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Group Name Flying Lines
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
12/13/19 The Lady’s Sickly Husband v1c142
12/13/19 The Villain Has Something to Say c86
12/13/19 Golden Age Legitimate Fei c110
12/13/19 Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglan v4c185
12/13/19 My Beautiful Wife, Please Give Me Some Pin Money! c44
12/13/19 Those Good Old Days in Brothel after Rebirth c2
12/13/19 I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another... c83
12/13/19 I Just Want to Be in a Relationship c131
12/13/19 Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead c127
12/12/19 The Longest Day in Chang’an v1c65
12/12/19 Miraculous X-Ray Vision c20
12/12/19 Legend of a Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess c10
12/12/19 Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild... c599
12/12/19 Overlord in Cultivation c162
12/12/19 The Concubine’s Daughter Comes Around v1c18
12/12/19 The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli c30
12/12/19 One Useless Rebirth c191
12/12/19 A Cute Master’s Cultivation c7
12/12/19 I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another... c82
12/12/19 Fragrance Beauty c12
12/12/19 The Lady’s Sickly Husband v1c141
12/12/19 Transmigrated as My Best Friend’s Ex c38
12/12/19 Evil Monarch Wields Nine Yangs c22
12/12/19 Mr. You, Please Dote On Me c17
12/12/19 Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss c108
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