Absolute Sword Sense


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After being given up on by his family because his dantian was destroyed, Soh Woonhwi was kidnapped by the Blood Cult and lived as a third-rate spy.

One day, he died while being used to find a legendary sword immortal’s secret records. However, Soh returned to the day he was kidnapped ten years ago and obtained a mysterious ability that allowed him to hear the voice of swords.

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절대 검감(絶對 劍感)
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13 Reviews

Claemin Chi
New Claemin Chi
Feb 15, 2024
Status: c254
I honestly want to continue, it's really amazing.

But why can't I find it anywhere?? Like it literally disappeared at the same time as the "Return of the crazy demon"! This is really not fair.. Two of my favorite novels have stopped translating. : (
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New Abiskar
Feb 08, 2024
Status: c208
I basically don't Reviewfor lack of time but I'm doing with it as u see in what chapter I'm at. I'm already read more than 60% of this story & more 40+ chapters that are translated is avaliable but I would still try to read those that aren't translated coz this book is awesome, the story telling is good not a single time I felt bored reading this & when other others characters who're called smart or intellectual are really smart not some simple things that everyone can realise. Romance... more>> isn't there but those intraction between the FL & MC is quite good & refreshing & both father part is well written & story progress steadily, information are given when needed & thrill is also there, if u are fan of murim then u should absolutely read it & if u aren't then I think u should start with this one.

The story is progressing through different intraction with different individuals with MC some through friendly & some through enemy but at the final villan (I haven't even read that part though) is what we have been shown at first

is the single golden eyed guy who's basically immortal ofcourse with reason not bullsh*t like cultivation novel be sure to read this _ from a healthy & experienced reader

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Apr 24, 2023
Status: v10c1
Within the 1st chapter the MC is revealed to be both a coward and an idiot. If neither of these traits bother you, ignore this review, otherwise read-on.

Before regressing the MC is a spy on a mission to recover the ancient "Deus Ex Machina" cultivation method. He has a "spiritual blockage" that forbids cultivation rendering him completely powerless. Sect elders have promised to cure his condition after acquiring the technique. This is your completely unimaginative copy-paste cultivation prologue.

Only the MC and 2 sect elders are present. It is never explained... more>> why 2 powerful elders allowed him to even go on the mission. His role as a spy is useless here, it's just an empty cave, they are only 2 rooms away. The elders have promised to cure his incurable condition after recovering the dangerously priceless treasure. Only an abject moron wouldn't expect a knife in the back here.

Now a more intelligent author could have fixed this with basic expository dialogue: Perhaps the MC is the last surviving scrub sent in as cannon-fodder for traps. Alternatively, the MC could be aware of betrayal yet desperate enough not to care, maybe he even has a clever plan readied. Clearly the strain of pressing CTRL+C CTRL+V cost all 85 of the authors IQ points.

In a completely anti-climactic scene the MC finds a scroll stored in plain sight. No traps, no puzzles, no challenges, not even a lock are present. He doesn't even bother identifying or reading the scroll, he just assumes it's the technique. He then cuts a damaged pill out of his arm and eats it with the scroll. It is never explained what he hopes to accomplish with such an act. Captain Obvious only muses that people will fight for priceless magical artifacts. This is somehow a countermeasure.

Now the MC could have studied the scroll, he could flee, he could set traps, he could lie and assert it wasn't there, he could try to divide and conquer. Instead he walks directly back to the elders says he found it and is shocked when they betray him. He then gets on his knees and begs for his life. This isn't a ploy to lower their guard. He just begs pathetically then dies. While dying he catches fire from the pill and regresses.

So let's recap, the MC's great plan was to swallow the scroll along with a pill that burns you alive. His backup plan was to suck off 2 geezers while crying. -10/10 <<less
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Oct 05, 2022
Status: c158
I'm really enjoying this novel so far. I would put it at the tier right below the classics like SCOG. What I most like about this novel is that the MC isn't op despite being a regressor. He doesn't seem to have super unrealistic info that can boost his power instantly. Also, his cheat is being able to talk to swords, which is one of the most unique and fun cheats I've seen in a novel.

Edit: I figured it was time for an update now that the translation is over... more>> a hundred chapters farther than when I wrote my first review. I'm still in love with this novel, and the writing and translation quality is still top-tier. My only complaint is that it feels like a

harem manifested itself out of thin air, without much development.

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Mar 23, 2023
Status: c80
It's well written with an initial fun concept that doesn't go as deep as you would want, and overtime turns into a pretty generic yet entertaining wuxia novel with an MC that can be infuriating at times.

The side characters are really the stars here, they get a lot of shine and all have interesting personalities.

The MC definitely feels like he grows as the story goes but also feels like he starts off as way too much of a coward and a fool in the beginning (for someone that's been reincarnated... more>> after living as a spy for 10 years). I found him kinda of annoying in the first 15 chapters. It's especially egregious because by chapter 30 he's just straight up light yagami style manipulating everybody, while constantly reminding us "this is nothing for someone who was a spy for 10 years!" (really? Then why were you such a clown before?). He becomes more likable but it's pretty unbelievable considering his start and kinda sets the whole tone of the novel off for me since I never bought this was the same guy.

Other than that, the novel got way weaker for me after a decision he made around chapters 60-65, that I felt wasted so much of the build up and I eventually dropped it.


MC spent his previous life suffering under the blood cult and the first 30 chapters of the novel are basically to show us how terrible they are (introduction is them killing children) but for some reason he decides to keep supporting them when he has the option to fake his death around C60.

(Everything he did prior to this moment was look for an opportunity to escape from them!).

There isn't any advantage for him to do this since all this will do is put him in danger with rival factions.

He's not actually learning anything from his master and just learns from the sword while using his master as more of an excuse as to how he's learning such lost martial arts (which at this point he doesn't even need that cover anymore).

He tries to justify it by saying it would be safer to stay with them but it doesn't make sense in the context of the events (everybody thinks he's dead! Ever hear of laying low??). It just feels like something the author said so you have to believe it.

Would have made way more sense for him to run away considering how much of a self interest guy he makes himself out to be and then maybe come back later when he's much stronger to help out the people he cares about (which honestly should only be his master and maybe his junior brothers? I don't really get why he would care about anybody else there).

But man is this guy suddenly so happy to be appreciated by some strong people that he degrades into a kid that's weak to compliments.

MC feels like a guy who was tortured to death by his boss for 10 years, got some compliments now that he's talented and decided that he's going to be employee of the month the rest of his life.

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May 27, 2023
Status: Completed
First, the title definitely signifies the novel. It is about Mc's journey to achieving Absolute Sword Sense.

Second, the plot is very good. Everything was conveyed in detail. The strategies, tactics and behind the scenes plans were ingenious.

Third, the characters are very distinctive. They have their own personality, background, dreams and desires.

Last, I do not like harem but it made me agree that it was essential in Mc's growth. Even though he has ... more>>

3 wives

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Dec 13, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a pretty average story by the time it finishes. The author started out quite strong, but basically loses the thread as they got deeper into it.

There are four major reasons why:

1. Constantly spending a ton of time on a certain character, and then relegating them to obscurity and doing it again with another character, only to finally bring the first character back towards the end of the story for no apparent reason. This happened multiple times, and really made the story worse for wear.

2. The author tried to... more>> put romance and harem into the story heavily, but just seems to have failed somewhere in the middle. The story would be better if it committed to the romance or just pulled it out entirely. Also, the main gals reason for liking MC is never, ever addressed. She just likes him from the moment she meets him cause author wanted her to.

3. Lack of climatic scene length. Everytime you get to a climax in the story, the author brushes over it very quickly without giving proper narrative resolution before rushing to start setting up another climax.

4. The author fails to properly lay the groundwork for the later parts of the story and it basically feels like it was tacked on to keep the story going. You can tell that he was trying to do a big world expansion/greater power move, but utterly failed to place the breadcrumbs through the earlier parts of the story that support such a move.

so yeah, could’ve been great but wasn’t. Pretty typical and a real shame. <<less
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Daoist of Fire and Lightning
Daoist of Fi
Jan 26, 2023
Status: c130
Full of intelligent characters, main character has a unique skill and I have been on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading. Also, the writing of the righteous (murim alliance) and evil (blood cult/etc) is not as brainless as many other series make it.

Definitely a step up from Nano Machine, so if you liked that story/writing style then you'll absolutely love this. If you didn't? Give it a shot still since it feels noticeably better and doesn't have the tech gimmick of that series.
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Heavenly immortal
Heavenly imm
Dec 16, 2022
Status: c106
This is my first review and I am writing this because of how criminally underated this novel is.

The things I like about this novel are:

1) characters with distinct persnalities who act like how they are supposed to.

... more>> 2) Clearheaded and calm MC who uses his head surprsingly often

3) Power struggles and politics which are good here.

The plot of this novel moves forward at a fast pace between the first 50 chapters and that also helps very much in keeping users attention.

The thing which I dislike about this novel is that Sword sense power which MC acquires is I think a bit OP and also his innate Qi which I think gives him a very large advantage against other people.

I would like to give this novel a 4.5 stars rating but since so few people have voted for this novel I am giving this a 5 <<less
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Jul 05, 2022
Status: c12
I originally started reading the manhwa of this story which I really enjoyed, so I was quite excited when I realised the novel was being translated. It's already ahead of the manhwa and it's only at chapter 12.
The story is great, I much prefer this one to nano machine from the same author. The only problem is the story style, it reads in first person and also present tense. I'm too used to reading the opposite, third person and past tense. It's too off putting reading it this way,... more>> reading -I hope so too. I don’t have the chance to confirm it yet, unfortunately.- internal monologue style really throws me off. I don't know if its the translator or author who is doing it but if you're not bothered about that type of thing you'll definitely enjoy it.

The MC isn't perfect like most MCs in regressor novels, even though he's had a second chance and been reborn he still makes mistakes, it's realistic but highly frustrating.
Can't really comment fully on the overall story as its only 12 chapters translated but it looks very interesting so far, the MC looks like he's going back to the demonic sect which I'm quite excited to read <<less
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Aug 08, 2023
Status: c150
Liked it at first. The MC didn't seem too broken but author just ramps it up around the Murim tournament and going forward and when discovering the secrets of his bloodline. Countless easy power ups which wasn't what I was looking for.
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May 24, 2023
Status: c197
Absolute Sword Sense -One of the novel, where title makes sense..

Holly, this Novel is quite good..

The story progression is good...

... more>> Each chapters made me press next chapter button, (which means, I didn't get bored reading this...)

I like the side characters too.. well sometimes I got confused by names... (Korean names, so)

MC speaks with sword and uses it cleverly in latter parts of the story are good...

I like how MC is not dense... Totally approved...

Heroines are all unique... Sima Young and that Yandere type girl are my fav...

I think he will end up with 3 wives...


The only thing I don't like (personally) is when MC goes back to his family, and zero massacre happened (guess I got influenced by CN novels).

I do feel annoyed, when mc's mother story is about how she sacrificed, etc., Etcs., I don't really like the story of both of his parents.... It feels novel quality drops when it comes to his family.

What's with this author always giving MC's mother sentiment flashback... (He did the same in Nanomashin, right?)

Verdict; Worth Reading.... <<less
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Jun 19, 2023
Status: c210
I'll make a proper review at some point, but I just want to note that I very rarely feel compelled to write reviews for a work anymore.

I've been reading web novels for almost 7 years and have read thousands of WNs.

I just have two main things to say about Absolute Sword Sense:

1. It is definitely the best Korean Web Novel I've read (and I've read many of them across a variety of genres including demon prince at the academy, the heroines are trying to kill me, the genius reincarnated assassin,... more>> legendary moonlight sculptor, reincarnator, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, Blind Saint, Killed the Academy's player, the novel's extra, second coming of gluttony, (the villainess subgenre, the murim subgenre, the tower subgenre) and many many others.). Absolute Sword Sense is better than all of them.

2. It's within the top 5 web novels (CNs, KNs, WNs, LNs) I've read. Some of my other favorites include Mushoku Tensei; Toaru series; The King's Avatar; Tada, Sore Dake de Yokattan desu; 3 Days of Happiness; A Returner's Magic Should be Special; A Slight Smile is Very Charming; and maybe I shall seal the heavens (although not sure if it's good enough).

I think Absolute Sword Sense is on par quality wise with Toaru series and the Kiseki (video game) series although obviously it is way too short to reach the same heights. But it is much the same in terms of introducing a large cast of recurring characters, constantly increasing the stakes, maintaining the quality of writing or rather simply constantly improving with every chapter. It's good from the very beginning, but it gets extremely amazing as the reader discovers a lot of the author's intentions the further they read through. For once, it is clear that the author is incredibly good at calculating & planning ala Kodaka or Kamachi.

I'll give this a proper review at some point, but I just want people to understand that this is no 4.1. This is a 5/5 minimum. More like legendary status 6/5. Highly recommended read if you enjoy second chance stories. It's definitely the best execution of a second chance story I've ever seen. It gets pretty much everything right from characters to worldbuilding to plot to romance to descriptive mastery & vividness to seamless control over tone and atmosphere. <<less
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