Being PAPA’d Every Time I Transmigrate


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Doomed to be a cannon fodder?

For Ruan Jiaojiao, there is no such thing!

After all, she was born heartless and shameless.

Hmm… the male lead looks good, and the second male lead isn’t bad either.

Alright, I want both! Hand over your beautiful bodies!

*No pairing (NP)

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Everytime I Transmigrate and Open My Eyes I'm Being Banged
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New weiyang rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c15
Very refreshing. The female protagonist actually calls the males out on their BS and stands up for herself, both inside and outside the bedroom. I love her carefree attitude.
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Mafia Lady
Mafia Lady rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c613
Interesting and great read world hopping Smut novel. Very bold, shameless and pervert MC who love s*x and enjoy it.

I found myself like all different short arcs. It's smut, lot of snu snu. I like how MC messed up all world story by entangled with important characters. I don't care about plot, only for Smut. MC is so flirty, seducing, shameless, very bold and bad scum women. The way she disdain MLs because of they are bad in bed. It's funny how MLs are virgin, don't know how to do... more>> it. MC being annoy by them.


MC and system conversation and interact is so funny. System gave her nickname as shameless fox.
She take task as one night stand with handsome guys. She is like she only wanted sleep or one night stand with handsome guys. MLs fall for her, obsessive with her. At each arc ending, MC left world beacuse of boring, they went crazy and searched her and sometime she stay in world arcs.
There are also different kind of white lotus, green tea, two faced female protagonists, what make me funny was system light candle for them as they are no match to MC's shameless, seducing and bold, scum personality. They trying to show mc's scum real face to male leads by saying MC is slag and two faced b*tch. They are already madly fall for MC and doesn't care and trying to monogamy MC.

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emi.ying rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: --
Seems pretty good so far. Straight at it...I like that lol. Snu snu awayyyy (´∀`)

Not a lot of plot development tho (I'm not too far ahead, but every chappie is snu snu, so I'm assuming we won't have a lot of development going on). Our MC is pretty refreshing than the other fls... Bold, funny, and just thick-skinned lol. Not afraid to seduce the f*ck out of the mls.

Like I said, not a lot of plot development but lots of snu snu. Have high hopes for this one... more>> in terms of that.

Edit: the raws were okay... when I swept through the chappies, the snu snu chappies weren't that interesting, probably bc it's not translated yet. But very good nonetheless!!!!


The Huo guy was an instant shooter with a big ego lol. Shen Muyan is cute. He totally my type >o< (what a puppy~~)


edit2: I see that there are lots of reviews about the story fetishizing the r*pe. Yes, I agree. There were several times I was like "Woah dude." But I still read it purely just for the smut. Readers and snu snus, please read the tags before deciding to read it or not. <<less
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LyraMeow rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: v4c1
I know this novel is purely for smut, so I didn't really have hope that other aspects would be good. However, I just can't accept how the story undermine a lot of quite sensitive issues. I read quite a lot of stuff in each arc that has me scrunching my eyebrows. These are just some that really stood out for me:

1. The r*pe element is fetishised in this novel, which really weirded me out and I don't understand it. I think there's other ways to make smutty story spicy without... more>> fetishising and subsequently normalising something that really should not be fetishised or normalised.

2. There was this paragraph in arc 3 that bothered me.

"She couldn't help sighing, it was really unfortunate that the original owner possessed such unique conditions but lived so sorrowfully and miserably.

The system thought, that is because although the body is the same, but the soul is different, the original owner is bitter and hatred deep, and his temperament is always a bit gloomy. Even if he is pleased with others, he is also a little cautious. Where is like you, living so freely"

The story clearly undermines the original host's struggle and why she was angry and has hatred. If you were pushed by your caretaker -who abuses you btw cos she's jealous- to be raped by someone, especially a disgusting predatory old man, then was further abused and experience other hardship in life, do you honestly think she can live care-freely? I know the MC is wanton and she loves s*x and all.... but she had the advantage of knowing the situation and future. Ofc she can she can avoid most of the tragic stuff and fcking live freely.

Don't try to justify the MC's wanton and "lively" nature by undermining abuse!


3. Every arc was repetitive. I wasn't expecting much in terms of story because you know, it's smut. BUT, even the smut is hella repetitive. The descriptions are repetitive and follows very similar patterns and uses almost the same words every time.

4. I like how this is different in that the MC is very forward with her sexual needs and not a white lotus and trembling holy mother. BUT I really question her sanity and moral bar. This is a smutty novel, I know but shouldn't there be some bottom line? Also, it seems that her brain is only filled with sex. She didn't seem to have any desire, attachment or any 'human' elements.

Anyways, I've only just finished the third arc but I don't think I want to continue anymore.

1 Star is for the translator who has put their effort translating this and the pretty easy MTL.

1 star for the initially decent smut. <<less
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ohmycalla rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: --
Before reading this novel, I advised you to first read the tags and take note of the r*pe tag so you won't be surprised of what will happen in the story.

Every arc of this story is good, it's different in every world but the s*x scenes and ending were repetitive and you may find it boring and lacking but I'm not. Lol. What keeps me going from reading is because of the MC and all her men. I'm excited every time on how she will make the man crave for... more>> her.

MC is a manipulative, shameless, and a scum girl but I like her. She loves having s*x with multiple men and once she's done, she will dumped them. She has no bottomline and I'm curious as to what will happen to her at the end.

I just feel bad for all those men that really love her and treated her kindly but was abandoned by MC. They deserve love and happiness. <<less
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EmpressRouge25 rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: c23
So far so good! Just finished the first arc and I find the female mc’s shamelessness hilarious! Snu snu was great too lol. I got tired of mtl so I hope for more chapters to come.
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July 5, 2020
Status: --
The host is a calamity level plot destroyer. Read if you feel like turning off your brain (not necessarily a bad thing).

All the men she papapa (host is not above forcing/drugging/kidnapping these men, nevermind swindling them) get entangled/obsessed with her and she does multiple men in each arc. Ruthless and shameless, she's the kind of host you set loose in a world (If I was the System administration) when you just want to see the world burn without killing the protagonists/actually destroying the worlds.

She's very honest with herself though and make no excuses about her thirst/shamelessness. It's quite refreshing if you just want to read absurd smut.

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adrea3311 rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: c50
The MC is total slag and scum and the smut is repetitive and forced (literary and otherwise). I enjoy a good sexually aware and free heroine, but as another reviewer put it, she is missing all human emotion. I wanted her to grow a heart, emotions, or human connections even a little. But so far every arc consists of her waltzing into a world, blowing the plot, using all the men she wants as cognizant human d*ldos, then patting her arse and leaving once she gets bored because she has... more>> to face the chaos she created. As a woman, I don't appreciate the combination of making her practically a sex-driven robot in order to be sexually free. You can have a MC who is both sexually free and human. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c8
To make this short all I'm gonna say is: Damn, this girl got hella games!!


Finished the second arc, I don't like the endings for each world. It's kind of boring and plain.

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