After Rebirth, the True Eldest Daughter Starts Brewing Tea


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Li Zhizhi was taken back to the capital at the age of fifteen to recognize her ancestral roots. As the true eldest daughter of the Li family, she should have been cherished. However, everyone preferred Li Suwan, who was knowledgeable, polite, and clever. As for Li Zhizhi, she grew up in a remote and impoverished village, ignorant of the ways of the world, and her name even carried a sense of disdain.

One night, Li Zhizhi had a dream in which she returned to the Li family in her previous life and desperately competed with Li Suwan for favor. She studied diligently, excelling in literature, music, painting, and etiquette, surpassing Li Suwan in every aspect. But on that day, while everyone comforted Li Suwan, Li Zhizhi was still the one who was despised.

When she woke up, Li Zhizhi went to see her father, her eyes red, and said, “Father, please send me back to the countryside. As soon as I returned to the mansion, my sister’s health deteriorated. It must be because I have an unlucky fate that has harmed her.”

Li Zhizhi’s father was taken aback and said, “Why do you say such things? Suwan is just sick. She will recover after seeing the doctor.”

Sure enough, a few days later, Li Suwan’s illness improved.

With her skill in brewing green tea, Li Zhizhi’s days in the mansion became much better. Until one day, she met the Crown Prince, Xiao Yan, who saw through her tricks at first sight. Upon their first meeting, Xiao Yan believed that Li Zhizhi had ulterior motives and refused to give her the opportunity to use him. He watched as Li Zhizhi pretended to be obedient and innocent, clinging to the thighs of various influential figures, prospering in the capital. The Empress treated her as an adopted daughter, noble ladies treated her as a sister, the favored concubines in the palace regarded her as a close friend, and she even received the title of a county princess. Countless men who were attracted to her couldn’t be counted with just one hand. Even his own younger sister called out for Li Zhizhi to be her sister every day.

Xiao Yan waited and waited, but Li Zhizhi never sought his support. Unable to bear it any longer, he finally asked her, “Do you want to become the Crown Princess?”

Li Zhizhi didn’t want to.

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After being reborn, Zhen Qianjin started making green tea
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6 Reviews

Jul 26, 2023
Status: Completed

... more>>

MC is the real daughter switched at birth by the midwife. She grows up in the countryside and comes back to the capital, only to be repeatedly tricked by the fake daughter and ends up drowned in a pond. After death, she goes back in time to the first day she entered her real parents house and starts plotting revenge.


Its nothing that hasn't been done before, but I enjoy the green tea element and watching the MC enjoying her revenge. There is also a few sweet moments as she bonds with characters she never met in her first life.

The ML is

the wheelchair bound Crown Prince (temporary injury). Hes more of a tsundere than a blackbelly. Seems to have given up on most things and needs a bit of a kick to get his life together. He has a disabled younger sister that relys on him and he is very protective of. He bullies he daily, but would turn around and mu*der any one else who would try


Unfortunately, I like the secondary male leads a lot (maybe more than the ML). All the love interests are a bit flawed and struggling with their goals in life, which is very relatable.

2nd ML (aka the golden retriever)

My favorite of all the love interests. Simple. S*upid. Muscle brain himbo. Love at first sight romantic who trips over his own s*upid big feet because he forgot to bring the MC a present and has to go back for it. Forgetful and pure with a goofy personaity. Constantly failing in the most endearing warm hearted way. Defends the MC from bullies and just wants everyone to be happy. I WISH HE WAS THE MALE LEAD. He is so pure and deserves the world. His family is also very sweet & funny (especially mom) and I think they would have an really fun dynamic with the MC


3rd ML (aka sickly gentleman)

The sickly brother of MCs best friend. This is the true black belly. Hes is a calculating scholar who never lets his emotions or plans show. Has a bit of an evil streak and enjoys revenge the same as the MC. He struggles with his familys expectations- in that they have none. No one expects anything of him due to his illness and he seems to have mostly gotten used to that. Hes got the mind of a strategist, but no power or drive. His sister loves him very much and does her best, but even she died in the first life from other peoples schemes that he wasnt able to or did not care to prevent. For this reason, he is a bit disqualified in my mind. Doesnt look after his family- red flag.


All the MLs are struggling with themselves & in need of a motivation to achieve. Their parents have all seemingly decided the MC is a good carrot to make their worthless sons not skip duties and homework since sticks dont work as well as they hoped.


A bit abrubt, but the conficts get resolved and all the villians are wrapped up. The final boss was a bit anticlimactic, just because he seemed very unprepared and impulsive.

Ends on the acceptance of proposal. No wedding or kids.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 08, 2024
Status: Completed
The ending of the book was facking crazy. The author just straight up left the book. I'm reading the raw. No wedding no action. You dont even know what what happened to the emperor what happened to the ML sister and what happened to... so many questions. I feel let down with the ending. Believe me, to the people who about to read this, read it only if you got nothing to read. The ending well shook you to yo soul. What the fack!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 02, 2023
Status: Completed
I love it. It's quite refreshing to read a reborn 15 year old FL (died at around that age) actually behaving like a kid (ignoring the scheme part).

The story is a switch at birth, our MC is the rich daughter raise in the poor family. In the first life she had hard time adjusting and died. In this life she avoid her mistakes and aim for revenge. By the end, she cut off her tr*sh family and found a nice adopted mother.

The adopted mother is the MVP for me here,... more>> I love that she took it upon herself to help MC get out of her family, dealing with her biological mother's bias.

The romance is sweet too! The second male leads are also great but they have their own bad sides that makes them not that best to be FL's husband, especially if she wants to be with her adopted mother. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 10, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a rebirth story, and MC is clear on who her enemies are. The fake daughter, a prince and the County Princess are her main enemies.

In her second life she is smarter, meets new friends, gets an adoptive mother, deals with her family and finds love.

The interactions between MC and ML starts from being wary strangers to lovers. It does take some time for the ML to fall in love with MC and then for MC to reciprocate.

The plot is straight forward, the villains gets their endings and the MC... more>> and ML gets together.

It's good, but not great. There are some parts that makes you question everything, the logic of some parts doesn't add up. And the emperor for all his might is pretty pitiful.


The man killed his father to ascended the throne, then his siblings and finally his sons. Even then, his first son was plotted against by his fourth son. He only has his youngest son with him and his daughter who is differently able.


Li family ending and comments


The ending for the family is meh. They keep their lives and wealth, just not the father's position. After buckling on the hat of deceiving the emperor on her father, you would think there would be stricter punishment. It usually ends with death or exile but somehow the emperor is lenient?

Which doesn't make much sense when he decides to threathen to kill the officials for not doing their jobs properly in another chapter. Or when he threathen his son with wine that may or may not be poisoned.


Other than acting like a green tea, being vigilant against the villains and pleasing the Princess, the MC doesn't really do much. She's content with living with her adoptive mother and trying to kill her enemies. She's adamant about killing her 2 killers in the past life.

The ending ties most loose ends. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 20, 2024
Status: c152
It’s a 3.5

The author ended it on a cliffhanger... couldn’t get the hands on the extras so I am guessing extras will resolve the half assed ending. Else the novel is enjoying to read. The FL is interesting but the romance was poorly constructed.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 02, 2024
Status: c152
Fast paced. As usual story where mistreated FL in her previous life flips the table on those who made her miserable and on the way meets her fated ones (side characters) and changing their destinies in her second chance.

I do feel a bit bad for the side MLs, it was evident that they never stood any chance against ML.

My favourite characters were Ayang ♡, Emperor and concubine Rong...
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