After The Fall Of The Earth, My Hotel Became Popular


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The common scenery of the apocalypse— twisted tent**les in the sewers, blurry pieces of bloody flesh, huge colourful moths, one-metre-long feet on wet cement…

“Welcome to the Polluted Apocalypse.”

Those were the first words that Wen Bei had heard upon entering the Hotel.

This was the story of the dark family inherited by Wen Bei by coincidence.

“There is no home outside the safe zone.”

No one can prevent themselves from being contaminated.

It is that every soldier would always leave the last bullet in his/her gun for himself.

That was until a unique, dilapidated Hotelbuilding appeared…

Rumours spread all over that as long as one slept in that Hotel for a night, their pollution level would drop!

Thus, countless bigwigs tortured by rising pollution levels began rushing to the Hotel. With the large demand, it became very hard to find a room.

Employee No. 1: “I was originally a very talented mercenary, but then I was tortured by my increasing pollution level. I had planned to eliminate myself. Fortunately, I met my current boss and became the Hotel’s security guard.”

Employee No. 2: “I had once rescued tens of thousands of people and escorted them to the safe zone. But in the end, I was forced to leave the safe zone because my pollution level went too high. It was my current boss who picked me up and gave me a job, asking me to clean the Hotel’s Toilets every day.”

Employee No. 3: “I had almost merged myself with an S-class creature to destroy the world. But, thanks to the boss, I was allowed to become the building manager of the Hotel.”

A certain madman: “I like my boss and I hope that my boss will take me back as his boyfriend.”

Wen Bei said perfunctorily: “… Pay ten thousand crystal stones for one night, there’s no need to talk more.”

The certain madman silently paid for the amount: “I will buy you for a hundred years first.”

Wen Bei’s eyes widened: “I’m talking about hotel’s accommodation fees! Well……!”

[Key Points] Old Crazy Punishment × Small Money Fans

Content Tags: Qiangqiang, fantasy space, soft spot, apocalypse, easy

One-sentence introduction: We want to open the best hotel in the world!

Mission: Be positive in the face of adversity and never give up

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greypoupon rated it
April 6, 2024
Status: Completed
The premise is interesting but there's no real conflict because MC and ML are too OP. ML also falls in love with the MC for absolutely no reason. One moment he wants to kill him and through no actions of the MC, the feelings from ML change. The build up and ending to the main fight was anti-climactic. There really isn't any action is the story. It's a pretty smooth sailing road for the MC to make his hotel successful. I finished it because it was a light and fast... more>> read and the pros outweigh the cons.

Overall, it's a cute story but you have to turn your brain off a little bit. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nitan rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: Completed
It's okay... it's actually a fun novel overall, I just think some parts are really underexplained and maybe this novel is for extroverts who likes going out (as opposed to homebody enjoyers, I was tired and panicked reading bc the MC likes to go out way too much!)

The MC likes to travel around, sometimes for no apparent reason or for very little reasons. So most of the plot happens outside the hotel. I think the first arc (in H city base) feels very tiring to me, I was a... more>> little confused on what he's doing and why he's staying for so long/purpose of his visit. Vaguely it was explained, but it didn't really line up with what he's doing and what's going on. Some parts of the story could be a little tighter. There's a few a loose plot. Even if they come together in the end, it feels so... last minute.

The MC seems to have a fun-seeking personality, so when he goes out, he's often rushing into trouble head on. It's established pretty early in the story, and its consistent throughout the novel. He becomes a mini detective, his bodyguard (ML) fights everything off. Their romance is... it's sometimes sweet, sometimes just weird. I think it's a hit or miss depending on if you like it. Them being compared to cat-dog is constantly emphasized. So you take that as you will.

Also the last arc, the Holy sect are abit too OP for no reason? Like their individual members and powers, also theyre severely underutilized. They just come out to show flashbang and then they die? Not just that, but the ending... it was very anticlimactic like 'two months later after the literal climax of the story' -- got me so confused like??

Anyways... the novel's still overall pretty fun, but there's definitely parts where I was ?????? <<less
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