The Plain and Unnoticeable Me is No More


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Elaine Lana Norris is the daughter of the Duke who is the Defense Minister of the Kingdom of Wylingham, and her mother is a princess from the neighboring Kingdom of Alford; thus placing her at the top of the aristocracy. But despite being born to these parents, during a ball at her school, she is suddenly thrown to the ground by her childhood friend and her fiancé declares the end of their engagement.

Suddenly abandoned by her fiancé for another, her engagement broken, made out to be a villainess by her ex-fiancé’s lover… and then driven out of her home by the strict grandfather who raised her. However, with this exiled life, Lana’s true skills and desires can finally bloom as the owner of an inn!

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I Am Plain And Inconspicuous, And I’m Done For The Day
Jimi de Medatanai Watashi wa, Kyou de Owari ni Shimasu!!
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: c30
It's another painful villainess story trying to be different but tr*shing itself.

This is one of the GLORIOUS LIFE OF A COMMONER fad novels that popped out of Japan. They really shouldn't be considered villainess novels so much as masochism novels. The common theme is the MC grinds themselves down as far as they can go and lets their former "friends" abuse them. This one isn't as bad as "Lady Rose" or "The lady wants to rest*" but it's bad. There's a a scene in the middle where a knight she... more>> knows manhandles her and messes up her place of business. Hey she wanted to have no legal rights, she got her wish.

On the plus side, if you're a fan of the "Lets Make My Life Difficult" genre, the writing is tolerable and the translation is good.

*I can never remember the Japanese name but it's not to be confused with the Korean novel of the same name" <<less
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Smarty rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: c206
Hey! Since the overall rating was low I gave it a 5 star. Personally I'd say 4/5. Has a good story, progression and characters. Some people tarnishing review without having read much of the story. I'd say the story about the saint and her villainous actions was very well put out rather than most novels.

It is true that this is not actually a villainous novel rather a banishment kinda novel. Since only few people consider her villainous. Has more reasonable story rather than straightaway banish from her household. There is... more>> a reasonable point as to why their family allowed so. Maybe if people read ahead.

***Spoiler ahead***

She was earlier engaged to the 1st prince (childhood), who had less backing by his side and was poisoned during that time. Considered to blank the engagement. Story clearly says that he was asked just to keep it a secret and not to take drastic actions which he took (erase memory of him) but he was childish enough to understand others idea. Lana when got her memory sealed to be more specific, she soon undid it on her own since, it is told she had her powers even then and with her emotions it went haywire. In the process to calm her down her grandfather got injured his leg (had to use stick after than/cane). Seeing what happened because of her tantrum she used her own powers to seal her memory away. Her grandfather noticed and changed into the role of a strict grandfather a prevented her to do things where she may ise her powers so no one will know of it. This explains why his grandfather actually wanted her to stay away from royal family hence he adked her to leave the house.


Well overall a good thought out story to read. Currently I think it is on hiatus, maybe because of ln adaptation work.

I reduced the 1 star because the latest arc about their previous life and all just didn't ring with me much. I usually don't like so much backstory, so maybe that is the reason.

Thank you for reading my review and please ignore the grammer mistakes in my review.

I read only the raw novel so I don't know about the translation quality.

And yes raw version is readable enough. (Well if you don't mind grammer mistakes like me.. Feelings are more at play ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ) <<less
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moto rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c2
Good read, so far.

Translator is really good. Just need a bit of spell check. You can read it and understand it 100% just a letter missing here or there.

Story so far is pretty descriptive and vivid.

Lotta monologuing but each character has a distinct personality, so you can tell them apart pretty easily.

Standard fair of a villianess story and backstabbing heroine
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blueberrypie31 rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: c12
Decent. It's almost kind of slice of life once the villainess MC gets out and lives freely as an inn owner, with a small tinge of plot and mystery that keeps you hooked onto the story. It is a bit frustrating that the MC doesn't stand up for herself at times, but since the MC is those kind of sweet and gentle types I don't mind that as a character flaw. Hopefully this does get addressed at some point in the later chapters.

I do wish that the whole reincarnation thing... more>> was introduced properly. It just came in all of a sudden in the end of one of the early chapters as a way to justify how MC managed to keep up a popular inn and live there despite her so-called lack of commoner experience. :/ If you can just ignore that the story itself is not too bad. <<less
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