The Men at Her Feet


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This story is about the romance that blossomed between a beautiful princess and several courtiers, told through the various positions they experienced together.

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New hemiura rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: extra 1
Honestly, yes it was a bit r*pey but all the ML personality are unique? idk adorable? I wish the author would go into detail on each of the ML's personal life because i'd read the heck out of it.

I hope the translator continue on for the extras because I'm really looking forward to it! plus, I believe this is one of the best translated novel i've ever read. if you put aside the plot and all, the translation and attention to every detail is amazing. it helps for someone like... more>> me who kind of lacks (?) in imagination (or just stupid) that when they describe uhm... the s*x position and all, 10/10. chefs kiss.

for someone who's not really hardcore into smut and more into vanilla interactions. this is definitely not for you, my dear. but you should check out the translator other work I guess. tbh one of the best. I wish there is a subscribe button where I could just quickly follow up on the translators new work or something. but keep it up! <<less
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Mafia Lady
Mafia Lady rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite smut novel. Better than other smut novel I read. Plot and story is very nice there are so much smut and hot. Male leads are so powerful and stronger, have their own special identity.

Highly recommended if you are into smut novel
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wintryday rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: Completed
The problem with most smut is that it is repetitive and badly written to the point of being ridiculous. In this novel however, the smut is fresh, hot in every scene and well written. The MC, like in most polyandry genre, is a mary-sue, but she is thankfully a likable mary-sue. The main stars of this novel are the MLs, who have distinct and interesting personalities. They go about courting the MC in their own unique ways according to their personalities and even their smut scenes reflects that. For example,... more>> one of my favorite characters, the young general who is a cheeky and happy-go-lucky guy. On one hand, he shows his good side by saying something sweet to the MC, causing MC to feel touched by his thoughtfulness. But he immediately follows up with an unintentionally black-belly comment that completely erases all the brownie points he has just earned from MC LOL.

There are however some problems in this novel. One huge weakness is the rushed ending. In a way, I appreciate that the author did not drag out the novel unnecessarily by using silly drama and cat fights among the ML. However the ending is abrupt and the villain disposed off too suddenly and unceremoniously. In a way, it is understandable because it seems impossible to end a polyandry novel in a satisfying way. Since the only driving force of the plot is the MC collecting her MLs, the courtships, the jealousy, the smut, some conflicts along the way, but after all the conflicts are resolved, after all the MLs get to have at least 2 smut scenes with the MC, we are done, there is no point to drag on the plot, let's end it with a big wedding. Having said that, the author did include some short stories after the ending.

The second problem is that we never got to understand why the MLs fall in love with the MC... it sort of just happened, after each ML spending some time exploring MC's secret flower hole. But maybe I am reading too much into it LOL, this is just a feel-good smut novel, not that serious.

If you are looking for really hot and well written smut, with MC being courted by many MLs with interesting personalities and some laughs along the way, I strongly recommend, five stars for what it is intended to be, a hot smut novel.

Bonus review: The translator did a really great job, very professional work and neat layout. Thank you for picking this novel up and creating interest in this novel, or else I will never be motivated to read the raws. I am excited for when the translation is complete so that I can re-read the whole novel again in English :) <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
September 20, 2019
Status: Completed
I'll admit my standards are pretty low when it comes to R18 novels. If I'm reading an R18 novel, I'm not reading it for the plot, I'm reading it for the smut. I am not ashamed of this lol.

Anyways, I enjoyed this novel.

Is it the best r18 novel I've read? Nah. But was it enjoyable? Yes.

... more>> Is it 5 star material? Questionable, I'd say, but I gave it that partly for the translation alone.

The story is quite short. I have a pretty short attention span when it comes to cnovels, so if it's over 1000 chapters I usually have a harder time reading or finishing it. This is a nice, concise story. The drama is not dragged out, and the MLs are interesting in their own ways and I found the MC to be relatively likable. The smut was great and the very first opening arc was just ಠ◡ಠ excellent lol.

As I said, I gave it a 5 star rating honestly because of the translation. I read the raws originally after seeing it in the NU forums, but read some of the translation as well. It's very well done in my opinion. I'm also low key amazed at how fast each chapter gets sent out lmao.

Anyways, it's a fast read, satisfying and enjoyable. If you wanna read for some excellent smut with a little bit of plot, then this is a pretty good read. (*΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ *) <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: Completed
So if you like smut, the unconsentual kind, you'll LOVE this story. 🤦‍♀️ It's filled with men trying to dominate one woman. If you expect this woman to fight back, or grow stronger, be prepared to be disappointed.

... more>>

She's weak.
She's bullied.

They know her brother is her weakness and use it against her.
Very few men respect her wishes.
She grows to care for these *ssholes. And actually ends up with all of them! WOULDN'T BOTHER ME IF THEY WEREN'T COMPLETE PIGS!! I can honestly say one was pretty respectful of her wishes. He was my favorite.


If nothing else the smut was good and the translation excellent, but story wise, not to my taste. <<less
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sisychelsea rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c34
I'm in chapter 34 and I'm steel wondering how she ain't pregnant, so far I feel really bad for her, but I steel think even if she wanted to protect her brother that doesn't mean she has to leave these guys to torment her like that.I feel really guilty for her and wish I could save her ass from this situation.

So far I'm not fond, it's just story of a girl getting r*pe by three guys over and over again in the pretext that she wants to protect her brother?... more>> I'm sorry but you could have protected him in another way, I may feel guilty for u but sometimes I even think thats she enjoying this. <<less
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Anne Jack
Anne Jack rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: c58
Very smutty... Like Lucia, this novel is also a lot of s*x scene but with multiple men. The MLs are possessive but not too much I think because they sharing MC, right?

I gave 3 star for the good translations and 2 star minus because of the illogical mindset of the MC and mostly b'coz of the forceful s*x done by MLs to MC..

MC is like typical Mary sue.. For now, I still don't know all the ML but so far... I don't know, still. Need to read a bit more... more>> chapters..

If you like reverse harem, polyandry, smutty s*x scene all over the chapters and ton of possessive MLs... Give it a try then. <<less
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onlyY rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: c14
wow... I am here for the smut, and usually I have no problems with r*pe in novels/webtoons & co. (cause its fiction)... but idk... this one is really heavy for me. I feel really shitty for the FL. T-T

And that coming from a person who enjoys the smutty story of a reincarnated female lead, who is now a underaged kid and gets raped by her brothers.

Id even understand why its called 'The Men at her Feet', so far its the other way around. 'The Woman at Their Feet' would be... more>> much more appropriate.

The smut is good (when u ignore the fact that she gets raped). <<less
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carshyaa rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: --
Im on ch 41 when I wrote this comment. Honestly im only here for SMUT lmao im not gonna lie

I like the translation. The way the translator translate it with many vocabularies catch my attention. I like it a lot. And im a big fan of rough-s*x scenes so yeah hdjsjsjsh well but it doesnt mean I dont like simple-pure-fluffy romantic scenes

Anyway I rly think this novel will only suits to those who seeks smut scenes. Enjoy~!
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IrisBay rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: --
Good job translator

slightly smut, but it was fine. I enjoyed reading the novel.
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Empress M
Empress M
December 24, 2019
Status: extra 4
Good novel if you want lots and lots of smut. In different scenes too.

Want a good FL? Go look somewhere else if you don’t like the weak, submissive kind that goes ‘No no no’ then does a 180 turn when they’re a couple seconds in.

The main story is completed, but the extras.. Stopped translating it.

... more>> *makes angry noises*

Please continue translating the extras! Of course, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I’d prefer if it’s fully translated and not suddenly dropped.

3/5. 1 for the translation quality, and 2 for the hot smut scenes.

-1 for the plot, and -1 for the FL’s character. <<less
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Chan2 rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: c74
Smut all the way. The storyline is weak. I don't know ancient China people are so liberal that after gang raping the FL, the FL can still continue doing it with those men again and again. This is just too MUCH crap... Also she never seems to get pregnant.
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shouahang58 rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: c78
Good read, really smutty and full of hot steam,

but don't like how the MLs just kind of force the MC to accept them.
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mielru rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: extra 4
Weak storyline, while the smut is also... okay. Don't like the female lead.
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hewgo10 rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c72
This is R-18 with many hot s*x scenes. The translation is excellent but story plot is hard for me to wrap my head around.

Instead of princess, I felt like this is a story of a protitute with many of her clients, I can't connect with all men on how they fell in love with her so deep to the point of taking turn on having her and still want to marry her and this is not polygamy novel, so I don't know.
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