After Transmigrating Into The Book, I Was Dumbfounded by the Beautiful and Tragic Second Male Lead


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Yin Qingle fell in love with the male supporting character Yan Buzhi from a novel, crying every day over his tragic life.

Yan Buzhi was the young master of the Xuan Chi Sect, extraordinarily talented and a rare gem. Only when the sect master’s biological son was found did he realize he was just a disposable stand-in.

He was forcefully stripped of his spiritual root, inflicted with a cold poison, and took the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation in place of the real heir, plunging into an abyss thereafter.Yan Buzhi endured immense humiliation, turned to demonic cultivation, and became a feared evil spirit in the cultivation world. Ultimately, he was killed jointly by the male and female protagonists. Before his death, he had nothing but received the remark: “Fate plays with men.”

Yin Qingle: “Wuu wuu wuu, my dear Zhi Zhi’s life is so hard, don’t cry, mommy will hold you.”

The next day, she woke up to find herself transmigrated. Her mission: to conquer Yan Buzhi in order to return home.Yin Qingle: “…Is there such a good thing?”

Not long after receiving the mission, a bloodied Yan Buzhi fell from the sky.
Having fallen off a cliff, the weak and soon-to-be corrupted Yan Buzhi in the valley coldly rejected her approach with three phrases:”Go away, don’t touch me, or I’ll kill you.”

But Yin Qingle didn’t leave; instead, she hugged him and kissed him on the forehead.

Yan Buzhi: “??”

Later, Yan Buzhi harbored a secret in his heart; he fell in love with the bright and sunny girl beside him.

He knew she liked his flawless, ethereal demeanor. But she didn’t know his mind was filled with dirty, despicable thoughts, not meant for others to hear.

When he could no longer contain himself, he laid bare his soul in front of Yin Qingle. She widened her eyes: “That’s it?”

“I already knew.” She pressed against him and kissed him without allowing any resistance.

Yan Buzhi: “???!!”

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Izzybot rated it
March 28, 2024
Status: c2
5 Stars. Seeing as there are no reviews yet, thought I would leave a brief review. I MTL'ed the novel the chapters translation stopped. This is refreshingly good romance story. I bet I'd like it better with good translation. I liked the MC and ML. Gosh it made me cry rivers in some parts, the angst and martyr-esque monologue and descriptions. 😭. It's a HE don't worry, its just the journey there has too many ups and downs.

I loved MC's unwavering dedication and loyalty to ML... loved it. I have... more>> a special place in my heart for stories with FMC chasing and doting on ML type stories without giving me 2nd hand embarrassment and this one fits my bill just right.

Give it a shot if you liked (MC and ML relationship wise not story wise) "Transmigrating To Become The Boss's Little Fairy" or "Lemon soda candy" - if you haven't read these 2, still give this story a shot and then go read the other 2 :) Have fun. <<less
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