Rescuing the Beautiful and Strong yet Miserable Second Lead Character


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Luo Han read a xianxia novel in which everyone is in love and sacrifices everything for love. Later, she was summoned and transmigrated into the book. She then learned that she was actually the incarnation of the Heavenly Law in the novel.

In the later part of the novel, the protagonists waged war for love and almost destroyed the world. In order to save herself, she had to embark on the journey to save the world. The best way to stop the war was to prevent the blackening of the second male lead character.

Ling Qingxiao, the second male character, was the most beautiful and strong yet miserable in the entire book. He was originally the legal son, but was exchanged with the illegitimate son, the male lead. Ling Qingxiao grew up as an illegitimate son and suffered from extensive abuses. Later, their identity was revealed, but his biological mother and adoptive mother all protected the male lead, and even the female lead stabbed Ling Qingxiao fatally for the male lead.

Ling Qingxiao fell into the abyss with a slight chance of survival, he literally crawled back from hell. From then on, he blackened and thoroughly dominated the whole world.

It was too late when Luo Han transmigrated, Ling Qingxiao had fallen into the abyss. She could only rescue Ling Qingxiao and talk to him about truth, kindness and beauty every day, trying to get him to do a good job in his career and not to fall in love.

Later… Ling Qingxiao indeed did a good job in his career, unifying the six realms, dominating heaven and earth, yet she was detained.

“I heard that if someone wants a child, they need to plead a wish to the Heavenly Law?”

“I want to stay together for a long time, with generations of offspring filling the house. I don’t know whether Heavenly Law will allow it or not.”


Luo Han was the incarnation of the consciousness of the Heavenly Law. In the six realms, she could hear all kinds of swearing to heaven every day. Such as–

The original male lead: “The Heavenly Law is not fair, I want to go against the heaven!”

Luo Han: Don’t be a scam, I don’t even know who you are.

Some random male character: “If anyone under the heaven dares to bully her, I will kill everyone in the world!”

Luo Han: What did you say? Say that again?!

The beautiful and strong yet miserable second lead character: “I only wish my heaven to be safe, happy, in good health, and well.”

You are the only thing I want in my whole life.

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Saving the Beautiful Strong Tragic Second Male Lead
Saving the Hapless Second Male Lead
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igushi rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I've read the story in raw, and I really really like it, it's kinda an interesting journey for me, hence why I decided to translate this story and share it with you guys.

Well, reasons why I like it:

  • MC is realistic, she is from modern world and it reflected on her thoughts
  • Love the ML, I'm melting no kidding
  • The world building is so perfect, I can imagine it in my head perfectly
  • The plotline is nearly perfect (I think), at least I'm satisficed with the whole journey and have no comment on it
  • It's funny when their friends started to doubt life because of the MC and ML
  • As the titled implied, the ML is really beautiful, strong, but very tragic
  • The beast! OMG, it is so cute, I really want an unsuspicious one by myside LOL
So yeah, if you are looking for a cute, beautiful, yet tragic story with magics everywhere and HE, I think it's for you
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YoriMei rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This one was an absolute joy to read, I really liked both MC and ML and the plot was really interesting. I do think MC and ML are OP but it didn't bother me entirely because she's, well, literally Heaven's Will personified and he had been prophesied to be a 'once in a century' genius. MC's very cheerful and a good match to ML's competent but very pessimistic and reserved personality. They're absolutely adorable in how much they mutually dote on each other and their banter is so fun. One... more>> of my favorite moments is when ML is talking to a bunch of army generals but MC comes out running and sees blood on his arm so she starts undoing his cuffs right then and there without care about who he's talking to because she's too busy trying to see how wounded he is. It's refreshing when ML finally gets to take revenge on his family and beat those who wronged him, along with finally taking back his Dragon Pill. I don't know where the idea that MC is sex-crazed comes from but she isn't, she's just attracted to the ML.

But what's really annoying at how long it took for them to actually get together. they were acting like a couple since chapter 20 and they had really nice build up but the sheer amount of chapters it took for them to officially get together was irritating because of how dragged out it was. It's also really annoy at how many times Lou Han gets separated from LQX. She gets separated from him three times for at least hundreds of years each time and while I understand why it happens, it was just annoying at how long she was gone for because it felt like it was just trying to get ML paranoid about abandonment. The antagonist are sort of one-dimensional as well, other than the original FL whose okay-ish (she wises up at the end), they're nothing more than just there to be a hate-target. For example the ori!ML says that ML took his Dragon Pill from him, but that Dragon Pill... was originally ML's?! What you mean yours?? Everyone knows you had ML's Dragon Pill so why do you insist it's yours???

It's a really good story with a couple that really had a lot of charm and adorable moments. ML's revenge is cathartic, MC's very supportive, they're both mutually doting and make a nice pair (upbeat optimist x pessimistic realist). However, it's very much a 'two-person' world type story, the ally characters are very very under-developed and honestly they might as well have not existed because it was LH and LQX the entire time. I would also warn that the time it takes for them to officially get together is annoyingly dragged out. Even with my gripes though, I had a really fun time reading this story and honestly I highly recommend giving this story a shot. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I had my hopes up for this novel, it's a shame it's such a letdown, especially since it had so much going for it.

It's the only BxG switched at birth novel on Novelupdates with a male victim of the switch.

The initial setup definitely pokes that angry inner child that lives in the amygdala.

... more>> The MC is a real joy. She's a great take on modern person forced into a cultivation world.

The writing and dialog are also well done.

The problem is everything else. The plot is horrendous. The author tries to keep poking that angry inner child with ever more ridiculous and contrived situations. This all happens while the protagonist keeps making ever more s*upid decisions.


At one point early on the protag is trying to recover his core (dantian?) which was stolen by the antagonist. He's managed to cripple the antagonist, but when he is about to complete the job, two women that tried to kill him interpose themselves to protect the antagonist. Well shucks thems r girls can't hurt them.

This is a recurring theme of the protagonist hurting himself for people that would kill him as soon as look him


What's worse all the sidecharacters are rendered braindead. The only thought in their heads is how to piss off the protagonist and the reader. It's literally at a suicidal level, and it gets old fast.

By around chapter 50 it just becomes a slog and a forced march to the ending, <<less
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h3lk4t rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best novel written by 九月流火. Good storyline with parts reminding me of old style RPG games where you have to get past some tragedy or hardships to advance. The main leads are pretty in sync and is a joy to root for. Some of the villains can be somewhat 2 dimensional and s*upid but most of them are entertaining. Since the story has yet to be translated beyond chapter one, not much can be said but I would highly recommend this novel. It is a fun book... more>> to read and it is pretty sweet. Highly highly recommended <<less
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I never thought that this novel will be translated lol 🤣.

This is one of the works written by the author of Greetings, Ninth Uncle.

It's a great read with a very supporting MC and a great god ML who's been suffering on young age. MC really really cares about the ML's well being. ML takes care of MC very much that he's willing to do anything. They care and love for each other, and that's the touching moment right there.

The plot is so so great. I assure that you'll be binge... more>> read this novel. There are unexpected plot twist which really surprises me.

The original MC and ML, and also the original MC's followers hope you may rot in hell. There is one particular follower of original MC I took pity on. Poor guy, that's what he deserves for trusting that b*tch.

Anyways, 5/5. That's my verdict, now read it. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR: Not worth reading. Not even skim value due to lack of face slap and well actual content.

Absolutely tr*shy novel with a typical super h**ny Chinese female main character who quite literally wants to have s*x with the ML from the start. Yes, I'm entirely serious.

Entire chunks of each chapter are just dedicated to MC continually whining and thinking about why the original heroine didn't love the Ml. Then put lots of stuff about how the heroine thinks the ML is handsome and wants to s*x him. (I'm not kidding.)... more>>

By the 3rd chapter the MC has already proposed dual cultivation with the ML and it only gets worse the further the novel gets.

MC is absolutely the active one in the novel relationship and ML does not get better.

It's the equivalent of those h**ny male novels where the heroine has to be described as busty and seductive 24/7 and the MC is drooling over the woman.

Very annoying to deal with, and so dumb!

Besides that, the MC really tends to act contrary to her initial background description as an ordinary well behaved girl and instead continually does s*upid things.

Not a novel worth reading unless you really want to read about an author lavishly praising themself and their amazing characters and amazing story.

-5, 000, 000, 000/10

Romance doesn't have time to grow either sigh.

Just avoid this.

Edit: The novel gets worse the later it goes, with tons of unnecessary tension that is absolutely pointless. Note that MC and ML do not take care of the villains until near the end despite being easily able to if they had just sneak attacked them. Gah, seriously avoid this.

Second edit: ML is braindead and his entire suffering is dependent on the fact that he himself allows himself to be bullied despite being the strongest. At no point does he ever attempt to use any tactics or perhaps trickery. Plus despite being super indifferent and wanting revenge he can't even manage to fight his scumbag family who left him to die? Worst ML in a long while and MC is more useless than a background character.

3rd and final edit:

??? The true background of MC and ML are even worse and now the romance is extra creepy due to 1: Age gap, 2: Nonsense strength gap, and 3: MC and ML being super Op yet not helping each other and having the worst wedding in existence. Horrible. <<less
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ricachuu rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I LOVE THIS SO MUUUCH HNNNGHHHH~ I still find the part where ML said that "I have spent over 900 years knowing her but in those years, I only have really spent 10 years with her while using those 900 years to wait for her" really heartbreaking huhu (and then proceeds to another 6000 years of separation tho this time it's much nicer). Thank God that they finally got together forever at the end!!! And I believe that FL really did end up getting pregnant at the end too!!! ML's... more>> prowess is too strong that even a God who isn't supposed to give birth ended up giving birth lol.

Anyway, I love both ML and FL! FL might come off as annoying and immature at first, but do remember that she is just 18 at the start of the novel and she used to think she was human until finding out she was the Heavenly Law. Under ML's guidance, she does end up getting stronger and honestly only shows her flawed sides to ML. She does her best to stay lowkey as she is the only remaining god left in the world and she can easily die. She is very diligent at her work as a God and even hesitated on admitting her feelings for ML later on as she is supposed to be impartial and heartless. She is a very decisive and determined person though so she dares to do everything to protect everyone and dares to love ML with all that she is.

ML was just such a tragic character. In the novel, I think there's just no one as miserable as ML especially since he had to wait for FL three times!!! I do understand that those things happen due to the cause and effect of the world so as much as it was quite annoying, I accepted it. ML was someone who never received any love in his whole life and was someone who was never chosen by anyone over his brother. If you give him a bit of kindness, he'll repay you for a long time. That's why when he discovered that he had feelings for FL a lot later, he became afraid of not being chosen or accepted by FL and that he didn't deserve FL at all. FL does reassure him a lot from the start and always stayed by his side (except during the inevitable separations) so he gains confidence. He's extremely handsome, smart, and powerful so there's really nothing that could defeat him. Literally, his only weakness is the FL and thankfully, he is FL's biggest weakness too.

I also really love their friends. They're very colorful and lively people and they made the novel seem more light-hearted. I'm just a bit sad with what happened with the gods :< BTW, ML's brother is literally not a threat at all lol. Also, I do hope Yun Menghan does end up having a better next life.

In summary, do read this!!! My time spent reading this is definitely worth it!!! <<less
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Hyper Ion
Hyper Ion rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Apart from the parents of the MC and the demons & devils being flat with zero depth for the sake of plot, the FL is ???? I have no way to describe how she doesn't fit her role in any way.

The MC is well developed, and the story is not bad. At some point I almost dropped it cause of the FL but I manage to finish it. Anyway, overall it's not bad
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Xien_Rue rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is very good. I even have to put down watching drama that I was watching in order to finish this.

The story has its weakness in the form of too many separation between MC and ML which make ML is so pitiful. But their relationship dynamic is very good. They are of equal position in social hierarchy, so it is refreshing.

... more>>

My only grievance is that the novel does not give more detail on what the final condition of ML parents. The novel only mentioned that they are in house arrest somewhat. But I want to read their regret.

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u.u rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Pretty good novel.

The MC is pretty entertaining, one point I like about her is that she really likes to "eat melon seeds", even trying to drag the cool ML to enjoy "the entertainment" with her 😂. On the other hand, the ML is just too good, their interactions are just too cute, I can't. Meanwhile, some of the villains can be pretty annoying, but considering their backgrounds I think it's acceptable.
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aiji rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: c98
Such a shame...

Interesting premise, however, due to lack of fluctuations between events, it started to become boring and unengaging. Not gonna lie, I skimmed some parts due to that.

Don't get me wrong, the author is very, very good in storytelling. Their writing style is almost similar to those paperbacks I tend to read. It's just that due to lack of compelling plotline unlike their other novel "Saving The Black Immortal Venerable" (my favorite, please read it ^^) , I have to give this one a lukewarm rating.

What made me drop... more>> this novel entirely is because of MC—to be specific, her view about love and how she handles serious relationships. Yep, I'm judging her too hard. Although I know that not everyone's the same and there's no such thing as 'perfect view of love', since I think I tolerated her personality well enough, this certainly is the last nail in the coffin. Yes, MC, if you happen to read this from up above, how dare you! So heartless! I expected more from you, and I was so dumb from doing so.

Like you see, I understand she doesn't want to rush things but she failed to consider ML's feelings big time. Her views is from modern times, his views is conservative—BUT, because ML's view is conservative, she needs to realize that he's 100% serious about it. Why give him any more reason to succumb to insecurities? He's wounded. Extremely fragile to some extent—and you know it! You're not understanding him AT ALL. You're not considering his feelings AT ALL. It's better to be honest with him and say "let's not rush things" or "I'm not sure" or "I don't like you enough to accept your feelings" than to leave him on tenterhooks.

What "cultivating love"? I really dislike people who gets into relationships with "let's go with the flow" mentality after confessing. Are you playing? Maybe it's good and understandable in todays times BUT NOT WITH SOMEONE WHO'S EXTREMELY VULNERABLE AND INSECURE PSYCHOLOGICALLY. He's exhausted. Did you forget why you're even there for? Why are you doing the same? Where is your conscience?

I know—we know—that the author already planned to get the two to be together forever, but I just didn't like how it went. Sigh...

Seriously people, don't play with other people's feelings, especially if you know that they've suffered enough. Be honest and don't lead them on. Reject them outright if you must. Spare them the agonizing feeling of insecurity because of your whims and half-heartedness.

Well, after reading that part, I dropped it right away so I'm not sure what goes after. I can tolerate any type of ML but never an MC who has become an eyesore overtime. Please treat this review as unreliable or whatever. Suit yourself. I just feel the need to express my heartfelt sympathy for the ML after reaching 98 chapters.

I'm sorry if this has turned into a rant but would I recommend reading this? Hmm.. no. Check the author's other novels instead. <<less
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hobbes rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: Completed
This was a really good read. I liked all the characters (except the original FL). The flow of the story is also great. You never get bored. The story is always moving and keeps you engaging. The FL is also not OP, she learn things slowly and becomes powerful gradually.

The original FL character was my most hated characters in the novel. The villain demon god was so much more better than her. I found her so damn annoying. A lot of people get killed because of her all the time.... more>> She takes the top rank on my most annoying character list of my entire reading list.

I really liked the professional life of the FL (her duties as a god), But her character was not written good in terms of personal life, her thoughts are very contradictory to her actions and it just feels weird. Some scenarios in the spoilers below


There were many scenarios where I was like WTF. These two below take the top.

She is shown to have a playful character where she likes to read some dirty novels and such. This was fine, it added a comedy aspect. But her actions are too weird where she acts as though she is so uncomfortable holding his hand and hugging is also a BIG thing for her.

At this point, the ML and FL will both realize that they like each other although they dont confess. The ML will fight his father to get the patriarch position and before that he is also said many hurtful words by his parents. He falls down after the fight and the FL goes to pick him up. She gives her hand and pulls him up, he will be bleeding all over and wont even be able to stand up. Then she asks him how he is and keeps thinking about why he is still holding her hand and thinks if he says he is fine then she can take her hand back? WTF. The ML whom she loves is hurt physically and mentally and is not even able to stand and all she was thinking was why isnt he letting her hand go? Do normal people behave that way?

The second scenario was in the extras where they are already married and she wakes up after 6000 year long deep slumber. The ML takes her back and takes care of her. She will be awake after 6000 years and her body wont be good so he wont do anything physical to her. But she starts thinking that he might have been with other girls and might not be interested in her body. I was like WTF? The ML always keep searching for whenever she goes missing, which is a LOT. The ML also learns time and space for 100s of thousands of years just to come back to meet the FL. He has done so much for her and she is worried about him having affairs? There was no trust at all.


There is also the time where she goes to the other timeline and meets the ML of the original timeline. She was so selfish and goes and messes up his life.


The ML and FL would have already started dating at this point. The FL is taken to the original timeline by mistake where the ML is already an emperor of heaven and she is taken hostage. She had no plans to stay in this timeline, she will always want to go to her original timeline and she keeps telling the ML this all the time that her lover is waiting and she has to go. Then she totally forgets about him and starts behaving as if he is her boyfriend in this lifetime too.

Initially it was ok. But later the ML in this lifetime too starts liking her and SHE UNDERSTANDS THIS. But she still doesn't fix her behavior and keeps hugging him and touching him and even tries to undress him once. He doesnt have anyone with him and she knows this, and starts behaving like his girlfriend behaving like she cares about him and makes herself a priority in his life. Why the hell was she going and disturbing his life to leave him alone in the end and go back ? I was beyond speechless, she was super selfish is her behavior. Always thinking about herself. Never once did she think about him.

In the end he locks her up and then lets her go after she starts fasting which was s*upid because they dont have to eat food to survive. She keeps telling him she will come back to find him. If she comes back to find him then what about her real boyfriend in the other world? Although it was tied up in the end. The whole concept dint make any sense when she says this.


Anyways even with all these I really liked the story. Hence 5 stars. Its a good one, dont miss it. <<less
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this very much. Very engrossing.

The ML has a really miserable life but he's tenacious. Really lovable. The MC is a very good support for ML, the light of his life. We can all see that ML is the focus of the entire story. MC is like the gold-finger of ML.

I really like the 3 stages of development of the characters, especially the ML.

... more>>

In the beginning, he is just a quiet 'bodyguard' and teacher for the MC, enduring humiliation from the so-called family; a reserved person. MC is also young and weak then, but she's trying hard to get ML to open his shell. As stated by the author, at this stage, the mood of the story is relaxed and happy.

In the middle part, when they went back in time to the Middle Ages, that's where the emotional development part is being displayed. I can read the despair and tiredness of the ML between the words, the 500 years of losing MC. In the same way, MC's emotional changes in the void space really touches me as well. Both of them really suffered. But it was also due to this suffering that both of them obtained the power needed to protect themselves. That's also when they realized their attraction towards each other.

In the final part, as the author put it, it's all about their inner struggle. ML with his inner demon and MC with choosing between her responsibility for the world or ML. Coming this far, you will see how ML's character has changed; from quiet to being able to flirt with the MC. It's a joy to see the emotional and character developments of them all.



I also like the concept of cause-effect and time travel and time merge in this story. In the 1st timeline, the ML really suffered 6000 years before meeting MC. While in the 2nd timeline/the current one, the ML waited a total of 900 years. It's a miracle the ML hasn't gone completely crazy. He's really a hardworking and responsible Emperor who shoulders way too much, especially when it comes to slanders from the demon world (that gang of brain-dead creatures).


The side characters/friends are lovely as well. The black 'sheep' that devours everything, the vermilion bird Ye Zinan being gossip sisters with MC and the phoenix Feng Yujia (fav female character), God of Time, Nuwa and not to forget, the single dog Zou Jibai who's super unlucky.

Now, lets move on to the annoying characters:

  • Ye Zhongyu - delusional, unrepentant, a freaking joke, 'everybody is wrong only I am right', 'heaven is unfair to me alone', 'I deserve all the good things in the world', 'everything should revolve around me'. OMG, I hate him so much!!! Non-recyclable tr*sh!!
  • Su Yinyue - a dragon who abandoned everything for someone who doesn't love her and she knows it but she still does it. Like gurl, why?
  • Yun Menghan - delusional, love-brain, brain-dead, another joke. She's a real cao/grass masochist. Even after all the humiliation by Ye Zhongyu, as long as he says he loves her, she's happy and willing. Can't take people's opinion that what she thinks is love is not really love. An expert in finding excuses for the scum, all because of love. Wishes all guys to love her and think it's an honor to have all girls jealous of her. Seeing that the book MC initially read is from her perspective, truly, it's because she's the dumbest character in the world, thus the memory can be safely extracted without alerting the owner of the memory. Truly a joke. (But honestly, this type of person really exists in reality, I know one, just not as chronic as this one.) The only shuang/cool part is when she finally stabs the scum. Like hallelujah! Finally! But seriously though, it takes her 2 lives to be awake. Sigh...

It's pretty long but worth the time spent. One of the rare BG that I really enjoy; with a God and dragon pairing. <<less
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September 15, 2021
Status: c56
lmao, reading this MTL and I really like this book. The MC isn't sex-crazed, at most she's face-con for her ML. Yeah, she keeps saying things about dual cultivation and furnaces, etc, but that's clearly just from familiarity with similar 'books' prior to transmigration. The original plot of this 'world' isn't a good thing either, although the author clearly acknowledges that the dogblood drama is due to a scum man who manipulates and abuses his 'lover (/s).'

Yeah, the MC is lazy and complains about studying, but it's normal to balk... more>> when forced to study things you really don't get. In either case, she's the type that learns best through action and under pressure, so forcing her to study in a library isn't helpful.

she's 18 years old, the ML is 1, 000, and everyone who finds out that the MC is only 18 are like "A baby!" and say she shouldn't know things about male-female relationships or gambling etc. Even the ML is considered very young in their society. One of their very early friends who is... of the exact same maturity of MC and ML is actually several thousand years old lmao, and he and MC have 'sister' aura because they love to gossip. Basically, if you spend a 100 years in secluded cultivation, you won't mature and might even regress emotionally...

I actually don't find the plot boring at all. There's a lot more than just the ML's terrible family situation going on, and even more importantly, the world plot doesn't revolve around the original ML. With an upright and righteous love interest, you naturally have to have an actual world plot to follow and can't just write this as a romance story. I find the other characters interesting as well and I only skimmed once or twice such as when MC was emotionally bullying the ML's bio mother into giving ML's dragon dan back to the ML, but that's just because I find emotional pressuring uncomfortable haha.

Even if the MC and ML have to go into a casino or a flower house for their mission/livelihood, nothing bad happens. I like that the MC won't be intentionally punished by the narrative to make her more obedient to the ML. The MC does toss the ML a lot, but you can tell she's just the kind of person that likes to run their mouth a lot. the ML is simply too upright to handle this kind of sophistry.

I'll fix this review after I finish reading. <<less
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August 5, 2021
Status: c45
I hate the MC but didn't find much else about this book that offensive to be honest, the plot still flowed alright, typical cultivation stuff and there are moments that I like, but... I can not deal with this sex-crazed, lazy and annoying MC that is in the type that I would avoid if I ever met in real life. the ML is fine though he's pretty good and I like his attitude that he doesn't need to concern himself with the toxic people around him and just tries to... more>> distance himself from them. I don't know if any of this changes down the line and I'm not all that inclined to find out. mainly cause I don't like how the main character acts like being an as*xual is the worse thing in creation and uses that word as an almost slur. I'll rate it 2 stars not 1 as I still like the rest of the "good guy" characters and the basis of the plot. <<less
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August 20, 2023
Status: Completed
I love this novel and it’s a memorable one. I love that the MC admits that she’s lazy and it remains consistent with her growth. Although she’s from a god-race, she’s weaker than the hardworking ML.

I’m just bummed that the author didn’t write an in depth conversation between the MC and ML after the two timeline merges.
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bluesonnet rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: Completed
One of the best novels I've read. I've read so many Chinese novels that I had unknowingly started the habit of skimming and not really savoring the story just to finish the novel. However, this novel was different. I savored every arc, every chapter, and I couldn't be more satisfied. The characters were colorful and engaging, and they made the reader fully invested in what was going to happen next. I especially like the fact that the plot was wholly devoted to the main characters, and didn't unnecessarily focus on... more>> side characters or world building more than what was needed for the story to logically progress.

The translation I read was MTL, but it was very understandable and still carried the feelings that the author intended to evoke in the original language. Took me a little bit of searching to find the fanwai but I just knew I needed to see the happy ending.

All in all, this was an excellent read, and I would most likely re-read it in the future. <<less
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srrrahim rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is really good. It deserve ny 5 stars. I really love God Protagonist genre. She is originally has potential to be strong, but she is not. Her character development is slow but steady. The only thing that I regret is, it end so fast, and there's no epilogue or something. I am so curious about her other single friend, gerenal Zhou love life. He is the only one who still didn't meet his fated lover. The phoenix and shuzaku lovers is so cute, , I want to see their... more>> future child too

overall, this is a good novel to read and enjoy <<less
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ChibbyNAFKA rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: c1 part1
I think the story is beautiful -maybe because it's my cup of tea?- We can observe the process of both MC and ML maturing step by step, the ML is pitiful as he kept getting separated with the MC for a long period of time after tasting a bit of sweetness with the MC.... because of the difference in time the MC only felt the brief separation..... The ML kept getting abused especially in the early part of his life.... though the travel through time and space is a bit... more>> confusing, I think it's interesting.... <<less
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Rhea77 rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: Completed
this is one of the best novels I read until now, I finished this novel in 3 days itself, it really got me hooked, I loved each and every character and the world building its rare to come across novels like this, would read it again.
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