Vtuber Childhood Friend and Voice Actress Childhood Friend Are Too Tense


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Nakamura Wataru, a second-year high school student whose only strong point is studying, has two childhood friends. They are Hyuuga Haruka, a high school idol voice actress (JK idol), and Kagekawa Aoi, a popular Vtuber.

Once close childhood friends, they now find themselves in a tense situation. Their feelings for each other, recognition as rivals, and the burden of their own inadequacies drive them. Amidst their unwavering efforts and dazzling growth, Wataru, caught between these two successful adults, wonders if he can reclaim the happy space they once shared.

Enjoy this fresh romantic comedy with a unique love triangle!

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Vtuber no Osananajimi to Seiyuu no Osananajimi ga Kenaku sugiru
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Rouge__234 rated it
April 24, 2024
Status: c5
Rather than romantic comedy, it is not even comedy itself, let alone romance. There is no plot, let alone good writing. All characters, including MC, are not interesting to the point where I have to read forcefully to know there is even a good pacing to begin with.

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