Seducing You


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The female lead is a beautiful woman with a special identity. In order to complete missions, she takes up various roles and seduces all kinds of handsome men, including an upright police officer, a domineering president, a genius college student, an abstinent doctor…

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Date Group Release
07/08/20 Sultric Translations c8
07/06/20 Sultric Translations c7
07/04/20 Sultric Translations c6
07/03/20 Sultric Translations c5
07/02/20 Sultric Translations c4
07/01/20 Sultric Translations c3
06/30/20 Sultric Translations c2
06/29/20 Sultric Translations c1
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New Serione rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c3
Alright, this one look promising if you look for something for pure snu2 scene. Kinda similar with 'kinky perfume system' but more detailed and straight to the 'action'. I dunno if there would be a plot or na since it just starting. Each chapter was fairly short but considering that the translator released it daily, it was worth it. Gotta piled up the chapters a little bit before started reading it again since the scene was good and I don't want to be left hanging on the good part. (●&Gt;v<●)... more>> <<less
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