Akuyaku Reijo No Tsuiho Go! Kyokai Kaikaku Gohan De Yuyu Sister Kurashi


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Event planner Yuka Sawatani‘s life ended as the result of overwork. Reborn into an Otome game with her memory intact, she becomes the villainess Elizabeth. She tries to resist her fate, but at the ending of the game, she is promptly banished.

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The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food
悪役令嬢の追放後! 教会改革ごはんで悠々シスター暮らし
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03/14/19 Empress prologue
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New nikkib461 rated it
October 15, 2019
Status: --
So I read the manga which is has more translated out and it is a fun read so far. We have the typical reincarnation into a villainess character, but instead of avoiding her bad route she accepts it to escape and become free in another country until another "NPC" knight shows up following her. This leads to some fun misunderstandings as we can see from both perspectives. It seems light-hearted fluff between a business oriented office lady/villianess noble and a taciturn Knight.
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