An Accidental Rebirth: The Surrogate Bride


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The uninhibited young master of a rich family in modern society traveled through time and reincarnated in the body of the son of a medicinal herb collector who had been living in the mountains. Unfortunately, in addition to losing his memory, he was kidnapped by accident and thrown into a sedan chair.

Marrying a man? God damn it!

Do I look like a gay?

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Pavetta rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c20
I added the 'Rape' tag because it wasn't there already. The wedding night involves non-consent, as well as the morning after. First time the rapist is drunk and thinks he's doing his wife, and the second time he's aware.

If you're sensitive to such themes then this story won't be for you. I don't mind dub-con but this was a bit too much non-con for me, especially since neither the ML nor the MC care for one another yet. That's why I took off a star.

Additionally, the MC continues to be... more>> treated terribly, with the ML gaslighting him and trying to manipulate and blackmail him into being an obedient wife, threatening to let him starve otherwise, and one of the servants even gives the MC a poison to disfigure him, and the ML gives the antidote just in time, though it feels less heroic and more 'I just like you because of your face, so that's why I helped you'.

But the translation quality is good, and the MC is amusing.

Edit: Finally I'm dropping this novel after reading chapter 20. If it was a guaranteed happy end and the MC ends up with someone other than the apparent ML (the prince he is married to), then I'd read further, but as it is the first two dozen chapters have things going from bad to worse with no hope at the end of the tunnel. Final rating: 3 stars, and only because of the translator's hard work and feeling invested in the MC. <<less
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GotDied rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: c15
When I read this one I was utterly dissapointed. The MC is amusing while the apparent ML, the prince he was kidnapped to marry to, I found him hateful. ML is very abusive and self-centered. There's also the side characters, it's like there sole purpose in the story is too torture MC.

Despite the unsavory content, this novel can also be addictive. Because of the immense hardship MC is being subjected to you can't help but wonder MC's identity, the conspiracies and even hope that the prince is either not the... more>> ML or if he will ever treat MC right.

I highly recommend this for masochist out there! <<less
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