Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better?


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She possessed a villainess who is known and hated for her evil acts in an unpopular novel. But because of her personality, it was extremely difficult for her to play the villainess role. But not for long…

“I’ll fix your dress according to your taste this instant!”

“My request.”

“O-Of course! As per your request, there’s only one piece available in the whole Empire.”

People around me listen to me well even if I just frown and sit still. Since I don’t have to live in difficulty, I decided to just comfortably live on as a villainess.

“Father. Is it necessary for you to solve formulas in this slow and inefficient way?”

I thought it would be good to be a rich villainess, so I used all my knowledge.

“Why don’t you give me the honor of escorting the Princess?”

I have had enough of dealing with my father, so why did an unexpected character suddenly appear? What if this person disrupts my plan?

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악녀라서 편하고 좋은데요?
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34 Reviews

New SunriseOverT
Sep 21, 2022
Status: c96
I love the main character and her worldview. Having learned the hard way that caring too much about other people and what they think she goes on to be... just as good a person, just a little stronger. Maybe I take this novel a little too personally (my mom’s too nice for her own good and grew up as her family scapegoat. They think I’m evil because I told my aunt she’s not as nice as she thinks she is and I don’t trust her) but I love the way... more>> she uses everyone’s negative view of her to her own advantage.

I like the ML. He’s smart and capable but is so used to girls throwing themselves at him that it takes him a while to figure out how to flirt effectively.

I also really appreciate how, rather than having some crazy gold finger that cheats the world, FL uses her skills in architecture, basic modern marketing, and algebra. I also think the FL and ML work really well together with her providing revolutionary ideas and him providing resources and know-how. Their romance is slow, but in a way that gives it a sense of realism. <<less
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Feb 10, 2021
Status: c14
Rather than a review I write this bcs I want to defend the FL.. Unlike @Sololvl0 who thinks the FL is dumb and doesn't change her mindset, I think she is smart and did try to change.. Being a little bit of a pushover myself I can understand her..

1. Do you know how hard it is for a pushover to stay quite and not respond? I do.. And it is extremely hard bcs you will feel uncomfortable if you don't respond, but she did it.. SHE DID IT.. That in... more>> itself is prove that she's trying to change.. It is not easy to change, bcs she lived all her live for 24 years being a pushover.. Knowing this I think her effort to change is quite amazing..

2. It's not like she's scared of her brothers, she's scared of their authority and power as the heir! She's a princess without power or people to back her up! She can't even ask for help! Staying quite and not cause troubles is the best course of action to take.. If she fight back those brothers of hers would find excuse to make her suffer even more, if she make troubles the news would get to her father and ruin all of her efforts!

3. She is not as s*upid as you think, if you dropped this then try reading up to ch14.. You will see her intelligence <<less
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Dr. Baggels
Dr. Baggels
Feb 08, 2021
Status: c100
I like that after she realised there's nothing good in staying as a pushover, she decided to become a villainess. Well she isn't really that much of a villain, she doesn't act out in anger, just didn't bother correcting other people's perception of her. I like the ML too since he's not really a righteous person. Their pairings are just Villain x Villainess trying to get away with tax evasion lolololol

... more>>

I kinda find it funny when Deborah asked Mr. Cat (the informant) the information about Isidor and he twisted his infos saying how nice is Isidor to the point that Deborah thought he was a fanboy lmaoo I read the spoiler in NU forum btw

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Apr 08, 2021
Status: c61
TL;DR: It's good, would recommend it if you're into other novels with a similar shoujo villainess setting.

First off, not sure why some people are saying our protagonist is acting like a pushover. It's making me double guess if we read the same novel. Won't say much about the topic since a lot of other people already have, but the female lead has BDE, she's a certified hot girl.

Anyways, to begin with, the story isn't super plot-oriented. I struggled to recount any major plot beats throughout the chapters I just finished... more>> reading. All goals are long-term; and based on what I've read from spoilers, the overarching story isn't anything particularly special.

Or perhaps I was just so enamored with the story's resident hot girl that I was just too distracted to notice anything of note.

Have I mentioned that I enjoy reading about the female lead? Whether or not you buy into her and the male lead will most likely make or break the story for you. I was on board with the romance aspect of the novel the moment our protagonist realized the male lead doesn't pay his taxes. However, if you're not a fan within the first thirty chapters, I doubt the rest of the story will do much to change your mind. Take note of the "god protagonist" tag, if you don't consider the protagonist to be a queenie then this story may not be for you.

Also, female lead is hot.

I'm enjoying myself so much that I can't really tell if the novel is objectively of high quality or not, so I'm giving it 5 stars based on pure emotion. Worldbuilding elicits more "... really?" reactions from me rather than "oh, cool" ones, but still, 5 stars.

I'll come back and edit this if my thoughts change. <<less
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Jun 01, 2021
Status: c93
I like this story very much... such a refreshing approach. It's not all about the romantic relationship of the main characters which develops at lightning speed but rather slow romance emphasizing slowly getting to know each other. At the same time, it's laced with funny moments and positive character development. I especially love that way the FL adapted to her status of a villainess.

Btw, I think the author might study/work in marketing as there are quite a lot of interesting information contained. This is definitely something very interesting to... more>> read about. <<less
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Jan 24, 2021
Status: c47
4-star: I don't know about other things but the FL is dumb.

She's always been a pushover in her previous life so she decided by not being one in this life, but does nothing to change her mindset and just stops talking a lot so people won't think she's a pushover. She literally makes zero effort at anything.


3-star: Ok she is still a pushover, her brothers in this life demean her and treat her like tr*sh. She is scared of them without fighting back.

I read until C30 and currently still reading it not for the FL though, the story gets interesting

It's way later in the story when it gets revealed that the actual saint is the FL, not Mia and Mia is a b*tch. She is being used by the Dogwar or someone in a high standing position. Only Isidor and her father know that FL is the saint.

I like Isidor. The FL is starting to use her knowledge a little bit in 20s. She senses that something is wrong with the way FL (Mia) is.

5-star: At Chapter 83, the story gets better as it goes on, some of the chapters focus on the business run by the FL, still it's fun. The interactions between FL and Ishidor ; FL and her family get so better.
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Dec 12, 2020
Status: c5
Really nice so far. The plot is not too out there, but it's enjoyable because the transmigrated heroine was not an assertive character to begin with. So the readers see her struggling to act the part to survive. Looking forward to more chapters!
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Jul 09, 2021
Status: c33
As all readers know, the MC makes or breaks the entire novel. In the villainess isekai genre, I personally like a MC who is quick on her feet and proves condescending bastards wrong on a daily basis. Here's that MC.

MC does not thoughtlessly throw herself into situations and is instead rather calculating of her moves. Because of the terrible reputation that the owner of the body she's possessed left behind, MC constantly suffers from constant slander and misunderstandings.

Even so, MC plays the villainess role very well, without acting heartless and... more>> actively hurting others. It's more like she chooses to unleash her witty side and be a villainess to protect herself. I like that matter-of-fact side to her character. However, it still doesn't sit well with me how she never corrects others' negative speculations of her, but I think this will only make it even more satisfying later on when she proves everyone wrong.

The first person who notices and embraces her change is her father, and their relationship blossoms. It's refreshing to see how much effort MC has to put into appealing to her father and how quickly he warms up to her, rightfully so. The fluffy moments MC spends with him in the beginning make him seem like more than just a wallet, so I look forward to more father-daughter bonding scenes to come.

Although the author writes the original novel's FL and the "fish of her reverse harem" pretty stereotypically as annoying bastards, I like how the MC focuses more on exploiting the knowledge of the original story to her own advantage than on obsessively helping or avoiding all the original story's characters. Even when she does inevitably encounter some unfavorable situations involving them, she doesn't back down and handles them elegantly and indifferently like an absolute queen. MC's level of independence is incredibly attractive, so much so that the ML and I have fallen for her for that very trait.

The romance aspect is not as developed as the MC's character in my opinion, but it's a work in progress. The ML is overpowered and like MC's knight in shining armor. Yet, with the way the author has written their relationship, the pair stand on the same level as partners, and I appreciate the mutual respect they have for each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every chapter of this novel so far, and I'm excited to find out how her relationship with her family and the ML progress in future chapters. <<less
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Aug 25, 2022
Status: c92
what? What boring? You just don't like reading about formulas, business, strategy, marketing, etc. This is very enjoyable and entertaining for me. But I can't blame you. I've read until c92 and the story still focuses on fl's business, no progress on the og story (the fishes of the fake pink haired bish). It's really slow, less drama and less action. It's a really light novel. A stress free story.

but I still love the story. FL is smart business minded, a real s*ave of money born from capitalism. Hahaha. I... more>> love how she adopt the things from modern world to her current world and I love how she chooses to maintain the villainess image even if she's trembling inside. ML is the same a smart cinnamon that's also a monster born from capitalism. As for romance, it's slow burn but I love the fluff moments. <<less
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Jul 25, 2022
Status: c87
Its a really fun and interesting novel to read. Definitely my type of rom-com story. Cute and funny. It's well written and well translated. Exciting and fun, actually I realized I smiled a lot while reading this.. Its a bit of a slow romance story, but even without the romance, its a good read. Feels refreshing and creative, I love it!

Have lots of cute characters. I love them! Especially the FL who is a bit of a nerdy-clever side but is adorable and is trying to learn to be a... more>> badass. Love the characters development. I think she's gonna be one of my most fav FL from the novels I read :) <<less
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Jul 27, 2021
Status: c36
reading this kind of stories really makes up my day. The plot might be quite simple, and not extravagant but that's what I like about it. I don't care if it's a genre that is cliche, and overrated. I am not a fan of overly dramatic, and complicated plots (well, depending on my mood, lol) because I read not to split my head open deciphering the plot (altho I enjoyed it quite a bit sometimes lol). Also, I love the narration. It's relatively simple, and easy to understand. And our... more>> scammer of a princess is now one of my favourite characters hoho. Well, there's a lot of FL with similar traits as her but she gives off a different vibe for me. My deborah really is a cute, lil viper & I love her sm. Her emotions, and internal monologues are really relatable, and hilarious sometimes but her, implementing the claws she's polished as a monster bornt in the capitalist world is amazing. She also appears to be a person not easily swayed by emotions but rather act results wise. Her realization of herself being a pushover might have dawned on her rather late in her past life, but as a second chance has been given to her, it's worth to read where her viciousness, and cowardly (?) tactics lead her. I also like the Seymour household quite a bit especially the duke, and enrique (my qt cinnamon roll). I first don't like Isidor because he's a scammer but turns out they flock pretty perfectly so it's a green light for me. Kudos! <<less
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Nov 29, 2021
Status: c136
The first sixty chapters were interesting in how she's trying to survive that world without raising the death flag. I was thinking of five stars. I agreed with other reviewers up to that point bc the novel excited me very much too!

However, after around chapter 60 and onwards, for about fifteen to twenty chapters, it mainly focused on her masquerading others' marketing tactics in the previous world as her own. It WAS VERY BORING reading about how she camouflaged marketing techniques for her cafe using herself and the ML as... more>> models and how much success it will be

Example: drinks to go. She attributed her exam success due to her cafe coffee to go cups


The pace picked up on the romance between her and the ML along with interactions of her and her family. It is very cute. Hopefully it will remain like this.
Translated chapters are up to about ch 141. I will edit again if the story is better. <<less
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Oct 06, 2021
Status: c126
I really liked it st the beginning, but than it gradually became kind of boring to read. They focused too much on the formula, and business aspect (which is Great but it gets boring very fast). I reallyy liked the characters. I love how her relationship with her family (her father, younger brother & older brother) changed thoughout the series. I am indifferent to the ML, hes a little boring tbh. Bur I really like his interactions with Deborah!
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Jun 17, 2022
Status: c72
MC is a Mary Sue, and it gets old, annoying, and boring after a bit.

She is rich, has a high status, has powerful backings (not just family but also whats his face), and can do whatever she wants. Everything works however she wants. If someone offends her, it's like "wow how great that works out for me in ___ way".

She is good at drawing, architecture design, logo design, math, making smoothies (+ sports drinks and coffee), food, running businesses, and everything in general it seems. Coupled with how she keeps... more>> piquing the interest of important people and how she stutters when thinking (not even talking, just thinking), it's frustrating to read after a while (case in point: when trying to think about how she was previously thinking that someone likes her, she thinks "What I thought last time, that he l-l-lik..." After all that effort to get to the "i" after "l", she couldn't even finish her thought.

Regardless, a good read if you are able to shut off your brain (like all the way shut; not one brain cell active). It's generally entertaining, and the MC isn't the worst as a person. <<less
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Apr 24, 2022
Status: c74
Great story. Good characters, nice world, smart use of both. Only real issue is it feels slow, without action or a lot of drama the smart business stuff and we'll written character development can feel a bit plodding.
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sove
Dec 17, 2021
Status: c56
This is one of the best KR webnovel I've read in a while. Usually, to me, KR novels focuses on mundane thing and failed to make it interesting, it made me yawn and get sleepy a lot which ruins my reading mood. It's usually hard to get into the first person pov too, since it feels confining, but this one did it nicely.

The progress is impeccable, I think. Although it didn't progress as quickly as average CN novels, this author managed to keep my interest and attention. The characters' relationship... more>> development is also sensible and is not too sudden. I love that the MC tries hard to be in character, I'm tired of MC changing the original's character and complimented for it, or the classic "I think a lot when you punish me" or " I almost died and I lost my memory a little" bs. It's tiring. It's bland. It stops being special after the first five same plotline and explanation.

  1. The MC tries hard to maintain her body's personality. Maybe not to the extreme, but she didn't randomly became nice and warm to other people too, since her aim is to live as elegant, non-pushover, villainess. It's more entertaining to see Protags getting in the character rather than tossing away the setting and insert themselves completely in it. I really love it. I wish the author could keep this up until the end so I don't have to change my rating.
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May 03, 2021
Status: c25

I love the character of our MC. Can’t wait for people who realize she’s not a dumb rich arrogant villainess soon. I also look more forward to interaction with her brothers and the progress of their relationship.

first meeting with ML is dope hehehehe. Can’t stop laughing how cookie is hooked with the catnip lols. The ML is rich and smart and I just love him. Can’t deny he’s already attracted to our FL hihi.

Another plus point is how the FL is tryna venture the business... more>> world. I love tropes like that :) <<less
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Nov 21, 2021
Status: c53
The father/daughter interactions in the beginning for a little too much too soon imo, but other than that it's a pretty entertaining read. The MC is smart but not some overexaggerated genius, her attitude towards the ML is a bit much for my tastes but not enough where I'd say it's a major detriment to the story.
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Oct 24, 2021
Status: c48
I love it so much!! The story is paced perfectly for me. Unlike other stories where the villainess tries to turn over a new leaf and change her attitude completely to avoid red flags, the FML here acts like the villainess she possessed and wins their heart like the way she is. It's quite fun read and the romance is slow but meh, it's fun! Definitely a good read, can't wait for more developments between her family and the ML <3
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Oct 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of my fav, I'm truly glad that I found this one. The character development of everyone, the family interactions especially Deborah and Enrique, the romance (tho I doubted at first because the chemistry between the leads weren't really it, maybe it's because of Deborah's character anyway it gradually developed into a good relationship)

All in all this story was definitely worth reading. I love Deborah sm, she's so cool. Honestly, the chapters weren't enough for me. I'm really hoping that there will be 50+ side story chapters.
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Sep 03, 2021
Status: --
This is an amazing novel and the FL is interesting. Yes, her drastic development from a pushover to a villainess is sudden, but the character development of FL is still good. The melding of Deoborah and her original personality is fun to see and experience. I think to a certain extent, she gained courage by saying that she is a vilpainess and that she needs to maintain her character.
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