I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything!


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This is a story about how an author turned into a stunning princess after transmigrating into her own book, accidentally becoming the plaything for the four handsome and powerful men. They were all men of high position, and stuck between the four of them, every path was ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Dạy dỗ công chúa nữ nô
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Mubmub755 rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: c152
I read the raw because I'm too impatient so I didn't really grasp the detail of the story or even the snusnu. So excuse me if I taken some information wrong.

There's a lot of snusnu going on I tell you. MC on her first day transmigrating already eaten cleanly and not more than two week she already eaten by three men. Talk about exhausting *phew*

So, MC got transmigrated into her own novel which she's taken a cannon fodder body. This cannon fodder is an stunningly-beautiful-evil 7th princess that has 4... more>> husband. MC name oddly similiar to the cannon fodder she's transmigrated into. Maybe I got it wrong, but if it is then why would the heck she name the princess as her own?

So this evil princess is not have a long life which she will be died after her 16th birthday. I don't really know how she will be died but maybe because of poison and she has a curse which I don't really know what cause so far there's not much information.

She's actually just a pawn of the empress dowager to tied the four influental men to the country. Empress dowager make her as their wife but actually she's just a plaything for them. I don't know if she's got scam at or she already knew thag but arrogantly think she can grasp one of this husband since she's so beautiful.

Before the MC transmigrated into her body, the princess continously seducing this four men but none of them ever taken like to her. They only felt disdain towards her. Well precisely not just them, but most of people because of her status of "evil princess". I actually didn't got anymore information of the bad deeds she's done (beside the four husband's of her) to have that title. But maybe because the author only focusing on the snusnu and not the detail of the story.

Anyway, when the MC taken the princess body, magically the four husband got obsessed with her to even other men taken to like her too.

So far, she's met four of her husband and additionally she's met her male friend in her first world and the emperor of the country.

This four husband included of ML of the novel. FL of the novel is her sister, 6th princess which name so far not reveal yet. And I still confuse of the 7th princess status. I don't think she has imperial blood, maybe she's one of the official's daughter that got her title as a princess. Or she's the daughter of a prince/princess hence gave a title from birth. Whatever that is, there's no information of that so far.


First male character, she met her first husband (let's just say that), Dong Ling Mo, which is the great general of the country. He's really ruthless and hate the original princess. He like the FL but magically didn't disdain when touching even raping MC. He's the cold type guy that can't transfer his feelings properly. He like MC in the end and tried to "accept" her other husband. Since he don't like sharing her body to other husband. Kinda possessive I presume. And MC so much obedient when serving him since she's too afraid of him and tried to not make him jealous by contacting other husband. But yeah it didn't work out. I mean, the snusnu must go on.

Second male character, is a fairy like doctor that MC praising that he has a beautiful peepee. His name is He Lianzi (?) and I think he is the ML of the original story. I guess because there's no information about that even when MC interacting and eaten by him multiple times. In the early chapter MC said that Zi Jian is the ML and she called He Lianzi as Zi Ji when intercoursing. And MC said that one of her husband is ML so yeah.. And he got the gentle like fairy type character but actually when he's really in heat he's more ruthless then Dong Ling Mo. He's eye pupil actually turn red that frightened the hell out of MC but forgetting it in the next morning cause she refuse to believe his beast side.

Third male character, her third husband, a neighboring emperor (again maybe im wrong about this) that got taken as hostage. Didn't knew the detail why, but maybe for a peace treaty or something? His name is Xuan Lian Shi (i maybe wrong) and I adore him so much. He's the most gentle of all her husband and MC actually not afraid of him not like her other husband. He's the tsundere type and in the end he would prioritize MC to not be hurt while intercoursing. There's a lot of accidents that make MC hurt badly, like when he throw her aside lightly which he didn't knew it's actually make her fell so hard make her head bleeding. But he immediately apologized and taken care of her. But MC got a lot of attitude with him and he let her fend off all of frustration because of the bullying of her other husband. She didn't realize of how caring he is for her.

Fourth male character, is a business man that live in the border to take care of his business. He's the only husband that not eaten her so far. And got a little scene with the MC. His name I still didn't grasp because of the MTL. But it said Fengying Zhiye, there's a lot of name so maybe im wrong.

Fifth male character, is actually her male friend in her original world, Jun Shihai. She admired him and taken him as a friend but in the end when they got married she fell in love with him. Yeah, she married him in the original world. She got back and forth when having an accident that almost taken her life over. She's got married to him and stayed almost 2 months in her original world but in the end got suck again into the novel. Oh btw her orginal body is already died so when she's crossover she's taken the princess body. Hence explains why she can't stay long at the original world.

Sixth male character, is the emperor of the country. There's no name so far and he said he is her master. I still didn't read the next chapter explaining the reason since it's on c153-ish or more.


Anyway, since I can't grasp the snusnu parts I really hope the plot is thicken. But so far the plot is okay and make me want to read further. I think the snusnu is good reviewing by the translation (not from the MTL ofc). It's a good reading and will read again if there's more updates on the translation site. <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
November 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Well, I thought the story was mildly convoluted with all of it's time twists and stuff, but I still read it to the very end and found it a rather enjoyable read.

I think I liked the second part the most, but the first part wasn't bad either. I'll admit I was under the impression there would only be

... more>>

four male leads


Since the very beginning has her married to four men, but ultimately there were


six male leads lmao


So that was a pleasant surprise.

That being said I felt the ending was very abrupt. I mean, I know it was supposed to connect to the ending of part one, but the fact that there's X amount of chapters in between, it just felt very abrupt to me lmao. I mean she literally goes from


3P banging Dong Lingmo and Feng Yingye to the spot on the snowy mountain where her Master was sealed in ice and then they reunite and are like "we'll never part!" and then the story ends. Like wait, what lmao


Part of me felt like the author was tired of writing and just decided to end it. I mean the last chapter was so abrupt LOL I was like what the actual f??? But it's fine, because the smutty journey along the way was still quite enjoyable.

This story had a ton of smut and it sometimes does last a few chapters due to the short chapter length.

The translation for the story is quite good, as expected from the translator, who always amazes me with how fast they release chapters haha.

Ultimately I gave the story 4 stars. 3 stars for story, 1 star for translation. I only gave the story 3 stars because despite the very good smut, I was kind of annoyed with how rude and mean the four MLs were to the FL. The FL excuses it as them being like proud people, as if that makes their brutish behavior acceptable.


I think Jun Sihai is the only one who I really liked from beginning to end.


I also personally found the heroine to be kind of annoyingly wishy-washy at times but I did appreciate the overarching plot and found it rather interesting.

I admittedly had some conflicting feelings. Part of me was like "dang this smut is hot" but the other part of me was like, also infuriated because of how mean the ML was to the FL LMAO so I definitely had a few moments of "idk how I should feel here" because of it hahaha.

Once again, this is probably why I liked the second half a bit more compared to the first half lol.

Anyways it wasn't a bad read. I'll admit I excuse quite a lot for R18 stories like I do with QT stories because ultimately, I'm mostly just reading for the smut LOL. And the smut was pretty good in this novel. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <<less
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Fiorentina rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: --
I love your translation. It is really easy to understand and the story seems entertaining and fun. Please keep update this story I really love it. Thank you so much for picked up this novel. Can't wait for more (≧∀≦) ゞ
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December 28, 2019
Status: c86
Well in this novel there are nothing beside sex, s*x and sex... but I like smut so it 3.5 star.. 0.5 for translator, well I will give more if it not some part got jumble and some part missing. But seriously to my surprise everyone in this novel so violence even tho I search (doting love interest) lol. Well after all everyone are so in this current last updated.
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October 27, 2019
Status: c9
It's ridiculous erotica basically. The chapters are really short. Good translation though.

Here's a few examples from the most recent bunch of chapters.

... more>>

The soaked pinkish petals were shut closely together, and the lingering dew-like droplets gleamed silver as the lighting pearl shone upon them brightly.


Almost dying from the extreme frustration, Dong JingMo groped her dangling bosoms roughly as he kissed her deeply, he felt as if he was going to explode as he could not enter her, Shit! Why is it so tiny?! Does she want me to die?!


“QianQian, please spread open your legs, be a good girl and let me in~” He cooed hoarsely after sucking in a breath.

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onlyY rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: c86
I pray for reading a chapter in which she is on vacation so her flower can repair itself.

Seriously, give her a break!

This is pure r*pe smut. There are just a few sentence between the smut scenes. No romance so far. The men are beasts and if you think it cant get any more worst for her, you are clearly wrong as I expereinced in the latest chapters.
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