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A skilled but unfortunate modern-day assassin was killed in an accident. However, he soon found himself summoned to another world by an evil wizard, who had him possess the body of a boy as an experiment. After successfully planning the evil wizard´s downfall, he used the wizard´s body as a springboard to gain influence and power in his new world.

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ninthlite rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c90
The MC is a reincarnated assassin from earth who died then went to hell then was summoned by an archmage. Not only is that premise a little long, the hell bit also does not come in play, nor does it seem like the main character carried anything away from his experience in hell so theres that.

So far the novel has been the MC mostly lying to people trying to convince them he is a harmless, and honest person. Except he reveals to one of the people that he is deceiving... more>> that he is actually a master martial artist relatively quickly. Overall the whole novel reeks of the author making everyone have infantile levels of intelligence to just make the not very bright main character seem like a genius. I believe this mostly to the convenient plot made against him which was laughable at best, and the fact the lies he makes would not fool a child, so how does it fool a incredibly powerful archmage? The answer is that everyone in this novel is ret*rded execpt the MC.

Edit: Although I have to admit the one combat scene we have seen was written pretty well, so I still have some hope for this novel, and will check up in a hundred chapters or so.

Edit 2: Ok I read farther and its still a disappointing story. <<less
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drollawake rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c128
A bait-and-switch novel.

After chapter 35, MC becomes a babysitter trying to manage kids. Chapter 72 introduces a contrived plot device that forcibly changes the MC's personality so that romance is actually possible. He literally ingests something that makes him no longer cold and unfeeling, worries about it for a short while, then never thinks back to it over the next 50 chapters. Through the course of those 50 chapters, this supposedly super-observant assassin never notices how new or out-of-place some of these feelings are. It's like the author realised that... more>> his novel wasn't doing well, wrote himself into a corner with regards to how to introduce a romance that would attract more readers, then was forced to change the MC's personality. That, or the bait-and-switch was planned from the start to get readers hooked on a false premise.

There's also really nothing particularly interesting once the premise is gone. Since the MC is already too OP and most fights focus on his assassin skills rather than his magic, there isn't the satisfaction of seeing the MC get stronger like in other xianxia/xuanhuan novels.

Plot-wise, after a quarter of novel has past, there are no still big compelling mysteries driving the novel, or any big overarching ambitions of the MC. For all the scheming in the background, the biggest thing we know is that the kingdom the MC was brought to is determined to wipe out some legion thing. That, and apparently there are death mages secretly involved. We have absolutely no idea why any of these things matter, what they are fighting for, or how it may be related to the mythology of the world. Having everyone be interested in getting MC on their side due to his OP skills is not a gripping plot point. The first arc of the MC and friends being on the run was interesting enough because it revealed how MC was caught up in some big smokescreen by the kingdom. Once the danger passed, MC was basically going with the flow and not much new or interesting was revealed. Oh, and he's still babysitting.

The pacing is decent but weighed down by the nature of what they're doing. You can only stay on the run, get into fights, and teach kids the hardships of life for so long. There isn't much of a payoff to overcoming enemies because the spoils are boring, the most significant one of them being whatever changed MC's personality. Of course, the author claims that the MC took it because it would make him stronger but that effect is never really shown in the writing. <<less
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dharmox rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c281
First of all there is a very genius person aho claimed to be the most genius critics in the history of novel updates. Bashing some decent novel to gain popularity is famous these days. This is a decent novel with good plot and good MC. Although sometime boring but when the MC scheming, talk about strategy also when he fights although not very often basicly is best point in this novel. Actually this novel not deserves 5 stars. 3-4 stars or 3.8 is deserves but when I saw some genius... more>> give this 2 stars and he like the fight scene too thats kinda cute you know. 2 stars is something you probably wont read again. Btw just try this novel.. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: --
It's pretty good. It gives a different and better feeling compare to other transmigation CN.


Assassin MC has the habit of an assassin. Clever, scheming, natural actor.

Although MC was an assassin, he is not heartless.

Plot and pacing so far seems pretty decent.

MC is not OP in magic (so far).


A bit hypocrital. MC assassin who only killed those who deserve death cringes me.

I feel that some side characters are stupified.
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Mavsynchroid rated it
February 23, 2018
Status: c60
A very boring novel. The author uses the fact that the MC is an assassin to make his character very plain and dull. Actually if I'm being honest, I haven't discovered one interesting character in all these chapters. The magic and sword play in this novel is also very boring and not very well explained, at least not at this point. I'm actually incredibly shocked there are 5 star ratings for this novel. I don't know if it does a complete 180 later on and gets incredible or something, but... more>> even if that's the case, we shouldn't have slog through boring chapters just to get there.

The last and biggest reason why I dropped the novel at around chapter 60 is because around there, the translator gets rid of his editor and tries doing it himself. It's bad. Very bad. I checked ahead and he's "edited" all the chapters from the 60's up until the 300's. Not going to suffer through that for a boring story. s*upid mistakes like writing... "Joking fun at so-and-so's expense"... Joking fun?.. huh?.. "For them to bath".. You mean bathe?.. Writing "I" instead of "You".... How do you make this mistake!?!? Mistakes like these litter the chapters. <<less
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MondoX rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: c83
It started well enough to continue reading. It had its ups and downs, but slighly entertaining. However, the story started to become annoying. The MC and his companions had to go on the run (the reason is aslo s*upid, they defended themselves), and they had to cross a forest. I believed they might encounter some dangers while traversing the forest, and move to the next kingdom. Yet, the author decides to focus more on the forest than the actual plot. It seems like most of the story has taken place... more>> in the forest, this how long the current arc has been. Also, with the addition of some drama, it seems like the MC and his companions are playing house. Then, instead of trying to kill find ways to kill their enemies, they kill an innocent unicorn, instead. <<less
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rpvirtuoso rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: --
Assassin's chronicle is a very boring novel with the most hypocritical MC you have ever seen.

1. MC is apparently a "Good" Assassin. I don't understand if author is s*upid or what. It's said MC only kills people who had done bad deeds, and does not accept contracts of talents useful for country WTF?! How can you even be considered morally good or bad if one kills people for a living? If he is so good why is he assassin in the first place?What I'm trying to say is an assassin... more>> is an assassin. There can be a OP assassin, famous assassin, greedy assassin but not a good assassin. Its like.... okay he kills people for money but his character is good, know how it sounds?

Author tried to justify his character very poorly in order to explain his martial and assassin's skills

2. One instance he massacres the orcs (even old, women and children) for their greed and the next moment "Anfey was a person who liked to fight for justice" ???? WTH?? Is this a translation error or what?

3. The worldbuilding was interesting at first but got increasingly more confusing. sword and magic system is not explained, magic is quite understandable but sword ? something called combat power?MC uses different power called qi which nobody seemed to use.

Also different systems have different power systems. They are not explained clearly (ex: Orcs)

4, First arc itself got increasingly long, okay I get that they are trying to escape from some powerful guy, but for how long?? MC even had the intention to settle rest of his life in forest. Somehow it became a Post-apocalypse novel where people live purely for sake of surviving and MC teaching his dregs how to survive 101 tips. Thank god they moved from that forest at last.

5. The plot is maintained not driven, there is actually a good backstory of the world in its ancient times, author neither keeps us mysterious about it nor explain it, they kind of say it like a statement and then ignore the whole conversation. MC just has to get those students of saul (his teacher) to him out of moral obligation, but then he just goes along with the flow. MC is scheming, intelligent but he is never in control of situation like mainly they are forced upon him and he has to get through. There is no critical thinking and ambition. which gets you boring.

Overall this is a novel which make you lose interest easily even for binge reading. <<less
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Pythonspace rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: c15
So the 5 stars will be updated throughout reading whenever I remember to come back to it. So far naturally it's too early to say whether it's great. However, this novel so far is pleasantly one of the most surprising reads I have had in months now. All together I would say I have read over 80+ different chinese/korean novels. This one though at least as far as I can remember has been one of the best LOGICAL novels I have had the pleasure of reading. It was honestly surprising... more>> how logical the author made the MC actions to be. Which is laughable considering that's what good writing should be.

With that out the way and to not drag this out. The plot is still moving forwards. The character growth of the MC has been fantastic! His opinion on something changed. So for anyone who has ever read Otherworldly Monarch, if you have you should understand exactly what I mean by opinions changing. I think I read up to 100+, but essentially the MC would place his feelings and thoughts of power from his previous world above the current world that he was in. Or to not be specific, think about a time where you're reading a novel and the MC did something so ridiculously dumb and you just stop and wonder if you should drop it or not? I have been there. Too many times now. I have dropped at least 15 novels this year. Simply because of how silly some of the decisions MC's make, as well as how ridiculously stubborn 'My way or high way' (where author writes in circles to justify the MC) vibe you always get.

Magic is in this world! Fleshed out? Nope just 15 chapters. But! We have seen three different schools so far. I am sure there will be many more as well. Side characters only two so far. Too early to tell for others maybe, but I enjoy them both. They even have interactions! Not some senseless background characters. This ended up being longer...

This novel is truly a breath of fresh air simply because of some of the stuff I said. With all that said it's just 15 chapters. But I really see SO much potential here. I just hope the author doesn't do it a disservice.

Just give it a try. I will update it in the future when I have time. So far it's 5 chapters a week but we'll see. <<less
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pomoli rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: c185
Western style Xuanhuan. I highly recommend it!


  • MC is maybe an assassin, but not a crazy psycho evil one. He is clever, scheming everything, really low key, retreating when necessary and not prone to useless revenge. His character feels like an assassin's, not arrogant like many other Chinese fake "assassins" are. Also, he changes over the story, becoming a better person as a whole.
  • Lots of scheming!
  • All characters are well developed, and there is practically no one useless. Characters also change and mature over the story, especially the MC's companions.
  • The romance is cute, but neither overbearing nor unnatural, perfect for a story like this one.
  • The world is well developed, and feels alive, not here just for the MC.

  • Maybe not enough time between events for the MC to grow stronger?
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lazycrash rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c73
somewhat interesting in the beginning but slows down soon after. Not sure what went wrong but it just lacks tge umph to it, cant really capture my interest for it.

its no where repetitive as far as I have read though. Maybe it cuz its felt separated into too many small segments and it just doesn't fall as a whole in the overall context and the MC also doesn't make full use of what he has n is too affected by those around him
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MaceTheDon rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: Completed
  • Overall decent reincarnation story of a bad ass MC (in this case a assassin) if that's your cup of tea, so on that basis I would recommend it.
  • Action is very good & fun to read, especially when MC makes use of his Assassination skills.
  • Romance is there but not very exciting, the 2nd love interest would make for a much better dynamic.
  • Enjoyed the 1st half of the novel way more over the 2nd half...

    MC is more scheming & cunning earlier on where he relied on his former worlds talents, but later on he just becomes the famous hero that receives everyone's respect & adoration, because he becomes what is essentially a general of his own army & leads them to war (which obviously introduces a lot more new characters, but little time to flesh them out).

  • Rushed ending as the last 30 chapters or so felt way to forced when it tied up loose end very quickly & in a underwhelming way when some of them were revealed as being big mysteries, which is unfortunate to say the least.
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mikaelhg rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: --
Starts with an interesting premise and characters, but unfortunately the writer decides to turn the novel into a standard shitty magic high school soap opera, and dump any unique or outstanding aspects of the plot or the characters.

If you like the beginning, you're likely to hate the middle and the end. If you like the middle and the end, you're likely to hate the beginning, when there's a bit of nuance and the plot even has a trace of unpredictability.
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icerror rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c36
It had a 3.6 average rating when I wrote this review, which was a bit harsh. The story portraits the element of professionalism of an assassin somewhat well. It's not the stunning secret martial art or technique that explains his edge over other, but the mentality of a miser. You won't see the protagonist kills on equal ground unless he can't help it, does things without prior consideration in mind or let plot armor secures his escape route.

Its only demerit, IMO, is its dryness. It's too down to earth at... more>> times. I can't tell where exactly it is sub par yet you couldn't shake that it gets bland after a while. The writing also feels a bit self-centered, which is classic for chinese novel that doesn't have comedic undertone.

All in all, good stuffs. Hopefully, it will add more fantasy elements and character developments in the future. 4/5. <<less
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I your Father
I your Father rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c17
This novel was good, I didn't expect it, I was bored and considering all the "assassins" novels we can see on novelupdate I didn't expect much from it. Yet it was good, at least the beginning, he dies because of karma and even his rebirth is logical and at least until now he still has the mindset of an assassin and act like one unlike most novel where the assassin loses more IQ as the novel goes.
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Caskie rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c15

It is quite good in terms of plot so far, the MC is intelligent and deadly, using tricky realistic skills to kill powerful people why he is still weak. He is good at acting, and has manipulated everyone he has met so they don't suspect him. It is worth noting that he hasn't met many people yet, though.

My only worry for this story if that the MC, Anfey, is quite OP, with his assassin skills. They are very well explained and reasonable for an assassin to possess, but he managed... more>> to kill an archmage through trickery and knowledge, before killing two master mages through misdirection and stabbing one through a door. He then kills a medium master swordsman, by stabbing his foot through the floor, and pretending to go onto the roof, then stabbing his other foot through the floor. He then had little difficulty finishing him off. I think it is justifiable to worry that he will have no opponents later in the book when he gets more powerful. He mainly used extreme trickery and misdirection to kill these people, as well as a trap, but if he uses these tactics to kill other powerful people, with also having the power to back it up in a straight fight, he will be OP.

That said I do enjoy the realism used in these fight scenes. It is truly understandable that many of his opponents were arrogant and unaware, leading to him being able to surprise attack them and finish them before they could react, meaning the powerful characters still need to pay attention to less powerful people, so he may be challenged in the future by those on a similar power level to him.

And last thing, despite the good explanations, I still find it hard to believe that the MC, an extremely skilled assassin, was killed by a meat skewer. <<less
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Boredgasm rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Started out well, but series quickly degraded as soon as the forest arc starts and they're running away. OP and bad ass assassin MC that transmigrates after death, so has knowledge and skill set from previous life to assist in new one. But unsatisfying ending that was rushed, leaving no closure for a lot of things, like the romance between MC and 2nd love interest. Romance would've been interesting otherwise.
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timma rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: c254
I'm not upset at the personality changes, but I don't like stories where there isn't downtime. Like always being pressed by external circumstances is annoying.

Not sure if I'll finish, going to try to push forward. Maybe it will regain some of it's past glory.

Worth reading first 100 chapters. Stop when you get tired of being on the run all the time. FFS finding the one piece would be faster than the MC finding time to relax.
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Hitexh rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c209
At early chapters, the MC is quite mature, but around C.100 MC become inconsistent on how he want to lead or ignore his team. As the story progress, MC personality start to change, he become less mysterious, more tyrant, more pe*vert, like to joke (not funny), and egoist.

... more>>

He stole unicorn blood from the team loot secretly. He acts without sharing inteligence with his teamate beforehand. He scheme enemies (right or wrong) shamelessly, that makes me even think this MC is the evil one / antihero.


Thanks to The story plot, I can still enjoy this novel. If only MC is less arrogant and self centered, this story will be perfect. At chapter 180s, the MC got an artifact and said his personality has turn into a better. But who knows, Im looking forward to it at further chapters. <<less
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Sad Immortal
Sad Immortal rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: c383
For those who are looking for romance novel, this is for you, friendship, romance, and a great teacher who actually come into play and a big part of the story unlike some xianxia novel where the teacher get out class by MC in a few dozen chapter. But that is it, slide of life, with sword and magic theme, romance novel.

The name, and the beginning really throw a lot of people off, and that why many people give it low rating, Reader expect a scheming assassin who abandon feeling like... more>> love, and friendship, only focus on their goal, and are willing to do whatever it take to get there, but what they see, is a MC that are heavily tie down by those relationship.

And it does not help that we never actually know how strong the MC is, and we don't see any progress, so it turn really boring for reader. There is also no real goal after 300+ chapter, no kingdom building, only MC being use in a political struggle. A few assassination done by his team, and that it.

The world build is great, but it use a already exist format of sword and magic. There is no further deep too it, only a few common race like dragon, elf, dwarf, etc.

This is 3/5 of the novel already. <<less
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Valixiant rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c94
Not entirely surprised by the way this novel went. I don't think I've read a single decent novel involving a reincarnated assassin, (excluding fire mage).

First of all the plot. It's fairly nonsensical. This includes the pacing. I mean, the main character finally got a teacher for magic and I don't recall him fully mastering a single spell since he became a student before the novel randomly became a survival story. For example, the two most powerful people in the Kingdom of Maho are the Archmage and the Master Knight... more>> or whatever. The King (who pretends to be assassinated in order to kill an enemy troop) decides it would be a grand idea to use the Archmage's daughter as bait by imprisoning them. Now, I can't remember the original plan because it was so s*upid from the beginning, but the King was planning on making it seem like the entire country was about to have a civil war. It was a nonsensically complicated plan in the first place, that in reality would have a zero chance of working and even if it did the benefits might not even outweigh what they lose. In short, the plot is a mess.

Next, we have the oh-so-glorious main character. He is an assassin, but he only kills people who deserve it. Because of this, the author has to think of a reason for every single one of his enemies to be killed. Even with this, he kills people who don't really "deserve" it either. So I genuinely don't understand the point of giving the main character morals if your just going to ignore them in the first place.

Overall, the main problem with this novel is the nonsensical plot and the subpar main character. The lack of direction with this novel is also astonishingly bad. I don't recommend this novel. <<less
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