Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person.


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Himahara Kou, a free person from the go-home club, likes to spend time at various places after school as a casual person.

In Kou’s class, there is Sakurazaki Nako, an active JK idol who has tremendous popularity.

She is busy being an idol, so she is interested in Kou, who knows how to spend time…

A romantic comedy about a JK idol who longs for a free person and a free person from the go-home club.

Associated Names
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Geneki JK Idol-san wa Himajin no Ore ni Kyomi ga Arurashii.
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1 Review

Jun 16, 2023
Status: Completed
If you're looking for a short, sweet romance and a cool headed but not dense MC, then read this.

It's a story about a free going person who enjoys his life and an JK Idol, who struggles to enjoy hers.

Their relationship is absolutely sweet and interesting. There are barely any drama, and when they do have any misunderstandings, they communicate it with each other like any proper relationship should do.

In short, it's absolutely worth your time.

Though if there's a nitpick:

... more>>

Later on, MC's childhood friend was said to have a crush on him since the beginning but MC rejected her and resolved it in the end. A new idol gets brought up later, but the author knew better to add a love triangle so it was just like a best friends relationship.

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