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The film interactions between a tepid not too popular AV female actress Qiao Qiao and 6 permanent male actors within the company.

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8 Reviews

May 28, 2020
Status: c309
See I was delighted when I saw this because polymory FTW but Damn what is it with reverse harem and weakass MC??? Like literally she never gets an upper hand. Okay maybe I should place this on the ML, like wtf is wrong with them, they don't treat her with a modicum of respect (except for that one ML that actually seem to care for her wellbeing), they don't listen to her, they think with their dick.

The perv in me is like yum smut sooo much smut and the sensible... more>> part of me is soooo uncomfortable at the power dynamic, the relationship is so abusive and unbalanced. Our MC is so bland like if you are gonna write something like this, maybe make her a bit interesting or hell make the relationship a mutually destructive one idc. Nagging aside our MC seems to be having a darm good time, so I guess she is def not bothered. Then again I don't even know why I expect better from this sort of novel. I just want a healthy smutty polyamorous relationship, is that too much to ask *cries*

The s*x scenes got so repetitive that for the very first time in my life I skipped smut to search for plot fml. <<less
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Aug 05, 2020
Status: c380
First of all, this review is entirely my opinion and doesn't reflect other readers.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, even though I was only reading the MTL version. It was pretty easy to understand so I guess it was worth a try if you are thinking of giving this a shot. Anyway, if you are lazy, here is some summary/spoiler:

... more>>

Qiao Qiao is an aspiring AV actress who is described as a hidden beauty, and in the middle of a career slump. Despite some setbacks, she gradually becomes acquainted with the MLs (there's 6 of them) who for some reason develop unhealthy fixation towards Qiao Qiao (QQ). They all have different reasons for approaching her which always end in QQ being sexually assaulted or being coerced to have s*x. There's tons of dubcon, some borderline r*pe and there's also straight out r*pe. As their relationship progresses, Qiao Qiao graduated from being a AV actress to being a temporary s*ave, to a pet, to being a kept mistress and her role keeps changing at the hands of whichever MLs of the month/week/day.


What's yummy about this?

    • The dynamic
The dynamic of their relationship is really interesting because all MLs are yanderes and OP. Their yandere-ness has various degree of severity. Some are just batsh*t crazy e.g. Liang Jize, some mild e.g Cheng Xie (mon bebe), Zhou Yuanchuan to name. There's a lot of conflicts at the beginning where they refuse to share QQ, but then they gradually accept each other's role in their dynamic. It's pretty smooth and doesn't seem rushed which is something pretty rare especially in reverse harem genre.


So yeah, there's 3P scene which is the main turning point of their relationship. It was a bit awkward but it's understandable since it was their first time. When you pit 2 MLs who are used to control others, it is amusing to see them finally bow their heads and learn to give way and share.


    • Character variety
I think everyone who reads this will pretty much agree that the main highlights are the MLs. They are the major driving force of the story, with QQ being the one core that binds them together. We have an overbearing director/CEO, the young heir of a major company, Emperor actor, strong military/spy agent, the overachieving scientist with double PhD and the last one... the mixed race number one AV actor who rarely makes an appearance. I honestly don't have much opinion on him other than him being another level of crazy with abusive past. Anyways, all characters are fleshed out and despite being OP, they all have weaknesses. Some are unrepenting, like Qin Rui who tackles everything head on and likes to lead QQ by the nose with his overwhelming personality. We also have a kuudere/yandere hybrid like Cheng Xiu who's a rare gem. He's one of my fav, and one of the nicest out of the bunch other than Zhou Yuanchuan. And yeah, I gotta give kudos to the author for making Liang Jize. I started out hating him, then pitying him, then hating him again. I forgot at which point I started pining for his scenes with QQ. You can never guess what's running through his head. I'm amazed that I can never guess the extent of his cruelty and his sadistic streak. It's scary and amusing which is weirdly a combination I never put together. QQ's MVP is probably Song Qiyan. I have mixed feeling about him due to the fact that he was the only character that has the greatest sway over our FL. You could say that QQ is most partial towards him out of everyone.

Now for the hiccup;

QQ is weak and a pushover. She's not Mary Sue, which means she's flawed. I extremely adore flawed characters because they seem real. However, I don't like that the author misused QQ's weakness as a fuel for toxic masculinity i.e. making her a medium to boast the MLs sexual prowess. Throughout the story, she is made as an outlet to expend desire, and the worse thing is, she was okay with it. It stems from her subpar confidence where she thinks that she will never catch up to the level of the MLs. It breaks my heart but as the story progress, QQ learns to fight back and say no but her efforts are still embarassing. At this point I'm still rooting for her to grow a spine.




Overall, there's tons of smut and great plot*. The smuts are skippable but I read through every one of them to better understand the MLs psyche. You never know how much you could glean from the bedroom action.

*subjective opinion <<less
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Apr 20, 2020
Status: c254
Never tought someone would pick this novel and translate it. I’ve read part of the raws and it’s pretty easy to MTL. The story isn’t bad but it isn’t particularly good either. As the tag says it’s a reverse harem but in modern times and in a society in which morals can’t/shouldn’t accept woman to have many husbands.

... more>>

As the story progresses there are some hints that the MLs will go from refusing to « share » her to accepting their situation and all 5 or 6 becoming her husband (don’t remember how many ML’s there are). So yeah this whole process is a bit confusing but should it be called character development for the ML’s ? Don’t know maybe. It’s the same from FL at first she try to force herself to be with just one of them but quickly realize that she can’t stop herself from lusting for other MLs. Yes I said lust and not love, I didn’t really see how love played a part in FLs interactions with MLs I’ve seen more of physical attraction and lust than a deeper relationship between them but maybe it’s developed in the latter chapters. Also if there wasn’t love I still think that they won’t maintain their relationship, make concessions and marry each other


If you ask me what are the bad parts of the novel I can’t say for real that’s why I’d still give it 4/5. If the smutty parts were more imaginative I’d probably give a better rating.

It’s better to give it a go and see if it’s to your taste <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sove
Jul 31, 2020
Status: c233
Okay, first of all. Be aware that I'm rating this for how much I enjoyed this from the point of view of imagination, I did not condone most of things done in this novel by the male leads. And seriously, if you read an erotica with male yandere, you should expect some nasty things that go against your morale.

First of all, this novel is a good erot*c novel. Hot. Like, really hot. And... Well, we don't really read erot*c novel for the plot, right? As I am. I think this... more>> novel is hot and the plot... What plot? I can only think of smut scenes with this novel "Where is the smut?" "When is the smut?" "Ohhh the smut!"

There are six male leads in this novel. All of them are terrible. Equally terrible, even. All of them are cruel and manipulative to the T. They knew fully well what they did on the female lead, they ain't playing around. They're f*cking serious when it's about manipulating the female lead and it's also kinda hot. The female lead, well, she's fine. She wasn't some sort of virgin, she was a p*rn star though not so popular. She was not a 'good and pure' person, but honestly compared to any of the male leads she looked like a holy mother.

Spoiler for the male leads:


The first you'll ever get to know from the very first chapter is Qin Ruicheng, an av star, handsome, rich, yada yada, he's already in love with the MC since the very start. Up until ch 233 I read this in the raw, it's still unknown how he came to like her. And personally, amongst the male leads, I rooted for him the most. He was open about him being a perverted scum and easily read, very open to his feelings, very pushy and persuasive but did not manipulate. Tbh, I rooted for him because if I really put myself in the MC's place, I truly can handle this man unlike the other MLs.

The second is the manager or director. Song Qiyan. He was super cool, multi-talented director that took care of the MC whilst secretly obsessed with her. To my knowledge, he protected the MC very well under his wings for years without revealing any intention. Ofc, about within the first ten chapters of this novel, he broke his charade and f*cked the MC. The MC also kinda liked him for their relationship in years and secretly fascinated by his cool aura, and their first time is kinda... consensual? You might like him at first, but you'll slowly learn how dark and evil he was. He was the type of pull hard and push hard. When the MC got entangled with other MLs and couldn't exactly leave, he'll raise his hands as if he gave up, let the MC knows that he no longer knows how to deal with the MC and pushed the MC away. Ofc, the MC, not wanting to lose her job, always came running to him to beg his pardon. For first few times, I found this kinda amusing, but later on, I realized this was his way of controlling the MC and manipulated her to rely on him and him alone. And he could be considered quite successful if the other MLs did not exist. Seriously, he is very dangerous.

The third ML is a genius scholar? Either a science or math guy. He was the gentle, younger, nerdy but fit, scholar type. He was fascinated by the MC because apparently having s*x with her inspired him. He's also an AV p*rnstar btw. When the MC found out that he had s*x with her only for inspiration, she refused to be touched by him, he also apologized and said that he'd reflect about it. I think he did. He still pursued her. I believe it was a part because of inspiration and another part because he is indeed fascinated by her, but his latter approach was much more subdued and relied heavily on guilt-tripping the MC. He's the most manipulative I think, maybe on par with Song Qiyan, only he didn't have this authority and close relationship with the MC and couldn't use Song Qiyan's pull hard push hard manipulation. So he used the more gentle approach, trying to look apologetic and only wanted to be friends with MC, gave MC things that he knew would bring trouble for MC, protected the MC when something did happen, and then continuously guilt-tripping her until she finally caved in to have s*x with him again and restarted their sexual relationship. The passage written when he did this gave a chill and a grin, "Day XX, she began to show guilt."

The fourth and the second most mysterious is an actor called Liang Jize. The first time he appeared, he shot a BDSM av with the MC whilst the MC was blindfolded and he was SUPER rough. He's obsessed with the MC and I can argue he's the most unstable ML in the book. Every time the MC met him, it's always r*pe. He's forceful and very, very pushy. He didn't care about anyone's general opinion because he was truly sick in the head. He had D.I.D case that formed because he delved to deep in character and couldn't get out of it after filming and developed a new personality. He was old, I think... the oldest ML maybe? He's around 40 whilst the MC was around early twenties. However when his issue was slowly resolved, he became more stable, still cruel, manipulative and forceful, but... more stable?

The fifth was the most comfortable ML. A killer, murderer, assassin, bodyguard, also av star, Cheng Xiu. I can't say much about him. Just that my complaint about him is that he usually acted like nothing happened after s*x. Sometimes he even disappear in the morning after s*x. But he's the nicest male lead. The first few meetings might be awkward and cold, but he genuinely cared for the MC and respected the MC when she stepped back. However, Cheng Xiu is coincidentally the MC's type and she found it hard to resist.

The sixth ML... Was the most mysterious one. The one-hell-gorgeous-mixed-breed-oh-so-sexy yet cruel Jian Baiyou, also av p*rnstar. Let's just say, amongst all MLs, I can't feel any love coming from him so far. He was described as being so beautiful that he could make people wanted to jump him simply by standing there. The MC included. But he's the most murderous of the MLs, he killed people as he pleased even in front of the MC. He's Cheng Xiu's master too.

All six MLs seemed to know each other too. Like, really good. Qin Ruicheng simply groaned when he saw Cheng Xiu's bloody shirts and body when they came to his apartment. Despite being so dangerous, Jian Baiyou also seemed to tolerate other MLs like Qin Ruicheng and Zhou Yuanchuan. It really seems like they acknowledged each other as top people who are terrible and respected each other's space.

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Dec 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Alright, this book supposed to have a little plot scattered here and there, you won't be able to see that little plot if you don't read till 300+ chapters or more and connect the dots. But I want to say that the female lead is the most garbage, idotic, useless, weakass woman I ever read in any novel. She has nothing to value, and the male leads are using her like a s*x doll. I don't understand why they obsessed over her. She had nothing, absolutely nothing valuable even under... more>> basic human value. Even her physical body is average.

I want to throw awaay this book multiple time but stay because I got curious by male leads background story. But believe me it was a torture because the female lead idiocy always made things worst. I gritted my teeth all the time trying to skip her nonsense way of thinking. Even a person with mental disability could make a better judgment than her.

Well, to save you all from the wait, that s*upid female lead end up

with all male leads. Yep.. She married with six of them and lived happily ever after by jumping to one bed to another.


this book have 520 chapters with 8 special chapters that told their stories after marriage. <<less
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Jun 01, 2020
Status: c160
As the title say, I don't expect too much before reading this novel. Howevs, prior to this novel I often read transmigrating novel so by reading this I can understand those transmigators feels towards the protagonist (FL) ? I seconded the previous review, the smut got repetitive so I often skip it to dig some plot ??

The trope about not beautiful but pure n kinda silly protag is predictable, although the psychological burden she has not that traumatic compare to other novel, its kinda relatable to current situation whr some... more>> ppl have no goal, no passion to flourish bcs of the low -esteem. Tbh, I really want the FL to go visit psychiatrist so she could think of herself as an individual instead of a tight meat hole <<less
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Mar 08, 2022
Status: c668
Honestly I didn't think I'd like this smut novel when I 1st began but I do feel the smut had lessened and more plot (?) now? I began to look forward to new chapters to MTL

All MLs are crazy in their own rights but the crazy sm actor s*x scenes and another crazy villain were the most uncomfortable for me.

Braced yourself to read scenes related to human trafficking & breach of human rights. *My poor tummy*
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Oct 10, 2021
Status: c59
I feel pity since this one is a good hilarious novel but is ruined by unreasonable smut scenes, s*upidity of MC and overbearing & inconsiderate personalities of ML. Have the same sentiments with Benji on.

The MC is plain looking but has charm when smiling and in bed. Her meat hole is an ecstasy to the ML's. I honestly pity her due to her dim-wittedness. And the ML's only see her as their s*x sleeve or human toilet. It is partly MC's fault since she doesn't respect herself so she can't earn Sincerely from ML's. Even though she's an AV actress, if she has a bottomline, not doing H stuffs outside work, it's enough to gain a little respect. Unfortunately, she is tempted and likes sleeping outside work.

zhou yuanchuan reason for marrying MC. He suddenly realizes an answer to his problem whenever he has s*x with the MC

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