Quick Transmigration of a Rotten Meat


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R-18 love at first sight! She’s clearly only doing her tasks, but why do all the male leads love to pursue her? In fact, this novel could also be renamed ‘The Male Lead Loves Capturing Me’ or ‘Male Lead’s Love, Too Heavy!’ or ‘The Male Lead and My Predestined Love Is Too Wonderful~’ etc… What the hell!

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cookieconquerer rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: c318
Yo, this is quite nice for what it is. However, I should warn you that it seems to actually have been dropped by the author. I read to the end of the 318 chapters and the FL's situation hasn't been resolved, nor has the final arc really ended (imo considering how the others before it ended).

So, it you want to go through 318 steamy chapters and are OK with being left hanging go forth my smutty friends~

... more>>

(although I have to wonder if a man's idea of a perfect woman would actually be for her to lactate all the damn time. Most of the 'ideal' characteristics that were added, if seen irl, would be associated with hormone disorders. Talk about unrealistic expectation amiright? Science aside, go forth and have some mindless fun my friends lol)

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