Banished Villainess – Under Observation!


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Prince Leddorio had annulled his engagement with Chloe Sereknight, and had her banished for the harassment of the Saintess, Momo Palette. Not expecting her to just yield easily, he had sent a spy to observe her for any attempts to take revenge on his beloved Momo.

However, what awaited them was only bewilderment as the banished ‘Villainess’ shows her true colors.

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Tsuihou Akuyaku Reijou Tadaima Kanshi Chuu!
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RealityMaker rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: c33
Can we have a story where the "antagonists" aren't dumb as bricks? Can we also have an author who doesn't resort to... more>>


as a plot device?

A banished villainess premise isn't new, but it could be great if the reader learns more about the reasons that led to her banishment. Trying to find out whether or not she was a villain, or whether the "saintess" is actually good is the whole draw to this premise.

The author doesn't even manage to do that correctly.

First off, the whole "observation" premise is already pushing the borders of belief. The "antagonist" male leads give a magical camera lens to the butler of the exiled villainess, and they spend all their time watching from a peanut gallery while she does actual work during exile. Why would you spend all of your time observing someone you hate? Don't you have something more important to do?

And even we can move pass the whole observation part, why are all the male leads are idiots? Being infatuated with the "saintess" is one thing, but being dumb and incapable of critical thinking is another. All they do while observing is bash the female lead and praise the "saintess". If the female lead does something good, it's a clean sign that she's just faking it. If something bad happens, it's her fault. This type of black/white two dimensional characterization shows that the author cannot write any convincing characters at all -- because if they're so dumb in the first place, why would the female lead fall in love with them?

Then we move onto the part where I drop the story completely: the ex-fiance orders the butler to


Not only can the author write good antagonists, but they have to be the laziest and most stereotypical type. Why would the saintess even love such a bunch of pricks? <<less
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Crantz rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: c104
Translation: was good, I understood everything clearly, and I think it was done we'll. But, I did have a hard time guessing who was talking at times, especially since the perspective we are reading often changes. But I think that's a me problem.

Plus pls put some trigger warnings nxt time. I was put of becoz of the ... more>>

premise of r*pe. It didn't happen thank God, but it's still... Ugghh


The premise of the story: As you can already tell from the title and synopsis, it's ur run of the mill villainess story like any medival harem game. The thing that I liked about this is that I wasn't directly reading the villainesses point of view. Usually we would read it from her point of view, so it was refreshing and fun for me to find her a total mystery and slowly get to know her through another's perspective (though the "male leads" were effing idiots that were unpallatable. I just took snippets from their past arcs, but I did read their after condemnation arc to understand the story.) the male leads are sh*t so it made reading parts about the villainess more appealing.

The story: I say it was alright. It progressed very quickly, gave enough detail to let us know about their world (though it also relies on the reader's knowledge on otome games n novels). Many hints were given, but was too obvious for me to be surprised, but it was nice to have my guesses confirmed. Though there were also some surprises I didn't anticipate, but they were mostly good surprises.

As the end was nearing, God was the author dragging it out. Compared to the almost fast paced story at the beginning, more so at the middle, the end (though not yet finished) was super slow. So many info bombs that it felt like the characters were just chatting away in a park or whatevs, no tension whatsoever. They way the story was delivered was ok as long as you just ignore the morons. Btw :


The "male leads" aren't our villainess' male lead. She will meet someone waaaaaaayyyyy better, so don't be turned off bcoz of them. Just know ur time reading bout them will be rewarded with cute lovable moments with her true love interest


Over all, the story can be a fast good read. It's not the best, but it's not he worst either. I've just binged all this in a day, but it was mindless fun!

Characters: I'm not giving much detail cuz I might spoil a lot, so I'll just go over how I felt

Chloe (villainess) - very lovable, no qualms about her

The 1st prince L-something (ddnt bother remembering his name) - piece of sh*t male lead. I know even he would get a redemption arc, but I am not looking forward to it.

Shin (the butler) - Yeah, better than the 1st prince I guess... But still

he was about to r*pe her, I'm glad he didn't. Thank God for chloe's words


Her brother D-something (couldnt be bothered as well) - yea, a piece of sh*t as well....

it's effing annoying that he would get a super hot babe even with all of his infidelity. His fiance is alright with it, honestly I can't see why other than the reason "he changed now, it's alright for him to love". Like, give me more time to see them actually change, ik their fiance's loved them but still!!! Their engagement was almost called off and that was just nothing?? Just immediate " yeah he's my man now, no more momo b*tches


Sei (the smart one??) - a forget able sh*t. Had him, dai, and the brother confused from time to time:


same as the brother and fiance thing. Buuutt, I found this worse bcoz of drunken smex that now leads to marraige! Like after that we see nothing more, we don't get to hear them actually make up or something... So I think it just bothers me how they're now "couple<3"


Dai (the s*upid warrior one) - yeaahhh... Didn't like him either.

Momo (the " heroine") -utterly s*upid. I hate her being a villainess. There's no schemes, there's no plans. Just purely instinct. Like "haha I'm heroine so everybody loves me" type that we all know and now came to hate... This trope was surprising at first, but now it's just sad and disappointing.

Yellow/keith (the 2nd prince) - he is fine. Leagues better than these bozos


Chloe's love interest- just as lovable as Chloe. If not for him and Chloe, I would have probably dropped this. Having the idea that Chloe won't end up with any of the male leads was a very comforting thought. And the interactions with Chloe and this guy was super cute^^

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HelloHound rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: c5
So far the characters, interactions and translations have been exemplary in quality with the mystery of what exactly is going on with the villainess herself drawing me in. I'm not certain why there are two less than great reviews of what's shaping up to be a good story.

Personally I think that the villainess has just been switched out and that's why she's acting so bizarrely but this could've been her plan from the beginning.

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TyShaye rated it
January 9, 2022
Status: c60
Okay, so I did something very s*upid and that thing was reading this garbage all the way to chapter 60. Reincarnated villainess plots are fun and I'm always here for some wish fulfillment, but the "villains" were actually villainous in ways possibly unintended. I should've stopped at c6. My instincts and good sense told me to abort, but I stayed hoping that things would get better and the antagonists would get what they deserve from c6 alone.

I'm fine with taboo topics if they're done well, but the novel feels like... more>> it was aimed towards middle grade and young teens so the handling of this subject so flippantly disgusts me. Here's a little spoiler in case it's something you don't want to waste your time with.


SO! Chloe, our reincarnated villainess, wakes up during her condemnation for terrorizing the heroine, Momo. The simp party that consists of the crown prince (her past fiance), her brother, the jock, and some prime minister's kid (I think there may be two of them?) aren't satisfied with just banishing Chloe to a convent and they feel they need to keep their precious Momo safe from Chloe's nefarious schemes.

So, they bribe Chloe's personal butler, Shin, (who also loves Momo) into wearing a wire (broach) and monitoring Chloe for villainy so they can have her executed on the spot.

That's over let's get to the next part where Chloe is traveling to the convent with Shin when the party is attacked by bandits. The simp party can see and hear everything from the safety of the prince's lounge, and they hear that the bandits want to have "fun" with Chloe.

They don't care.

The bandits who raided their carriage had surrounded them with vulgar expressions plastered across their faces.

“You lot, don’t kill the woman. There’s so much fun waiting for her.”

“Of course, boss. We rarely find such a fine piece in this place.”

Bandits’ behavior are all the same wherever they come from. Although Dy had clearly shown his displeasure, the two other sons of minister are just watching expressionlessly.

“Darck, are you not even worried about your younger sister?”

“Maybe if she had been a little more cuter, I would’ve spared her a worry.”

“If the same kind of situation were to happen to Momo, I would kill all of them immediately, or even make them regret ever being born. But as for Chloe..., frankly speaking, I think she deserves it.”

(Can you hear this Chloe? You have made so many loath you so much, you wench. You must’ve been out of your mind to think that I had feelings for someone like you.)

“What about your highness? She may be no longer be, but she had been your fiancée at some point.”

“I’m in the same thought as you two... , but Momo would be terribly sad if Shin were to die with her too.”


I hate it here. <<less
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Vouivre rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c86
I honestly like the premise. The relationships seems complex enough which is pretty much what I really read Villainess novels for.

Not much far enough to give an accurate rating but what can I say so far is that it's not your typical villainess otome game "modded" story in which they literally just replace the heroine with villainess and it's still the same reverse harem bs

... more>>

By the looks of it, the setting seems to be that a person transmigrated to the villainess Chloe, or something along the lines of that, and the story is being told from another character's perspective, specifically that of the crown prince.

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Ya Think
Ya Think rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: c65
I truly enjoyed this story. Unlike other villainess story, where it either travel back in time or reincarnated at younger ages before OG story start, this story basically shows the post-villainess story after banishment (as what stated in summary), and is told from capture target pov.

The pace of the story isn't draggy and doesn't bored me, and I keep wanting to know "what's next" (I actually binge read everything in one day). Sure... If you want intelligent, mature and rational characters, then, maybe this is not for you; because all... more>> the capture target is basically s*upid, double-standard and narrow-minded af, AND this story is narrated from THEIR point of view, so you just can't help but sigh at their shallow thought.

My hooked for this story would be to see all the capture target get burn by their own s*upid judgment and shallowness. And Yes... You will not be able to ship FL with anyone because nobody among the target is likeable and the only likeable Male character (because he was having fun dissing capture target during the whole observation process)

is engaged with a cool neighbouring country princess and he was pretty devoted to his fiancée. I think he is the only smart character, other than FL and mob characters who support her after banishment.


So, overall.... I always eagerly wait for the updates cuz I want to see them (and the "heroine") fail. <<less
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Lois. rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c44
I honestly think this is not particularly good but not bad either, it catches my attention sufficiently and doesn't have an overly annoying MC who only has flowers for brains. The premise was interesting enough and while there are plot holes and stuff it didn't seem overly forced. I like the MC and how the story doesn't seem to have the MC ending up with her previous engaged partner.
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Thecomicgeek rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c99
Chapters are very short and always a kind of cliffhanger, but its a good read. Its certainly a gem, but an unrefined unprocessed one. Raw if you will.

The story is mostly told via the viewpoint of the protagonists enemies who are spying on her for the sake of their literal "female lead" as in leading them by their short middle legs. So far I like it if it turns out that they all get their comeuppance and die miserable bloody painful prolonged deaths I would LOVE it but nah it... more>> feels like it will lead to redemption for them for the most part. I suggest you read this with low expectations and with little critical analysis.

Conclusion; Good for a light read while waiting for your fave novels, not something you'll cherish and remember long term. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: epilogue
TLDR: Just really didn't pull me 2 stars. (Note that's the epilogue 150? Chapters in the rest is her pov which I am not going to read)

Non Spoilers:

The opening tries to throw everything it van at the reader, exile, disownment, sentenced to a convent (these are gender specific Japan), and having her father adopt the "heroine" as his daughter. Problem is none of it actually connects everything is a swing and a miss. She didn't seem to care and I didn't care at all.

... more>> After that it's a tensionless grind.

The MTL is mostly readable. So if you have nothing enjoyable to read this is better than a cereal box <<less
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nikhitareji rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c100
Let's just say... I read until now because of my stubbornness. I wanted to read a completed novel to feel that satisfying feeling if you get what I mean. Even then I couldn't bring myself to complete this one.

How to say this... it was translated pretty well, hence the 2 stars but that's the only thing I can say good about it.
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hothotpot rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: c1
The supposed capture targets of the otome game are people who usually have important roles in the government, politics, and society

what are they doing spending over 12 hours every week sitting and watching a girl waking up, eating, talking, playing, working, breathing, and sleeping like some anti-fans trying to capture a celebrity's weakness by binging on her live broadcast or maybe use spycam to terrorize her life just because they don't like her since she might terrorize the "heroine"

they're not male leads of otome game,

they are just perverts with... more>> lots of money. <<less
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Smarty rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: c104
Story is quite eye catching and actually lives up to it's name 'Observation'. Well written I would say, not a masterpiece but a good read. Story doesn't feel stagnant and the author actually makes the cliche part small. I felt there was always a sense of intrigue of what will happen and how the story will turn out. Afterall there are some stories with some similar parts. This novel/author managed to keep my interest going.

Lastly, MTL version is not recommended for those who are not good with it. Translator is... more>> doing a good job translating. Keep up the hard work. <<less
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Michellen324 rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c71
I like this story very much. I find it quick to the point so I don't get bored. The chapters are short with interactions that get the point across. The story follows Chloe after her banishment where she starts acting (assumingely) different from the other's expectations. The reason for this is not explained, but personally I think she was just faking her villainess act.

... more>>

The love interests and the ones who opposed Chloe are annoying though. They have seen Chloe's new personality but still think she's a pompous brat who mistreats everyone. They're automatic things to do is to is insult her whenever she does anything and compare her to the Saintess, Momo. Despite this, the crown prince and brother still have the audacity to feel possessive of her because they slightly showed their displeasure and discomfort learning that Chloe will call someone else brother/Chloe getting romantically interested in someone else. I honestly hope they stop being so stubborn, because the only one not roasting her alive is the crown prince's little brother who seems to harbour some sibling love to her, strengthening my theory of Chloe just acting like a villainess or that Momo framed her as a villainess. (Edit) The love interest boys in love with Momo get more annoying each chapter. They keep smothering Momo and spoiling her, excusing her duties and babying her in hopes of winning her over. They smother her when she's having an emotional time just because their worried her childhood friend would be a rival. On top of that, they (the brother, CP and servant) still feel the need to possess or own Chloe in some sort of twisted way to make her suffer as revenge. It's to the point where they would do anything to prevent Locke and Chloe's development together.



So far, Momo, the "heroine" seems fake. A few chapters trace back to her origins as a commoner, first starting when she first got to the academy. Chloe uses the fake name "Chaco Brown" which seems familiar. They trace it back to an old classmate of Chaco who was too a commoner and warns her that "such a evil lady dare use your name for personal benefit" though Chaco was honoured. It turns out they were in fact friends but had a huge falling out. Judging by Chaco's words, Momo only used her as intel and a cover before she got close to the love interests. The same is said for her childhood friend, Locke. She had made no notice nor indication of Locke's existence, and in fact seemed to abandon him as Locke practically begged Chloe for if she knew about Momo. On top of that, it seems that Momo may be selfish and want her own reverse harem as it is said that during the adoption process, Momo will have to say who she will marry which will be the outcome of her adoption, but surely she would have already chose by now. Momo seems extremely suspicious and my theory lands on Momo painting Chloe out to be the villainess. (Edit) Okay, so now reading some new chapters, I don't think Momo's necessarily evil, but rather dumb and docile. I think she seems more self righteous and thinks that she's doing the good thing and I guess doing what she thinks is best for Chloe even after her exile to make sure the kingdom's safe?? She's annoying like the male leads, but softer and only subtly insulting Chloe or whatever.


Overall, it intrigues me and I hope to see more! <<less
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Dcrangerange rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c25
This is a good story but what makes it great is how it's told. Rather than being like all of the other regressed villain stories, it tells the story from the perspective of someone watching what the villain is doing on a screen. This gives it a more unique viewpoint that seems to draw people in. This does make the chapters short but that seems to be an alright compromise.

Also the translations are good and well done too. Thanks for them.
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ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt rated it
November 29, 2021
Status: c82
Brain numbing novel, the sort of novel one would read when they're brain dead but, it's not tooooo bad a read if you've run out of novels. It's also interesting.... the fact that u don't need to rack your brains to understand the ploys of the 'villains', that is if you're used to historical novels with all THOSE dramas so..... ya..
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