning but I think after the middle or half-chapters, the novel lost its sparkle for me. I was reading it mechanically like a robot just to finish it so it's 4/5 stars for me.

If I put 5/5 Its because of the MC. Bruuuuh he is my favorite thing in the whole novel. I love his character! He is matured, decisive and strong-minded! But at the same time he's adaptable. For example when the author is writing about his relationship with the ML, I got the... more>> feeling he came as a bit controlling or overbearing and people like him will probably only mesh or be with Lukewarm people or or really easygoing people, HOWEVER when the second Love Interest (who seems to have a really different character from ML) was pursing him, he allowed him to be possessive and overbearing as he was.; I don't know if you get it but there was these contrasts when dealing with ML and the second love interest; I liked that, for me that's what being in a couple or dating is. I am ALL for loving yourself and finding someone that loves you as you ARE, however I am also for compromising when needed to ; and this MC fits so well. He loves himself and won't let himself be wronged, however he is also ready to comprise when needed to as long as it is within LIMITS of what he can tolerate. Liked that!!!! Anyway recommend if you want to read a novel about breaking up and reconciliation with a "not really but misunderstood" scumbag & cheap ML x Strong- headed MC. <<less
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Apr 05, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of the few stories where I actually wanted the MC and ML to get back together. This was an excellent example of why sometimes taking a break is necessary in relationship, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and communication is the key.

At first ML feels pretty scummy, but I agree with Xiao Yunyun. Some of his actions did tell us he really loved the MC.

The best part of this story is that neither the MC nor the ML are completely right or wrong. They have problems, they... more>> didn't solve them, it spiralled out, but at the end of the day they realised they loved each other enough to accept the other person just like they were. Their relationship is very realistic and beautiful. There isn't anything very dramatic in this story. I'm shocked I liked it so much.

The second best part of this story is that neither the MC nor the ML suffer too much. Their love life is worse than one would hope, but they do not get so mad for love that they start self destructing. All the characters are multifaceted, and that's yet another thing I loved about this novel.

It was probably the absolutely wonderful way this was translated, but this story has a special place in my heart. (Loathe am I to admit this fact) This story will probably appeal to more mature audiences. The romance in this story is absolutely lovely.

This is one of the few wife chasing crematorium stories I read where I actively supported the ML in everything he did. He's childish, immature, and thoughtless. He can't think through many things, he's not a typical black bellied ML. He's got a lot of weaknesses. The MC, on the other hand, is domineering and petty. He knows what he wants and he'll get it. His childhood is really very sad, and I'm glad he creates his own family with the ML. MC is a strong darling, but he's also got his own weaknesses. He's arrogant and won't speak his grievances. Due to his childhood, he has a habit of bearing everything alone and not letting anybody into his heart. The ML is the only person he trusts and loves wholeheartedly. He's got so much trust issues, and he's right in most of the cases, tbh.

The ML's white moonlight is also a very well characterized. He's cheap, he's exploitative, but he's human. He won't plot against somebody or try to destroy somebody just because he dislikes them. He is very petty and he's not a good person, but he's got his good points. Of course, he plays tricks, but he's honestly somebody who knows when to give up. He's written as a person with flesh, blood and a heart.

The second love interest, Zhou Luo, is kinda scary. I did not like him. He has the characteristics of a perfect lover, but he is not a perfect lover. He will play tricks on you and betray you to get maximum benefits and then he'll compensate you in ways he thinks you'll get happy. His IQ is very high, but what he does later is not something I can accept, even if he makes up for it. He is a businessman, and what he does is not exactly wrong, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Shen Fan is a character I both like and dislike. He was one of ths few characters who got close to the MC. But at the same time, even after telling the MC to treat him as a brother, he didn't really make MC a priority. It's not wrong, but considering how much he says he treats MC as family, you'd think he'd show some sincerity. I'd put Shen Fan and ZL in the same category, but Shen Fan is just a little bit better.

Mother and Father Gu are absolutely wonderful people. I adore them so much.

I'd definitely recommend this story to people with more mature tastes looking for some well translated stories with deep characterisation and heart touching plot. There is no villain (at least in the traditional way). The conflict is emotional. There is a lot of business jargon, but it's realistic enough that you'd enjoy it if you're into it. Of course, there's also the fact that there are quite a lot if spicy™ moments (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠) (AND THEY ARE NOT CENSORED YAHOOO)

100/10 Xiao Yunyun did a great job. <<less
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Sep 02, 2022
Status: Completed

Both the MC and ML acted their age and could speak sensibly and make rational decisions.

The MC was a bit of a control freak due to growing up homeless and impoverished. He eventually recognises his faults and apologises to the ML for arbitrarily making decisions on his behalf.

I found the ML to be annoying and childish at first. I couldn't fathom how he couldn't understand how his actions towards Lin Rui were inappropriate. However, he grew on me. There wasn't an excessive amount of wife chasing. Although normally I like... more>> the gong regretting his actions towards the shou, on this particular story, their actions and reconciliation was realistic.

I liked that they didn't end up keeping Zhou Weiwei. Although I understood that they were sympathetic, I wanted the MC and ML to have a longer honeymoon period after they made up.

The second male lead, Zhou Hao, was also quite likeable but I agree that him and the MC weren't compatible.

A definite gem. I highly recommend it if you're tired of angst and dog-blood dramas. <<less
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Aug 15, 2022
Status: Completed

This story was really good. The characters are complex and 3D and grow on you. However... You'll only find out if you've read at least 2/3 of the story.

At the beginning the story doesn't seem any special. ML is not so likeable, he is weak, not so succesful and seems to heavily rely on MC. MC is the cold, smart type. Also, the break up doesn't seem that special or emotional. In short, I wasn't that invested in this couple and story.

Im glad I picked it up again after a... more>> few weeks. The more you read the more the characters unfold. And wow... they are so real!! Their flaws are so relatable. ML wasn't as weak nor as scummy as it seems and MC isn't that strong and great as we thought. Both had many shortcomings. Their reconciliation also was super real! Not the cliche 'ML offers his life to save MC', but through real trying and trusting eachother, and realizing their own mistakes. I've really come to love them both. The s*x was hot!

This story is not the usual shallow BL novel with omnipotent characters, face slapping, instant thrill or melodramatic reader ab*se. It's a beautiful story about disappointment, hurt and break-up, followed by reconciliation and personal growth.

This story is deep and of much higher quality than the average BL story. Please give it a try! The translator is great and I appreciate her choice of novels a lot. <<less
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Aug 10, 2022
Status: extra 4
I tend to take negative reviews more seriously than positive ones when I pick up a story, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised by how little I agreed with the negative reviews.

The charm of this novel is the reconciliation of two severely flawed characters who choose a realistic relationship over one fueled by fantasies. Tang Yi's insecurities prevented him from choosing the "ideal" partner with extraordinary prospects and finances, while Gu Yanting's fixation with dignity (face) caused a distorted obsession towards the object of his daydreams, which he... more>> ultimately rejected anyway. Conversely, the foundation of TY and GYT's relationship were the mundane days they spent together, filled with small joys.


Some rambling:

Imo, there was just no way the second ML (ZH) would've worked out with Tang Yi. Never mind that there was zero chemistry or compatibility, I thought the guy was just plain greasy. Dating an idiot is much more preferrable than someone who used to kill lions as a hobby. And like another reviewer mentioned, his moral character wouldn't be fixed just because he stopped hunting lions to make Tang Yi feel better.

Instead, compatibility could easily be found in the main relationship. There was a chapter where Tang Yi painstakingly described how badly Gu Yanting craved respect, to the point that I physically cringed. But when Tang Yi said that he could love all these flaws anyways, and wanted to protect Gu Yanting from those who looked down on him, you could really tell how deep his feelings ran.

At the same time, I really liked Gu Yanting. I thought he put up with Tang Yi a fair bit as well, because Tang Yi's need for control was no joke. I could understand Gu Yanting's perspective, and appreciate his sacrifices. For the sake of giving Tang Yi a sense of stability, Gu Yanting wordlessly gave up on his million dollar business idea and worked at a sucky job just because his partner said so. And the amount of groveling he did to redeem himself was pretty astounding. I just couldn't think of Gu Yanting as a scum ML, not while reading about all his struggles to change himself. Sure he was a little pathetic, but I found it all the more endearing.


I thought there was sufficient face-slapping as well. Nothing over the top like the dogblood dramas that condemn all three generations, but everything negative that happened to the main characters were more or less paid back in kind.

All in all, I recommend this novel to mature readers who like a nuanced perspective on relationships. <<less
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Jun 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Pretty realistic almost cynical portrayal of romance, work, family and friends. Both MC and ML have their own issues though MC defos treasured their relationship a lot more emotionally while ML was pretty careless emotionally but his actions towards MC were actually very loving and tolerant (except for his white moonlight rubbish). When they broke up the process of slowly separating (the slight push and pull because ML still wanted to be together while MC wasn't fully determined yet) to truly cutting off all contact and then getting back together was pretty nice. Both of them realized stuff they could've done, mistakes they made and when they came back together, they both put in effort to make it work. Generally I think everyone's actions are quite reasonable in that no one went overboard in being really cruel or anything but the novel did feel abit too cold (though it is realistic) for me.


Like how MC's cousin became more business minded to the point of being able to sacrifice MC's subsidiary for benefit (though he would've repaid MC financially but MC's hard work in the subsidiary would've basically evaporated into smoke).

or how the kid stayed with them for a few months and then returned to his family

Or the way ML's parents kind of knew about the relationship but nothing was ever really in the open

None of these things are really bad and they're all realistic situations but they're also not like perfect warm happy endings which I found abit of a bummer. I like some wish fulfillment in my novels.


so all in all, while I do think it's a good book, with a strong romance and logical writing I wouldn't reread it cause it was too realistic it gave me abit of a bitter aftertaste when I was done with the novel. But if you like that or don't mind it, then it's a good read for you~
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Apr 26, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel ain't earth-shattering good, but I actually felt quite satisfied reading it. This is my top second-chance novel so far, but it's nothing too novel or intense, feels like just one of our own life-stories?

🔖 MC and ML both makes silly mistakes, there are really s*upid and embarrassing moments. But that just felt more realistic to me. It's nothing too special, more human. Like things we might do or feel. Emotions are messy. Overthinking and miscommunications actually happen like this. And we can't always help or fix it...
🔖 The ML is 𝙉𝙊𝙏 a scum. There are many misunderstandings and miscommunications going on, which will be later cleared up.
🔖 The MC is no weak, all-tolerating, fool in Love guy. He knows his worth and can decisively retaliate.
🔖 The second point I liked the most in this novel is that, the ML is actually quite naive. Not like he's dumb or s*upid, but he's low-key a ball of sunshine who is quite pure without complicated or calculating thought process! I honestly couldn’t expect this at all in the beginning, but deeper into the novel I adored his character a lot! This is my first time reading the Gong being the sunshine and the shou being the sunshine protector and I loved it!!!
🔖 As a breakup novel, ofc it's not cute and fluffy all the way. But it's 𝙉𝙊 dog-blood drama either. And after the reconciliation and in flashbacks, there are quite many soft, cute and fluffy moments.
🔖 There is time gap of 2 years between the breakup and getting back together
🔖 MC agrees to someone else chasing him in these 2 years, but ML gets back into the scenario before anything too serious could happen. The third party is quite gentlemanly and good to MC, though I wholeheartedly believe no one is more suitable for him than our ML
🔖 The redemption arc and character development for both MC and ML is so good! And this is what I loved the most in this novel. This is more like, two people who both made mistakes and drifted apart from each other. But no one could make them feel the peace they felt with each other and so they tried harder and managed to find their way to each other 😌🖤
🔖 There are soft, cute domestic life moments with pets and children
🔖 A lot of Office and Business politics are going on, which aren’t too complicated to understand, just it might feel a bit boring at times. I skipped a few chapters when ML wasn’t around and it was just office talk.
🔖 They are actually quite hornee and do papapa in *cough* many places but the descriptions are not to minute details, but I would say it's explicit enough.
🔖 Though our ML doesn’t seem like at first, but bro is ABSOLUTELY possessive, jealous asf, petty, protective and drinking vinegar when it comes to MC and I LOVED it! 🤌👀
🔖 The face-slap of the White Moonlight of ML aka the PURE green-tea b!tch and white lotus! This mf is the root cause of many issues and while he seemed like he wished our couple good, he actually ruined many things. A PURE PRETENSE! But the most satisfying part is, the one doing the face-slap is not even MC, but our ML himself!!! I was cheering so loud and felt satisfied from my heart when ML talked about his true feelings! I laughed out loud for long! DESERVED!

I liked this novel quite much. Though I'm also saying many might find it boring and nothing too interesting. But I think it's worth giving a try. Who knows may be you’ll end up liking it too?
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Jan 31, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel feels particularly real and raw and - I’m not sure how to describe it - it conveys the feeling of time extremely well. It is set in the 2000s, which is probably about twenty years ago, and whether you like it or not, it is a different generation. Times were different. People’s mentality was different. It is probably hard to imagine for someone who was just born in the 2000s that at that time the fear of getting AIDS from a partner with a messy s*xual life was... more>> a real fear, not something “insensitive” and frowned upon on Twitter. The same goes with “ableism” someone mentions. What the novel describes is not ableism, it is the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. Could a child who was left an orphan at the age of seven or eight and had to survive relying on the food given to by the compassionate villagers (or sometimes not given if the villagers were not in the mood) not to be an ableist? But while the novel demonstrates this mindset, it doesn’t justify it. It is not written as something good, it is written as a source of many problems in the MC’s private life and career.

The novel made me think a lot about social issues but it is ultimately about love. It might be a crematorium on the surface but it is rather the story of two people making mistakes and still finding their way to each other. Both are imperfect, both need to make amends. The truth is the ML makes more amends, and deservedly so, but the MC also comes to realize his problems. I started reading, being firmly on the MC’s side and ready to roast the ML. In the end, I was still on the MC’s side but I also found the ML irresistibly cute and endearing.

I really loved how the novel was constructed. Basically, most chapters have a very short flashback scene inserted in the middle that helps to flesh out the relationship between the main characters or even look at it from a different perspective. It is always very short, so it doesn’t get boring but it really adds another flavor to every chapter.

Will I re-read it? Most likely. Will I recommend it? With caveats. It is a mature novel, not a “young adult” one. <<less
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Dec 07, 2022
Status: --
You could see how much they cared for each other but I guess they needed to stay away for a while to really appreciate what they had, mostly the ML he had to grow up and also be more independent.

I really enjoyed this novel, thank you to the translator 🤗
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Aug 01, 2022
Status: Completed
Gosh. The characters just makes my heart hurts for them. Most of what I want to say have already been said by the past reviewers.

But, I really really really wanted the ML to suffer more even if and when he realizes his mistakes and all that.

Also! I actually ship TY and ZH, the second ML. Sadly,... it doesn't work. Augh!

Other than that, I wished the author went more into ZN life and then we would get another whole new story! LOL. His side story made me chuckled. Heheh. When he... more>> was first introduced, I immediately liked him.

In conclusion, give this story a try and be prepare to cry and have ghost like pain stabbing into your feelings!

Thank you to translator, Yun Yun, for the excellent quality translations! <<less
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Aug 02, 2023
Status: Completed
I’ve never heard of this novel until now but I love how author-sama dives through the theme of love and communication.

(1) Angst and losing trust + (2) Chasing the wife back

I love the past, live for the present and anticipate their future together
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Jul 29, 2023
Status: Completed
I really liked this story. At first I was super pissed off at ML, Gu Yanting, but the "misunderstandings" tag absolutely applies to this story. Although MC, Tang Yi, and ML loved each other deeply, they didn't know how to communicate with each other.

Their breakup was actually good for them, allowing personal growth and self reflection. MC is super smart and maybe thinks too much, while ML is a lil oblivious about things. The combination would naturally lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship if there isn't enough communication and respect.

... more>>

This is really a SPOILER...


MC accidentally saw an email by ML complaining about MC and stating that he wanted to breakup. However, MC didn't see the entire email. ML was actually bragging about how good their relationship was in a "I'm pretending not to be bragging" way. ML is a lil childish. 🙈

MC and ML breakup but ML never gets with the supposed White Moonlight, even when the WM wanted to get together with him. ML didn't like WM and had felt resentment towards him. He only loved MC.



They broke up for two years. During this time, MC discovered the truth about his family background and also ML's. MC is cousins with Shen Fan (MC's boss). MC's parents died and MC ended up in an orphanage. Shen Fan had been looking for him for many years. ML is Zhou Hao's half brother (ML's love rival). ML's mom was a mistress and put him up for adoption after his dad dumped her. ML knew he was adopted but wasn't interested in finding his biological parents.

In the end they get back together and their relationship is many times better than before.

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Jun 08, 2023
Status: --
I had to register an account to give a review on this novel specifically. I loved every bit of the novel.

the novel is realistic, very relatable with a bittersweet feeling. Though I have regret concerning the second ML as he persistently pursued the MC, went out of his way to do him Favours and loved him sincerely but they couldn’t be together because they weren’t compatible and they have numerous clash of interests. I was bitter that there was nothing to show for the two years. I have to say... more>> that it was a good thing after after the plot we see why they weren’t meant to be together.

The translator really tried translating this novel. I am very grateful to be able to read this wonderful novel. It’s definitely worth reading:) <<less
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